Afropean by Johny Pitts


'Afropean. Here was a space where blackness was taking part in shaping European identity ... A continent of Algerian flea markets, Surinamese shamanism, German Reggae and Moorish castles. Yes, all this was part of Europe too, and these were people and places it needed to understand and embrace if it wanted fully functional societies. And Black Europeans, too, need to demand the right to document and disseminate our stories ... With my brown skin ...

Details Afropean

Release DateJun 6th, 2019
PublisherAllen Lane
GenreNonfiction, Cultural, Africa, Autobiography, Memoir, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews Afropean

  • Radiantflux
    76th book for 2019.An enjoyable, informative UK black-backpackers trip through Western Europe. While I enjoyed the book, I would have liked deeper and broader overview (there is nothing on Eastern Europe—Russia gets a mention—and nothing on Italy or Greece). For instance, the only entry to Germany, was Berlin, where Pitts seemed to have divided time between Left-Radicals and the Jamaican community. I know there was a much more interesting and...
  • Jearl Boatswain
    Now, I'm openly biased when I say I loved this book. Having studied European Studies with French and Spanish I could probably count the number of works by and or centered Black Europeans that I studied throughout my 4 years of study on one hand. One of those being an extract from Franz Fanon’s `The Wretched of the Earth’ from an introduction to French culture in history module from my first year. (At 8:30am on a Monday morning, hardly anyone ...
  • Ruth
    I enjoyed this book on many levels. I am a fan of factual literature but recently I was getting more factual books that were molded by the same template - throw in lots of research and facts and draw mechanical (although sometimes brilliant) conclusions.This book is very different. I was expecting to read about the history of black people in Europe, including statistics, some interviews and lots of dry facts.I got none of that.What I did get is a...
  • gaverne Bennett
    Great read. An eye opener...