Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado

Anxious for Nothing

When it comes to anxiety, depression, and stress-related illnesses, America is the frontrunner. Thankfully, there’s a practical prescription for dealing with them. Anxious for Nothing, the most recent book from New York Times bestselling author, Max Lucado, provides a roadmap for battling with and healing from anxiety. Does the uncertainty and chaos of life keep you up at night? Is irrational worry your constant companion? Could you u...

Details Anxious for Nothing

TitleAnxious for Nothing
Release DateSep 5th, 2017
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreChristian, Nonfiction, Self Help, Inspirational, Religion, Faith

Reviews Anxious for Nothing

  • Kelly Hodgkins
    This book has a message worth hearing whether you are stressed out and need to calm down or as a reminder to remain living a calm life.Max Lucado keeps a sense of humor alongside the wisdom, I love his anecdotes which make the truths easier to remember and the overall tone is one of hope. I love the way each line of the key verse is broken into practical, tangible ways to live it out and counter anxiety. The acronym C.A.L.M. sums it up beautifull...
  • Rachel Dawson
    I flew through this one quickly during a lunch break before we recorded a podcast where one of our team members interviewed Lucado about anxiety -- it's a good read, a quick read, and nothing mind-blowing. There were some helpful, meaningful nuggets here, but it felt more like a "Hey, Max Lucado, you're a popular author, write about this hot topic!" kind of situation than a truly heartfelt book about anxiety. Not a winner for me personally, but o...
  • Shannon (leaninglights)
    A good quick read and reminder to stop and give it over to God.
  • Angie
    I suffer from anxiety... ughhh it's awful. I'm always looking for advice and a fix for it. I've read a lot of books on it but this was the first book I've read that was about God and anxiety. Trust me.. I pray about it, but this book gives some specific scriptures to read and an entire section in the back of the book with a bible study on it. The study even includes meditations to read. I recently discovered a large online bible study called Prov...
  • Jerry
    Max Lucado hits it out of the park once again!
  • Leslie M.
    I’ve read a number of Lucado’s books, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. This book was a bit shorter than I expected (and I would’ve loved it to have been longer!), but there is so much information to be gained in it that I took my time reading it.The overall message of this book is based on what Paul said in Philippians 4:6: “Be anxious for nothing.” And if someone had a reason to be anxious, it was Paul! Yet, he was able to live in jo...
  • Danielle
    I grabbed Anxious for Nothing on a whim when I saw the lovely cover at my library. I expected a moving self-help book to help with my anxiety, instead I got a repetitious, mediocre story.Lucado repeated the same scripture while making the same point throughout the book. As I began each chapter, I expected something new and refreshing, but I didn't find it. I did enjoy how quickly it went by.On a side note, as a Catholic I caught on to some bitter...
  • Haley Arzt
    A++ I will definitely read this again and probably give it to 5 or 6 people for Christmas gifts.
  • Melissa
    Be Anxious for Nothing Philippians 4:6Max Lucado is one of my favorite authors and Pastor's. When I see any book by Max Lucado I must pick it up and read it. Anxiety is one of fastest growing disorders everyone at some point in their life has or have suffered from Anxiety. Some suffer daily others every once in awhile. Anxiety can take over our lives making us sick. Our body's go numb, our head spins, our chest tightens and hurts making us feel a...
  • Rose Smigell
    I remember when I was first diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (which also was not long ago) I was angry with God. I knew people suffered from it but, I automatically due to the severity of it blamed God and thought “what did I do to deserve this!” Now looking back, that was a normal reaction. I am glad I picked up this book because now after not being angry anymore, although sometimes I still get waves of anger, I can trust God more. We shou...
  • David Eiffert
    “We rest in him, find our nourishment in him. His roof of grace protects us from storms of guilt. His walls of providence secure us from destructive winds. His fireplace warms us during the lonely winters of life. We linger in the abode of Christ and never leave.”This is classic Max Lucado. I mean that in a good way. It's warm, heartfelt, and comforting for an anxious guy like me. Nothing mind-blowing or paradigm-shifting, just good reminders...
  • Holly
    There are so many things in life that we are anxious for! Our children, work, finances and all the what ifs that are floating in our minds on a daily basis. BUT if our focus is on God, all those anxieties become weakened as we draw closer to Him! We aren’t promised a life without pain sorrow and suffering, but we can ALL take comfort in knowing that we have the most amazing God cheering for us, leading us and blanketing us with His comfort and ...
  • Meg Cahill
    I loved the book. Sometimes Christians can be very hard on Christians that struggle with anxiety. Saying things such as, just pray more, or trust God more. This book is written from a perspective of understanding of those who struggle and key ways to overcome them by changing your thoughts and also meditating on Gods word.
  • Linda
    When you find the right book at exactly the right time. I so needed this today! So inspiring. I could and should listen to it every day. I feel like the author wrote it just for me. I worry about most of the things he mentioned. Very helpful and highly recommended for anyone who worries a lot or suffers from anxiety! I might have to buy it!
  • Becky
    FANTASTIC! I really needed this right now - my friend, who suggested it to me must have known that! The exact words I needed for the moment. Lucado is a master of taking the ordinary and making it Heavenly - challenging us to look upward and see the One who has it all under control.
  • Judy Collins
    Review to follow.
  • Kira Palmer
    This was a fast lovely book. My only concern is that sometimes it’s not a faith thing, it’s a medical thing. Certainly this book will help many, but there still is place for a good therapist and medication when needed.
  • Teresa Staton
    I chose this book because I was looking to try something different for devotion time with my children. My two oldest children (ages 12 and 10) often struggle with worry, and my hope was this book would be helpful for them. The way I approached sharing it with them was to personally read a chapter- highlighting the parts I thought would speak to them, and then reading the highlighted portions aloud to them. Max Lucado’s style is simple and fille...
  • Laura
    This book is wonderful.The title "Anxious For Nothing" isn't a gentle scold on being anxious for no reason. The book acknowledges that there are many things in life that cause us anxiety. Rather, the book is about trusting God in such a way that gives Him control over our anxieties and leaves us exactly that...anxious for nothing. "Because the Lord is near, we can be anxious for nothing."This is my first Max Lucado book, so I was a bit surprised ...
  • Anita
    Anxiety is defined as worry, nervousness or unease about an impending event or uncertain outcome. If anxiety is left unchecked, it can lead to disease. Max Lucado shares stories and wisdom based out of Philippians 4:6-7. We don’t have to worry and feel defeated about the uncertainties of life, we are to lift our requests to God and live in His peace. We shouldn’t dwell on yesterday, or worry for the future. Live today. This book came to my at...
  • Stacey Tilley
    It was really nice of Max Lucado to write this book especially for me. I wore out a yellow highlighter reading this book, only to realize it doesn't do any good to highlight all the text in a book! This is a book I may read annually because the words really spoke to my heart and I think the scriptures used and stories told from the author's experiences will truly change the way I perceive my day-to-day life. This is a keeper!UPDATE 1/28 - I have ...
  • Meg
    Is there a zero star option?I was unfamiliar with this author and picked up the book as a person of faith who found the title appealing.Let me sum up and save you the trouble: Lucado uses the Bible to shame and man-splain to you why your clinical anxiety disorder is invalid. Abandoned at 70% through during a diatribe about how God tells us how to avoid anxiety, and if you’re still anxious, you just aren’t listening closely enough.**Bonus!** I...
  • Amy
    There were so many inspirational and biblical points from this book, that I just want to post pages of the book around the house. I have been dealing with anxiety for several years and am slowly making progress with it and this book was just what I needed to keep me moving in the right direction!
  • Lynn Dickerson
    Max Lucado is my favorite Christian author. His message is always hopeful, written in a way that resonates with me. This was exactly what I needed to read as I begin a new year determined to turn over to God my worries that I can’t fix
  • Mary
    What a wonderful book for my life right now! When faced with so many things to stress about it can be so difficult to just stop and ask God for wisdom and help. This book gave so many real world tips and advice backed up with biblical truth.
  • Linda Harrison
    Great Find!An excellent reflection on Philippians 4! This study goes into more depth than other works by Max Lucado. The questions and meditations in the back of the book are quite helpful.
  • Brigitt
    Finding calmAnother great book by an author that spells it out clearly and concisely. This book is a keeper in my library to refer back to again and again.
  • Laura Green
    We really enjoyed this book together! A lot of great life reminders.