Solo by Kwame Alexander


When the heart gets lost, let the music find you.Blade never asked for a life of the rich and famous. In fact, he’d give anything not to be the son of Rutherford Morrison, a washed-up rock star and drug addict with delusions of a comeback. Or to no longer be part of a family known most for lost potential, failure, and tragedy. The one true light is his girlfriend, Chapel, but her parents have forbidden their relationship, assuming—like many...

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Release DateJul 25th, 2017
GenrePoetry, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Music, Fiction

Reviews Solo

  • C.G. Drews
    If I see a book about music = I MUST GO HITHER. Even if it's about rock 'n' roll which I'm going to admit I actually...hmm, no. But music is still music so I'm glad I read this one. Plus it's how music can heal and destroy which is such a truthful message. Even if my full opinion of rock 'n' roll is like let's put it inside a box and then put that box in another box and then mail it to ourselves and smash it with a hammer. ** points if you get th...
  • HFK
    The whole time I was reading Solo, I was thinking someone extremely talented, sexy and beautiful. Thinking was not enough though, I had to blast this extremely talented, sexy and beautiful out of my speakers with an addition of extra bass.That is probably due to all the Lenny Kravitz references Solo has that makes me picture our main character Blade Morrison as younger version of Lenny. And that ain't a bad thing. I mean is there anyone who does ...
  • Sesana
    Nicely written, but. Blade is every bit as self-absorbed as his parents, and never quite seems to realize that, even though it sucks that his mother is dead and his father is an addict, he's also privileged in that he has enough money to have virtually unlimited options in life and, more importantly, a family who is as loving and supportive as they are damaged. There's also a bit of a believability problem when it comes to his family secret: his ...
  • Kate Olson
    Thank you to the #kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book - all opinions are my own. SOLO is a rip-through-the-pages, can't-put-it-down poetic YA masterpiece. Told in text messages, song lyrics and conversations in verse, it tells the story of an alcoholic and addict rock star's son. Blade has been burned by his father time after time and is still actively mourning the death of his mother years before, when he receives life-changi...
  • Jodi Meadows
    I absolutely loved this book. It was so beautiful and moving, and I'm really happy I listened to the audio. Not only is Kwame an excellent writer, he's an amazing reader as well. I really fell into this story. There was so much passion and emotion behind the words: the way music heals, the force of family, and the magic of finding oneself. I can't wait to recommend this book to everyone.
  • Kim Clifton
    I think what gets me in Kwame Alexander's books is how relatable the characters are, even if their lives and interests are completely different from mine. This book, however, had characters who were so outlandish I found it hard to even want to care about them. I understand that the book is about Blade's self-discovery, but does he really need to travel halfway across the world to realize he's got a good thing at home? His sister calls him out on...
  • Bridget
    Kwame Alexander has a thing, poem (or in this case lyric) packed books with particular appeal to teenage boys. That is such a wonderful thing! The boys at my school lap up his books, he writes sport so beautifully and he has such great things to say to his audience, thing like, you can be great even if you are not the greatest at this one thing, it is ok to show weakness, you don't have to be That Guy all the time - you can be you and it will be ...
  • Amanda
    4.5 stars. This was fantastic. I highly recommend the audio (available on hoopla) read/sung by the author.
  • Amy Nicole
    This book was all over the place, just like my feelings towards it. I loved The Crossover, but this book seemed to be overly dramatic with the plot. I didn't connect with these characters much at all because they felt much more like caricatures instead of genuine people. Positives & Negatives - + I love the way real songs are scattered throughout the book. I pulled them up and listened to them while reading and it made for a really interesting ex...
  • Gerardo Delgadillo
    Phew. What a ride. I listened to the audiobook and, man, it's SO good. Highly recommended.
  • Lata
    Enjoyed this story of a young man dealing with his father’s addictions and other pressures, as well as lingering grief over his mother’s death years earlier. Blade’s family is famous and wealthy, thanks to his father’s music career, so Blade has a level of comfort and privilege in his life, giving him time and the means to travel to Ghana when a long held family secret comes to light. Blade is grieving and confused and angry when he arriv...
  • Patrick
    Loved it. Prose. Poetic. Beautiful. A son. A father. Rock and Roll. Addiction. Africa. Finding home and family...
  •  ✨ Dianna ✨ (mylifeasannaidreading)
    3.75/5 stars Solo tells the story of seventeen-year-old Blade Morrison, the son of rock superstar Rutherford Morrison. He's kind of have a lot going on his hands, like trying to juggle sneaking with his girlfriend (her parents hate him) and keeping up life with his father and his many addictions. Paparazzi bombard his life one embarrassing news of his father after another, making their family a tabloid laughingstock. Blade can barely keep up, wh...
  • Lorrea - WhatChaReadin'?
    Blade Morrison has reached a pivotal point in his life. He's graduating from high school, about to turn eighteen and has his whole life in front of him But with a famous father who is always in the media and a girlfriend whose parents can't stand you, it's hard to find your place. When Blade discovers something about his past, it will change his future forever. Set on two continents, inspired by rock and roll, and written in poetic verse Solo is ...
  • Amanda - Cover2CoverMom
    Feelings in a few thoughts: YA book in poetic verse ¤ the writing in parts of this book were absolutely stunning, but not as much in others - made the flow of the book feel messy ¤ I feel like this book would be appealing to teenage boys - which isn't always easy to do ¤ I enjoyed the second half of the book much more than the first - especially when Blade arrives in Ghana ¤ really enjoyed how rock music is such a big part of the book ¤ aud...
  • Miss Nuding C8B
    If you're looking to learn how to effectively narrate through verse, Kwame Alexander is your man. His writing style is like no other and you can hear his voice through the words on the page.This wasn't my favorite story line, and I found myself getting frustrated with Blade's dramatic character quite often throughout the book. Kwame's writing is what pushed the story along, though.
  • Krista Regester
    Kwame Alexander sure does have a way with words. This book was much different then what I thought it would be, and I am SO glad that I read it. Blade is not exactly the average teenager but his experiences definitely have a familiar tone. As he matures in age and mind he discovers that not everything revolves around him and his small world.
  • Kristy K
    4.5 StarsKwame Alexander can write a novel in verse better than anyone. He has those gut-punching moments interspersed with comedy and his characters are incredibly relatable.
  • Mimona masarwi
    Honestly, in the end, I got really confused! The book is unquestionably is written nicely."Blade" the main character, his emotions and his thoughts were portrayed too real, that anyone will get from where he is coming, yet the book doesn't really have a lot of stressful points. There were some turning points here and there, except I was curious if the last pages will have a more stressful event, but that was not the case!In the end, there were te...
  • Cassandra {semi-hiatus}
    "Life is a mountain, Youngblood. Nobody said the climb was gonna be easy. You gotta choose your route.Get your gear.Breathe.Clear your mind.And enjoy the journey." This was inspiring and feel good. Like all good books about music, add in a dash of finding yourself, and in this case, exploring the world around us. This was a snappy read (especially when you listen to the four hour long audiobook) so my review will probably reflect that.I have nev...
  • Joyce Yattoni
    If you like rock and roll this book is for you. A book in verse by one of my favorite authors, Kwame Alexander. Blade's story is one about heartache, disappointment, love. The author uses a rock and roll soundtrack to compare what Blade is going through in his life. An 18 year old who has a drunk for a father, lost his Mom then finds out he is really adopted and gets played by the "love" of his life. I enjoyed Blade's character. He is a very tale...
  • Susie
    I wanted to love this, like I loved The Crossover by this same author. Unfortunately, it just didn't meet my expectations.
  • Trevor
    Blade Morrison dislikes his life. In fact, it's pretty much safe to say he hates it. As soon as he graduates HS, he can't wait to leave his family behind. Coming from a "rockstar" family, including his father struggling to stay sober, & a sister who's trying to follow in her parent's footsteps, Blade would do anything to get away from them. Enter convenient plot lines! Blade finds out that *gasp* he's adopted. His wish has been granted, now all h...
  • Ashley Holstrom
    Yes, yes, yes. I nearly missed my exit while I listened to this gorgeous book, read by the author. Blade Morrison is sick of living in the shadow of his rockstar dad, who has a tendency to ruin the good things in Blade's life lately. At just the right (or wrong?) time, a family secret comes out, and Blade travels across the world on a mission to find his roots. Solo is my first novel in verse, and oh me oh my, am I sold on this form.From the Best...
  • Rita Shaffer
    Listened to the audiobook and all I can say is WOW! Beautiful story, characters I connected to and meaningful message! Kwame reading is a definitely plus and at some points I couldn't tell where a new poem started. Definitely heard some "lines that make me linger" - anxious to open the print version and look at them more closely! This one is a little more mature that some of the other works by this author ...
  • Amy Leigh
    Soulful story of a 17 year old experiencing the ups and downs of life. Mature YA (16+) novel written in poetry format.
  • Eram Hussain
    "I'd trade the best years of my life For one hour of your time."This is the story of Blade whose father is a drug addict and hence causes trouble through out his life. Blade just wants to get into college and move away from this life. For a book about music, the lyrics of Blade's songs aren't really good. This book is written in verse and I really liked that but the story line wasn't strong enough. I disliked the plot between Chapel and Blade. It...
  • laura (bookies & cookies)
    A boy whose music and whose identity are closely intertwined.Listen to the audiobook to hear acoustic versions of the songs!
  • Lauren Murray
    I gave this an extra star because the audiobook included original song recordings.