I Spy by Lucy Micklethwait

I Spy

"I spy with my little eye something beginning with A..." Even the very youngest art lovers can spy out the apple in Magritte's Son of Man through the zigzags in de Geest's Portrait of a Child. Interact with twenty-six of the world's greatest paintings in this educational, entertaining, and beautiful pairing of a classic game with timeless art.

Details I Spy

TitleI Spy
Release DateOct 21st, 1996
PublisherGreenwillow Books
GenreArt, Childrens, Picture Books, Nonfiction

Reviews I Spy

  • Mahdiye Fateh
    از مجموعهی "نگاه کن" که کتاب خروس( بخش کودک نشر نظر) آن را چاپ کرده است و مترجم آن فاطمه کاوندی است.از جهت آشنایی کودک با آثار ارزشمند نقاشی ایران و جهان و شنیدن نام آثار و نویسندهی آنها ارزشمند است. اما طراحی فعالیتی فراتر از پیدا کردن الفبا، اعداد و ح...
  • Becky B
    On each spread of this book you're asked to spy something in a classic piece of art that starts with each letter of the alphabet. A guide is provided in the back of the book.Some of these were much harder than others. I had to cheat and look in the back to find out what word they were looking for a few times. I like the way this book introduces classic art pieces in a fun way as part of a hide-n-seek puzzle. Too often art is introduced in dry and...
  • Sarah
    This is the art book I've been looking for! I thought that is what An Artist's Alphabet would be like, but it wasn't. This one is! It shows works of art and children look at the art to find the things that begins with that letter of the alphabet.
  • Portable
    This is a beautiful book to talk about art and inspire children. Some of the alphabet connections are a little unusual and would require scaffolding (magpies, quills, inkwells) but the artworks are of course majestic, and children love to explore the pictures.
  • Hailey Forbes
    Genre: informationalReading Level: kindergarten This book is an alphabet book. Each page shows a picture and letters and you have to find something that starts with that letter. This would be a good book for young students learning the alphabet.
  • Laura
    I loved this one. Fun for both kids and adults.
  • Melissa Namba
    I love the book for the introduction to art. but what kid is going to get magpie for M?
  • Bennett
    1) No current awards.2) PreK-2nd grade3) This alphabet book presents the letters of the alphabet in order, with each letter presented, readers asked to identify an item in the picture beginning with that letter.4) This I Spy book is a fun and engaging book to share with students, however due to the nature of the book, it would not be appropriate for a large group setting. And this text does require readers to have a background in what certain ite...
  • Sandy
    4.5 starsWhat caught my eye about this book is the variety of art work on the pages. “I spy with my little eye something beginning with” and then the author gives you the alphabet letter for that specific page and immediately on the opposite page you have a work of art to find something that corresponds with that letter. Some pages the author has you looking for items that “end” with a specific letter of the alphabet instead of “beginni...
  • Lisa Vegan
    I loved the idea of this book. For each letter of the alphabet there is a painting with an object beginning with that letter (or in the case of the hard to place x, that ends with that letter.) I really liked some of the paintings used, and the fact that they’re identified by title and by artist, and trying to find the objects is a good exercise (sometimes too tough here, in my opinion) while it exposes the reader to some fine art. Some of the ...
  • Dolly
    I normally cringe when one of our girls picks out an "I Spy" book. I really dislike the series of photos crowded with objects, especially the ones with the creepy clowns. So I wasn't sure what to expect with this book, but I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised. Objects (usually you can find more than one that will fit) that start (or end, in the case of the letter X) with the described letter can be found in each famous work of art. They a...
  • Tracy
    With a little more editing, this book would have been perfect. There were just a few elements where I wondered what the author was thinking! My daughter loved this book! She's 3-years-old and learning her letters. She also LOVES art.But the I Spy part would have been better if we weren't looking for obscure things like magpies or yachts(??? - no child can identify that). Plus, some of the items to spot were IMPOSSIBLE to see. The pictures are jus...
  • Amy
    I love art books for children that introduce them to some of the greatest works of art. This alphabet book has excellent art and an added twist: a child with a solid knowledge of the alphabet can hunt through the picture to find something that begins with the letter for each page. It's not always the most obvious thing in the picture--it even took me a while to spy it on some of the pages, which made it a fun read for both my daughter and me.
  • Marie
    A great follow-up to "I spy colors in art" for the slightly older set. The text simply reads "I spy with my little eye something beginning with Ff," and the child has to find something in the painting on the opposite page. I actually like the open-endedness of this book better than "colors in art" because there is no single right answer.
  • Crystal
    This book uses famous class artworks to help teach children the alphabet. This is a great way to integrate the fine arts into the classroom by exposing them to some of the most famous artworks of our time. Plus, the story is interactive as the students have to find each letter in the pictures. For A, as an example, the students would find the apple which starts with the letter A.
  • Paul Hankins
    The letters of the alphabet are found in famous works of art. The answers are in the back, but the pieces are carefully selected to make the letter represented stand out (some are a little more difficult than others asking the reader to look a little closer).
  • The Brothers
    A beautiful book where you look for elements in a famous work of art that corresponds with a letter of the alphabet. For instance, A is for Apple in the picture on the front of the book.Well chosen art.
  • Nancy
    Love this alphabet book that uses well-known works of art to illustrate the letters of the alphabet, but in a subtle way--you have to search for the appropriate item within the painting. Great for kids on several different levels.
  • Kimberly
    Judging from the cover I didn't like this book, it seemed creepy, but my 5-year-old son got it from the library so we gave it a chance. I'm glad he did, it was fun for us to search for the items beginning with the specified letters in this art-filled book.
  • jacky
    Better as an art book than an ABC book. Some of the I Spy answers are very hard and thus not appropriate to a child just learning ABCs. I was thankful the answers were in the back.
  • Susan
    A fun book for introducing art to kids. Both my 9 year and old 6 year old enjoyed finding items in the artwork.
  • Shirley
    Even my toddler who can't read yet can help find objects in the pictures. He loves it!
  • Amber
    It was fun trying to find the one thing the letter represented.