Girls on the Verge by Sharon Biggs Waller

Girls on the Verge

A powerful, timely coming-of-age story about a young woman from Texas who goes on a road trip with two friends to get an abortion, from award-winning author Sharon Biggs Waller.Camille couldn't be having a better summer. But on the very night she learns she got into a prestigious theater program, she also finds out she’s pregnant. She definitely can’t tell her parents. And her best friend, Bea, doesn’t agree with the decision Camille has ma...

Details Girls on the Verge

TitleGirls on the Verge
Release DateApr 9th, 2019
PublisherSimon & Schuster
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Feminism, Fiction

Reviews Girls on the Verge

  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    This book was absolutely incredible. I hardcore cried while reading this one because it opened my eyes up so much more to the struggles women face every day to have control over their own bodies. It may only be February but I predict that this book will end up in my top 5 of the year because it hit me SO hard. What a devastatingly important book.
  • destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries]
    I look like I've been through a battle and lived to talk about it. Out of all of the important sociopolitical topics covered in YA over the last few years, one thing I have constantly wished to see more portrayals of in literature is pro-choice discussions about women doing what needs to be done to retain control of their own bodies. In the last few months, there has been so much going on here in the US regarding reproductive rights that Girls on...
  • Madalyn (Novel Ink)
    4.5 stars. WOW; this is such a necessary book.
  • Natasha
    This book... it was a fucking experience. Here's some gifs that help portray my feelings.
  • Jane (It'sJaneLindsey)
    4.5 stars. I’m so glad this book exists.
  • Dylan
    5 stars.So so powerful.I don't know if I can say that I enjoyed reading this? YES it was well written and YES I had a lot of fun with these characters, but this book made me so angry. Angry that society tells teenage girls that they aren't mature enough to make a decision about their own bodies or any woman in general, angry that men believe they can treat women the way that they did in this book and almost caused these girls to be injured, and a...
  • Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)
    You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight .Wow wow wow this is an important book. As more women's rights are taken away across the U.S., Girls on the Verge shines a glaring spotlight on all the hypocrisy and injustice that accompanies each of these decisions.  And you might be thinking "hey, isn't this supposed to be a book review and not a political rant?", but you'd be wrong....
  • Unicorn
    This was such a moving, heartbreaking and educational experience. There are just so many things that I do not know about contraception and abortions and just female anatomy despite being a woman which is crazy. This book has helped me learn and taught me how to learn about these things. It is absurd that a woman has to travel to get an abortion but that is the way it is unfortunately. At times I got so angry I wanted to punch every old man making...
  • Max Baker
    Thank You Netgalley for providing me a free review copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis is an important book. I won't deny it, because to do so would be a gross and frankly irresponsible thing to do. Girls on the Verge points out a lot of terrible things the US have done in regards to women's health and abortion. The main character Camille has to go through multiple hoops just to get a straight answer out of someone and it's just awful. Like...
  • Karen
    Frank information is the greatest strength of this road trip / coming-of-age story. I kept asking myself, why didn't I know this? How can this be medical care for women in the United States today? The way that I got this ARC months ahead of the release date speaks volumes about potential impact. It was dropped off at the library by a young woman (heading off to college) who wanted to make sure it was included among the titles our teen volunteers ...
  • Christy
    shew this was a very hard read. especially while thinking about all the "heartbeat" bills up for a vote in multiple states (with no exceptions for rape or incest) including in the great state i live in - tennessee. it's so unbelievably heartbreaking that this is something women and young girls go through every day.i did feel it was a little heavy handed at times but honestly, i'm ok with that. after all it is targeted towards a younger audience t...
  • Giulia
    "It isn’t fair that you have to miss out on your future because of one mistake you made in the past. I am so sick of old white dudes telling us what we can and can’t do with our bodies."TW: slut-shaming, abortion Actual rating: 3.5 ⭐What a charming, important and informative read. Do not let the average rating fool you (that is totally my fault as I was expecting something different – I don't even know why, I myself am mysel...
  • Joelie
    I have so many feeling over this book. Its only just over 200 pages and I feel like 150 of them made me angry with society in some way. It makes me feel very lucky to live where I live. This story is a heartbreaking account of a girl feeling like she has very few people she can trust and rely on while she goes through something she can't explain but knows is the right choice FOR HER! There where many moments in this book that had me questioning s...
  • Sarah Knope
    I didn't plan to read this in one sitting, but here we are. I've never read a book about abortion before, and this one is so, so important. It's feminist and pro-choice and discusses real issues women have to deal with today, all to make choices about THEIR OWN BODIES. This book is remarkable. And it's not just a book that spits facts at you - at it's core, it's a book about friendship. It's about acceptance and support. It's about a road trip an...
  • Mary
    An incredibly timely book about the difficulties women and girls face in the continuing battle for the right to choose what is best for our selves and our bodies. Sharon Biggs Waller places the reader right in the trenches of abortion warfare when Camille becomes pregnant after having sex for the first time but chooses not to have the baby. The letter that Camille writes toward the end of the book is beautiful and perfect and for me, the best lin...
  • Chadreadsbooks
    Wow what an emotional and powerful book about this one girl who is wanting to have an abortion but the struggles she has to face along the way of trying to get an abortion and the many people who try and change her decision along the way and what she wants to do in her own body.It’s such a sad feeling that even now people judge women for the little things they do and in this book it showed just that how all the blame is put onto women and not b...
  • Christina (Ensconced in Lit)
    Girls on the Verge is not typically a book I'd read-- it is both a YA contemp and a road trip book, both which are low on my interest list. However, this had such an important topic-- the woman's right to choose-- that I knew I needed to read it. I know quite a bit about the topic but not specifically the difficulties in Texas. I was educated a lot through the book, and the characters were also compelling. They felt real to me and even though wha...
  • Kate (Beyond Bookish)
    Trigger warnings for abortion.I have to say that if you work or have teenagers you need to read this book! Abortion (whether your pro-life or pro-choice) is a very personal topic but one that needs to happen with parents, guardians, authority figures and young people. Texas has some crazy restrictive laws in regards to abortions and family planning and I found my heart breaking for Camille and her friends! Again, no matter where you stand on this...
  • Gina Adams
    The fact that this book had to be written is so painful. This is fiction but literally the only thing that is manufactured is the characters themselves. The way Camille is treated is so real and happens daily. I’m so grateful that this book was written, published, and sold by Target (online, but still). It’s accessible. It’s accessible for girls who want to feel validated. There’s not much we can do for each other other than validate one ...
  • Seema Rao
    OH MY! This book should be read by every teenage boy, every male in voting age, and well lots of other people. The story is topic, certainly, about the access to female healthcare and the stigmas of abortion, but its also so emotionally well-done. I almost can't write this review, bc remembering the story and the characters makes me want to cry. I wished we were in a world where this book didn't need to exist. Maybe if many people read it, we won...
  • Ahtiya L.
    🌟4.5🌟 An incredibly moving and powerful book. It's informative, captivating, and features three dynamic young women whose friendship we get to see shift, blossom, and solidify throughout the journey of the book. This book does not shy away from the reality that is living in certain parts of America where strict abortion/anti-women laws are present. I'll probably re-read this book at some point in the future, especially since it's a fairly q...
  • Neda
    Really really powerful. An incredibly detailed look into all the horrifying ways this country tries to ban women's access to abortions. There were some cheesy moments, but they were more than made up for by the driving goal of the story; to show just how oppressive the restrictive abortion laws are in this country. I was always fired up about this topic, but I am now more so than ever.
  • Sandra Benne
    I am grateful everyday for having the luxury of living in Canada. I had no clue what is like to be a teenage girl, in Texas and go through an unwanted pregnancy. I loved so many things about this book. The friendships, the families, the travels, the impact of acts. The education I got on a tiny little bit of US laws on abortion. I am looking forward to watching Roe v Wade movie. Thank you Sharon Biggs Waller for this read. Top 5 of my 2019 fav.
  • Amber
    I knew based on my response to the very beginning of this book that I was in for a read. Impacting, necessary and down-right eye-opening at times. I received an ecopy of this through netgalley; however, all opinions are my own.
  • Emily Knosher
    This book is relevant and educational. I fell instantly in love with Camille, Annabelle, and Bea. This is an amazing story and, no matter what side of the issue you stand on, it provides insight and an understanding of what it's like to be a girl seeking out an abortion.
  • Madi
    **4.5/5**So so so SO good. I think some things could have been a bit more fleshed, but it was such a stellar and amazing read. Highly, highly HIGHLY recommend.
  • Carin
    Camille is pregnant. It's not a rape or a long-term serious boyfriend. It's a mistake. And she's only 16 and this would really destroy her life in a lot of ways. And she wants to get an abortion.Her best friend, Bea, who is religious, is the opposite of supportive. She cuts Camille off without even hearing her out, leaving her alone. She has no boyfriend to go through this with her, she can't tell her parents (they don't have a bad relationship b...
  • Shel
    This novel feels especially important these days--these days of Draconian laws concerning women and their bodies --and I'm so glad that I took the morning to read it; I'll definitely be giving this one to my daughters and will be putting it on my classroom library shelves as soon as I can. The story of Camille is the story of many young women and it's one that needs to be told in the light of day--not under the cover of darkness or with shame. Th...