Fangs and Fennel (The Venom Trilogy, #2) by Shannon Mayer

Fangs and Fennel (The Venom Trilogy, #2)

Alena Budrene is not just a gifted Seattle baker—she’s also a supernatural. Having survived the virus that made her transformation necessary and outwitted an attack by a Greek hero, she’s ready to settle down and deal with the challenges of living as a “Super Duper.”But nothing is easy for a woman who can turn into a giant snake. Threatened by her unprecedented strength, Alena’s enemies team up against her. What’s next on the menu? ...

Details Fangs and Fennel (The Venom Trilogy, #2)

TitleFangs and Fennel (The Venom Trilogy, #2)
Release DateJan 10th, 2017
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Vampires

Reviews Fangs and Fennel (The Venom Trilogy, #2)

  • Carmel (Rabid Reads)
    Reviewed by: Rabid Reads.FANGS AND FENNEL was a slight improvement on book 1. And, by slight, I mean half a star. With the mammoth jump from plain Jane to diva Lena out of the way, the rest of the protagonist’s flaws paled in comparison which made this installment easier to swallow. The plot was more streamlined, the villain was slyer, and the humour was toned-down a few pegs.Alena continues to waffle between heroine and wimp, although the gap ...
  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    Really good. I'm seriously enjoying this series and its uniqueness. I hope the final book continues on it's trend. I did have a few problems. She seemed to roll over and play dead when it came to her ex. She didn't get her recipes from the safe when they were in danger.She didn't use her siren ability on the judge or ex to get justice. She is a little too feminist acting for me. Getting help doesn't make you weak.However, I did find this book bet...
  • Montzalee Wittmann
  • Denisa
    3.5 Fun!It's not a really complex UF, it's the kind of book you read when you want to relax and have a bit of fun. I like this series, despite the fact that it's pretty linear and the characters are pretty flat. But not all reads have to be by Shakespeare to be inspiring and not all authors need to have Ilona Andrews' writing style for the book to be enjoyed. This book is fun and engaging and cute, it made me want to read on and on; even more tha...
  • Beth
    In the first installment in The Venom Trilogy, Alena finds herself transformed into the wrong side of a “super duper”, making her a prime target for the “heroes”. And those so called heroes are teaming up against her. They keep trying to pull Alena into a battle to the death when all she would like to do is cook. Alena must decide to face the battle or lose all she holds dear.Mayer, once again, shocks me with her ability to create worlds ...
  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy:It doesn’t take long for FANGS & FENNEL to pick up steam. The fast-pacing of the novel promises a fight or a flee in every chapter. While it seems that everyone in FANGS & FENNEL either wants to kill or kiss her, Alena Budrene just wants to divorce her husband, keep her bakery, and be taken seriously by her friends and family. Most of the novel follows the course of one very eventful day as Alena atte...
  • Judi Easley
    My Review:The story continues in this second book with Alena and her friends. She has a new villain in this book, and he's a demigod. He's tougher than the last one, and he seems to have a head on his shoulders and knows how to use it. He's stealing her friends and family right and left! And there's a new weapon to use against the super snake this time. It really hurts!Alena not only has to figure out the finer points of being a Super Duper Monst...
  • Constantine
    Rating: 3.0/5.0I liked the first book more. I feel the first book was darker and had more thrills and mystery to it than this one. The sequel is not bad, it is OK overall and interesting in some parts but I feel the book has turned fully into a fantasy without the same degree of darkness that the first book had. There are some new characters in this sequel and some characters that appeared in the first book get killed too. There are some nice eve...
  • Coyora Dokusho
    Eh, I liked it! But I read it last year and can't really remember the specifics. XD
  • Tony Parsons
    Seattle, WA. Alena Budrene (daughter, sister/wife, supernatural, Super Duper, narrator, Drakaina, woman siren, shapeshifter, giant venomous snake) had hired Bradley Froat (lawyer).The divorce case was seen before Judge Watts at the King County Courthouse. She was tired of Roger Budrene (husband) cheating on her with Barbie. Tad (Alena’s brother) had been seeing Dahlia. Alena owned/ran Vanilla & Honey bakery. I did not receive any type of compen...
  • Jessica Frances
    Fangs and Fennel is book two in the Venom Trilogy and I loved reentering this world. In this one we see more Gods, more questions are answered and a clearer picture is forming for who is on which side of the coming battle. I also loved the progression of Alena and Remo’s relationship. I just love them together. And I loved the surprise visit of Alex, even if it was only very brief! If you enjoyed the first book in this series, then you will lov...
  • Emalie
    Fangs and Fennel started a few days after the events in Venom & Vanilla. Alena is fighting for a divorce with her (ex)husband where she can keep her stuff - aka her baking shop.The enemy of this book was kind of boring. I liked Achilles of the previous book more, because he was kind of a brainless brute, but because of it he was more fun than Theseus.As well as in Venom & Vanilla I enjoyed watching Alena's character develop. She more and more emb...
  • BookJunkie777
    A little faster paced than book 1. Quite a bit more drama in this story than the 1st, which is very good! The lead female character, Alena, finds herself pitted against a Demi-god who is quite cunning and strategical in his quest to bring her to her knees. An epic battle at the end does not bode well for all. Good character, storyline, & plot development.
  • Bambi Unbridled
    The Venom Trilogy is back with our super duper heroine's continued battles against her soon-to-be-ex-husband, a segregated society, and a supernatural goddess. This urban fantasy series is a melting pot of humans, supernatural and mythical creatures. I enjoy the light-hearted take on this segregated society that highlights social issues and inequality between the species.In Venom & Vanilla, our heroine, Alena Budrene was changed into a supernatur...
  • Megan
    Quick InfoStandalone/Cliffhanger?: StandalonePart of a Series?: Yes----------------------------------Meeting the CharactersAlena BudreneRemoBethTheseusRogerTadHeraSmithy/HephaestusErnie----------------------------------What happens?Alena is trying to divorce her husband so she can keep her bakery out of the hands of him and out of the hands of a rival. The court won't acknowledge her because she is technically dead. She also has a new hero to def...
  • Empress
    I can't stop...Reading Shannon Mayer's books is now an addiction. Go to your local dealer and buy your new word drugs! Alena is one of the most badass heroines I've come across and she is so human yet so much more. The way she handles things and how she sometimes makes me want to smack her to stop beating herself up...then she goes and gets shit done regardless, knowing deep down how capable she is. It is fucking inspiring.
  • Bobby Nichols
    Improvement! Much better than the first book though I wish shine of the more peripheral characters had more "air" time. But really o enjoyed this one much more than the first bok. Given that, in diving into the third book now.
  • Anne Monteith
    Alena has come through her first trial as a Super Duper monster by defeating Achilles but Hera and her allies are far from done and she has sent the demigod Theseus to destroy her. As if she doesn’t have enough problems trying to deal with her cheating, thieving ex-husband and is blonde bimbo, convincing the human courts that she is alive and is entitled to all the rights and benefits as other human and to convince her mother and father that sh...
  • Courtney
    I've been a fan of Shannon Mayer for a few years now. The Rylee Adamson novels are great and I love the author's turn of phrase. So, when I found out she had a new series out, it went to the top of my to-be-read pile. I found this book, Fangs & Fennel, on netgalley and requested it immediately. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. And, honestly, I really liked it!It has been a lot of fun getting to know a new heroine, though I...
  • Mary Lee
    Trying to like AlenaI keep trying to like Alena and she has an occasional moment where I don't hate her, but then she goes and does something stupid and it's right back. This girl trots along without thinking of anything logically. Like maybe having a truck backed up and loading all that expensive bakery equipment into it and opening a baker beyond the wall that doesn't have one, so would be a raging success. If she doesn't exist and is dead, the...
  • Katyana
    I tried, I really did. DNF @ 64%I can't think of a single redeeming thing about this book. The heroine, Alena, is a complete imbecile. And the narrative - from her POV - is so stupid and juvenile that I grit my teeth just trying to get through it. If I have to read her whining that no one thinks she can handle herself one more time, I'm going to punt my kindle out a window.There are no likable characters in this book. I hate Alena. I hate Roger a...
  • Marsha
    I am a big fan of Shannon Mayer. All of her books have the right mix of mystery, intrigue, great characters, world building, enticing romance and a kick butt herione. What's not to like. "Fangs and Fennel" is book two in the Venom trilogy. It features a sweet baker by the name of Alena Budrene who contracted a deadly disease and discovered on her death bed that her husband was cheating on her and planning to sell everything she owned after her de...
  • Wendy
    This one was a bit slower to get into, but moved well after the first bit. I'm still looking forward to the next one
  • Diana
    Book received from NetGalleyI could not get into this book, I don't know if it was due to the fact I haven't read the first book in the series, or if the story seemed too close to other PNR/Urban Fantasy books out there. Her other series, Rylee Adamson, feels better written and has a better plot. I'm not saying people won't like the book, it just didn't hit a chord with me. Two chapters of reading/seeing Super Duper constantly did me in, I just c...
  • Jana Gundy
    Ms. Mayer always gives you a good time in each book she writes and I was doubly impressed with this one. I like when characters that may be a bit mousy, come out of their shell and grow each book. The action was non stop, the romance was yummy and I love the world this is in!
  • Belizz
    Ridiculously funThis is not a typical Shannon Mayer series. It's ridiculous and juvenile. Alex? Really? How did you write Alex into this story when he's not part of this universe you have created.
  • Airwreckah
  • Toni ~married to a hunk~
    Another great book in this series. I am glad it is a trilogy so that there is closer.
  • Caroline Hodge
    These are a little different from the usual urban fantasy romance crime sup'd up heroine (I seem to be finding a lot of these on Unlimited) because of the heroine's initial standpoint, brought up by an emotionally bullying mother with a 'fundamentalist' view point, not only is she having to come to terms with her transformation from human mouse to er...giant venomous snake siren, but everyone who knows her is too, and nobody thinks she can do it,...