Tainted Kiss (Tainted Knights, #1) by Terri Anne Browning

Tainted Kiss (Tainted Knights, #1)

With one kiss she was his. From USA Today bestselling author Terri Anne Browning, comes a new ROCKER series—Tainted Knights. All it took was one look, one kiss. The promises he made—I should have known better. He was a rock star and I had no time for a guy like him in my life. I fell anyway. I believed his promises. Held onto them and waited. But the thing about rockers is that their private lives are never truly private. Seeing him on the co...

Details Tainted Kiss (Tainted Knights, #1)

TitleTainted Kiss (Tainted Knights, #1)
Release DateAug 15th, 2018
GenreMusic, Romance

Reviews Tainted Kiss (Tainted Knights, #1)

  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡ I like
    Not sure what to think about Tainted Kiss (Tainted Knights #1) by Terri Anne Browning. It was my first book by this author and somehow the book and me did not work well together. I felt thrown right into something that already existed without getting information on the background? As this is the first book in that series I wonder if this is a spin off from some other series? Well if it is it surely is not a smooth standalone. There were so many c...
  • Petra Gleason
    3.5 stars
  • Lana
    Too much drama not enough music (if you know what I mean)So just ok...
  • Erin
    I can always count on loving Terri's work! I wasn't expecting Kale to be the sweetest guy that followed his heart from the first moment he found who he wanted. Santana was a pleasant surprise too. Both just fit together perfectly and the relationship was fast. For me, I enjoy sweet and low drama stories a lot and this one fit the bill. I'm excited to see what more is to come with the Tainted Knights!
  • Allyson Maclay
    As always Terri Ann Browning never disappoints. So excited for this new series and love how it ties in the rocker series so excited. I really love how she incorporates all her books together!!!
  • Brandi
    3.5 starsGood start to the Tainted Knights series. It's not as angst-filled as many rocker readers crave but it was sweet, sexy & had a great cast of characters.Although Kale & Santana's relationship was insta-love (& I mean wicked fast insta-love), it still felt natural & was genuinely believable... and I adored that about them. They made for a perfect match. I can definitely see them, as well as Jace & Kin, serving as the voices of reason in fu...
  • Dana ~ The Dirty Smut'atter
    Another great journey of the Tainted Knights and the best part is that we still get the rest of the crew that has made Teri Anne Browning one of my favorite ROCKER AUTHORS!! I really only knew of Jace from Harris and Lucy's stories, but I am happy to say the rest of the Tainted Knights band is going to get great. This installment centers around Kale {the drummer} and Santana {Emmie's photographer} and the chemistry is instant and intense. They on...
  • Kathy Aronoff
    Good StartI haven't read a Teri Anne Browning rock book in forever, so getting into this one brought back everything I like in her books. Kale and Santana have a love a first sight relationship, but I totally bought into it. There are many more stories to come based on all the supporting characters. Looking forward to reading more.
  • Bitchy
    So aside from my continued annoyance with fucking, Emme, here's what really burns my biscuits about this story & the lead female, Santana.So Santana works as a photographer that gets hired by the almighty, Emme Armstrong, to take photos of The Tainted Knights. Which is where she meets Kale, the super sweet drummer. I didn't really get the connection between the 2. It was like he saw her & bam, he claimed her. They had barely said much to eachothe...
  • Jamie Ellis
    Awesome startThis book was absolutely amazing!! I just love the way Terri tells a story. She reels you in and your hooked. I couldn't put my kindle down. I took it to the bathroom, on my school bus, bowling alley just freaking everywhere with me today. I had to finish it!!Loved all the characters in this book. Some were old friends we've already met and some new. In this one it was all Santana and Kale the drummer for the Rock band Tainted Knight...
  • Kim Brewing
    I liked it and read it, but it won't go on a favorite list.Honestly I just didn't feel the connection between these two and didn't really care for either of them. My other problem was there were so many people!!! I have a hard time with names and we get a whole crew in this story- the band, their girlfriends, family, employees...it was almost over whelming in the beginning.I do like Terri Anne's writing style though. The story flows and is easy t...
  • CA
    I enjoyed this book as was fun to read more about the members of the band and catch up with past couples. I found it slow to start and it ended a little abruptly but otherwise it was good
  • Lindsey Greer-Smith
    I still love her books!From the first book to this one... I still love Terri Anne's writing. You can see how much she has grown as a writer too. I remember coming across the very first Rocker book. It had the original cover and only had a handful of reviews. I had loved Emmie from word go! Now, she's still creating characters I love. I also love the fact that she stays with the rocker books. So many authors go to so many different themes... which...
  • Amy Pedrick
    Terri Anne, what's your favorite cookie girl? Cuz .......Dees beesh owes you HUGE girlfriend!Completely in line with her earlier rock star lineup; I can't WAIT for the next one. I read this book in a day and i'll probably read it all over again. Relatable characters, good plot, fast moving story, without being a bunch of weird smut without any storyline, Browning's books have plenty of angst without turning into teen melodrama. The only issue I h...
  • Annie
    This was so painful to read, for many reasons:- The day they meet, Kale thinks of Santana as "his girl"- Kale calling Santana "doll" in every damn sentence. (He calls her Santana maybe three times in the whole book.) He even tells her he thinks of her as a beautiful doll. How is that not creepy? Coming from a guy you've known for like a day?- Kale's possessiveness- Santana being okay with Kale's possessiveness- Did I mention they've known each ot...
  • Lisa
    I Liked this one , I`m only giving it 3 stars cause I do not like when I have to remember all the names of friends , band mates, manger`s - who they are who`s what`s girlfriend ------ Wade, Sage, Emmie, Kassa, Gray , Jace, Kin, Sin, Cash, Travis, Angie, Jenna, Caleb, Lucy, Harris. To many And the name Doll was Kale nick name for Santana was not sexy or sweet at all... ( At least to me) I do like this author and did read all the books of the band ...
  • Anna
    Amazing!I read and loved all the rocker series. I am thrilled there is still more to come.Terri-Anne's characters drag you in to their lives making you fall a little bit in love with them yourself, this leaves you eagerly awaiting what comes next from this extremely talented writer.Personally I am never disappointed by anything Terri-Anne writes and can't wait to see what happens next in this new series.
  • Debra
    Tainted KissThis is the first in this series. But it seems to have connecting characters from another series. I enjoyed this one that I will go and get the other series and read them also. This is Kale the drummer the Tainted Knights an up and coming band that is going on its first real road trip. And Santana who was commissioned to take their photos for the merchandise sales. How they meet to his others try to tear them apart. I can't wait to re...
  • Mitzi Roadcap
    Great Start!Great start to this new rock series. I look forward to getting to know this new group of young rockers and the bonus for me is I get to visit again with some of the characters from the other rock series done by this author. Interesting group of characters and a very sweet romance.
  • Radiant
    YES!!!Another Terri book.I am in love with Rocker Series and this is just one corner of it and i loved reading the book.It had all what i wanted in a book and much more.Kale and Santana are very different than the normal rocker couple books i have read..it was a sweet and nice drama!Loved!!!Loved it!!Cant wait for the next books..esp.Gray's....!!Already Day dreaming !
  • Dawn Strickland
    Rock on!Santana and Kale are lovable, bold, and charismatic characters. Their journey to love is swift and enrapturing. The chemistry is explosive and the payoff is worth it. Loved this story and I can't wait for more in this series!
  • Kimkbries
    Kale and Santana fell for each other fast but was it too good to be true? Life of a musician is not easy. I enjoyed their story as they both had to realize if what they had was real. I am a fan of the guys in the band and look forward to more about them. Huge fan of Kale!
  • Karen
    Great readThis is book one in the demons spinoff. Tainted Knights are Emmie's newest band. It is Kale and Santana's story. It starts off with discovery and a hole lot of chemistry that neither understand. I cannot wait to jump into book2
  • Pam Sherman
    Loved this book! I enjoyed the main characters and meeting the band and other supporting characters. I'm looking forward to the rest of the Tainted Knights! This story flowed well and gave the feeling of 'being there'.
  • Louise
    She continued to deliverGet start to this new series... I've loved this author's work from the very beginning and to me she just continues to deliver every time.. she's a one click every time xx
  • Grfxgrl
    Good, but not mind blowing Not the greatest, but not the worst either. Kind of regurgitating the same basic storyline now. But it’s entertaining all the same and can’t ever seem to put these books down. These books are my Guilty pleasure
  • Coralee Corrigan
    Wow. Amazing read.terri Anne browning did it agin with this new rockstar series . Once I started it I couldn't put it down till it was finished of it . Can't wait to read the next book in this series
  • Brenda Kuhfeldt
    Loooooved itAlways love you books Terri. Love how you incorporate the other characters from previous books as well. Makes one feel like you have seen these kids grow up.Ready for the next one