Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet

Anatomy for the Artist

A beautifully illustrated guidebook to drawing human anatomy, from the professor who teaches the subject at the University of Oxford's Ruskin School of Art. Using superb, specially commissioned photographs of male and female models, together with historical and contemporary works of art and her own illustrations, Sarah Simblet shows us how to see inside the human frame, to map its muscle groups and skeletal structure, to capture its balance, pois...

Details Anatomy for the Artist

TitleAnatomy for the Artist
Release DateOct 1st, 2001
PublisherDorling Kindersley
GenreArt, Nonfiction, Reference, Drawing

Reviews Anatomy for the Artist

  • Parka
    (More pictures at Simblet's anatomy book is a bit of a mixed bag for me.Unlike other anatomy books, this one features lots of stunning photography of the body in nude. The models have lean muscular figures and the lighting and poses are great. Some photos are used as underlays with translucent skeleton overlays on top. Unfortunately, there aren't any muscles overlay using this method.As a book that's targeted at artists, I th...
  • Jane
    Some nice photographs and drawings however all the models are a bit too perfect. It would have been more interesting if more body shapes and different ages were included. Also the unnaturally coiffed body hair is a bit distracting. I found the anatomical drawings of most use. The text was not really helpful or instructive to me. I think this is aimed more at those with an interest in life drawing rather than for experienced practitioners. Having ...
  • Marie. Kelly
    Very informative, agreed. Everything anyone would want to learn how to "draw". Yet i don't believe in learning art practical - if you like to draw, draw. If it's not anything similar to the object you're drawing,sketching, painting, sculpting .. it's irrelevant. What matters is if YOU enjoy art. It's yours, you created it, it's a piece of you. THAT'S art. You do not need to "learn" how to "draw" .. Subjectivism.However, Informative :)
  • Jennifer
    The only complaint I have about this book is that the models are MODELS. They're too perfect looking. Most people don't have such sculpted abs, and perfect butts. And since when was drawing or sculpting boring perfect-looking people fun?
  • Kerry
    An absolute brilliant book to draw from. This book is ideal for referance work, for those who seek it i would highly recomend this. Not only does it show great quility photos of different poses and angles but also illustrate the relationship between the surface appearance of the body and the complexities of the underlying structure.
  • Hannah
    Very helpful! This book is full of descriptive text, photographs, drawings by the author, art historical references, and, unlike many books on human anatomy, it doesn't ignore the genitals. No fig leaves here, my friends!
  • Aaron
    This book is pretty crappy. It reminds me of what an anatomy book would look like if E! did an anatomy book. It's all bells and whistles... and I'm sure it sells well, but in the end the all you'll really get out of it is knowledge of what an air brushed body looks like. blaaaa.
  • Athena
    I recommend this for any body artist...its a great book
  • Emi
    The book is good
  • Craig
    One of the most beautiful and detailed anatomy books.
  • Joe
    By far the best anatomy book I have found so far. Amazing muscle reference and vellum overlays make this a permanent accessory at my desk.
  • Jekloneo
    An EXCELLENT resource for drawing humans, with many hard-to-get reference photos of the human body.
  • Sara Harris
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  • Dina Almeida
    This is a good resource but I wish there was more variety in the body types. Beautiful as they are the models are all young and fit.
  • Maria
    I found the book very useful in revising some captures human body.....
  • Cynthia Cat Garnder
    This book is the perfect blend between art and beauty of the human body.I loved it.
  • Himi
    A wonderful resource to have in any artists' collection.
  • IzkanDar
    lukis peha dan pergelangan tangan masih sukar untukku,buku ini menunjukkan jalan buatku
  • Oliver
    This book is ideal for reference work, for those who seek it i would highly recommend this to all human , and it shows up how all humans body looks like and everything like that.
  • Jenni Hibdige
    This is my first time reading a book like this, so my opinion simply comes from my expectations. So this book had really great photography of the human body, and the various poses. One fault I found in the photographs was that there was only one type of body shape having photos taken of, for a book on human anatomy there should've been more variety. Another fault I found that there wasn't enough sketches, although I loved the photos, the ratio be...
  • Melanie
    While this is not the most interesting book in the world and definitely not the kind of thing I would choose to read in an idle Sunday afternoon, it is probably one of the most insightful that I have ever read. For someone who is trying to learn how to draw or even improve their skills, this book is awfully useful. It has lots of good reference images, excellent quality photos and excellent bone reference in beautiful translucent pages with the e...
  • Kory
    This is a very good on anatomy, sure it doesn't go into complete detail of the human body, but it doesn't have to. As an artist's anatomy reference it's great, it covers the skeleton and muscle systems of the human body in good detail, providing a lot of information useful to artists when drawing or sculpting or whatever the human body.I'm not much of an artist, and am instead a technical person. I rig characters for animation and this book provi...
  • Emily
    I love how they break down the book into each major body part. And the tracing paper overlays of the bones are just awesome. But I wish they had just a little more variation in the view of poses and I REALLY wish they had a wider variety of of body types. I'm not just talking about no fat people, this book seems to only have generic builds of both sexes. All the women seem to have long narrow waists with about a B cup. All the men have slight mus...
  • Amber
    THis book is the best out there it's fantastic reference book for aspiring artists, It has a introduction on the history of the study of anatomy, then sections covering each part of the body (as well as the body as a whole). Colour and tonal photos of each part, plus full-body poses, are used throughout as examples, and there are plenty of illustrations of the skeleton and muscle structure too.
  • F.P.
    The real title: Porn For The Artist. Some of the men in here are so HOT, and the pictures of them leave nothing to the imagination. One picture is so fantastic I think about it when I'm not "reading" (oh yeah, like I really read) this book. So how on earth can I think of working with these images in front of me? I can't. I didn't buy the book for that either lol. And I can't imagine the creators think this skin-book is an "art book." Come on with...
  • Alicia
    Brilliant. Excellent. There is no other book that has affected my figure drawing skills in the way this has. I drew a face, read the book, drew another. That was it. No practicing or sketching. The first face looked flat. The second looked real. 950% improved just by reading their discussion on muscles, interaction and understanding. Since studying their models more fully I have produced some pretty decent human forms.
  • Kalin
    Extremely well put together, although very artsy. Of course, this is the purpose of the book. Most of the musculoskeletal drawings are sketched as opposed to drawn, which is the one thing that takes away from it. It lends itself well to understanding the support of flesh and movement but less so to the exactitude of anatomy. Jeno Barcsay is more suited to those looking for precision, although his books are very hard to find and aren't even availa...
  • Si Barron
    A lovely coffee table tome full of gorgeous photos of beautiful people in extravagant poses (mostly very coy- hardly any rude bits)This is exactly what you don't want as reference if you are an artist.Nice to look through in a bored moment, but not one ounce of use for anatomy- an expensive white elephant
  • D.L.
    This is really a beautiful book, but I personally think it should be considered little more than a coffee table edition ... something to have, to enjoy and to show off. As far as an actual anatomical reference for an artist? Nah. There are many other books that do a much better job, to be sure. Even so, I am glad I have my copy.
  • Naomi
    not so much of a reading book but I can't give it enough praise for being an excellent reference book for drawing......My only complaint is that there aren't any other books this good for anatomy study