In The Market For Murder (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #2) by T E Kinsey

In The Market For Murder (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #2)

Revised edition: Previously published as The Spirit is Willing, this edition of In The Market For Murder includes editorial revisions. Spring, 1909, and Lady Hardcastle, amateur sleuth and all-round eccentric, is enjoying a well-deserved rest. But a week after a trip to the cattle market, Spencer Caradine, a local farmer, turns up dead in the pub, face-down in his beef and mushroom pie. Once again, it is up to Lady Hardcastle and her maid, Floren...

Details In The Market For Murder (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #2)

TitleIn The Market For Murder (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #2)
Release DateDec 20th, 2016
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews In The Market For Murder (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #2)

  • Phrynne
    This is a really fun series and I am loving it! Lady Hardcastle is like a slightly higher class Miss Marple and with her off sider, maid Florence Armstrong, she goes around solving crimes on behalf of a bumbling police force.The Lady and her maid have a wonderful relationship which enables Flo to go almost everywhere in society. I loved it every time Lady Hardcastle called her "tiny servant". They are able to be incredibly rude to each other and ...
  • Brenda
    Going to the cattle market wasn’t something Florence Armstrong, maid to Lady Hardcastle was interested in. But go they did. It was a week later that the local farmer Spencer Caradine, who’d purchased their friend, Lady Farley-Stroud’s cattle, collapsed and died in the pub. Lady Hardcastle and Florence were requested to set their skills to the test to discover if he was murdered – and if so, by whom…As they worked, mystery upon mystery d...
  • HBalikov
    The time is 1909. Emily, Lady Hardcastle and her personal maid, Florence Armstrong, have resettled in Gloustershire a year ago, abandoning the night lights of London. At the instigation of the local constabulary and with the indulgence of C.I.D. Inspector Sunderland, the two have solved several mysteries and already become local heroines. As you can see above, the title of the only version I could find on Goodreads differs from my Kindle copy, ti...
  • Ivonne Rovira
    Hear! Hear! Retired spy Emily, Lady Hardcastle, and her intrepid if impudent maid Florence “Flo” Armstrong return in this fun and intriguing sequel to the boffo debut A Quiet Life in the Country. This time the duo tackle three mysteries: the poisoning death of a poisonous curmudgeon/farmer, an inexplicable break-in at Littleton Cotterell’s rugby clubhouse in which the burglar eschews Scotch and cash but nabs a trophy and some rubbish, and a...
  • Judy
    This series is continuing to grow on me. I really am starting to like the main characters, Lady Hardcastle and her ladies maid Flo. Their interaction is entertaining as are many of the peripheral characters. The mysteries (there always seem to be several) seem to be getting better plotted also. I'll probably keep following this series. 3.5 stars
  • Clare O'Beara
    This is tremendous fun as widowed Lady Hardcastle and determined Florence, a lady's maid of many talents, come home to England from the East and settle to village life. The year is 1909 and with gradual modernisation - motor cars, for the rich, and telephones, though not in the country yet, we see older ways. Farmers are dour and scrape a living even in Somerset. One such farmer dies after the cattle market and Lady Hardcastle makes enquiries. I ...
  • Luce
    5 STARS for the audiobook. 4 Stars for the book itself plus 1 star for the excellent narrator.First off, I'm not sure if I would have enjoyed this series as much as I do, if I were reading it myself and not listening to the audiobook. The narrator, Elizabeth Knoweldon is one of the best I've heard. She gives each character (especially the mains and reoccurring characters) unique voices. Each relative to their station in society and their various ...
  • Lorraine
    In T. E. Kinsey’s In the Market for Murder (sic) Lady Hardcastle and her trusty maid, ‘Armstrong’ are asked by the local police to assist in a investigation of the death of a local totally disliked farmer. Lady Hardcastle and Miss Armstrong are thrilled. Setting is England, a village near Bristol, Spring 1909. I enjoyed the characters, especially L H. And Armstrong, and the mystery had all of the markings of a good one. The 31/4 stars is a ...
  • Lisa
    Super fun cosy mystery - Lady Hardcastle & Flo strike again!
  • Siv30
    אחחח אני מתמוגגת מעלילות ליידי הארדקאסל ופלורנס ארמסטרונג. האחת זקנה אנגליה חביבה וחדת מח, והשניה צעירה שובבה עם כישורים שלא היו מביישים אף לוחם נינג'ה חמקני.העלילה מתרחשת בכפר אנגלי בתחילת המאה ה20. התמימות נושבת מכל פינה בעלילה ומזכירה מאוד את הע...
  • Evelyn Morgan
    I read the first Lady Hardcastle mystery last summer. I finally got around to book no.2. I really enjoy the repartee between Lady Hardcastle and Armstrong, her more than a servant. Florence doesn't let her lady's quirkiness get to her and gives as good as she gets. Yet they work together well at solving mysteries, big and small. I'm looking forward to book no.3. I don't think I'll wait as long this time to continue the series.
  • Stacie Haden
    Delightful and clever "cozy".
  • Deanna
    3.5 starsI’m enjoying these lighthearted English mysteries. Charming stories that put a smile on my face, from the point of view of an outspoken lady’s maid and her clever friend/mistress. Excellent palate cleansers between heavier reads or a string of frustrating ones.
  • Linda Baker
    Just in time for the holidays, Lady Hardcastle and her "tiny servant", Florence Armstrong, are back with new adventures. Lady Hardcastle's injuries sustained in the first book, A Quiet Life in the Country, have been slow to heal but both ladies are ready to get back to normal life in the village of Littleton Cotterell in Gloucestershire. No longer considered "incomers" they both have the acceptance and liking of the village and a respectful relat...
  • Diana
    Book received from NetGalley.This is a cozy historical mystery set in Edwardian Britain. The many mystery solvers are a Lady and her maid. The upper-class lady doesn't act like she's expected to, she's very no-nonsense and has a mind of her own. Her ladies maid is the same way and they both encourage each other to set the locals gossiping. This is the second book in the series and while I really want to read the first one it's not necessary to re...
  • Cathy Cole
    I love the camaraderie and dialogue between Lady Hardcastle and Flo. The two have had a very interesting history together of which readers are only allowed fascinating glimpses. In addition, they definitely keep up with the times: Lady Hardcastle purchases a motor car, and a telephone is soon to be installed. These two most decidedly have little to do with antimacassars and aspidistras! (I don't think their needlework is up to snuff either.)Occas...
  • Cynthia Pratt
    I thought I would like this book a lot more than I did. It had a number of very good reviews. Now I think those that were disappointed just didn't write a review. First I became exasperated with Lady Hardcastle calling every one 'dear' whether a close friend or a new acquaintance. Also there is a lot of time spent on essentially nothing but proving that the two central women are unusual. By the time the mysteries wrapped up, I no longer cared and...
  • Tony Hisgett
    I really enjoyed the relationship between Emily and Florence in the first book, but I found the mystery part a bit simplistic and the ending was just a shambles. However, I thought I would give the series another chance and I am pleased I did. There are still too many faults with the story but the main characters are brilliant.The rapport between Emily and Florence is even better in this book and I would have been happy just to read about their q...
  • Joy Smith
    This mystery includes poisoning; rugby; an odd theft; seances; and our heroines, Lady Hardcastle and her talented maid, Flo, who enjoy adventure--and they've done some spying in the past. The dialogue and repartee are fun. Since the story is set in the early 1900s, they also have to cope with the prejudices of the period. When Lady Hardcastle decides to buy a car, the salesman demands to talk to her husband, who is dead, and she retorts that she'...
  • Lindsay Nixon
    If you're missing Downton Abbey (especially Lady Mary and Anna) this is a terrific audible for you. I picked book 1 up when it was on sale and am so glad exposed myself to this genre! Charming with a subtle sweetness and women's lib!Our sleuthing ladies are on another case: a man falls dead into his pie at a pub. Poison is obvious but who did it? It's brilliant fun spending time with Lady Hardcastle and Florence (I'm happy to just hang with them ...
  • John Lee
    The 2nd of the series about Lady Hardcastle and Flo. Definitely up to the standard of the first.Not exactly a country house murder but like an earlier setting for Midsomer Murders. When the village's most unpopular resident dies in suspicious circumstances there are a lot of suspects and lots of motives.Then there is a robbery at the Rugby club and a haunting at the village pub. Could they all be connected?This is an easy to read who-done-it that...
  • Gina
    Didn't like this one quite as much as the first one, but Flo and Lady H are as funny as ever. The story seemed to slog in points and I felt myself wandering as I listened, despite the narrator's lively tone. Secondary characters weren't as interesting in this book but it wasn't a terrible read either. Just "ok."
  • Loralee
    I love this series. The mysteries are cute and cozy, pretty predictable, so don't read it for that. But the dialogue and writing is some of the best. Love, love, love Elizabeth Knowelden's narration. Maybe as much as I love Jim Dale, and that's saying a lot.
  • Marie
    This is a cute series. Short books, sweet characters ... kind of reminds me of Agatha Christie mysteries.
  • Christine B.
    Really love this series whenever I want a light, cozy mystery.
  • Charlotte Taft
    Charming fun!Loved this second installment- the banter between lady H and Armstrong is witty and delightful while still being easy reading. Very much enjoyed the full local cast of characters.
  • Wendy
    Love the audio-books of this series.
  • Dawn Michelle
    I really enjoy this series; I find the dynamic between the Lady of the house and her ladies maid to be charming and unusual; in a time when there was little interaction between staff and the "upper crust", the level of admiration and trust and comradarie that they share is both refreshing and hilarious. This time out sees the Lady Hardcastle and Armstrong solving not one but THREE different crimes, one of them being murder! With great whit and gr...
  • Meg
    This was a very good, entertaining historical mystery, set in 1909, the second in the series. Lady Hardcastle and her lady's maid, Flo, are a fun, and funny, pair who solved several mini-mysteries plus a murder in this one. An easy, flowing read told in first person by Flo.
  • Karen
    I absolutely adored Flo Armstrong and Lady Emily Hardcastle in the first book, A Quiet Life in the Country, and I lifted my self-imposed NetGalley ban in order to request the second. My adoration just grows with this one! All of the humor from the first is back with even greater detective skills, rugby ... AND A GHOST! At first it doesn't seem like all of it could possibly link together with the death of a cantankerous farmer, but Kinsey ties it ...