A Merciful Truth (Mercy Kilpatrick, #2) by Kendra Elliot

A Merciful Truth (Mercy Kilpatrick, #2)

Raised by a family of survivalists, FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick can take on any challenge—even the hostile reception to her homecoming. But she’s not the only one causing chaos in the rural community of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon. At first believed to be teenage pranks, a series of fires takes a deadly turn with the murder of two sheriff’s deputies. Now, along with Police Chief Truman Daly, Mercy is on the hunt for an arsonist turned killer.Stil...

Details A Merciful Truth (Mercy Kilpatrick, #2)

TitleA Merciful Truth (Mercy Kilpatrick, #2)
Release DateJun 6th, 2017
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreMystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense, Thriller

Reviews A Merciful Truth (Mercy Kilpatrick, #2)

  • Liz
    Oh, this is just what I needed! Another series that I love and have to add to my list of must reads. In this, the second book in the series, what starts as some minor fires quickly turns into full out arson and two deputies are killed. This brings in the FBI, with Mercy Kirkpatrick being the main agent investigating the crimes. I just really like Mercy and her backstory. Born to a family of preppers, but shunned by them since her late teens, she ...
  • Tulay
    Good story,Great characters, it goes from lowest of low of humanity to all the way up. FBI agent Mercy has a steel armor around her, but finally breaking down. If you read many books written by this author, you'll guess the ending.Plot is about one man trying to build militia group, paranoid, isolated and wary of government. Will keep you you reading.
  • Theresa Alan
    This is a decent mystery. I hadn’t read the first book in the series, but the author caught me up quickly enough. FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick relocates to Eagle’s Nest, Oregon. Her boyfriend is police chief Truman Daly.She was raised by a family of survivalists, most of whom shun her for becoming an FBI agent. There is a strong community of folks who do not like the government, including cops. When a series of fires breaks out and three people...
  • Linda Strong
    FBI Agent Mercy Kilpatrick, having moved to Eagle's Nest, Oregon to be close to Police Chief Truman Daly is facing a dangerous arsonist turned killer.Small fires have been set, generally thought to be by teenagers. Up until now, it's only been arson .... but since the fire starter has now killed two cops at one site, Mercy and Truman are looking for a murderer. And then another body is found at another fire .. only no one knows who this man is or...
  • CD {Boulder Blvd}
    I really liked Ms. Elliot's first book in this series, A Merciful Death and couldn't wait to get my hands on book #2, A Merciful Truth. The Story line and the characters in this series feels fresh and new and not your run of the mill romantic suspense. For romance lovers, there is probably not enough romance. However, I prefer suspense with a dash of romance so for me it's a perfect fit.Initially I though the book started a little slow as it rein...
  • Debra
    FBI Agent Mercy Fitzpatrick has returned to her hometown of Eagle's Nest, Oregon to a chilly reception from her family. Mercy's family members are survivalists who believe in living off the land and being prepared for disaster. Not all of her siblings are speaking to her while others have welcomed her back with open arms. On top of being an FBI agent, Mercy is also raising her deceased brother's teenage daughter. A series of fires have been set a...
  • Purple Country Girl (Sandy)
    I received a copy of A Merciful Truth from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.A Merciful Truth is the second book in Kendra Elliot’s Mercy Kilpatrick series. While I really enjoyed the first book in the series, A Merciful Death, I found the sophomore entry to be less engaging. Following the events in book one, Mercy, an FBI agent, and her young partner, Eddie Peterson, have been transferred to the FBI office in Bend, Oregon. The move pu...
  • Anita
    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest reviewAfter reading A Merciful Death, I didn't know how I'd wait for this book. I had really hoped the slow simmer romance between Mercy and Truman would heat up to a boil in this book, but if you are looking for a scorched page romance, you'll need to read another book. Mercy and Truman are hooked up, but the author is keeping the jui...
  • John W.
    Kendra Elliot’s A MERCIFUL TRUTH delivers an intriguing mystery storyline focusing on with issues of trust, family relationships, and romance. Elliot’s protagonists FBI Special Agent, Mercy Kilpatrick and Truman Daly, Chief of Police of the Eagle’s Nest Police Department join forces to investigate a case of involving fires set by and serial arsonist that has escalates when two responding deputy sheriffs’ are shot and die at the scene. Ell...
  • Leslie
    I have real issues with this series. The main character is a former anti-government survivalist turned FBI agent. Her misogynist father and patriarchal family abandoned her at 18. Yet the FBI first sends, then reassigns her to the area. Most of the town resents any and all Law enforcement and as closed and secretive. Much of Mercy's family won't talk to her. But she is now the guardian for her 17 year old niece. Most of the women in the story nee...
  • ☕ Kimberly
    Fires originally mistaken as teenage pranks turn deadly and police officers lose their lives. The FBI assigns a team to investigate the murders in Eagle’s Nest, Oregon. Mercy along with Police Chief Truman Daly are hunting for the arsonist turned killer. The closer Mercy gets to the truth, the deadlier the hunt becomes.Mercy was raised in a survivalist family until a disagreement led to her father and family shunning her. Since transferring to...
  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    3.5 Better than the first. However, there were still a lot of problems. Questions weren't asked that even a passable cop would. It made Mercy and Truman appear incompetent at times. Ben the cop, I think his name was, walked into danger so easily after cops had been shot the night before. It was so obvious. Are the cops in that town that stupid? Kade thinks there are illegal activities and he goes there alone. Another stupid move. All of these wer...
  • Kylie H
    This is the second book in this series and I did not enjoy it nearly as much as the first novel. This one tends to drift into being over sentimental and quite corny in parts. It reached the point that if I read the phrase 'it warmed her heart' one more time I was going to scream.Once again the story is set in central Oregan in a remote township surrounded by 'preppers'. Someone is setting fires and when two police officers are shot at the scene t...
  • Jennifer
    2.75 stars.The relationship that Mercy had with some of her family was downright depressing, but the rest of this story was enjoyable. From the mystery to the tender romance between the MCs, I liked this quite a bit. The mystery wasn't all that mysterious necessarily, but it was interesting nonetheless. Even though the whole prepper/anti-Big Brother/free man society isn't my favourite theme, I'm looking forward to continuing on with this series.
  • Diane
    This book picks up where the first book left off. Mercy Kilpatrick is an FBI and a "prepper" - survivalist awaiting for TEOFTWAWKI! Shunned by the males in her family, but prepared to win them back as long as it takes. Mercy teams up with Sheriff Truman (her love interest as well) to solve this murder mystery.A firebug is lose in Eagle's Nest, Oregon and the bug is also a murderer!Fairly fast paced and a good read over all. A few red herrings, tw...
  • Melissa Borsey
    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. Excellent story from beginning to end! I absolutely love this series! Highly recommend for the great characters, drama, action and suspense!
  • Bea Charmed
    Lots of family secrets and drama. The pace dragged a bit about 2/3 of the way in then picked up again.
  • Melanie
    A Merciful Truth improves upon its predecessor with an even more interesting mystery and great character development for the main cast.After taking down a killer targeting preppers in Eagle’s Nest, Oregon, FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick relocates to an FBI office closer to her hometown in hopes of reconnecting with her family as well as exploring the possibility of a relationship with Police Chief Truman Daly. After a series of fires causes chaos i...
  • Debbie Oxier
    I have to admit I'm not a big fan of survivalist themes so the only reason I am reading this series is because of the author writing it. I've read everything she's written in the past and enjoyed it so I'm trying to be objective here. Mercy Kilpatrick came from a family of survivalists. Her parents were avid preppers and anti-government and her father expected his family to follow in his footsteps, which is why Mercy and her siblings could have t...
  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
    A Merciful Truth is the second book in the Mercy Kilpatrick Series by Kendra Elliot. I read the first book, A Merciful Death, so I was very familiar with the heroine and her supporting cast. I would still consider this a standalone because Kendra makes it a point to explain how everyone is connected. I was really impressed with the first book and was not disappointed with this one. Although, I will say that there is one part of the storyline rega...
  • ⚜️Trea
    FTC DISCLAIMER: I RECEIVED AN E-ARC FROM THE PUBLISHER THROUGH NET GALLEY. I VOLUNTARILY OFFER MY HONEST REVIEW OF THE BOOK, THOUGH IT IS NOT EXPECTED OF ME! RECEIPT OF THIS BOOK IN THIS MANNER DOES NOT AFFECT MY OPINION OF THE BOOK OR THE CONTENT OF MY REVIEW!I was extremely disappointed with this installment! When I left the first book in the series, I was conflicted and on the fence about continuing, so when I found this on Net Galley, I was a...
  • Erin Burns
    I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley, this does not affect my opinion of this book or the content of my review.I didn't think it was possible, but I find that I may just enjoy this series even more than the Callahan & McLane series, and that is saying something. There is something just so fantastically comforting and soothing about stepping into a world where adults are ADULTING. I know, it is weird right, but nowadays ...
  • Patrizia
    Questa serie si conferma vincente! Bella la trama: l'autrice riesce a mantenere la suspence anche quando la soluzione del giallo appare lampante, senza parlare del colpo di scena finale che mi ha fatto quasi dimenticare che avevo azzeccato il colpevole praticamente subito.Mercy mi piace sempre di più e Truman è l'uomo ideale (a parte il nome...).Ora mi tocca aspettare gennaio per il prossimo libro, sigh....
  • Book Him Danno
    Once again Kendra Elliot takes readers on a emotionally charge Mystery that will keep readers engaged from first to last page.A Merciful Truth is the second book in a series and while it is only book 2 a lot of things happened in book 1 that some readers might be lost but Kendra tries hard to update readers throughout the book.Mercy has a hard background that causes her not to trust as well as fear not being able to take care of herself. Lincoln ...
  • Suzanne Johnson
    4-1/2 stars. I love this new series. Review on my blog July 13, www.suzannejohnsonauthor.com/blog.
  • Jean
    A Merciful Truth is the 2nd book in the Mercy Kilpatrick series. I highly recommend reading A Merciful Death before reading this book. You will have a better understanding of Levi's and Rose's history and the cause of the tension that exists in the family. In the rural community of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon, a series of fires, at first believed to be teenage pranks, takes a deadly turn with the murder of two sheriff’s deputies. Now, along with Pol...
  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    An utterly addicting read from start to finish. Having loved this authors other series I was little leary about this new series was about survivalists and home grown militia. The first book intrigued me in meeting Mercy Kilpatrick and learning about her childhood of being raised by survivalists who then ended up being shunned by her family and that situation was made worse when she became an FBI agent. But this book, I'm am now hooked line and si...
  • Zannie (darktwistybooks)
    A Merciful Truth by Kendra Elliot is a fantastic follow up to A Merciful Death. Mercy Kilpatrick and Truman Daly are back, and they have another case together.The SeriesI love the Mercy Kilpatrick series, but I don’t feel this is a series where you could read the books out of order and still understand them. While the case is completely different than that in A Merciful Death, the background on Mercy’s family (especially Levi and Rose) will l...
  • Luli
    You can find this review in English below.Este es el segundo libro de la serie Mercy Kilpatrick y no es una buena idea leerlos fuera de orden porque te perderías detalles muy importantes del romance y sobre los personajes. Aunque el suspense es diferente en cada libro, se necesita el libro anterior que es dónde se sientan los precedentes.Aclarado esto, decir que la serie está muy bien. Es muy interesante y sobre todo original. Cómo ya me pas...