Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas by Elise Primavera

Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas

The Barnes & Noble ReviewElise Primavera returns with an adventurous companion to her beloved holiday book, Auntie Claus. This time, Santa's big sister is back with a lesson for her grand-nephew Christopher Kringle.When Christopher hears from the Spam twins that Santa Claus is bogus, he informs his family that he's beginning to doubt Christmas. Thrown into a tizzy, the Kringles sends him straightaway to Auntie Claus, who tells him that "all the b...

Details Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas

TitleAuntie Claus and the Key to Christmas
Release DateOct 1st, 2002
PublisherHMH Books for Young Readers
GenreHoliday, Christmas, Childrens, Picture Books, Fiction, Adventure

Reviews Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas

  • Calista
    This story starts a year later after the first book. Another Christmas is coming. Kris Kringle is having a hard time He overhears some children saying they don't believe in Santa and it throws him into a place of unknowing. Sophie, his sister tries to tell him to stay off the B B & G list as she got him off it last year and he isn't convinced so he tries extra hard to be bad. Sophie tries to help him and send him on the elevator to the North Pole...
  • Rosa Cline
    I understand the 'meaning' behind what the author was trying to bring across and it was 'nice' but it was a little 'weird' in my opinion. Which each to their own, some people love "Tim Burton type" writing; this book reminded me of the 'feeling' of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. The meaning was there and some sweet times but was just a little on the weird side for my taste. Illustrations were nice too. My almost 3 year old granddaughter...
  • Jessica Harrison
    Review via Cracking the CoverReaders who are already fans of the Auntie Claus books will be happy to learn that Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas is now available in paperback. For those of you new to Elise Primaveras books, youre in for a grand adventure.Christopher Kringle lives in the Bing Cherry Hotel with his parents and his sister, Sophie. Chris has always loved the family business, but lately hes been having some doubts. The week after...
  • Miss Ryoko
    After reading Auntie Claus, I definitely wanted to read the follow up books. I'm giving this one a four star review because of the message inside the pages - believe. I really loved when Auntie Claus told Chris that children who start such rumors such as Santa isn't real grow up to be unattractive adults - and you know what, I think there is some truth to that. I definitely think that people who can still believe in some sort of magic like Santa ...
  • Dolly
    We've already read Auntie Claus and although I wasn't thrilled with that book, I figured I'd give this one and Auntie Claus, Home for the Holidays a shot. Our girls really liked these books, but I just couldn't get into them. I find it telling that I fell asleep while our oldest read these two books aloud to us (on separate occasions.) So, when we read the third book, I'll have to make a much more concerted effort to stay awake. I perused the boo...
  • Nicole
    4.5 StarsThis is a book from the Auntie Claus series. This is the story about young Christopher Kringle who is starting to doubt Christmas. He deliberately acts bad in order to get on the Bad Boys and Girls list to prove it doesnt exist. However, his actions get him locked out of Christmas and must go on a journey to learn that he must believe in order to see the familys secret. The majestic pictures are stunning and will be loved by the children...
  • Paula
    My favorite phrase in the book: '"Dear boy," she would always say, "when things seem dark and dreary-if times turn sour and bitter-think like a Kringle! You'll soon find your way to all that sparkles and glitters!"'The book seems similar to the Polar Express. The child doesn't believe and through a series of events comes to believe that which is invisible and gains/finds the spirit of Christmas. It certainly is not a book for toddlers as the text...
  • Kate McCartney
    A cute book about believing in Santa Claus. Auntie Claus is Santa's older sister and aunt to Sophie and Christopher Kringle. Christopher does not believe in Santa and decides that he will make the naughty list to see if he really does not get any gifts. His sister Sophie wants to keep on the nice list so she gives him a key that will once and all set the record straight on Santa. But beware off the PRUNES (Parade Rainers United National Elite Soc...
  • Eva Leger
    2.5 - Besides being a little long-winded this is pretty cute. I loved the turn around with the Spams - that was a great addition to the story. It's not going to come in close for any holiday winning reads with us but it was okay. We both liked the illustrations best. We have another book waiting for us at the library, I think it's called Auntie Claus Saved Christmas, so I'm assuming it's by the same author, about the same character(s). Maybe we'l...
  • Claire
    Glorious illustrations and a clever story continue the Auntie Claus saga. Christopher has decided that the way to prove Santa Claus a fraud is to place himself on the Bad Boy List. When he finds that such a thing really exists and in fact one can be Permanently placed among that notorious group- he balks and realizes that he would rather- rejoin the family and remain in Santa's good graces.I like Auntie Claus better, but this is fun.
  • Darrielle
    I borrowed this book from a 3rd grade student in my class. The story was about a young boy who must learn the true meaning and value of christmas. This book would not make a good read aloud but because it is lengthy in text it would be better for an independent reaad. This book would be appropriate for 2nd to th grade students
  • LCL Children'S
    This is another great holiday book. It didn't live up to my love for the first Auntie Claus book, but still a fun read. Sophie's little brother, Chris, wants to find out more about Auntie Claus this time. Sophie is afraid he will end up on Santa's "Bad List." If you've read Auntie Claus, you may guess where this book is going! JM (Utica)
  • Allison
    Sofie's brother Chris decides that there is not such thing as Santa and that the only way to prove it is to be on the bad boy and girl list. When he tries to follow Auntie Claus to the North Pole they won't let him in because he has been so bad.
  • Sarah
    Normally I don't count the children's books in my Goodreads but I'm making an exception for this one. It is the Holiday Season after all! I totally understand where Auntie Claus is coming from in this story. I have encountered a good many PRUNES myself.
  • Kristen Lauderdale
    This family is the epitome of intolerance. I would rather read my kids a book about how a person's beliefs do not make them a good or bad person, their actions do. "Non-believers" are portrayed as inherently bad.
  • D.
    Great characters
  • Melanie
    Aunty really enjoyed reading this book to her niece and nephew. A nice sequel to Auntie Claus. I love the colours and illustrations in the book.
  • Turrean
    Meh. This gets a star for having a book about a great auntie, and another for having bad guys who are prunes.
  • Amberly
    We just read this again tonight. The story is pretty good but not nearly as strong as the first. Great illustrations.
  • Tina
    Most of my kids would have given this book "2 generous stars." I thought it was a cute book, and was surprised that they didn't like it more.
  • Kevin
    I love all her books.
  • Kari
    A fabulous sequel to Auntie Clause and fun to read together.
  • Kate Robertson
    I love The Auntie Claus books. The first one is the best, but this one is good too!
  • Alysia
    Yeah, no. Read this to my kids and they were a bit creeped out. It's a strange book. It was a gift but it's going into the Goodwill bag. No one liked it. The art work was pretty great though.
  • Denise
    Beautifully illustrated and a great follow-up to Auntie Claus.
  • Ben Truong
    Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas is a children's picture book written and illustrated by Elise Primavera. It centers on a little boy, Christopher Kringle, grand-nephew of Auntie Claus, who wants to be on the bad list for children in order to solve the mystery within his family. It is the second book in the Auntie Claus series.The text is rather simplistic and straightforward. The narrative is simple, albeit a tad overwrought in some place, f...
  • Meg McGregor
    A very cute story about Santa's sister, Auntie Claus and her nephew, Christopher Kringle!I like that, there is a lesson to be learned, here!"To believe, is the key -- the key to Christmas!"I do think, the book is, for older children! There is too much text, for me to read it, to the girls!Maybe, next year!