For Finlay (For You, #1) by J. Nathan

For Finlay (For You, #1)

A STANDALONE New Adult Romance in the For You series. Each book follows a new couple.Finlay Thatcher is a lost soul, guilt-ridden after the death of her twin brother. When Alabama's football coach gives her the opportunity to work for him, she knows it's her chance to move on, even if it means living her brother's dream. Caden Brooks is Alabama's star quarterback. He's got it all. The attention of adoring fans. A girlfriend who'd do anything to h...

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TitleFor Finlay (For You, #1)
Release DateJan 30th, 2017
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Academic, College, New Adult, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary

Reviews For Finlay (For You, #1)

  • NiCoLeTa E.
    ***4,5 "Are you lost???" stars*** This was the first book that I've read by J. Nathan and it was such a wonderful surprise!!!I enjoyed every single moment in it and this journey was such a lovely experience...To be totally honest with you, I'm a sucker for this kind of stories...College setting, football player, girl with secrets??? Yes, please!!!!Add to that a hate to love story, much bickering who made you laugh and much angst because of a secr...
  • KAS
    AN ANGSTest TO GOODNESS, FUN READI have two weaknesses! A love a man in uniform and a man who plays and achieves at a high level in sports. This man happens to wear a college football uniform. Add to the mix he is a conceited jerk and needs to be knocked down a peg or two by a strong willed woman, who refuses to take what he is shoveling out, made this one a lively read.I devoured this in nearly one sitting as it was filled with angst, simmering ...
  • Dali
    Fierce, funny and gorgeously written, J. Nathan expertly balances this sweet and sexy story about loss, love and finding happiness with the perfect amount of touching and heartfelt emotion. Two years ago, Finlay Thatcher lost her other half, her best friend, her twin brother. Having Cole die thinking she hated him when in reality she was so proud and loved him has left her absolutely sorrowful until Alabama’s football coach practically drags he...
  • Shannon Moore
    If there's one trope that I'm a huge sucker for, it's enemies to lovers. And my biggest weakness in story matter is the book of a college football player. So throw these two this together and what do you get? For Finlay. Also known as the kryptonite of Shannon Moore. <3 And man oh man, did this ever bring me to my knees! He kissed me hard then pulled back, just gazing down at me with the same soft look I was getting used to from him. The one th...
  • Sabrina
    3.5 StarsFinlay Thatcher was used to living in her twin brothers shadow since he was the big football star that everyone wanted to know. She used to hate it and started to resent him for all his fame in their town, but after his death she's lost without him. Two years later she's finally ready to move on, even if it's to live her brothers dream of football. Working for the Alabama college football team was never where she saw her future going, bu...
  • ari.
    3 i think so starsEh, okay. I'm going to get straight up brutally honest on this one.For starters, very weirdly the thought of a twin brother dying kind of disturbed me. No, I don't have a twin brother, so I was really freaked out when it unsettled me. And no, he does not die gruesomely (he has a heart-attack while on field). And also, no, death does not disturb me. I like reading that shit. So if you know me, you know that me getting unsettled b...
  • seton
    Genre: New Adult Sports RomanceSensuality: RHo-meter: H = manho, h = dunnoI wasn't expecting much from this selfpub so I was pleasantly surprised. Likable and strong H/h. Good mix of NA-style angst and banter so it wasn't relentless sturm-n-drang.I liked it enough that I am interested in reading the author's other bks and I didnt even deduct a half star for the lack of editing as I normally would.Tags: Needs copy-editing, OW, College football, Al...
  • Jenny - TotallybookedBlog
    4.5 Fabulous stars!‘But living in the shadow of someone else was the worst kind of fate. And for my own sanity, I put an end to it.’We were in the mood for a sports romance and they don’t come much better than For Finlay. This felt like a classic old school NA romance with a well written football theme. J Nathan is a new to us Author and we fell in love with her story and characters. A fabulous frenemies to lovers’ story that’ll burrow ...
  • Livros A Go-Go ~Joyci ~
    Finlay está fazendo de tudo para honrar o sonho de seu irmão falecido. Para tanto, ela mudou-se de cidade e agora integra a equipe do antigo time de futebol do irmão, tornando-se a "garota da água". Então ela tem que suportar as gracinhas do jogadores e também de Caden, a estrela do time da faculdade e alguém por quem ela aparentemente sente uma grande raiva.Caden é um jogador em ascensão que ama o que faz. Além do futebol ele tem sua m...
  • Saly
    3.5 starsA nice quick read, even tho it did progress to ILU very soon
  • Tish
    I am still reeling from finishing this book. One thing I'm definitely a sucker for are when characters go from hating each other to falling in love. I didn't know what to expect when i jumped into this book because it is my first J.Nathan book. But i was completely blown away. The story was beautiful and captivating, it made me sad but it was definitely a good read.
  • Evelyn Swift (Featherbrained Books)
    This was a very sweet NA book that reminded me a lot of the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy (which I also loved). Finlay lived her entire life in the shadow of her older brother, football star Cole Thatcher. She hates always being referred to as Cole’s little sister and always craved an identity of her own. This causes her to push her older brother away, a mistake she regrets every day when her brother suddenly dies. Two years later, moving t...
  • Sonia
    3.5 rounded down, not because it wasn’t good. IT WAS GOOD ...just not life-changing. This was a super quick read. I have zero clue how I stumbled upon this book ...BUT I AM GLAD I DID. It was a cute story and the characters were ...LOVABLE?! No seriously ...I actually really liked both Finlay and Caden?? There was one big scene that could have been avoided if the characters were a little more mature and actually TALKED THROUGH IT ..but then the...
  • Jillian
    I loved this book and all of the emotion it brought out. I cried at several parts and books very rarely make me cry.
  • Jeannie Zelos
    For Finlay,  J. NathanReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre:  Romance, New AdultI’ve enjoyed some terrific NA reads, despite being well past NA age....I’d read Until Alex and had mixed feelings, some of it felt really slow and very YA as opposed to NA, but there was a section that had me gripped, so I requested this book hoping the writing had evolved that way. Sadly for me its not, well not with this book. That's fine, everyone wants...
  • Annie Brewer
    Another amazing read from J. Nathan. I adored Caden and Finlay's story. It was equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful, the journey a bit messy at times. In the end, it was worth it all.I just love how Nathan writes. Her storytelling is so seamless, her characters are relatable and flawed, her heroes are swoony and irresistible. My favorite was Until Alex but I think this one might be in the lead. Or quite possibly neck and neck for my favorite.I ...
  • Tania's Book Blog
    ***ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review*** I can't believe this is the first book I've read by J. Nathan; how dare me!! Finlay Thatcher loss her twin brother Cole two years ago and she fell into a serious depression. Before Cole passed away she was scheduled to start college in Tampa while Cole was going to study at the University of Alabama, roll tide, as the starting quarterback. Tragedy struck and after Cole's death Finlay stop...
  • Mari
    Right from the start we get thrown in to Finlay's world as a water girl for a college football team. How accurate that is I'm not aware. We don't get why she is at first but from the blurb it seems she's atoning for something. Plus she seems to hate the quarterback for whatever reason. Soon enough it becomes clear why she has some beef with Caden. He was pretty much as expected cocky and pretty full of his jock status. But that's just part what's...
  • Lorie
    Well, I certainly inhaled that one! I absolutely love J. Nathan's stories. She always gives me exactly what I'm craving in a book. Finlay and Caden were perfect together. Their banter and interactions were perfect. I loved reading for For Finaly, it definitely gave me the ahhhhhhh feeling and I didn't want it to end.
  • Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog
    4.5 Stars!J. Nathan is brand new to me in the romance world but that is just a minor detail that I will be fixing here in the near future. Full of heat, heart, and emotion, Nathan takes readers on a journey that won't soon be forgotten in her standalone novel, For Finlay.She's broken and riddled with grief... trying to heal.He's cocky... with the world falling at his feet.She can't stand him. He is intrigued by her.And the sexual tension simmerin...
  • Zizz
    3.5starsIt read like old school NA. I think if this had come out in 2012 or earlier, I would have loved this. But having read a plethora of New Adult books in the past 5 years, I'm quite jaded and a lot worn out. But this was really good work. It felt like a lesser version of Sarina Bowen's The Year We Fell Down. The two are very different - only similar in that he's a big shot athlete and has a girlfriend. Speaking of girlfriends, if there is on...
  • Anne OK
    One of the best sports-related romances I've read in quite sometime. Caden and Finlay were both flawed and stubborn. Lots of misunderstandings surrounding this relationship. And a welcomed addition of football included. This felt like a sports-themed romance. I like being on the sidelines, hearing the crowds roar, watching as the pass is caught or a player is tackled. I appreciate the power and work that goes into a star athlete. And I absolutely...
  • Sparklybearsy¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»
    All the feels. All the emotions. Just what I want from a NA college sports romance!!! New to me author. I'm about to devour the back catalogue!
  • Julia Kai
    My first book from J Nathan. And I liked it a lot! It even made me cry.
  • The Book Bee
    REVIEW: 4 FANtastic STARS"He laughed, and when he laughed like that I almost forgot I hated him." FOLKS!! I found a new author to stalk!!! I seriously RAN to Goodreads after finishing this book and added all of her other books to my TBR....not to mention hunting for the next standalone in this series that has now become a MUST READ for me!! For Finlay was my first read by J Nathan, and it will happily not be the last. I think this will be the sta...
  • Neilliza Swaffar
    For Finlay is another 5 star read from Author J. Nathan. Right from the beginning of the book I knew I would be hooked. The story of Finlay and Caden was so addicting, I couldn’t stop myself from reading. The book made me feel so much, it made me laugh, cry and swoon. Caden was such a hunk of a quarterback, but he wasn’t just any jock. Caden had a heart and when he met Finlay, she made him feel so much that he never thought he could feel. Fi...
  • Kate (beautifulbookland)
    Ah, I think I needed this. After re-reading the Throne of Glass series (sobs), I needed something that was light and angsty and cute.Finlay Thatcher is struggling after the death of twin, Cole. She's trying to get her life back on track, but she's full of regrets about the way she treated Cole before he died. I could really relate to Finlay with her relationship with Cole. I'm the baby of the family and (don't get me wrong, I love my older brothe...
  • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog
    4.5 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, surprises, suspense, and heartbreak. This is Finlay and Caden’s story. Since losing her twin brother Finlay is broken. When she gets a chance to move on with her brother’s dream she takes it. Caden has it all. He is a star quarterback with a girlfriend who will do just about anything to keep him. Finlay hates him and pushes all his buttons. Problem is there is chemistry between...
  • Karen
    I liked Finlay and had wished she was a better communicator.