Crown of Stars (Nightsong Trilogy, #2) by Sophie Jaff

Crown of Stars (Nightsong Trilogy, #2)

Rumors of witchcraft have haunted Margaret ever since she was born. A strange, dark-eyed child, she was feared and then shunned by her medieval English village after her mother’s brutal murder. When her father remarries, Margaret—now a young woman—realizes that she must leave the village for good.Hundreds of years later, as fall comes to Manhattan, Katherine Emerson prays her horrific summer is over. She survived a killer’s attack, but he...

Details Crown of Stars (Nightsong Trilogy, #2)

TitleCrown of Stars (Nightsong Trilogy, #2)
Release DateJun 6th, 2017
PublisherHarper Paperbacks
GenreScience Fiction Fantasy, Fiction

Reviews Crown of Stars (Nightsong Trilogy, #2)

  • Talk Supe
    Well fuck, this is one of the strangest, most chilling series I've ever read!
  • Nancy
    Usually I try to read books in a series (in this case a trilogy) in order. So, when I received Crown of Stars by Sophie Jaff to review; I immediately checked out the first novel Love is Red. That book was so intense and so exciting I couldn’t out it down and as much I like to also say you don’t need to read the books in order, in this case, I think you do.Crown of Stars starts off a few months after Love is Red ends. Katherine has taken custo...
  • George Black
    Crown of Stars is just as good as, or even better than, the first volume of Sophie Jaff's trilogy. It's a genre-bender (serial killer thriller? time-travel fantasy? supernatural horror story?), none of which I usually read. But I made an exception for these. They're total page-turners, the two main characters and their very different social milieu are convincingly drawn, and the plotting is tight and sharp - which is especially difficult to do wh...
  • Lisa
    Crown of Stars is the second book in the Nightsong Trilogy. It can be read as a standalone, which I am thankful for since I have not read the first book. It is a mix of fantasy and psychological thriller and is a true good versus evil story. The plot shifts between Margaret in the 17th century and Katherine in the present. Margaret is the daughter of a Traveler and has inherited supernatural gifts from her. The community is afraid of her and has ...
  • Brittany
    This was one I couldn't put down. Chilling, suspenseful, full of psychological terror. This fantasy novel is a sequel, but not having read the first book, it was an excellent stand alone story. The tale is woven between seventeenth century Margaret and present day Katherine. Supernatural forces at work, both good and evil gave this a compelling and engrossing plot. Will definitely read the rest of the series. Thanks to Harper-Collins for an advan...
  • Tricia
    I really wanted to like this, but it just didn't work for me. The medieval story line was fell done, but it didn't add that much more depth to what we were told in "Love is Red". And, I felt the contemporary story line veered a little too much into the horror realm without really advancing the mythology in the world-building.
  • David
    Wow Twists, turns, the past and the present in parallel peril. I had a hard time putting the book down, the story’s hold was so strong.
  • Leslie
    Crown of Stars continues the story a few months after we left off in Love is Red. While it’s possible to read this one first, there is a lot of backstory that would be missed, so I recommend starting with the first book in this trilogy.The story alternates between Katherine, in the present, and Margaret, hundreds of years ago in a medieval English village. Katherine is trying to rebuild her life after the horrible events of last summer when she...
  • Jacqueline Dreyer
    Not as exciting as the first book "Love Is Red". I was confused some of the time but I would still recommend this book for people who read the first book of the trilogy.