The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner

The Forever Summer

When a DNA test reveals long-buried secrets, three generations of women reunite on Cape Cod for the homecoming of a lifetime.Marin Bishop has always played by the rules, and it's paid off: at twenty-eight she has a handsome fiancé, a prestigious Manhattan legal career, and the hard-won admiration of her father. But one moment of weakness leaves Marin unemployed and alone, all in a single day. Then a woman claiming to be Marin's half-sister shows...

Details The Forever Summer

TitleThe Forever Summer
Release DateApr 25th, 2017
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Adult Fiction

Reviews The Forever Summer

  • Suzanne Leopold (Suzy Approved Book Reviews)
    Marin Bishop’s life is in shambles. She is thirty years old and has just broken off her engagement because she is cheating on her fiance with a co-worker. Cheating must be hereditary in the Bishop family because her parent’s marriage is also dissolving due to her father's indiscretions. Complicating matters is an email from a twenty-two year old woman named Rachel, who claims to be her half sister. This revelation came after Marin innocently ...
  • Book of Secrets°ღ
    How shocking would it be to take a genetics test as a work-related project and get matched with a half-sister you knew nothing about? Marin Bishop is sure there must be a mistake with the test when someone from California makes that claim. This discovery leads the two young women to spend the summer on the northern tip of Cape Cod, home of a grandmother they've never met.THE FOREVER SUMMER is a bittersweet tale of family secrets, love, and forgiv...
  • Bianca
    The Forever Summer was thoroughly delightful.I enjoyed getting to the know the characters, all different, but recognisable.Provincetown provides the perfect background for this family saga. The messiness of life is well encapsulated in this novel: strained family relationships, divorce, disease, half-siblings who had no idea about each other existence, make for a realistic but enjoyable journey.This was my first Jamie Brenner novel. I will happil...
  • Aditi
    “The thing about families was that there was always some question nobody wanted to answer for you, and it was like a stray thread pulling loose in a sweater. You could tug at it all you wanted, but in the end, all you'd have was a pile of twisted yarn.” ----Sarah SullivanJamie Brenner, an American author, has penned a compelling family drama in her new contemporary fiction, The Forever Summer that centers around three generations of women, al...
  • Erin
    3.5 stars My third Jamie Brenner read (The Husband Hour and Drawing Home are the other two) features four women who have their hands full as they navigate family secrets, mother-daughter relationships and complications in love during a summer in Provincetown.In a nutshell, New York attorney, Marin is contacted by a California woman named Rachel who claims they're half-sisters due to a DNA search. Rachel's mother, Fran used a sperm donor to concei...
  • Cindy Burnett
    4.5 starsThe Forever Summer is such a fun book and a great read to get ready for summer. Jamie Brenner explores the many meanings of family, the impact of long-held secrets on both the secret keeper and those affected by the secret, and the joy of friendship. Her characters are richly crafted and highly entertaining, and I wish I could spend a summer with them in Provincetown (except for maybe Nadine). Brenner’s descriptive manner made me feel ...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    Secrets, mistakes, and revelations abound in THE FOREVER SUMMER.We meet the Bishop family with members having secrets from the past as well as the present.We also meet family members that were not known to exist.THE FOREVER SUMMER brings together an unknown half sister, a grandmother, and memories of a father the sisters never knew.The generations of women and how they connected as strangers was wonderful, and the beach setting was perfect for th...
  • Andrea
    Move over Elin Hildebrand and Jane Green as Jamie Brenner is in the house! I enjoyed The Gin Lovers and loved The Wedding Sisters but with The Forever Summer, Brenner goes to the level of the elite summer fiction authors.The book features elements that I love:a. Immediate plot- by page 2, you are completely "into" the plot. I love that in a book! b. Plot Twists- the book has several "A-ha" moments where the reader stops and says- Wow, I didn't se...
  • Jennifer
    3.5 starsThis book's cover is enitrely apropos. "The Forever Summer" is just the kind of book you'll want to read while on the beach -- or the kind of book to read if you want to be transported to the beach on a cold, gray afternoon.As you might gather -- without even reading the marketing blurb -- "The Forever Summer" involves themes of family, love, betrayal, secrets, and forgiveness. Readers will certainly know basically how this is going to a...
  • Kathryn
    Very much enjoyed this roller coaster story, bittersweet in places. Ultimately family wins through. Narrator Amy McFadden brought it beautifully to life.
  • Zoe
    Beautiful story about love in all its forms and the importance of family!
  • Susan Peterson
    The Forever Summer is a rich, emotional journey about a group of strangers, drawn together by long-hidden secrets, who come together as a family. The story and the characters drew me in from the very first page, and as I got to know this interesting group of people, I found myself loving them, hurting for them, and wishing for their happiness. Tuck this lovely story into your suitcase when you go on vacation, in your beach bag, in your backpack.....
  • Lisa-Books Smiles
    great summer read!
  • Letty
    I was immediately drawn into this book and couldn't put it down. Such a great cast of characters that were very likable and very real, each had their own story to tell, and the setting in Provincetown, MA had me yearning to be right there in that beach town running a bed and breakfast like the Beach Rose Inn. This book had a lot of heart, some surprises that I didn't see coming, but most of all I think it showed the importance of family, honesty ...
  • Theresa Alan
    What a wonderful read. Twenty-two-year-old Rachel lives in LA and has always known her father was a sperm donor, but working as a research assistant on a show that helps celebrities discover their family history, she’s inspired to track down him. Thirty-year-old Marin, a New Yorker from Philadelphia has just broken off her engagement because she’s in love with a man at the law firm she works at. Unfortunately, everything in her life gets ruin...
  • Melissa Veras
    I enjoyed this so much I enjoyed this so much ♥
  • Cindy
    This little gem of a book caught my attention immediately not only because of the beautiful book cover but also this line, " Mrs. Cabral, my name is Rachel. I live in L.A. And I'm pretty sure your're my...grandmother." So on this rainy day in Illinois the author took me, the reader, to a sunny beachside town in Massachusetts where I stayed at the Beach Rose Inn. Oh how I wish this were true! The two main characters, Marin and Rachel, discover tha...
  • Kristie
    This was a lovely read about a family with a lot of secrets and drama that they need to overcome. I loved the atmosphere and the descriptions of the area and the locals. It was a great beachy read. It had a bit too much angst in some parts for my taste, but those parts were minor. Also, there was a little too much of a "neat bow" ending, but it was still really enjoyable getting there. 3.5Thank you to NetGalley and Little, Brown and Company for p...
  • Christine Moore
    I absolutely loved this book! It drew me in and didn't let go! I binge read until I finished it as I couldn't put it down! I loved all the characters and their stories. The setting was just beautiful. I truly could picture myself in Provincetown staying at the Beach Rose Inn and collecting the ocean's treasures on the beach with Amelia and Marin. It is a beautiful story of family, love, and secrets. I received an ARC of the book for an honest rev...
  • Tina
    After reading The Husband Hour and The Forever Summer back to back, I have added Brenner to my list of favorite authors. Her characters are likable and her style of writing draws you in.The husband Hour was my favorite of the two. I enjoyed the story line and especially the location where the story takes place appealed to this Jersey girl. Two great summer reads.
  • Nicole
    Spoilers ahead!If you're looking for a good beach or cottage-weekend read, this will do. It's easy, fast, and takes place in a beach house. There's romance, there's scenery, and even some "conflict" for interest, but that's about it. There's no real heart to this book and it's roughly the same as every other beach read out there. The writing is fine, but it's basic bitch writing. If a pumpkin spice latte came to life, after throwing on a pair of ...
  • Trish
    Well that was a complete waste - ridiculous amount of drama crammed into the time frame (all that was missing was the inn burning down, and the women huddling together on the lawn crying that they'll rebuild) and then implausibly neat happy endings for them all?I knew it was chick lit so I didn't go in with high expectations, but it truly was ludicrous. Oh, I can say one good thing: clean language and no graphic sex scenes.
  • Lynn
    You had me at Cape Cod. This is an easy, breezy summer read. Two young women, Marin and Rachel, whose lives are in turmoil, discover through DNA testing that they are half sisters. They meet up and go to Provincetown, on Cape Cod, to meet their newly discovered grandmother, Amelia. Marin’s mother, Blythe, accompanies them, knowing that her life is also in a state of upheaval and carrying a secret that could explain everything and destroy her su...
  • Radha
    3.5Very entertaining... so much drama 3.5Very entertaining... so much drama 🤣
  • Barbara
    3.5*Not my typical genre. I was wanting a family drama, but one that was lighter than some of the heavier ones I read. The Forever Summer hit the spot, and I loved the cover.This is a fairly typical summer read; a little drama, family relationships, life changing mistakes made by pretty much every main character, forgiveness, and romance (so not my thing).I liked the characters, although some of their storylines were a bit fafetched, but letting ...
  • Michelegg
    This book stole my heart. From the very first marvelous chapter to the emotional words on the very last page I was glued to every sentence and invested in every character and dying to know how it was all going to work out.I adored The Beach Rose Inn and found myself wanting to spend some time there with Marin, Rachel and Amelia. They all felt so real to me and for me that's the absolute hallmark of fabulous writing. This author had me feeling a p...
  • Linda Zagon
    I absolutely loved everything about "The Forever Summer" by Jamie Brenner! Kudos to Jamie for such a heartwarming and emotional read. The genre of this novel is Women's Fiction. The descriptions of the scenic beach were wonderful. One could certainly identify with the characters collecting seashells, and walking barefoot in the sand, or walking on the rocks by the water. The Beach Side Inn has such a cozy feel, with a close community of people. T...
  • Lisa Montanaro
    Jamie Brenner has done it again! She writes characters that make you really really care about them. They're so unbelievably real. You feel like they're your own sister, mother, best friend, boyfriend, etc. You love them, despite all of their flaws and the fact that they sometimes drive you crazy. This book is a perfect summer read (although I'm sure you will enjoy it any time of year!). It examines the concept of family, our biological one, and t...
  • Betty
    A broken engagement. A forbidden affair. The loss of a prestigious job. The announcement that her parents are getting divorced. What else could possibly happen to shake up Marin Bishop's already wrecked life?The final bombshell comes with the arrival of twenty-two year old Rachel Moscowitz—Marin's half-sister—and the painful discovery that Marin's beloved father isn't really her father, after all. Shattered and in denial, Marin nevertheless a...
  • Melissa
    I prioritized The Forever Summer after Tracie Banister told me it was one of her favorites this year. I can definitely see why she would recommend it. Jamie Brenner has a way of engaging her readers from the very first line all the way until the end. I found myself not wanting to put it down and just breezing through the pages. All the main characters were sympathetic in various ways. They had a lot of stress and worry in their lives. Watching ev...