Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop

Unfu*k Yourself

Have you ever felt like a hamster on a wheel, furiously churning your way through life but somehow going nowhere? It seems like there’s a barrage of information surrounding us in our everyday lives with the keys to this thing or that thing, be it wealth, success, happiness or purpose. The truth is, most of it fails to capture what it truly takes to overcome our greatest barrier to a greater life…ourselves. What if everything you ever wanted r...

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TitleUnfu*k Yourself
Release DateOct 22nd, 2016
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Personal Development, Audiobook

Reviews Unfu*k Yourself

  • Skyler Autumn
    3.5 Stars Should I read into the fact my mom gifted me with this book? Gary John Bishop embraces his Scottish decent in his no nonsense, get your shit together diatribe in the astutely titled self help book UnF*ck Yourself. The book is broken into seven personal assertions that are labelled and then thoroughly broken down and explained in repetitive detail.I am willingI am wired to winI got thisI embrace uncertaintyI am not my thoughts: I am wha...
  • Emma Sea
    Quite liked this. Straight talking, no bullshit, easy language, and a fast read. Bishop details seven "personal assertions" to live your life by:I am willingI am wired to winI got thisI embrace uncertaintyI am not my thoughts: I am what I doI am relentlessI expect nothing and accept everythingLaying it out like this make it sound like it's new-agey affirmation, staring into the mirror and repeating "I got this," but it really isn't. Rather it's B...
  • ScienceOfSuccess
    Gary's book is short and simple. If you are looking for a change in your life, you will love it!Check my animated review here: >> bit.ly/UnfkYourself <<
  • Fernando Gros
    Despite an eye-catching title and the promise of edgy, life-changing advice, this little self-help book really doesn't deliver. Recycled ideas we've heard before, like imagine the life you want the set steps to get there, or lower your expectations to live happily in the moment aren't even the worst of it. This book assumes the reader is wealthy and has total agency in their life. If you are disabled, ill, or have experienced abuse, or institutio...
  • Cindy
    I quite like this book. It's a different approach and a kick in the butt to get you out of a rut. One of the most important bits to take away is that we are not our thoughts but we are what we do. Bishop insists that we need to act, even if we don't feel like it. When we choose not to act, we need to face the fact that we're not willing. Inaction is, in effect, action and can be debilitating and have a domino effect. If you just want a hug and to...
  • Michael
    I listened to this on Audible, where Gary John Bishop's Scottish accent adds priceless enthusiasm and flavor to the material.The material for that matter, is nothing new, just basic self-empowerment tenants. But something about having basic tenants spoken to you in an aggressive Scottish accent is inspiring.It's not a life changing book, but at under 3.5 hours as an audiobook, it did help me change my attitude in a few distinct instances througho...
  • Krista Danis
    I think Bishop is going for the direct, "tough love" type approach with this book, which presumes that the reader is perpetually miserable, lazy, fat, and unsatisfied. These assumptions restrict his meandering diatribe to exactly that which he claims to loathe--a basic mantra-driven self-help trope that lazily posits, "Just do it!," as its main thesis. If that commanding cheer was enough to rip people from the grips of paralyzing fear (of change,...
  • Ashley
    As a psychologist I often like to read self-help books my clients might read or my students might encounter. Sometimes I use them to drive home points or offer them as resources. I like to see what is out there. This book is actually pretty good at illustrating basic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and REBT principles. For that, I would have given it a solid 4 stars! I think it drives home the very very very basics of CBT in a "average citizen" sort...
  • TheGeekyBlogger
    Read for Review (Edelweiss)Overall Rating: 3.75Quick Thoughts: While there wasn't anything new in this book, I did like the presentation. This was about self-talk. How to do it, what we are doing wrong, and how you get in your own way. He reminds you to talk in present tense (future tense gives you a way out) and make sure to be kind/inspiring to yourself. He also talks about the self-talk we do about others and that impacts us. He was right on a...
  • Neffertiti Lee
    Read it with book club. It was a basic self-help book. The message was straightforward and did not have any deep or meaningful insights. While it was warm and fuzzy it did not provide any life or mind altering ideas that were impactful. I was not excited to finish it at all.
  • Liza Fireman
    I'm not a huge fan of self help kind of books, and most of the time also not a fan of books where the author seems to be shouting at the readers. This book really annoyed me at the beginning, but then it got to me. And I think that was something that I needed a reminder of lately.The book consists of short chapters, the names speak for themselves. “I am willing”, “I am wired to win”, “I got this”, “I embrace the uncertainty” , “...
  • Jerrie (redwritinghood)
    There is nothing here that is new, but it’s laid out in a very clear way and with an engaging, no nonsense style. If you’ve ever done yoga or meditation, you will probably already know that everyone has negative thoughts and those thoughts are meaningless. Action in spite of negative thought leads to real gains and improvements. That is the gist of this book - if you want to accomplish something, ignore your monkey-mind and just do it.
  • Natalie Park
    The perfect book at the perfect time!
  • Rodney C.
    Bishop offers nothing new in this book. I'd heard all of it before. Maybe it's the fact that mine was the audio book and he's Scottish. Maybe it's the title. Maybe it's his use of expletives within the book. Not sure. But it gave me just the kick in the groin I needed to put common personal development themes in play... to act. So the sub-title is really on point.Bishop also presents "detachment from outcome" more succinctly than anyone I've read...
  • Joseph
    This was a pretty good book designed to teach how to get out of the particular ruts we put ourselves in by telling ourselves we're not good enough or our problems are too large, etc. Practical for sure, and good to put this on paper and read it sometimes. I think this was a self-published book, and had a few grammatical and typographical errors that were a nuisance but shouldn't distract from the overall message. Fast read, worth checking out.
  • Renata Broock
    um livro inteiro só de coisas que a gente sabe (igual todos de auto ajuda) só que com palavrão na capa. dar uma folheada e ler os negritos já tá bom.
  • Mykolas
    I'm not a huge fan of self help books, simply because I've got a pretty good life going that I'm happy about, but more importantly I don't believe there is a book that will change your life for the better, it's actually entirely up to you.But I've recently read "Vertical Mind" (random pick as it's pretty much the only book on audible about improving climbing performance) and realized that there are areas to improve and that I do have some problem...
  • Dave B.
    A fun short read with easy points to follow which can improve your personal life view (sense of self-worth). This was a perfect example of how simplicity, clarity, and concise writing provide the best form of communications. The author gets to the point: To improve your life, you need to change your thinking, take action and stick with your actions (new habits). The author writes this in a very straightforward fashion. I felt like I was sitting ...
  • Matt
    It's hard to leave a negative review of this book without falling into one of the many traps we find ourselves falling into as human beings or, as the author puts it, the ways we fu*k ourselves. Fortunately, I don't have to. As a tool for turning one's life around, it could possibly be the most effective book of all time in this regard. Such a statement perplexes me then as to why some people would leave negative reviews such as, "there's nothing...
  • Faye Arcand
    This book is well written and easy to read. It's also the kick in the ass that I needed. For the most part there is nothing really shocking or extraordinary that the author says in regards to human behavior that I either hadn't heard, studied, or knew before. The thing is that I still found myself with my bright yellow high-lighter marking passages for future reference.I think that's why I loved this book so much--it's a reminder of all the crap ...
  • Spencer Borup
    **EDIT** I'm bumping this down from two stars to one, because a paragraph that infuriated me just popped back into my head: toward the end, the author, Gary John Bishop, actually says that medication isn't helpful and is just a crutch, and that if you're depressed then you need to just "get off your ass." That's incredibly harmful advice, and at no point does he give that "I'm not a medical professional" spiel. Fuck that. **EDIT**Meh. If you pick...
  • Brittany
    Not as "offensive" as it tries to make itself out to be. Some good advice but there's a lot of fluff. A lot of the book could be cut and the points would still make sense.Some takeaways I appreciated:- You could change your life overnight if you gave up the notion that other peoples' opinions matter. Be willing to be judged by others and not let it get to you. - No one can read your mind. Say what's on it. Share your plans and ideas. That thing t...
  • Anna Cargill
    I can't say enough good things about this book. I first listened to the audio book read by the author in his lovely Scottish accent and had to get the book because I wanted to take notes and be able to reference certain concepts. It is a very quick read, filled with truth without about being too harsh or too flowery. I normally don't buy self-help books as I never refer back to them (even though I probably should) but there are some simple gems i...
  • Nancy
    If you're ready to take responsibility for where you are in life, this book could help you get focused. Really spoke to me. If you are sensitive to someone telling you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and take control of your life, don't bother reading this. But if you're ready to be serious and get past your (likely bad) attitude, this book may speak to you too. I found this read quick, easy, entertaining and the kick in the pants I needed. Th...
  • Marvin Franke
    You've heard all these ideas before in different forms. That is possibly true for the majority of the books that promise to improve your life. However, from time to time there is a book that strikes exactly the right tone, finds exactly the right words for you, so it has a real impact on your way of thinking. This book did this for me. I loved its no-bullshit approach, and I can recommend it to anyone who likes a mental slap in the face.
  • Mehrsa
    Anyone who follows my reviews (all three of you) know that I have a weak spot for dumb self-help books and I have to read one like every month. This one was a good one. It's short, helpful, and a nice reminder to get your expectations in check. Nothing revelatory here, but it's an easy read and I think he's basically right and the advice is sound.
  • Dustan Woodhouse
    A short simple burst of kick in the aaa common sense. Not technical. Not hard to grasp. And the audio version can comfortably be played at 2.5X. At that speed it’s less than a couple episodes of whatever your watching on Netflix these days. Do yourself a favour and have a listen.
  • Kelli Koehler
    "Because when you’re trekking through the jungle, you don’t know if you’re three days from civilization or thirty minutes. All you can do is walk. The only way out is forward."
  • Hailey
    There’s nothing quite like having a Scotsman call you out on your BS for 3.5 hours. Everyone should listen to the audiobook version of this book in order to get the full effect, Scottish accent and all. This book gave me ZERO warm fuzzies. I DID NOT feel good after reading this book. (Especially after the tongue lashing at the end!) I gave this book 5 stars because, unlike other books out there chirping about positivity and your value as a spec...
  • Jill
    1 StarWhat I liked... the title, cover and quotes scattered throughout the book.What I didn’t like... absolutely everything else. There was no new information in this book that I haven’t read in a self-help/inspirational book before. I think I actually felt worse after reading this. I really wanted to like this book, but I just didn’t. Would not recommend :(