The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Aging and reclusive Hollywood movie icon Evelyn Hugo is finally ready to tell the truth about her glamorous and scandalous life. But when she chooses unknown magazine reporter Monique Grant for the job, no one is more astounded than Monique herself. Why her? Why now?Monique is not exactly on top of the world. Her husband has left her, and her professional life is going nowhere. Regardless of why Evelyn has selected her to write her biography, Mon...

Details The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

TitleThe Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
Release DateJun 13th, 2017
PublisherAtria Books
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, LGBT, Adult

Reviews The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

  • Melanie
    “I spent half my time loving her and the other half hiding how much I loved her.” This is one of the best books I’ve ever had the privilege to read. It is probably in the top five for best books I’ve ever read in my entire life. I have been looking for a book like this my entire life, and no combination of words I’m about to type, and you’re about to read, is going to do this masterpiece justice. But I will say that Gabby, Joce, and ...
  • Chaima ✨ شيماء
    I want to be as motivated and focused in university as Evelyn Hugo was in continuing to flourish after all of her 7 divorces and getting richer than all of her 7 husbands combined.... then spend the rest of her days frolicking in sun hazed fields of butterflies and dandelion clocks with her wife.This book was so wild I feel like it fundamentally changed me as a human being. I've witnessed cosmic justice at its coldest and its darkest. I'm genuine...
  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    I think a lot about the idea of love as something dangerous, as something that you have to fight for. And it's only recently that I've decided that's something that probably has to do with loving women. I have been very lucky, in growing up in liberal California and in the 2000s. But I received marriage rights in my country four months after realizing I liked girls, and in reading about the past and thinking about the past, I am constantly, daily...
  • Emily May
    Is Evelyn Hugo going to tell me just enough to keep me on the edge of my seat but never enough to truly reveal anything? I can't say for sure what drew me to this book. It's not the kind of thing I usually pick up, and I haven't read anything by Reid before. But something about it intrigued me. So I checked out the kindle sample. Just a couple chapters, I figured, because I probably wouldn't like it anyway. And I was HOOKED.It's perfect, easy bea...
  • Emma Giordano
    This is genuinely one of the most remarkable novels I have ever read. It is a favorite of the year, it will be a favorite of all time. I am wholly enchanted by The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and I will never forget how much I adore this book.CW: domestic abuse, death/grief, homophobia/biphobia, racism (view spoiler)[abortion & suicide (hide spoiler)]Adult fiction is not typically my cup of tea, especially a combination of historical fiction an...
  • Emily (Books with Emily Fox)
    (4.5) I’ve been struggling with a lot of books lately because I just don’t care about them. I don’t care about the story. I don’t care about the characters. I just don’t care! I thought it was all me, that I must have a cold heart but then this book happened.I thought this was a literary fiction but it read more like a chick lit. A deep chick lit if that can even be a thing. This book made me realize that it is absolutely not me but the...
  • Miranda Reads
    3.75 stars Heartbreak is a loss. Divorce is a piece of paper. Evelyn Hugo was the star of the century. She dominated the big screen for more than four decades. Every man wanted her and every woman wanted to be her.Perhaps most famously, Evelyn Hugo was married seven times. Each divorce only increased her fame. Rumors swept through the tabloids like wildfire. I’m under absolutely no obligation to make sense to you. And now, age 79, Evelyn Hugo d...
  • Maria
    5/5 Stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐“People think that intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them bare and their response is 'you're safe with me'- that's intimacy.” This book is phenomenal. This book is spectacular. This book is outstanding. I have nothing negative to say about this book. It's a pure 5 star for me. I'm irre...
  • Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister
    FULL REVIEW POSTED*5+ Stars* Brilliant! If I could recommend only one book for 2018, THIS would be it!THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO not only surpassed my already-lofty expectations, but knocked my proverbial socks off as it shot straight into the open arms of my favorites-shelf. The spirit of this story mirrors its leading lady, Evelyn Hugo, in that it feels gigantic and larger~than~life. I wanted to devour this whole, yet savor it in tiny pi...
  • Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥
    ”Evelyn always leaves you hoping you’ll get just a little bit more. And she always denies you.”This book was so, so, so GOOD!! I swear I was barely two pages in and already knew that I’d love it with all my heart!
  • Christine Riccio
    Such a fabulous well crafted story! I'll be talking about it more in my stories I ate this month video going up tomorrow =) (Oct 9)
  • Victoria Schwab
    What an extraordinary and surprising read. Absolutely adored this one.
  • Caz (littlebookowl)
    I... don't even know where to start.This was absolutely FANASTIC, and I was expecting to love it (this is a 5-star predicted read) but I was completely blown away. The characters are utterly captivating and complex. The audiobook was wonderfully narrated. I am a FAN!
  • Elyse Walters
    Update: $2.99 Kindle special today. This book is TERRIFIC. Men- women - most readers will love it. Great price if you’ve missed it! Evelyn Hugo, born Evelyn Elena Herrera, daughter of Cuban immigrants, grew up poor in Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. By 1955 she was in Hollywood. Evelyn is tall and slim as a ballerina, with straight thick eyebrows, oversize almond shape eyes, blonde hair, ( dyed only after she arriv...
  • jessica
    not to be dramatic, but if there ever comes a point in time where the fate of the human civilisation is coming to an end and we need to create a time capsule to immortalise our posterity, this book better be in it. there has never been a more honest and enthralling book in the history of the world, ever. i really dont even know where to begin. its books like this which confirm my belief that fiction will always be better than nonfiction, because ...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    Okay! I bought this in an Audible sale because of all the rave reviews! I better love it 😳 And I bought it on Kindle! Omg!! I can’t believe I loved this as much as I did!! Once in awhile a book will surprise me. But I did the wrong thing! I listened to it first. I usually like to read it first so I can highlight things!! Soooo there will be a reread on my kindle. But the narrator for this did an awesome job! This was fantastic! Happy Reading...
  • destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries]
    “Don't ignore half of me so you can fit me into a box. Don't do that.” Let me go ahead and say that I had no idea what to expect from this book. When it first released, I remember seeing it everywhere, and I honestly didn’t take any interest in it until I was told about how diverse it was. It’s full of incredible representation: you’ve got bi rep, gay rep, lesbian rep, a Cuban woman, a biracial woman—so when I heard about all of tha...
  • Warda
    This has been one of the most well-developed, character driven stories that I’ve read. It’s the type that’ll leave a mark and I thoroughly enjoyed my reading experience. Throughout the course of this book, I became enamoured with Evelyn Hugo. She isn’t likeable, but I fell in love her. The whole story felt real. As if I could google one of her movies, and I’d be able to start watching it right away. I was dazzled by her beauty, her brav...
  • ✨ jamieson ✨
    REREAD 3/1/2019 i love this book so much i love this book so much i love this book so much THERE ARE TRULY NO WORDS FOR HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BOOKand YES I cried just as much the second time. WHAT. ABOUT. IT::FULL REVIEW BELOW ::Folks, this book just came into my home and murdered me personally I’m shaking So, I literally cried for 20 minutes when listening this and not like cute little sniffles either I mean full on tears streaming down my face...
  • Christina - Traveling Sister
    5 glamorous, glitzy, enamored beyond all reason stars!!!Full review featured on my blog Recipe & a Read along with a recipe for Caldo Gallego soup!My life has been broken up into two segments: before Evelyn and after.Where do I even start with this? If all of my enthusiasm and relentless energy could be compressed into a grenade I would pull the pin out for The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and burst into a show of sparkles and champagne bubbles....
  • Riley
    I finished this at 3am and then cried myself to sleep. This was truly remarkable. Evelyn Hugo is a character I won't get out of my head for a long time.
  • Whitney Atkinson
    4.5 starsDon't read this book on your period. Just don't. Take my advice. Spare yourself the grief and agony.Every time I closed this book and my brain snapped back to the present, it took me a couple of seconds to remember that Evelyn isn’t a real person. A fictional biography is such a genius idea, and it was done so expertly. I have zero interest in movies or Hollywood (cite literally any tweet about me hating watching movies and not caring ...
  • Cece (ProblemsOfaBookNerd)
    I’m just sobbing on my couch. No big deal. I’ve been emotionally gutted, but whatever. This book had two of the most wonderfully fascinating complex female characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about, BUT ILL BE FINE
  • Nadia Awadi
    A conversation between me and Google because: Why not?Google: What can I do for you today?me: Search for the actress Evelyn Hugo.Google: Isn't that a fictional character?me: Wha..What do you mean? But she's real! She has blond hair and dark eyebrows, she's ruthless yet kind, she can't be a fictional character!Google: I understand your pain Nadia but you have to come to terms with reality. Evelyn Hugo is not Noooooo! Does that mean Harry,...
  • Julie
    The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a 2017 Atria Books publication.A story so well written I had to remind myself it was a work of fiction. The cleverly titled novel appealed to my interest in old Hollywood, the scandals and cover-ups the public never had the slightest clue existed. Evelyn Hugo is a faded movie star in advanced years who has decided to write her life story- a deliciously scandalous tell all with a sharp focus on her seven marria...
  • Tan Markovic
    Redownloaded the audiobook - Is it too soon to read this again?Reviews can be found at: www.booknerdtan.wordpress.comNo doubt...5/5 stars...Read from start to finish and reviewed in one day, if that doesn't say everything I don't know what will. This review will probably just be a load of rambling nonsense as I'm writing it straight after finishing the book and I'm overwhelmed with what I've just read. I loved everything about this wonderful sto...
  • Monica
    This is not only one of my favorite books of this year, but one of my favorite books I've ever read in my entire life.
  • Kayla Dawn
    This was phenomenal. So honest and raw, I just loved it.
  • Ashley Nuckles
    I literally have nothing else to say other than omfg I loved this so much
  • Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~
    Well, color me shocked I actually really enjoyed this super hyped up book! It’s taken me all evening to decide on my rating but genuinely I can’t find anything I’d really change about this. A lovely & tragic story about discovering what & who are truly important. Would recommend the audio book!