Lipstick Voodoo (Kincaid Strange, #2) by Kristi Charish

Lipstick Voodoo (Kincaid Strange, #2)

Kincaid Strange, not your average voodoo practitioner, is back in the freshly imagined and hugely entertaining second installment of Kristi Charish's urban fantasy series. Kincaid Strange cannot catch a break. After dealing with a spate of paranormal murders, there's barely time to recuperate—let alone sleep in—before there's a new problem in Kincaid's world of paranormal activity. When her roommate, Nathan Cade—the ghost of a grunge-rocker...

Details Lipstick Voodoo (Kincaid Strange, #2)

TitleLipstick Voodoo (Kincaid Strange, #2)
Release DateJan 8th, 2019
PublisherVintage Canada
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Zombies

Reviews Lipstick Voodoo (Kincaid Strange, #2)

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    3.75 stars. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature:Kincaid Strange is a 27-year-old woman who’s one of the only “zombie practitioners” in the Seattle area. She can temporarily (or permanently, for that matter) raise people from the dead, which is clearly handy when you want to temporarily raise a rich old man and ask him to amend his will in order to avoid a family lawsuit. Lipstick Voodoo opens with just such a scene, with a crot...
  • Helen Power
    Kincaid Strange is back in this dark and adventurous follow up to “The Voodoo Killings”. Since this is the second in the series, there are spoilers for the first book in this review! Synopsis:Voodoo practitioner Kincaid Strange is invited by her ex-boyfriend, a cop, to consult on a cold case that just might have been a paranormal murder.  The case is connected to her roommate, Nathan Cade, the ghost of a 90s grunge rock star.  Meanwhile, Ki...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum was nice getting back into the world of Kincaid Strange with Lipstick Voodoo, and reading it has made me realize how much I’d missed this kind of urban fantasy. Thing is, I’m just not reading as much of the genre as I used to. I’ve gotten pickier these days, and my UF reads are mostly limited to series I’ve already started and to only books that I feel are breaki...
  • Beth
    I read Lipstick Voodoo over a weekend. I found it fun, fanciful and quite original. Charish does a great job pulling the reader into Kincaid Strange's world. I really enjoyed that this is both paranormal in nature but has a fabulous mystery that keeps you guessing almost till the very end.I received this ARC copy of Lipstick Voodoo from Penguin Random House Canada - Vintage Canada. This is my honest and voluntary review. Lipstick Voodoo is set fo...
  • ☕️Kimberly
    I listened to the first novel, The Voodoo Killings but scheduling had me reading this time around. Because this is urban fantasy and a lot of what happens in Lipstick Voodoo results from what occurred in book one.I love this series from Nate, her ghostly friend to the scary and intriguing Gideon. I have to confess Gideon has me perplexed, but page time with him was one of my favorite things in this story. For those who don't know Gideon is a powe...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*Thoughts*Lipstick Voodoo, by author Kristi Charish, is the second installment in the authors Kincaid Strange series. The story picks up shortly after the events of The Voodoo Killings. Kincaid is a kick-ass heroine who appeals to fans of Elena Michaels and Sookie Stackhouse. Lipstick Voodoo spends more time in the living world than The Voodoo Killings and captures the ’90s grunge vibe of Seatt...
  • Kimberly
    Reviewed for Wit and Sin Kincaid Strange, the best voodoo practitioner in the Pacific Northwest, has not been having a good time lately. After solving a series of murders that left her physically and emotionally worn out, all she wants is to get back to doing normal séances and zombie raisings. But before you can say “feral zombie,” Kincaid is up to her ears in problems again. She’s in debt to a sorcerer’s ghost, her roommate and best f...
  • Bonnie
    Rating: 3.5 of 5 starsShort Summary: Kincaid Strange, voodoo practitioner, finds herself searching for a solution when her roommate ghost, grunge rocker Nathan Cade, comes home bound to a body risen from the dead. Things take even more of a turn for the worse when people from Nathan’s past are being killed in gruesome ways and the local authorities begin to suspect Strange of being involved.Thoughts: It’s hard for Urban Fantasy to be anything...
  • Jennifer
    Lipstick Voodoo, is the second book in the Kincaid Strange series. The first book, The Voodoo Killings was released in 2016 so I had to do a quick relisten to help me get back into the world. I enjoyed it the second time around just as much as I did the first time. Lipstick Voodoo takes place about two weeks after the events in The Voodoo Killings. This time around Kincaid is working a lipstick séance (a term coined by voodoo practitioners refer...
  • Gaele
    Set in a Seattle that is filled with zombies, ghouls, poltergeists and ghosts, my introduction to this urban fantasy series was a dive in the deep end, intriguing with a dash of information added to try and keep me current. Kincaid Strange seems to fit into this world fairly easily, being a voodoo practitioner with a part-time gig assisting the police. Interesting enough to keep me intrigued, curious about the Seattle setting rather than New Orle...
  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.Dead roommates, ex boyfriends, and draining bank accounts are just some of the annoyances plaguing Kincaid Strange in LIPSTICK VOODOO. Kincaid’s friendship with Nate is put to the test as she tries to convince him to, literally, give up the ghost and investigate the shady characters in his rockstar past. Consequences are the name of the game as everyone’s history comes back to haunt them.The second ...
  • Susan
    From the very beginning we are thrown into Kincaid’s chaotic life and while she never gets to take a breather or to sleep, neither does the reader. The action is non-stop and every stage ends in a mini cliff-hanger so I felt compelled to keep reading until I dropped my e-reader on my head (for real) because I just couldn’t stay up any longer. This is a seriously suspenseful and fast paced story and there is no intermission or downtime. It is ...
  • Elliot A
    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.I had trouble reading this one. It was very difficult to get into the story, I think partially because I read The Voodoo Killings (part 1 of the series) almost a year and a half ago and the second part picks up right where the first one left off. I couldn’t remember the details of how it ended, and I kept getting distracted by trying to piece together what...
  • Anne - Books of My Heart
    This review was originally posted on Books of My HeartReview copy was received from NetGalley. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. 4.5 hearts With the world and characters established, I enjoyed this second book in the Kincaid Strange series even more than The Voodoo Killings. I feel Kincaid is still so alone.  No one, even her friends, seem to help her.  Throughout Lipstick Voodoo, I  worried who wo...
  • Douglas Meeks
    I usually wait until less than a month before release to read and write reviews but after reading The Voodoo Killings I found that I HAD to read this ARC that I had received since book 1 was so good.While this was an exceptional story I did not think it reached the 5 Star level that book 1 did but it was more of a combinations of frustrations than the story actually lacking. I got tired of a boyfriend who was not even a good friend much less any ...
  • Dani
    Review: 4/5 stars This is the second novel in the Kincaid Strange series by Kristi Charish.I will say the intriguing way that the author interweaves the paranormal elements : necromancy, voodoo etc was my favorite part of this book. It is what made for a really entertaining read. In the sea of other paranormal books that contain similar elements ( that I have read and enjoyed) this series manages to stand on its on and the characters stand out.I ...
  • LilyElement
    Lipstick Voodoo is book 2 in the Kincaid Strange series. This series is so unique and worth a read if you're a fan of the Urban Fantasy genre. Our leading lady sees ghosts and raises zombies for her clients, oh and gets into tons of trouble. It makes for an interesting read to say the least.Kincaid Strange returns and she's dealing with the ramifications from the previous book. Her friend that is a ghost happens to be inhabiting a body and she ca...
  • Janet Newport
    Thank you NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada for this arc.The blurb sounds like this would be a great read for me. I see where lots of others have really enjoyed this. Must just be me... I had a tough time with this one. Part of the problem might be that I haven't read the first book in this series. While it started off interesting and fun, it quickly devolved for me.... too many unfamiliar characters with unfamiliar backstories came at me...
  • Susan
    The second installment in the Kincaid Strange series finds her over her head in trouble once again. I really like the premise and all the elements of this series. Great characters and a world that I want to learn more about. I’m looking forward to more Kincaid, Nate, and Gideon. *ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review.
  • Savvy Little Book Club Yvonne M.
    *I received a ARC of this book from Netgalley/publisher for an honest review*I didn’t finish the book. I tried really hard to like it but it was just blah. I love the paranormal and voodoo and necromancy and was pumped for this but it fell flat for me.I guess it just wasn’t meant for me.
  • Erica
    I received an ARC of this novel via NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada in exchange for an honest review. Kincaid Strange, the paranormal practitioner, is trying to figure out how to help her roommate Nathan Cade after her last case left him entrapped in another body and indebted to Gideon, a powerful sorcerer's ghost. Kincaid's ex, Aaron, brings her in on a new paranormal investigation that links to a 30 year old cold case in which Nate is...
  • Crittermom
    Lipstick Voodoo is a pleasant departure from the average paranormal/ urban fantasy.  While it isn’t perfect, (Nate can be extremely annoying) it has a lot in its favor - an intriguing magical premise (spiritual energy comes from the otherside and can be used to contact/raise the dead), a capable heroine, and interesting supporting characters (a sorcerer’s Ghost, a zombie attorney/bar owner, a dead grunge rocker stuck in a decaying body, etc....
  • Brianne
    Many Thanks to Net-Galley and the publisher for an advanced e-copy. This did not affect my rating.*4/5*The Voodoo Killings was one of my favourite books of 2016. I devoured it. I pushed it on my friends. I waited and wished and hoped for a sequel. It was such a unique concept. Voodoo practitioners who can raise zombies, and summon ghosts. Kincaid Strange is the last voodoo practitioner in Seattle - she has an ex-boyfriend, Aaron, who is a cop and...
  • Laurie
    Kincaid Strange can’t get a break. She’s a necromancer who raises the dead for a living. Like people who shoot the messenger, clients aren’t always pleased with what their dearly departed have to say when she raises them, and they take that out of Kincaid. So how to pay the rent is just her first worry… her roommate, Nathan Cade, has his own problems. He’s a ghost, but now he’s stuck in a zombie body that is rapidly breaking down. Kin...
  • Melissa
    *Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC*Lipstick Voodoo is the second novel in the Kincaid Strange series by Kristi Charish. This novel is set a couple weeks after the events of her first book, The Voodoo Killings. This series follows Kincaid Strange, a voodoo practitioner and her roommate Nathan Cade, the ghost of a grunge-rock star.I read The Voodoo Killings when it was released in 2016, but to be honest I didn’t remember anything about it. That ...
  • Krystal
    I really enjoy Kincaid's story, adventures and relationships with the other characters in this book. She handles her problems and struggles with creativity and the will to save those she cares about with as little destruction & pain as possible. Along the lines in this book I have learned a bit about voodoo I have not known previous. On that aspect Kristi Charish really researched the aspects of Voodoo and you can really tell that here. I really ...
  • Kari Marie
    I received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review.Two stars: It was ok. There is a lot room for growth. The stars are for the fact that it was different story. I maybe would have given three but I felt like I was missing a lot of knowledge because I have not read book 1. Kincaid Strange is Voodoo Practioner. Her best friend is a ghost, or was a ghost. Now Nate is a zombie hybrid. Nate’s past is about to catch up to him and drag Kincaid alon...
  • SouthernTodayGoneTomorrow
    Written by Kristi Charish, which it turns out is the second novel in the Kincaid Strange series, is about a voodoo practitioner, the only one registered in the Northwest of the US, who raises zombies. But she has a few problems, including an ex she is trying to get going with again, an ancient wizard and ghost who is upset with her, a zombie that shouldn't be there, and clients.This isn't a bad book. In fact, if you are a zombie fan, I highly rec...
  • Valerie - Cats Luv Coffee
    Kincaid Strange is a voodoo practitioner. However, she's not your stereotypical voodoo priestess! Twenty-seven years old, she's in Seattle, WA, of all places, doing what it takes to keep the rent paid. She's headstrong, tenacious, and more importantly, a little unconventional. Sounds like a great protagonist, right? She raises the dead to pay the bills. She's great at her job; Not so great at people skills. She's obviously more comfortable in the...
  • Andrea Thatcher
    Another paranormal page turner in the Kincaid Strange series! And since there’s a bit of a cliffhanger in the epilogue I’m joyfully assuming it’s not the last! While I enjoyed catching up with most of the same characters from book one, I didn’t find them all as compelling this time. The nonstarter will-they/won’t-they romance between Aaron and Kincaid fell flat for me in this novel. By no means do I think there needs to be a romantic st...