The Summer House by Hannah McKinnon

The Summer House

When Flossy Merrill summons her children to the beloved family beach house to celebrate their father’s eightieth birthday, both cherished memories and long-kept secrets come to light in this charming and lyrical novel from the author of The Lake Season and Mystic Summer.Flossy Merrill has managed to—somewhat begrudgingly—gather her three ungrateful grown children from their dysfunctional lives for a summer reunion at the family’s Rhode Is...

Details The Summer House

TitleThe Summer House
Release DateJun 6th, 2017
PublisherAtria/Emily Bestler Books
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Family

Reviews The Summer House

  • Melissa
    If you’re looking for an intoxicating summer read, you won’t regret sticking The Summer House in your beach bag. Or, if you can’t make it to the shore, living vicariously through the Merrill family and their week spent on the sandy Rhode Island coast, isn’t too bad either.In my humble opinion, this is Hannah McKinnon’s strongest work to date. With each of her three books, she’s proven that she can nail family dynamics with a skillful ...
  • Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews
    4 stars! This was such a fun and enjoyable summer read!There was something very relatable about this family and these characters. The story revolves around the Merrill family’s annual stay at their summer beach house. Flossy and Richard Merrill have their three adult children, their childrens’ spouses and their grandchildren come to stay with them at their summer house together for one week in July. The sibling rivalries, parental stresses, c...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    Thanks to Goodreads, the author, and the publisher, for the complimentary copy. I was expecting a fluffy read, but instead I found this book had plenty of depth and emotion, relatable family dynamics, and it was highly entertaining. I still think it's the perfect book to throw in your beach bag because it's one that will be easy to pick up and put down, as one does at the beach; however, I think the engaging characters will keep you picking it ba...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    Flossy Merrill's children, her husband, and The Summer House have always been her first loves.Nothing mattered to her as much as her family. The family wasn’t together for a few summers in a row because of commitments, but this summer Flossy managed to get everyone together to celebrate their father's 75th birthday party.Flossy also had another reason to get the family together, but she and Richard couldn't bring themselves to tell their childr...
  • JanB
    This book has everything I love about a summer read: a fantastic location, relatable characters, and enough drama to keep things interesting. I loved the descriptions of the beach, the house, the meals, and the long lazy days at the beach house. Flossy and Richard bring their adult children and grandchildren together for a week at the family beach house, ending the week with a 75th birthday dinner for Richard. What the kids don’t know is there ...
  • Sarah Joint
    You can ascertain just from the title and cover that this is a beach read, and it definitely is. Unfortunately, I read it while wishing I was on the beach. It's a sweet little read with lots of family and relationship drama. Ungrateful children, strained relationships, and many other different worries feature in this one. I was in one of my light read moods when I picked this one up, and that's a good thing. I still found it kind of corny at time...
  • Toni
    A beach read with depth and well developed characters. Since I wasn't familiar with Hannah McKinnon, the cover and title led me to think this just a fluff summer read. Well, was I wrong. Three adult children and their families travel to their childhood beach house to celebrate their father's seventy-fifth birthday. Their mother has been trying to get them all together and has finally succeeded. Each "child" brings their own problems and issues as...
  • Sam (Clues and Reviews)
    I’ve mentioned before that Elin Hilderbrand is one of my summertime guilty pleasures. I love to lay back and lose myself in her Nantucket stories. It just makes me feel like summer. The Summer House by Hannah McKinnon gave me that same vibe, but better! McKinnon breathes new life into cottage living with a little bit of added family drama and dynamics, colourful characters and many heartwarming and humorous moments. In The Summer House, a diffe...
  • Mary
    The Merrill family is meeting at their summer house at the Rhode Island shore to celebrate their father’s 75th birthday. Flossy, their mother, has planned the perfect party that will take place on the last night of their week together. She only hopes her adult children won’t kill each other before that night. Each one brings their own drama with them and thinks nothing of reliving sibling rivalries, perceived slights, etc. Paige, the eldest, ...
  • Elizabeth
    Great book! I laughed, I cried - literally! Because the reader knows what Flossy and Richard are planning for the family summer house, it's much more poignant than had it been a surprise. The crises that each of the family members are going through and have brought to the house makes for a "moody" book. I mean this in a good way. The ups and downs of the characters are dramatic! I am so glad to have read this book. The author brings real emotion ...
  • Elvan
    Oh, the joys of cottage life. Memories are made year after year when families comes together to unplug from urban life and spend some quality time together. Fresh sea breezes, shared family meals, daily swims and evenings spent playing board games or relaxing with an adult beverage. It’s an idyllic time. It’s also a time when adult children are forced to spend time with their siblings in close quarters. Past grievances and present-day stresse...
  • Lori Palmer (Palmer's Page Turners)
    This book was such a breath of fresh air and just what I needed to get excited for summer! It was everything I love about a summer read--beach house setting, great characters, and a feel good story that makes your heart happy. Normally in books with chapters with multiple characters, I almost always have that one (or two!) character that I'm not as excited to read about. Not so with The Summer House! I loved each character and did not find myself...
  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    Flossy Merrill's family and the Summer House in Rhode Island have always been her first loves. When her grown children stopped coming to the Summer House, she and her husband decided that it was time to sell the place. All the children had been asked the previous summer if they wanted the Summer House, but they all declined. This summer Flossy managed to get everyone together to celebrate their father's 75th birthday party and have a last family ...
  • Tammy
    A relaxing beach read I enjoyed!
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    Flossy Merrill would love to have her family spend some time all under the same roof at their beach house, just like the good old days. What better to get them there than to celebrate their father's 80th birthday? Her three children and their families come, some more willing than others, and along with them come their problems, some larger than others. There's Clementine, the youngest Merrill, who had two little ones and is just coming out of a v...
  • Sheyla ✎
    The Summer House was a great way to begin my summer. It follows three siblings reunited at their vacation home to celebrate their father's eightieth birthday.Flossy is the strong mother who wants her children together one last time before they sell their home. She's also trying to reconnect with them and help them through their individual heartbreaks. It's hard for her to say goodbye to the summer home, leaving all the memories behind but she kno...
  • Donna Hines
    The perfect book to read in a snowstorm because you can always travel to 'The Summer House' even in your dreams.I loved this book for many reasons, the set of characters was magnificent from the Merrill family ; the extended family aka grandkids , those they brought into the mix as friends, colleagues, and yes even those they'd encountered along the way aka Mara the adoptive parent.It all begins with plans for a summer reunion and 75th birthday p...
  • Tina
    This is a book about family, tradition, ebbs & tides of life. Set in Rhode Island during the summer, it's also about the restorative nature of home & what it means to need to put each of us back on the proper trajectory of life. A house can do this - especially one located on a beach, along the shore, and redolent of lifelong memories. Good summer read that has its prickles & not all rosiness. This is a book about family, tradition, ebbs & tide...
  • Melissa Borsey
    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. A good beach read that is overflowing with drama and family dysfunction! Highly recommend this delightfully heartwarming read!
  • Sherry
    4.5 absolutely perfect beach read- Heather McKinnon manages to capture the essence of summer in this book perfectly. The Merill family gather at their beach house to celebrate their father's birthday. Everyone in the family has a secret- from the parents, to the three adult children, to one of the grandchildren. I especially loved the setting for the book because it was written at "my" beach. Definitely recommend this one if you're looki...
  • Heather Donovan
    I love a good book set during summer on the east coast, and this one did not disappoint!This book encompasses everything you think about when you hear the words summer house - a gorgeous setting, a dysfunctional family, and drama, drama, drama.This was a well written book that grabbed me from the beginning, full of strong characters and believable behaviors. Fans of Elin Hilderbrand and Mary Alice Monroe will love this book. I will definitely rea...
  • Angela
    Two words kept popping into my mind as I read The Summer House: relatable and nostalgic. Flossy and Richard have invited their grown children, Paige, Sam, and Clem, to their summer house in Rhode Island to celebrate Richard's 75th birthday. What their children don't know yet is that Flossy and Richard are planning to sell the house their family has spent generations vacationing at.The first thing I could relate to in this book is the trouble with...
  • The Blonde Bookworm
    The Summer House was my first Hannah McKinnon book, and I think it's safe to say it will not be my last. It was filled with love, heartbreak, plenty of drama, and a real family. I always love books that deal with real life situations instead of perfect cookie cutter families with no issues whatsoever. The characters were unique and I found myself relating to each of them in one way or another.McKinnon's writing style was engaging and kept me ente...
  • Linda
    A great summer read that I could really relate to--a summer home filled with family and lots of swimming, great meals prepared by the family matriarch, and (when we got old enough!) lots of wine. I could even relate to the neighbors who had lived next to the Merrill family for years.
  • Christine Savukinas
    Good, fun summer read. I always look forward to a few beach reads that allow me to "escape" - this is one. If you like Elin Hilderbrand you'll like this!
  • Booksandchinooks (Laurie)
    I loved this book. It is a perfect summer/beach read. It is about a family returning to their summer house together for the first time in two years. They are also there to celebrate their father's 75th birthday. As the three grown children and their spouses and children arrive it is evident that each is returning with their own set of problems. Flossy and Richard have lured the children back with the birthday party being a pivotal reason so every...
  • Kathy
    This is a great summer read, with all the necessary trappings: a dysfunctional family, a great summer setting, and lots of drama. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting back in the warm sun, under a cloudless sky, to read it. Flossie Merrill has invited her children and their families to the family summer house in Rhode Island, for their aging father’s birthday. Flossie also wants to check up on her children: Clementine, whose life has recently undergone...
  • Leith Devine
    My thanks to Atria Books and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.A great summer read! A story that encompasses the arc of a family, the highs and the lows, set in the family summer home by the beach. Beautifully written, and hard to put down. It made me wish I had a summer house to go to with my extended family.Flossie Merrill has finally gotten all her children and their families back to the summer house in Rhode ...
  • Christi
    terrific summer readgreat descriptions of buildings, landscape and villagesinteresting family dynamic - especially how adults fall back into their childhood roles when they spend time with their siblingsthe characters were not annoying like they so often are in these books set in a family beach house I really liked the Merrill family a lot.