Supergirl by Mariko Tamaki


Midvale has been torn apart by a devastating earthquake, and the death toll has hit Kara Danvers hard. As she begins to put the pieces of her life back together, Kara’s developing powers kick into high gear, and her memories of a world that shouldn’t exist begin to surface.

Details Supergirl

Release DateFeb 22nd, 2017
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Superman, Young Adult

Reviews Supergirl

  • David Schaafsma
    The second of four short volumes (or long issues). Midvale has had a devastating earthquake, the death toll is rising, and it (avoiding spoiler) gets personal for Supergirl. This one was an emotional issue, surprisingly heavy given the sort of Smallville-ish, Supergirl-is-just-a-regular-girl-with-zits tone of the first issue. Which was fun and felt pretty real, was solid. But emotional trauma is the heart of the second issue, and this works becau...
  • Shadowdenizen
    Solid 4 star read.I'm really enjoying this miniseries thus far.It's a refreshingly modern (think "Smallville") take on the character that stills honors her roots.(As an aside, I'm also loving Mariko Tamaki's work on the new (She)Hulk title: this author is quickly working her way into Gail Simone/Marguerite Bennet class of creators, and I can't give much higher praise than that!)
  • Lindsey
    This was a very sad issue, but so beautifully written by Tamaki. And Jones' art is always lovely to look at. I can't recommend this Supergirl story, enough! I will continue to pick up this book.
  • Vinton Bayne
    This is a heavy issue! While I don't know that I liked it quite as much as number one, it still deserves five stars. I love the way the characters are being handled.
  • Darinda
    Read in Supergirl: Being Super.This 2nd issue, Chapter 2: Hold On!, continue to introduce us to Kara and her superpowers. In this one, Kara loses someone close to her, plus her powers are acting flaky. This comic has a good story, interesting characters, and great artwork. A fun and entertaining read, and a nice update to Supergirl.
  • Sarah
    This was great - part 1 finished on a cliffhanger, and things didn't progress as I had predicted they would, which is only a good thing. Quite an emotional read, and I can see myself enjoying the two future parts even more.
  • Norman
    It is a solid volume. Kara's devastation is believeable. Focusing on non superhero issues - human issues - is the key to creating easily empathized characters.
  • Letande D'Argon
    Almost exactly the same with the first issue. With the same exact problems. You see, if it was a beginning of the long run, I'll love the hell out of it. Replace that awful Rebirth mess by Steve Orlando with this... and man, I'll love it. But. This? This is a limited series. With only four issues. And Mariko Tamaki literally just wasted half of them for just setting the mood. It's the second issue already, half of the thing. And guess what? Nothi...
  • Nenya
    *pounds fists on table* MOAR!! MOAR!The relationships in this are all so good. Which makes the tragedy that unfolds at the end of last volume/beginning of this one all the more painful. Oh geez. :( :( :( But it's handled really well. (I also have thoughts about how it ties into the overarching mystery plot. HMM.)I love Kara's parents here, and her weirdness, and how clearly they all love each other even though they don't always know what's up wit...
  • 20hrsinamerica
    Oh, gosh, poor Kara. She's going to blame herself for that forever. What an interesting and super sad reason for Kara to become a hero.Is the "help me" Clark? Someone appears to be chained with kryptonite but...if Superman existed, why doesn't Kara know? Surely he hasn't been locked away for over 8 years. Also, I saw The Flash on that cereal box, she's definitely not the only one with powers.I enjoy how Dolly is right about the monitors. And hone...
  • Kaylin Adkins
    I love that this left off, where it end in the first one. I'm growing to love this plot of supergirl.
  • mike andrews
    Very very sad book. Written extremely well and the art is fantastic.
  • Christy
    Oh my goodness, Mariko - you have taken me by the heartstrings and completely enamored me to you. Wow! This miniseries is not just Supergirl’s story, but the story of any teenage girl growing up. Kara is awkward. She has zits. There’s insecurity! And in this issue, she’s experiencing a deep loss and some very real trauma associated with it. This is raw and real, told through story and art. Can’t wait to see what the next issue unlocks for...
  • Patrick
    This was a surprisingly emotional issue. It was a little more easy to identify with the theme which may explain my higher rating for #2 over #1.I will say that part of what made this issue work for me was the willingness of the writer to allow much of the emotion to be conveyed in the art as opposed to the words. Many of the scenes likely hit harder and more honest that way.
  • Jess
    3.5 stars