Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise #1) by K.F. Breene

Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise #1)

In a corporate-controlled future where the ruling conglomerates genetically engineer their employees, Millicent Foster is the best of the best.Physically perfect and exceptionally intelligent, Millicent is granted the uncommon privilege of breeding. But her daughter inherits more than superior genetics…little Marie has a rare ability that the world has never seen, and her conglomerate, Moxidone, will stop at nothing to have sole possession of t...

Details Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise #1)

TitleFate of Perfection (Finding Paradise #1)
Release DateJan 1st, 2017
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Dystopia

Reviews Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise #1)

  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    Two possibilities here :You are considering reading this book because you think The Warrior Chronicles (view spoiler)[despite its kinda sorta disappointing conclusion ← I never wrote that. You're drunk again. (hide spoiler)] is a slightly awesome series and very logically expect the best from K.F. Breene. If such is the case, RUN. As fast as you can. As far away from this book as is barnacly humanly possible. You can thank me later.You want to ...
  • Cath
    This was marketed to me by Kindle First as Science Fiction. It does have intriguing sci-fi elements but it's mostly an infuriatingly written sometimes immature romance crossed with some sort of weird family saga set against a soft sci-fi backdrop. The world building is why this gets two stars rather than one. The idea of big corporations taking over everything and engineering humanity for their own purposes has been done before but it's still an ...
  • Cheryl
    Mary Sue meets TarzanThank goodness this was free with Amazon Prime. Without spoilers, here we go:-the heroine is the best at something in the world-but she's laughably bad at that without the hero-making disgusting, diminishing, patronizing remarks, over and over again to the heroine just proves your sexy dominance. -there's nothing LIKABLE about the hero. seriously. Not one thing. The author uses world building as a way to explain away having p...
  • Sarah
    As a huge fan of K.F. Breene's Warrior Chronicles I was thrilled to be offered an advance copy of the first book in her new science fiction series. Although the two series couldn't be more different they both contain brilliant world building and wonderful characters and I'm very excited to follow the journey this new series is going to take us on.Fate of Perfection is set in a distant future where major corporations have overtaken the government ...
  • Tilmer Jr.
    I picked up this book as a free selection as a part of my Prime account. I had not heard of this author before, but she was billed as a “bestselling author” and the synopsis sounded terrific. Had I realized that the author’s primary genre was romance I would have given it a pass. I am not a romance novel fan by any stretch. That’s not a knock against anyone who is – to each their own. It just makes me a bad reviewer for this particular ...
  • Fabi
    This is a dystopian romance novel. It has the the typical high action plot pitting a small group against the all-powerful establishment. I enjoyed all the technology and world building. The tension and action builds up quickly and keeps building throughout the book. Never slowing down until the very end.For romance we are given a smart, uber-alpha, big muscled, trained to fight hero with that hidden soft spot we all love to see our h bring out. S...
  • Arif
    Glad i didnt pay for the bookI don't wish to be mean but this is a very interesting premise for a book it just simply hasn't been written yet. This felt like a screenplay or an overdeveloped treatment for a soon to be pitched SyFy channel movie. The "tech" was left vague at every turn as though the science fiction writer couldn't be bothered with the trivial details of researching future tech. No imagination either. The heroes are basically unsto...
  • Andy Coleman
    A SIMPLE MAN'S REVIEW:If you're going to write a book about the future, you have to go all in. You can't tell a typical story and then dress it up with flying cars and techno jargon. I don't want the characters using idioms that we use today or making pop culture references that would be 500 years out-of-date for them. Unfortunately this book does all of this.The story is about a genetically-enhanced woman fighting to get her daughter back from t...
  • Lena
    With a hundred more pages of detail and character this could have really been something. Sigh.What we have here is the skeleton of an action sci-fi dystopia. A few corporations rule the world and control human breeding. Most of it is done by labs but exceptional people get natural birthing opportunities... before the company reclaims the product at two years of age. Thus the set up is two exceptional people fighting to keep their child. In this s...
  • Tamzin Dunn
    Interesting idea, not well written, poor character development, wins my worst book read this year, sorry!
  • GimmeAllTheWerdssss
    3.5 Conflicting StarsFirst let me say that I love KF’s work. The Darkness Series is one of my all-time favorite and I frequently re-read them. Stephan and Sasha are one of my top Paranormal/Supernatural couples. KF has a way of creating an amazing universe for all of her character to live in that is not only fantastic but also realistic.That being said I’m not sure what to think of the world that has been created in Fate of Perfection. It has...
  • Lyndi W.
    Good lord, this was only 330 pages? It felt like 500. Which is not a complaint at all. So it took a while for things to get moving, like 10 chapters or so. But then WHAM! We were off to the races and didn't fuckin' stop until the very end. And it was quite an enjoyable race!At first, I felt like Millicent was... emotionally stunted, but boy was I wrong. She's scary brilliant with the driest sense of humor I've ever witnessed. And Ryker was super ...
  • Meredith
    All the macho alpha male bullshit, shitty romantic tension with super awkward constant sex talk, "I'm a strong independent woman until a man comes along", unrealistic emotional attachments and clunky writing with strange loopholes (wait, they live on the 80th? Level of the world but let the lower levels decay to nothing? How are their buildings staying up?) and very confusing action/fighting scenes ruined a potentially awesome story line.
  • T00zday
    I really REALLY like this author, so my review might be a little fan-girlish.Purchased this one & cant recall if it's available via Kindle Unlimited.It started off reminding me a lot of Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews. Futuristic Earth controlled by three huge conglomerations. Millicent is the top-dog weapons developer & software engineer for her conglomerate. She's definitely a butt-kicker because she is very into guns & fighting moves. Capable of...
  • Christine Sears
    He-man insultingly refers to lady as "princess" and "cupcake." Refuses to *let* her run while pregnant, despite her doctor's advice, her own desire to run, and her extreme level of fitness prior to pregnancy. Nevertheless, her lady parts thrum when he is near, even in the midst of one of the 6 bajillion fight scenes, each of which goes on and on and on and on and on and on. She just cant resist his misogynistic, controlling ways because he is pro...
  • Julie
    This was a Kindle freebie. The first 25% of the book was actually fairly interesting and I was hopeful the story would be worth it. Then the 2nd half of the book was just atrocious. It was insanely tedious and boring and ugh. Did not enjoy it. The dialogue was pretty terrible, and the weird romance felt forced and just yeah. Not good.
  • Ira
    4.5 stars!I love it! Non stop action with setting around 1000 years in the future.This is a Sci Fi Romance, if you a Sci Fiction's hardcore readers, you probably won't like this book.Oh, it's a romance not smut:)Btw, some of the stars for Marie, she and the doors simply hilarious, lol:))Guess what? I got the next book from NetGalley already, oh yes!:)
  • SC Abbot
    Trashy pulp, poorly writtenI couldn't take more than a few chapters. Two-dimensional characters dressed up in a techie world that's a pale imitation of the movie version of Minority Report. Long story short, it's a middle-schooler's rewrite of Brave New World. At best.
  • Kim
    In the ancient days of science fiction it was considered guy stuff, appealing only to men, especially younger men, who were interested only in geek science, adventure, and occasional planets of slave women. To enter the field women would write under pseudonyms (Andre Norton) or initial/pseudonyms (C.J. Cherryh). It wasn't until it became clear that these and a following slough of female writers were writing superior fiction with cutting-edge idea...
  • Emma
    This book is sensational. It is equal parts hilarious, thrilling, and heart-warming. I want more!
  • Jim Seidman
    While this book was technically well written, I didn't enjoy it very much. I didn't find a single one of the characters likable or relatable, which left me not really caring what happened to them.The two main characters are both arrogant and obnoxious. It's obvious from the start that they'll have a romantic relationship, but I took no joy from it. He was obnoxious and openly sexually harassed her. She was obnoxious and seemed to only finally con...
  • Romance Schmomance (Malia)
    LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT!You did it again, K.F. Breene!I've been a fan of K.F. Breene since her Darkness series, I fell in love with each of those characters. So I was quite excited when I found out about her new series, Finding Paradise. I already knew that I'd take quickly to this one and sure enough, it didn't take long. I was only a couple of chapters in and I was hooked!Millicent ... Millie ... Cupcakes ... Baby Cakes ... Ryker, you're hilarious ...
  • fishgill
    Fate of Perfection follows Millicent Foster as she fights against the conglomerate that has ruled her every aspect of her life in order to provide her child with a better existence. The future is run by all powerful conglomerates in KF Breene's new novel. These corporations genetically engineer children to fit their needs, raise them to work in specialized roles and reap the profits of the geniuses they've created. Millicent Foster is one of thos...
  • Bob Means
    Couldn't finish this. Badly written romance cloaked as sci-fi. World building was horrible. Fine, corporate dystopia and infighting, but what are they fighting over. Why does she have to mutilate prisoners with contrived weapons. I read a lot of bad writing (cause it is free). Luckily I got this through the kindle first program. Haven't seen anything this poor in professionally released material in awhile.
  • Maggie
    Another good sci-fi series. I liked the main characters and their incredible abilities. A lot of action in this novel and plenty to entertain. Corporations owning/in charge of the world is scary and not something I want to think about. Now I want to read the second in the series and find out what off world is all about. That's all I'll say since I don't want to spoil this for anyone.
  • Lisa
    I LOVED THIS BOOK. I would describe it as premarital "War of the Roses" between Ryker and Milli. Their banter back and forth or in this case "foreplay" was great all while trying to kill each other in the beginning. Book 2 should be interesting. I bet we will learn more about Milli's sister before we even begin to see any kind of "battle". This book was full of action, and humor.