Anatomy for the Artist by Jenő Barcsay

Anatomy for the Artist

It’s the classic in its field—a reference work of unparalleled importance for all professionals and students of art.   This superb art manual is the best guide available on a subject that has fascinated artists for centuries: the human body. Jenö Barcsay, a professor who taught applied anatomy at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts, offers a detailed portrayal of the body for the fine artist in 142 full-page plates. From the entire skeleton...

Details Anatomy for the Artist

TitleAnatomy for the Artist
Release DateAug 25th, 2006
GenreArt, Nonfiction, Reference, Drawing, Art Design, Design, Classics

Reviews Anatomy for the Artist

  • Marv
    Found my grandson at the age of 4 reading this book. He said to me "Grandpa these are just like my dinosaur books only about people." He was very fascinated by it.
  • Sarah
    I have this book in both the large A3 size and the smaller size. It offers very clear images of anatomy, bone structure, muscles, ect, and is invaluable as a resource for me when I want to research how the body works for a new painting.
  • Lucy
    Fantastic for improving on sketching difficult parts of the body, like hands and feet. Provides some complex examples but talks you through them, with beautiful artwork throughout.
  • J.G. Keely
    This is less a book than a tome of knowledge; and like any good tome, it will take a long, long time to decipher all the meaning in the strange words and diagrams.
  • Derek olsen
    Great reference book
  • Hayley
    I just finished it for the same week and I really enjoyed it. I loved how at first the story lines didn't seem to have anything to do with each other but slowly details were revealed to show how they are all connected.
  • Ottilee B.
    I've had this book a long time. It is a really good art book that shows the musculature and how the muscles move in both the male and female form. Excellent drawings in differing positions: using your imagination you can see exactly how the muscles react to each other. Keep in mind these are drawings and NOT actual anatomy. They may not be as precise as you'd like! They are, however, an excellent starting point.
  • Christine Otis
    Every artist should have this book.It's great for someone wanting to know the human form and how to draw it. Most artists, and some non-artists, that I know have this book on their shelves. It's very accessible and makes drawing the form less overwhelming. I know it eliminated my fears of drawing the human form as it did for my non-artist friends.It's one of the better art book to have and share.
  • Amber
    A good book, when you need to reference anything about the body.
  • Ashley Crago
    seems like a great books cant wait to read attttt
  • John
    A good reference. Definately not one I would pick as a sole resoucre, but I nice supplement for instruction.I tend to be picky with the anatomy books I choose for teaching children.
  • Mii
    This book was a great read!
  • Minitrinny
    I found this book interesting but a bit to confusing at times.
  • Susie Mathews
    Wonderful reference for figure drawing students. Helped me see the volume of the model.
  • Overlord
    This has to be one of the best anatomical books for artists out there. I learned a great deal, and it's an amazing guide while practicing figure drawing.
  • nicole
    Big, lumbrous volume. Wish it were as useful as it is heavy.
  • Enemyrain26
    the book was very interesting history as it speaks as the fascination with the human body and as in those times was frowned upon but it is a good book :)
  • scherzo♫
    Clem Robbins - cross-sectional diagramsRecommended by Matt DTO
  • Inki Black
    This is a great reference book for the body. The illustration is absolutely gorgeous and extremely detailed and accurate.
  • Luis Fernando
    Good book.
  • F.J. Commelin
    Good anatomy book with beautifully drawns pictures - old style book.
  • Jerrie
    A favorite reference ... is gone....