Song of the Crimson Flower by Julie C. Dao

Song of the Crimson Flower

From the acclaimed author of Forest of a Thousand Lanterns comes a fantastical new tale of darkness and love, in which magical bonds are stronger than blood.Will love break the spell? After cruelly rejecting Bao, the poor physician's apprentice who loves her, Lan, a wealthy nobleman's daughter, regrets her actions. So when she finds Bao's prized flute floating in his boat near her house, she takes it into her care, not knowing that his soul has b...

Details Song of the Crimson Flower

TitleSong of the Crimson Flower
Release DateNov 5th, 2019
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews Song of the Crimson Flower

  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    YA fantasy romance is a genre that rarely serves me, a lesbian, this well, but Julie C. Dao understands tenderness and was ready to give it to us. This was excellent. She looked up and saw the love in Bao’s eyes—the love that had never left him, not even in his anger—and she couldn’t help feeling that it might all be worth it. It wasn’t just the right thing to do; she knew now that even without a spell, it was what she wanted to do. As ...
  • Hamad
    This Review Blog Twitter Instagram Actual Rating: 3.5 stars “Love isn’t waiting for someone to remember me. Love isn’t dreaming about them all alone. Love is talking together, forgiving each other, finding common threads in the lives we want. I’ve learned that now. You taught me.” I picked this book in a moment of excitement when it was available for downloading on Edelweiss for everyone. I was having second thoughts as I starte...
  • Namera [The Literary Invertebrate]
    ARC received in exchange for an honest review - thank you! So, confession time: I didn’t actually finish this book. I wouldn’t normally rate it, but I did get 55% of the way through and I knew I would end up giving it this rating anyway, even if I managed to struggle all the way though to the end. So, why such a low rating? Because the heroine is a COW. Lan is the daughter of a wealthy government official, Minister Vu. She comes from rich a...
  • Dani ❤️ Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...The BuzzI enjoyed Forest of a Thousand Lanterns and I was excited to read about a "good" couple rather than an evil villain set in the same world. And I do like the idea of this being a companion novel and not a third book in the series.While the cover isn't drawing me in I do find it pretty and it gives the feel of an old fashioned fairy tale which is definitely the tone of Song of the Crimson F...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.I had a fantastic time with this book! It has been a long time since I was able to read an entire book in a single day but it was so easy to get lost in this book. This wasn't a long book with less than 300 pages but I thought it told a big story. The story grabbed me from the start and the story progress at a perfect pace to keep the pages turning. I am so glad that I took a chance a...
  • Alaina
    Not bad... not bad.Song of the Crimson Flower is a book that I definitely read out of order. Doesn't even matter to me because I still liked everything about this book. It probably made me even more excited to dive into the first two books because this novella definitely delivered. In it, Lan and Bao were adorable. I honestly couldn't help but ship them because an enemies to lovers romance is something I could get behind.Yeah, they were crushes b...
  • Alexa
    3.5 stars! A Vietnamese YA fantasy that reads like a fairytale and includes mentions of characters and events and details of a world I’m already familiar with? Yes, please! This book was one I flew through in what basically amounts to one sitting, and I truly enjoyed the experience. The characters, the story, the world - everything came together really well!
  • Rebecca McNutt
    Anyone who knows me knows I'm not really a romance genre person, but Song of the Crimson Flower was actually a pretty decent book to me in spite of my personal preferences. Dao writes wonderful characters who find love through experience and eventual friendship, and there's a good moral message that you shouldn't fall for the person with the most money and prestige, but with the person who genuinely cares about who you are. It's a short book, but...
  • Jessie_Book
    This best way I can describe this book is simple. The writing is simple but pretty. Its has a slow in the beginning but picks up after the love interest gets turned into a flute (its that kind of fairy tale). The two main characters are simple and fun to read. I think this is the first time I have read of the boy love interest being awkward and bumbling instead of the girl. The other characters were more just background noice and I think might ha...
  • Kitty Marie
    This book has a vibe that is charming and positive. The short length (under 300 pages) and rather fast pace makes this an ideal choice for people who need a break after a large and/or intense read or just want a relaxing reading experience in general. The story presented here is simple but in a classical way, resembling a fairy tale.What drew me to this title initially is the unusual romance, one of the more notably unique aspects of this title. ...
  • Nia •ShadesOfPaper•
    You can find this review on my blog Shades of Paper. “Soon, she would make Ba and Mama proud, and she would have everything: a lovely, elegant wing of the Huynh’s home, servants to tend to her every wish as a cherished daughter-in-law, and Tam, the handsome young man who wove his love for her into the melody o a flute beneath the moon.” After completely falling in love with Forest of a Thousand Lanterns two years ago I knew I had to read ...
  • Kate (GirlReading)
    Julie C. Dao is officially the Queen on fantasy. I don't make the rules, I just state them.This read beautifully, with a fantastic, classic fairytale vibe and Disney had better jump on it and turn it into an equally beautiful movie asap.
  • Renee (The B-Roll)
    This book is so gorgeously written, dense, emotional, magical, and atmospheric. From the start, there is an almost fairy-tale like quality to this book that really makes you want to read it more and more. I loved how well both the characters and the plot are developed so quickly in this story and how the plot begins and does not let up until the very end and the book is over! The atmosphere and environment just feels so lush with details and desc...
  • USOM
    Song of the Crimson Flower is a story about class and love that defies boundaries. It's about the truth of love that will transcend words even when the world seems to be pulling us apart. Is it more important for us to be proper than the image of propriety? For us to be honorable or to seem honorable? Dao also examines the ways we build people up in our head and put them on a pedestal. We end up seeing what we want to see, what will be most comfo...
  • Rec-It Rachel
    I love that all of Julie's books so far have been set in the same world but have such different (but complementary) vibes
  • Alice
    3.5 starsI really, *really* love the concept of this book and I was so ready 5 star this until it started telling over showing important plot and character details. While I'm completely behind how the story DOES end, the progression to that ending feels unnaturally truncated. To reiterate, I fully support how the whole plot was outlined. However, the Bao and Lan relationship along with Mistress Vy's characterization suffered the most from this tr...
  • Justine
    Originally posted to I Should Read ThatI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a spoiler-free review.Julie C. Dao is one of my auto-buy authors -- I totally fell in love with Forest of a Thousand Lanterns and adored The Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix,/i>. I thought that with the completion of the Rise of the Empress duology, we would leave the world of Feng Lu forever. So imagine my surprise and delight to discove...
  • michelle (magical reads)
    4.5 starsread on my blog**I received an ARC for this blog tour and from a giveaway. These are my honest opinions, and in no way was I compensated for this review.** Love isn’t waiting for someone to remember me. Love isn’t dreaming about them all alone. Love is talking together, forgiving each other, finding common threads in the lives we want. I’ve learned that now. You taught me. I never got around to reading Kingdom of the Blazing Phoeni...
  • Carina Olsen
    This was my first book by this author. And it will not be my last. I must be honest and say that this would normally not have been a book for me. But when I saw it on Edelweiss I had to read the summary. And I got the need to read it right away. So glad I was able to do so. Because this book was beyond adorable and cute.Giving it four stars, as it was almost perfect for me. I only wish it had been a little bit more. A little longer. A bit more de...
  • Cindee
    I loved this book so much it had the most perfect ending that I have read in awhile and one of the best romances that I have read in awhile. The characters were so amazing I really loved being back in this world again the characters that I loved most were Lan and Bao. I know Lan made a mistake she did everything she could to make up for it Bao was one of the best Male Lead's I have read about in awhile he was kind compassionate and loving. I love...
  • Aimie
    Review Coming Soon.ARC was kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
  • Sofia Casanova
    This is everything I wanted in a YA Vietnamese inspired fantasy. I feel so validated.
  • Alexandra Nae
    I won an ARC of this from a giveaway a few weeks ago. It’s my first every physical ARC and I am so grateful! I thought I’d have to read the first books in the series first, but I realized this was a companion novel and it could stand alone. And so, I dived in!This book was a nice, short read! The story weaved tales of unrequited love, dark magic, forgiving mistakes, fulfilling destinies, and families. Actual rating is 3.5 stars!Elegant yet fu...
  • julia ♥
    4/5. This was so enchanting and interesting, full review to come.
  • Jennifer
    This was a very beautiful story with a happy ending for almost all parties.
  • Kristy Mauna
    Beautifully written but sadly was not for me
  • Brandi Jarrell
    This book is simple. The writing is simple but eloquent . The beginning is slow but it does pick up throughout after the love interest gets turned into a flute. The two main characters are simple and fun to read. I think this is the first time I have read of the boy love interest being awkward instead of the girl. The other characters were more just background noice and I think might have meant more if I had read the other two companion novels. A...