Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer

Secrets in Summer

The queen of beach books (The Star-Ledger) returns to the shores of Nantucket in a novel about one memorable summer when flirtations flourish, family dramas play out, and scandalous secrets surface.Memorial Day weekend means that seasonal visitors have descended on the glamorous island of Nantucket. For year-round resident Darcy Cotterill, it means late-night stargazing in the backyard of the beautiful house she grew up in and inherited from her ...

Details Secrets in Summer

TitleSecrets in Summer
Release DateMay 16th, 2017
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreFiction, Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews Secrets in Summer

  • Sarah Joint
    This book definitely accomplished at least one thing: I really want to visit Nantucket now! It's a good beach book, a light and easy read. My couple of niggles include dialogue that seemed stilted and some pretty outlandish situations. It also seemed a bit old fashioned about "gender roles" on occasion. One would think fathers would be comfortable with taking care of their children, but maybe I'm wrong. I did still enjoy the book and would recomm...
  • Cayla
    I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway.This book didn't work for me, and I think its because of a combination of things, instead of one major flaw. Firstly, though, what I did like was the setting - summer is my favorite season, and Thayer does a good job capturing that summer feel, especially since the setting is a beach town.Besides the setting, everything else didn't quite work for me. Throughout reading this book, I was either rolling m...
  • Sherry
    4.5 starsNancy Thayer's books =summer to me. How lucky was I to receive an ARC (from netgalley) to read in the middle of the winter? Darcy is a year round resident of Nantucket and is happy with her life as a librarian and the man in her life, Nash and her relationships with her summer neighbors. Much to her dismay, one of her neighbors happens to be her ex-husband and his wife- the woman he left Darcy for- and their teenage daughter. A story of ...
  • Tammy
    Nancy Thayer's newest novel is about a divorcee and librarian who's inherited her grandmothers home on Nantucket. This is a light, quick read (and next to last on finishing my summer reading stack)👌🏻
  • Myrna
    Perfect summer book! Very likable characters of varying ages. Loved the Nantucket setting. It makes me want to visit someday. The romance was tricky but I was swooning at the end.
  • Liz
    Is it even summer if I don’t get my hands on at least one Nancy Thayer novel? And those picturesque Nantucket summers... (Amiright?) Secrets in Summer did just that. A nice break from the heavy, twisted reads I usually get lost in...This one was so pleasant to read! (As are all the Nancy Thayer books I ever read) I always enjoy the quaint Nantucket setting. I definitely live vicariously through her characters while I’m reading! 4-stars!! ⭐...
  • Erin Newton
    2.5 stars. I had high hopes for this book because I love a good summer read and I'm a librarian. Everything in this book associated with librarianship in a public library was pretty accurate and very believable for me. As for the rest, it all felt too forced. Darcy loves Nash, not only loves him but thinks he's the love of her life, despite his closed off demeanor and her hots for her neighbor. I just didn't find the relationship between Darcy an...
  • Oreoandlucy
    A more complete review is available on my blog:https://reviewsofbooksonmynightstand....What a great beach book! I loved the descriptions of Nantucket and found myself envying the characters for their breezy island lifestyle. The characters were very interesting. I love that Darcy is a librarian and enjoys her life with books so much. Mimi was vivacious and so funny! She uses the wisdom that she has gleaned from her older age to help the younger w...
  • Colleen
    Honestly, I don’t have high expectations when I read a “beach read” at the beginning of the summer. Novels by Elin Hilderbrand and Nancy Thayer are not great literature, but they’re not supposed to be. They’re supposed to be fun, light, breezy reads that you can consume without much thought. If you go into them with that mindset, then all is well.However, even though it isn’t great literature, I expect that the writing at least be hal...
  • Lynn
    An enjoyable, light read. The plot, as much as there is a plot, moves along at a brisk pace. Darcy lives on Nantucket in a house that she inherited from her beloved grandmother. She is a children’s librarian at the Nantucket Library. She has a close circle of friends and a new romance. Normally she does not get involved with summer people, but this year she finds herself wrapped up in their lives. This becomes awkward when her ex-husband and hi...
  • Melissa Borsey
    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. I was so disappointed with this book, basically it is a boring daily play by play of Darcy's summer (each and every day) and she should reconsider Nash because he is quite harsh and overly rude! Just did not enjoy this one.
  • Arlena
    Title: Secrets in SummerAuthor: Nancy ThayerPublisher: Ballantine BooksReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: FourReview:"Secrets in Summer" by Nancy Thayer My Thoughts..."Secrets in Summer" really gives you quite a read where the reader will be pulled into many different directions. We find Darcy Cotterill a librarian is in her Nantucket home where she has inherited it from her grandmother. Oh, let me just say she is dating Nash being newly divorced. B...
  • Dana
    5 stars for the sheer pleasure of this engrossing novel about a young woman whose husband betrayed her several years before she realizes that he, his new wife, and his fourteen year old stepdaughter have rented the house behind hers for the summer. There were wonderful characters, many of whom were neighbors within shouting distance, friendships, and a racy romance with a somewhat mysterious man. Darcy, the main character, is a librarian. As a bo...
  • Newport Librarians
    I received this novel from Netgalley in return of an honest review. Secrets in Summer is one of my favorite Nancy Thayer books. It was a perfect beach/escape read. I needed a book for a two day trip (to the Cape coincidentally) and knew this would be the perfect choice. Darcy has a little more sass than the typical Thayer character (which I was a big fan of), but she is still a good girl at heart. I can usually guess how a Nancy Thayer book will ...
  • Christine Nolfi
    A light summer read with a fascinating cast of characters. My only quibble: during one scene, the protagonist listens to a woman attempt to rationalize her infidelity to her (the woman's) young teen daughter. The protagonist seems to come away with admiration for the woman, who compares her open marriage to the daughter's love of ice cream and reading.
  • Lori
    This was overall a nice, easy summer read but the relationship between Darcy and Nash just seemed...weird to me. Stilted, stiff and somewhat unemotional. I just never felt any real connection between them.
  • Judy Collins
    Review to follow.
  • Laurel-Rain
    Memorial Day weekend means that seasonal visitors have descended on the glamorous island of Nantucket. For year-round resident Darcy Cotterill, it means late-night stargazing in the backyard of the beautiful house she grew up in and inherited from her beloved grandmother. It’s also Darcy’s chance to hit the beach and meet her new summertime neighbors. But the last person the thirty-year-old librarian expects to see staying next door is her ex...
  • Debbie
    Such a heartwarming, sad, humorous, entertaining and enjoyable read. I really got into this book and could not put it down.Darcy lives in her childhood home which she inherited from her grandmother in Nantucket. She is a year round resident and she has done something she's never done before. She has become close to the summer renters. And, it just so happens, one of those renters is the stepdaughter of her ex-husband who is renting the property b...
  • b.andherbooks
    Lovely Children's Librarian Darcy is having hot sex with a local handyman who hasn't defined their relationship, when she learns her ex, the smarmy Boyz, is renting the Nantucket mansion behind hers. Plus, another handsome neighbor and his charming grandmother are renting the mansion next door. Poor beautiful Darcy gets sucked into various melodramas of the summer set included love squares, heroin use, and affairs, among others, and ends up with ...
  • Jack
    I definitely wanted to keep reading it because it was a "fun, easy read" but quickly remembered why I don't usually like this type of book. I think the author forgot how 30 year olds actually think/talk especially in present day. Once I realized that I couldn't get over it.
  • Vickie
    I enjoyed the audiobook because I was stuck in an airport on both ends of a quick trip to visit with my daughter in Florida, but I wasn't crazy about it. It is an easy read and as an MLIS grad student, it was fun to read about Darcy and her career as a librarian. But I felt she was always looking for relationships to replace the one with her grandmother as well as her relationship with her parents. Also, her relationship with Nash was just plain ...
  • Paula
    I won Secrets in Summer through a Goodreads giveaway. Thank you. I liked the book. I have read other Nancy Thayer books - The Guest Cottage and Nantucket Sisters. It was a light, enjoyable summer romantic read. I noticed there were some repetitive parts, but overlooked that as the copy I received was not a final draft. I liked Darcy and wanted the end to work out for her. A few of her relationships with the summer neighbors was a little hard to b...
  • Joann M
    Could you just imagine sitting on your patio trying to enjoy your time off after a hard day at work and having to hear everyone's dirty little secrets.. Well Darcy the librarian (who I adore) has to listen and keep all the secrets to herself and while the summer is off to a fast start she also meets a host of characters who have all come to Nantucket for the summer. This is a great beach read...take it along on your next summer vacation you wont ...
  • Tina
    Beautiful story about a librarian who lives on Nantucket Island year-round! Of course, I would love this! I want to live like that - fantasy life! The story is rich, layered, and compelling for a summer read.
  • Stefanie Steffey
    Quick happy beach read
  • Amanda
    I love a good Nantucket romance. This one was good if you are in the mood to suspend disbelief for an extended period of time. I understand that this genre does require the reader to just go with the flow and accept that sometimes weird things happen for the sake of plot flow. The problem was that the flow seemed a little forced. There have been quite a few extremely positive responses to this book. I find myself in the middle of the road. Nantuc...
  • Sharen
    This is my first book by Thayer and I could see myself looking for another by her. I adored it. It was about life, love, secrets and those sometimes hard to make choices. The best part was that the main character's life revolved around books and a library. What a dream to live in a place like that, walk and work where she did. Perfect end of summer read but honestly, it would be just as good at any other time of year.
  • Rebecca
    Librarian (Darcy) who lives on Nantucket doesn't usually mingle with the summer visitors, but this summer is different in many ways ... how will these new friendships impact her life?Darcy, a librarian living in her deceased grandmother's home on Nantucket, lives a fairly drama free life and is casually dating Nash, a carpenter new to the island. Her quiet life is shaken when her ex-husband, Boyz, and his new family (wife Autumn and step-daughter...
  • Michelegg
    Reading this book was such a delightful way to spend a few hours. I loved being caught up in Darcy's world on the very lovely shores of Nantucket. I enjoyed the many characters that inhabited this book and the way they all fit into Darcy's world. There were a lot of giggles, and oh no, moments and some very sweet emotional moments as well. All of which endeared me to this world and made me very invested in the lives of these people and anxious to...