Come to the Edge by Christina Haag

Come to the Edge

An elegy to first love, a lost New York, and a young man who led his life with surprising and abundant grace   When Christina Haag was growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, John F. Kennedy, Jr., was just one of the boys in her circle of prep school friends, a skinny kid who lived with his mother and sister on Fifth Avenue and who happened to have a Secret Service detail following him at a discreet distance at all times. A decade later,...

Details Come to the Edge

TitleCome to the Edge
Release DateMar 29th, 2011
PublisherSpiegel & Grau
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Biography, Biography Memoir, Science, Romance, Love Story, Media Tie In, Tv, Social

Reviews Come to the Edge

  • Kate Childs
    This book is captivating. I stayed up until 1:30 AM finishing it last night because I couldn’t bear to put it down, and woke up this morning with a pounding headache because I fell asleep crying after finally reaching the last page. COME TO THE EDGE is beautifully written, universal in nature, and tinged with a bittersweetness because you know how it all ends. Those searching for salaciousness in the pages of COME TO THE EDGE won’t find it. I...
  • Jayne Martin
    A book that touched my heart... and shall remain forever imprinted there. With writing as intricate and exquisite as finely-woven lace, Ms. Haag weaves a powerful story of a great and passionate love with a figure whose life was chronicled endlessly from the day he was born and yet remained a mystery to most of us long after his tragic death. The book succeeds on many levels: On a personal note, like so many of my generation who also fell in love...
  • Jana
    When I was a child I came across this article about Romy Schneider. In 1959, she was 20 years old and met Alain Delon, 24, while filming a movie called Christine. They were together for 5 years. She never recovered after their love affair but they managed to remain friends until the end. She died in Paris in 1982. Her heart stopped after she took the combination of pain killers and alcohol, not long after her teenage son died in a strange acciden...
  • Mary Miller
    Never in recent memory has a story brought me such a strong sense of time and place as Christina Haag's Come to the Edge.I bought the book in anticipation of learning things I hadn't known about John Kennedy Jr., which I absolutely did. What I didn't expect was to connect so much with Christina's story- from her Sacred Heart schooling to her close bond with her father; her college days as a thoughtful, free spirit; and the years following when sh...
  • Sophfronia Scott
    "There is something in the air, something ancient that makes you move more slowly. You turn a corner, you catch your breath, and the pale color of the sky reflects back the sheer measure of your soul." This book is the best of everything a memoir can be: lyrical, reflective, deeply affecting. Haag's writing is simply beautiful and you sense her strong abiding love on every single page. She does well by her friend, his family, and herself. An admi...
  • Michelle
    3.5 stars. Oh, JFK Jr. why do you still fascinate me more than a decade later? Basically this book is a love story told by John’s college/twenties girlfriend Christina Haag. That this girlfriend is now in her 50s is somewhat disconcerting. But that’s neither here nor there. The memoir starts out extremely slow, to the point I thought “this is the most boring book about the Kennedys ever written.” The first few parts are about the author...
  • Kathy
    Beautifully WrittenI rarely give 5 stars to books about "celebrities", but this one is different. Haag wrote this with love, respect and beautiful articulation. The reader gets a feel for Kennedy and his family, but she doesn't sensationalize her knowledge of the family. She weaves a memoir that pays tribute to the love they had, his life and does it with class.I imagine Caroline Kennedy reading this, and being thankful. The book had me in tears ...
  • Cindey
    Why do I feel so connected to the Kennedys? Could it be that I am 2 days older than Caroline, that John-John was born on my birthday, that their father was buried on my and John-John's shared birthday when I was in 1st grade? I used to imagine that they were really my brother and sister, separated at birth, living such a different life from mine. I lived vicariously through them.I guess I should also mention that I don't like romance books. One p...
  • George Cleveland
    OK, so this is not the "kind" of book that I would normally pick up for myself. My prejudice is that a woman writing about her relationship with a man is a "girl book". Nevermind that I might make a much needed discovery about what makes a relationship work, much less thrive.Add to that another prejudice towards books about Illuminated Celebrities. Not something that perks me up. And with "Come to the Edge", I "know" the ending: she doesn't get t...
  • Loular
    Absolutely gorgeous memoir by Christina Haag about her once in a life-time love affair with one of America's royal family, JFK Jr. It is expertly, carefully crafted to focus on the way a love like that can mysteriously carry on through the years, across many challenges and become the kind of romantic narrative which are both complex, profound, maddening, yet spiritually impossible to walk away from. It's a beautiful tale of growing up in NYC in t...
  • Michelle Keill
    This romance got to me more than anything I've ever read. Okay, so it was partly because I am so insanely jealous (this book has been on my shelf since it came out; I was too envious of Ms Haag to pick it up and read it), and also - tragically - because we know what the ultimate end of one half of the story is. I just found it so, so moving. I finished the book on the train this morning and closed it and sat there with my mouth hanging open (usua...
  • KS
    Christina Haag has written an achingly beautiful memoir. Her respectful portrait of John Kennedy not only reveals him as a flesh-and-blood human being but at the same time captures the larger-than-life aspects of his story. Christina tells of how their paths wove themselves together and apart during their childhoods in New York and beyond, culminating in an intense, five year love affair -- what John called the longest courtship ever. Also of gre...
  • Han
    This memoir is possibly the best book I've read this year. I loved EVERYTHING about it, and I have zero complaints. Haag's writing is both eloquent and honest. She does an incredible job of showing, rather than telling, especially when it comes to explaining the simple, yet complicated nature of her relationship with JFK Jr. However, I may be slightly biased, as I appreciate any story set in 1970's/1980's New York. (What I would give to have been...
  • Erika Robuck
    My fondness for memoir is growing, and I can now add another book to my pile of favorites. Christina Haag writes about her relationship with John F. Kennedy Jr. with honesty and depth. Her reflections are thought provoking and powerful, and her style matches the ebbs and flows in the relationship. From full-bodied prose to episodic whimsy, Haag captures the story of their love and her personal growth with immediacy and wisdom. I highly recommend ...
  • Kate SouthernBelleSimple
    When I first heard about this book I wanted to read it to get a glimpse into the lives of the Kennedys. As I was reading it, I found myself forgetting who it was about, but really just focusing on the story. Even if the names weren't already known to us, the book would stand out as a beautiful love story. It's also hauntingly sad. For anyone who has criticized the author's writing it, I say it's her story to tell just as much as it was John's and...
  • Phyllis
    I decided to give this book five stars. I was always a fan of JFK Jr. and even more now. I'd like to thank Christina Haag for writing this memoir about growing up in New York City and first becoming his friend then falling in love with him. It is not gossip or sensationalism. It's a love story. I like the way she describes the Kennedy family and their closeness. Well done.
  • Lauren
    Interesting enough account of the author's five-year romance with JFK Jr in their late 20s. She's quite poetic and I did enjoy reading it, but it didn't feel like she had enough for a full memoir. There were some inconsistencies in timeline and almost no discussion of his life after her. Missed opportunities.
  • Sara
    I won an advanced copy of this memoir through the FirstReads program. The author, who grew up in New York with a circle of friends that included JFK Jr., details her friendship, and later relationship, with him. She is a wonderful writer; her descriptions of people and places sucked me right into the tale. I could easily picture the settings ad the situations as they unfolded, and the details she provided brought people to life. The narrative flo...
  • Jean
    I am not a romantic and I was never really "into" JFK Jr. It just wasn't ever an interest of mine. I do like memoirs though, so Christina Haag's story was interesting to me. Honestly, my first thought was, OK, this chick knew him a little and decided to sensationalize it, but that is NOT the case at all. She in fact came very close to marrying him. I enjoyed the parts about Jackie O. because I do enjoy reading about her. Come to the Edge was fill...
  • Kimberly
    At 43, I am too young to care about the Kennedys. They are a relic of generations before me, and I have the privilege (?) of seeing them both through more unbiased reporting and the lackluster current generation. JFK Jr included. But I heard this was a book about young love and I am a sucker for poignant love stories that don't pan out. Christina Haag is a fantastic writer. She made me care about these two super-privileged kids and their unconven...
  • Alison
    One of the most beautiful and heartbreaking memoirs I've ever read---one that will stay with me for a long time. I almost abandoned it at the beginning, but I'm so glad I kept reading. Haag has an amazing gift for recounting memories and how they stay with us- through scent, what the weather was like, and tiny, insignificant details. It's astonishing that she never married JFK Jr., and you feel as if you're reading the truest account of his life ...
  • Cheryl
    Was ok. Definitely over-hyped which led to my substantial disappointment. Mildly interesting, although the phrase much ado about nothing frequently came to mind. *This Advanced Reader's Edition was provided through the GoodReads First Read program with the expectation of an honest review. My opinions are my own.
  • Dominique
    This book is proof that anyone can write a memoir, including a hanger-on who fancies herself an "actress" and has nothing to offer other than she may have dated JFK Jr. Sadly, a better book got passed over so this waste of ink could go to press.
  • Jess White
    A true love story, fighting for them when I know the sad ending.
  • Leesa
    I had a picture of JFK Jr. on my bathroom mirror for IDK how long when I was a young girl/teenager/college girl. I still love reading/watching anything I can abt him bc I love him. This book is perfect and gorgeously written, so so so romantic. Not specifically a kiss and tell and not exploitive IMO. Just, all love. I love it so much I'm not even gonna say anything else abt it. (Am reading Kennedy books this summer and I already know this is my f...
  • Sharon Raphael
    Come to the Edge by Christina Haag is beautifully written and the title is very apt as it describes not onlythe relationship between the two, Christina Haag and JFK Jr. but also a way of life that JFK Jr. represented.As Haaag describes " He liked to see what he could not see" even if that meant risking his life and hers and others to see whatever it was in natural world he wanted to not only to see but also to experience. I think this is the firs...
  • Lennie
    When Christina Haag first met JFK jr. they were both teenagers and hung out with the same group of kids who were students at the private schools they attended in New York City. She thought he was fun and they became close friends. It wasn’t until they became adults did they develop a mutual attraction for one another which led to a five year relationship. As a couple, they traveled the world together and dreamed about the future. He nicknamed h...
  • A Book Vacation
    I won this through goodreads first reads on Feb 22nd. I am on the fence with this memoir. I liked it, but I don’t think the style of writing is necessarily for me. This is the very beautifully told story of Haag’s relationship with JFK Jr, and I learned a lot of information about the Kennedys. Haag writes beautiful descriptions and creates breathtaking visuals. However, as a lot of this story banks on description, I found myself having diffic...
  • Jane
    I have studied the Kennedy family/myth/gossip for more years than I care to recall. Some of the books about them have been strong, some weak, some just plain awful (A Woman Named Jackiewould fall into the last category, in my estimation). This book soars above any other I have read....Ms Haag loved John Kennedy, Jr and her writing reflects that emotion. She respects him, his sister and mother, she celebrates her relationship with John, she relate...