Greek Tragedies, Vol. 2 by David Grene

Greek Tragedies, Vol. 2

In three paperback volumes, the Grene and Lattimore editions offer a selection of the most important and characteristic plays of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides from the nine-volume anthology of The Complete Greek Tragedies. Over the years these authoritative, critically acclaimed editions have been the preferred choice of more than three million readers for personal libraries and individual study as well as for classroom use.

Details Greek Tragedies, Vol. 2

TitleGreek Tragedies, Vol. 2
Release DateFeb 15th, 1960
PublisherUniversity Of Chicago Press
GenreClassics, Drama, Plays, Fantasy, Mythology, Theatre

Reviews Greek Tragedies, Vol. 2

  • Ali
    آشیل یا آخیلوس (متولد 525 قبل از میلاد) اولین از سه تراژدی نویس مشهور یونان (آشیل، اوری پید، سوفوکلس) بوده که به پدر ترازدی هم مشهور است. ارسطو می نویسد که او شمار شخصیت های تراژدی را از یک نفر به دو نفر افزایش داد. تنها هفت تراژدی از حدود نود اثر او بر جا...
  • Mitchell
    actually I am reading the University of Chicago translation but I already have the volume marked as 'read' due to The Bacchae-----What a bizarre take on the Electra story. There are elements of what is to come in the Aeschylus telling, but the action in this Electra is very earth-bound and intensely mundane. The murders of Aegisthus and Clytemnestra are not couched in the epic diction of the other tragedians. Electra's situation is homespun and n...
  • Bill V
    I enjoyed the book. All the plays are short reads without too many characters. It's good to see that Greek mythology has contradictions and inconsistencies. The best example of this would be Odysseus, who is depicted as noble, clever, valorous and brave in the Odyssey yet cruel in The Trojan Women play. Even within the collection, characters such as Orestes have some differences in what they do or say.
  • Amy
    If you have thought Shakespeare is a must read for everyone, than I think you would agree that these Three Playwrights must also be read. I am surprised how relevant I found them to be. Euripides was especially a surprise for me. Known as a misogynist, I found him to be the first feminist writer. His woman are round, powerful, and often evil. But more importantly he delineates the female plight in his culture. I loved much of his work.
  • Elise
    Finished "The Libation Bearers", on to the "Eumenides".I don't think I ever want to reread "The Trojan women" again. It's just really very upsetting.
  • Andy Biggs
    five playsAeschylus: The Libation BearersSophocles: ElectraEuripides: Iphigenia in TaurisEuripides: ElectraEuripides: The Trojan Women
  • Nora
    I love greek myths, its like a soap opera but with singing choruses.
  • Barbara
    I'm sticking with the on-line Ian Johnston translation of the Oreistia, in this case The Libation Bearers.... It was short and quick; direct. Definitely a middle to a story.