How to Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields

How to Live a Good Life

Seriously . . . another book that tells you how to live a good life? Don’t we have enough of those?You’d think so. Yet, more people than ever are walking through life disconnected, disengaged, dissatisfied, mired in regret, declining health, and a near maniacal state of gut-wrenching autopilot busyness.Whatever is out there isn’t getting through. We don’t know who to trust. We don’t know what’s real and what’s fantasy. We don’t kn...

Details How to Live a Good Life

TitleHow to Live a Good Life
Release DateOct 18th, 2016
PublisherHay House
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Personal Development, Psychology

Reviews How to Live a Good Life

  • Lisa Kentgen
    I read this book after discovering Jonathon on his podcast. I love listening to his skillful interviews, where he encourages deep and personal conversation.This book did not disappoint. It is pragmatic, loaded with helpful and practical suggestions.While some of the themes are familiar to those who have a mindfulness practice and are familiar with positive psychology, his approach is fresh and the ideas are worth reading again and again.If you re...
  • Kony
    While listening to this book (via Audible), I realized that I now prefer literature with an edge and a critical slant. Gone are the days when I could be satisfied with purely positive pop psychology. Could be that the literature has outrun the original research in this field; in any case, it doesn't strike me as fresh an anymore. And those who write about it, Mr. Fields included, seem to speak into a privileged echo chamber where racism, sexism, ...
  • Mairead
    So rich with ideas and todos. Especially loved forest bathing, uncovering strengths to focus on each day (my top three: appreciation of beauty & excellence, gratitude, kindness), giving a loving no (I really want Sham to read this section for himself), and give30. Oh and this part re being a selectively social introvert is EVERYTHING: "It's not that I don't like people. I love people. Let me qualify that: I love being around the right people, the...
  • Tori (Book Chick)
    I actually really, REALLY enjoyed this book for a few different reasons:1) I like how the author set up the sections into "Good Life buckets." There are many aspects of life that can change your happiness. He addresses these different aspects.2) The author knows it's not an overnight thing. He has you do things for 30 days to help changed your outlook.3) The book had amazing quotes. I found myself highlighting inspiration on my Kindle throughout ...
  • Mike Zickar
    I want to structure this review with three things that I loved about this book and then follow that with three constructive criticisms.Things I Loved1. He summarizes a lot of good research in psychology and beyond, and provides practical things to work on based on this research. He, himself, is not a scientist but he does a pretty good job of reading some of the popular work and presenting the work in ways that are readily accessible. To somebody...
  • Zen Bookworm
    LOVE everything about this book! I'm going to re-read this with a highlighter and a calendar and make a to-do list. Just started listening to the podcast also! Perfect way to end the year!
  • Scott
    Meh. I started this book with high expectations. I really thought it could help me out. But... instead it felt very tedious. Overall it has 30 chapters. Each chapter is pretty short, and talks about something that you can do to live a better life. You're supposed to read/implement one chapter a day, but this pace got exhausting. The suggestions for improvement are way larger than one day! Or, if they give a suggestion for something that can be do...
  • Kjersti
    This book didn't live up to the title byline "soulful stories, surprising science, practical wisdom" I was expecting Chicken Soup for the Soul meets Malcolm Gladwell and I did not get that. This book is mostly daily actions you can do on a schedule. Many of them seem impractical for my current life circumstance (like "awaken to the sound of your Spotify playlist you've picked out, sit up as your playlist rolls to a 15 minute guided meditation, ea...
  • Kent Winward
    Nothing bad here, but nothing new -- think of it as a bucket holding an overflowing of self-help and improvement books.
  • Siobhán
    It started off fine enough, sort of hoaky but whatever — I thought it might redeem itself and settle into a groove.It didn't.The high point was the single page where the author describes the three buckets, which is a nice metaphor for imagining what matters, and then everything else was downhill. I started skipping and even when I came across the chapter on introvertism which quotes one of my favorite books, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a...
  • Bob Varettoni
    A lot of solid advice here -- except perhaps for the chapter on auras. You'd think that last phrase alone would make you want to step away from this book... slowly, without making any sudden movements. But I'm here to tell you that I still have faith in Mr. Fields. I suspend disbelief all the time when reading fiction so I'm willing to cut Johnathan some slack. This is a fast read; it's an uplifting read; it provides some actionable suggestions t...
  • Hillary roberts
    Yes, I read ANOTHER book on how to live the best life possible. Can you tell that I am obsessed? Ha, I was browsing on Hoopla when I saw this and liked the sound of it, so I downloaded it.This book was a bit different in a way that everything was set up into “buckets.”  I wish I had thought of that myself.  We all have empty buckets and to be happier(er) we need to keep each bucket filled. This was also refreshing in that he does not promi...
  • Charmin
    Highlights:1. When truth meets joy, radiance ensues.2. Busyness saps our vital energy. 3. Find your people: Belonging begins with safety. This is a place and a relationship where you feel safe enough to be the real you. Get real, be open and vulnerable. Bonding and belonging. 4. Until you cultivate the ability to say no to the things that fill your life but no your soul, you’ll never have the space to bring into it the things you desperately wa...
  • Georgia Mae
    This was my first audiobook and I don't think they are for me, which is a shame. I found it hard to focus on what the author was saying, which meant I didn't retain the information. I think this would have been a higher rating if I read it on my kindle as I could have highlighted things and got more out of it!
  • Tina Humphrey Boogren
    So many nuggets in this book. One to re-visit again and again.
  • Deanna
    This could have been just another rehash. Instead it is both practical and inspiring, supported and insightful, simple and challenging. Well done. I’ll be using the associated website resources.
  • S. Willett
    Received this book as a gift. A gift that will last forever. Loved it!
  • Holly
    The main concept of the book initially struck me as too simplistic, but it really grew on me. I have seen lots of different ways of categorizing the necessary parts of a life, and this may be the most useful. It is so easy to remember Vitality, Connection, and Contribution. I found some of the daily explorations really useful and easy to implement, while others just didn't seem that relevant.
  • محمد
    “Life’s greatest moments live in the space between desire and attainment.” “There is no magic to awesome outcomes.“Most people will find you interesting if you are deeply interested in them.
  • Caitlin
    I really like the author's podcast and so, of course, I had to read his new book. It's really good at combining everything we know from positive psychology and all of the recent literature. My problem was that I've read all of that stuff already. Which is pretty cool, really. I can't complain. So this book isn't for me - the psychology professor who has read self-help books since childhood. This book is for people who are just getting into explor...
  • Melinda Payne
    This was just the book I needed! I was looking for something that would help me focus on finding joy in my life now instead of waiting for future things to happen before I could be happy. I love that there are practical steps to take in order to fill myself up. I've already started the 30-day challenge!
  • Christina
    I really enjoyed this book. It was full of concrete tips on creating a "good life". I was happy Gretchen Rubin recommended this book. I'm a huge fan of hers, and have added Jonathan Fields podcasts to my playlist too! My full review can be found on my blog here: I really enjoyed this book. It was full of concrete tips on creating a "good life". I was happy Gretchen Rubin recommended this book. I'm a huge...
  • Sara Smith
    This is a really well-written book broken into easy pieces of things you can do every day to fill your buckets and get into the practice of living life and not being run over by it.It's a helpful book without being preachy. As someone who reads a lot, but doesn't keep a lot of books that I've read, this one has made the cut of one that will stay in my house and be shared with others.
  • Sarah Beam
    One of the top personal development books I've read, How to Live a Good Life offers thoughtful, practical, truly inspirational tips and methods for finding more meaning in your life. (Not preachy, not unattainable, not obnoxious.) I will be recommending this one to my friends and students for years to come.
  • Travis Derby
    This was an alright book, great message, however after I was finished, I felt like I had heard this material before in other books.I did like it however, but it was just not as profound, as others in this category.
  • Jackiedrussell
    I really enjoyed this book. I will say, I have heard a lot of similar points made in other books and lectures but the structure and opportunities this book offers to be held accountable and more involved are what made it so attractive. Definitely a book to turn back to for reminders.
  • Z.R. Southcombe
    A book I will return to, and a simple paradigm to assess where I am in life, and what needs attention.
  • Joshua Fruhlinger
    Some may think Jonathan Fields oversimplifies things, but the truth is that finding a good life can be that simple. The trick is sticking with it.
  • Kathy
    Awesome book with many tactical actions to help immediately start living a good life. The framework is three Goodlife buckets buckets and how to assess and fill them with the methods in the book.
  • Amanda
    There is nothing in this book that hasn't been said better other places.