Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist by Stephen Rogers Peck

Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist

Stephen Rogers Peck's Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist remains unsurpassed as a manual for students. It includes sections on bones, muscles, surface anatomy, proportion, equilibrium, and locomotion. Other unique features are sections on the types of human physique, anatomy from birth to old age, an orientation on racial anatomy, and an analysis of facial expressions. The wealth of information offered by the Atlas ensures its place as a class...

Details Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist

TitleAtlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist
Release DateFeb 18th, 1982
PublisherOxford University Press, USA
GenreArt, Nonfiction, Reference, Drawing, Design, Art Design, Unfinished, Science

Reviews Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist

  • Dustin
    I have a deep appreciation and passion for the Arts. Several years ago, I was "forced" to purchase this book for a college art class. Upon initial inspection, it blew me away in unexpected ways. There isn't a whole lot of actual text, it's incredibly visual, showcasing both the flaws and beauty of the human form, both male and female alike. It's any art students dream! Then I actually sat down and examined each individual page/illustration, and f...
  • les
    Incredibly insightful. I'll be referencing to this a lot as time goes on.
  • Parka
    (More pictures at of Human Anatomy for the Artist by Stephen Rogers Peck is an anatomy reference book.It covers everything from bones, to muscles to topics like fat, veins, hair, age, sex, race and expression. There are some photos for reference as well. The writeup is descriptive and simple to understand. The examples are well illustrated and clearly labeled. It's pretty comprehensive.While it also has some figure drawing ti...
  • Kelly
    In high school, I was taking Anatomy & Physiology as well as art and this book was highly relevant for both. Granted, in high school, we didn't draw from nudes, but I was taking a portfolio development course at the Art Institute at the same time. This book was recommended by the professor at the Institute, and the information covered is amazingly thorough. It was almost better than my Anatomy & Physiology textbook!The book is broken up into diff...
  • Marjorie Elwood
    Did you know that there is a 'tongue bone', called the hyoid? This was much more fascinating than I expected it to be and was replete with beautiful drawings. It has already helped my drawing abilities since I now focus more on the bone structure and musculature. The only criticism I have is that - in a sign of when it was written (1951) - it was far too focused on the male figure.
  • Mace
    This book is a must have for artists interested in the human figure! In my figure drawing class, this was our text book, and it has images and explanations of human anatomy that an artist can understand. The bone structure and musculature is addressed in a well formed manor. I use this book for reference anytime I am drawing a human figure.
  • Joseph Polder
    This has very detailed drawings. I'm trying to grasp figure drawing and the bridgeman books are very nice for speed drawings while these ones have very detailed drawings that help you understand not only the shadows but also give you a very good idea of how layers of anatomy align. His approach is really nice because it helps you not only understand the anatomy but he gives you a really nice idea of it in a 3d sense. A lot of anatomy books for ar...
  • Anna C
    It took me over five months to "read" this book, and getting to the end tonight was a such a feeling of accomplishment. I went back through my sketchbooks tonight and found that I've done over 100 anatomy drawings out of this book. Some of these are quick pen sketches, but others are finished drawings with accurate shading. I've made definite improvement in my figure drawing- my speed is way up from what it used to be, and I have a strong enough ...
  • Gisela Valdera
    I'm not going to lie: I didn't particularly enjoy this book, but then again that might be because it didn't do what I sought it for. Atlas of Human Anatomy contains a lot of accurate drawings of bones and muscles, as well as long and through explanations of how these work. If you're looking to draw hyper accurate realistic drawings, this might be helpful, but for the most part I found drawings of hipbones (just the bones) from various angles not ...
  • CFDeeDee
    Will always be my "currently reading" book.Its full of details about body parts in all possible ways of forming .. what I like about it is that it shows the body parts from the inside, like the way the bones are shaped and the way the muscles should go in order to make you understand better how the body parts should shape like. It also includes some positions of both male and female bodies .. but those pictures are not so clear for realistic draw...
  • Shivani006
    This is an amazing book for artists beginning to learn anatomy. It builds up from the bones to the outer skin and hair, along with providing basic information on proportions, motion, equilibrium, age and sex, race etc. It just gives you a basic out line, all the necessary information with very good drawings in possible angles.For further reading I would recommend "Eliot Goldfinger - Human Anatomy For Artists"This is a must have for all artists.
  • Mark Levandoski
    good reference book
  • Raven Bandicoot
    Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist is definitely the best drawing anatomy book that I have came across in the past few years of concentrating on the subject. It breaks each part of the body down to the bones and muscle structure, but also includes drawings by the author that show the workings of these parts. Each area of the body has its own section so everything is easy to find and reference. It also includes a section about the difference in...
  • Lauren Van vice
    This book proved invaluable to me in my studies but it's a bit of a problematic text. First of all, all the principle models appear to be white and fit. There's a section on drawing people of "other" races that's beyond cringe worthy. Peck's writing on and illustrations of the joints, skeleton, and musculature are accessible and detailed enough for the serious student. I come back to them every now and then when life has gotten busy and I haven't...
  • Sandy
    Really makes anatomy understandable ain function, limits and forces of movement, channels and blocks of bone, tendon and muscle. Best advanced artist anatomy with plenty of examples from various views. Would help with drawing from memory. Best in information of all anatomy books I have, but I still love Jeno Barcsay a. because he's Hungarian b. The family still fights to keep such a big book affordable c. student drawings of skeleton in action at...
  • Steve
    Uniquely instructive ... I still remember such gems as the morphology of the lower back and buttocks resembling the wings of a butterfly or the breast and its underlying pectoral muscle looking like commas on their sides. The illustrations are strangely stylized and gorgeous. Also, hysterical and weird photographs of people making screwey faces, the most disturbing of which being the countenance of someone at the moment of their death. Somehow mo...
  • Northern K Sunderland
    A beautiful book of the Human Anatomy. Not to be confused with a how-to-draw book, there are no instructions on how to sketch the human figure, it is simply a book on each individual bit of the human body. from hair to the bones, it covers everything. Aside from the wonderful illustrations, it's Stephen Roger Peck's words that make this book what it is. Through his writing you see his obvious reverence for the beauty and structure of the human bo...
  • Robyn
    Definitely a book to reference when one already knows anatomy. I bought it alongside two other anatomy books (which are focused on actual teaching) upon recommendation and do not regret it! Fantastic book because it clearly shows the muscle/bone names and, my favourite part, is that it has a chart of age differences as the body grows (ie baby, toddler, teen etc).
  • Eszter
    Very great book for reference. Many pictures and drawings help to understand the human anatomy. Nothing you should read page by page, you should pick the pages you need. Although its 40 years, its very useful and a must-read literature for every artist who needs help with anatomy and wants to learn more.
  • Mackenzie Dunn
    Time and time again, I come back to this book as a handy resource. It's a wonderful tool when it comes to drawing anatomy and understanding the basics and their functions. I wouldn't rely on this book alone as a pre-med student, but it's a wonderful companion to any hefty medical book and it breaks down complex information. As an illustrator student, I had to go no further for an anatomy book.
  • Andrea
    Amazing illustrations and diagrams. Accurate and helpful. As an art student, this book was my holy grail. As a professional, I use it more for illustrative purposes than figure drawing. Skulls & skeletons are pretty popular right now!
  • D.L.
    If you are an artist, then this is an absolute MUST HAVE. It is a classic, to be sure, but there is so much to see here and, more importantly, so much to learn. I have worn out several editions of this book, given away even more to other artists and ensure that I always have a copy hanging around.
  • Todd
    Really nice all around proportions and theory book of anatomy. Almost can take this around as an indispensable carry along guide to anatomy. Pretty rich with drawings, accurate paintings, and photos. Nicely explained as well.
  • Jen
    This has to be one of the most useful books I have ever purchased. I bought is as a textbook for my college figure drawing class and it is the ONLY book I bought at the time that I have actually picked up and used since I used it in college. I highly recommend it.
  • Alexis
    Great book, even better diagrams. It really helps the artist learn and remember the human anatomy.
  • Aiko
    as a self-proclaimed comic artist, I found this book extremely helpful as it covers every detail of the human muscle and bone and limitations of movements of one's body.
  • Anthony
    The best thing about this book is the visual cues at the end of each chapter to help you remember the basic forms and lines of the anatomy.
  • Aaron
    Just facts. This is good basic anatomy book. I've got a lot, but this was one of my first and favorites.