The Bride of Ivy Green (Tales from Ivy Hill, #3) by Julie Klassen

The Bride of Ivy Green (Tales from Ivy Hill, #3)

Much has happened in idyllic Ivy Hill in recent months, and while several villagers have found new love and purpose, questions remain--and a few dearly held dreams have yet to be fulfilled.Jane Bell is torn. Gabriel Locke is back and has made his intentions clear. But Jane is reluctant to give up her inn and destine another man to a childless marriage. Then someone she never expected to see again returns to Ivy Hill. . . .Mercy Grove has lost her...

Details The Bride of Ivy Green (Tales from Ivy Hill, #3)

TitleThe Bride of Ivy Green (Tales from Ivy Hill, #3)
Release DateDec 4th, 2018
PublisherBethany House Publishers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Regency

Reviews The Bride of Ivy Green (Tales from Ivy Hill, #3)

  • Staci
    It was lovely to visit Ivy Hill again. The second book of the series left relationships unresolved and I really wanted an HEA for more than one character in the series conclusion.While I adore Jane, it was Mercy's story line that pulled me in the most in this third novel. Her cold and rude sister-in-law Helena is one of those characters that was beautifully penned. I didn't like her at all but loved the way Klassen described and used her in the n...
  • Loraine
    This conclusion to the Tales from Ivy Hill once again returns us to the English town of Ivy HIll and the ladies of this town. Jane and Rachel are happily married. Mercy and Aunt Matty are stuck living with Mercy's brother and his new bride who isn't fond of the situation at all. And Madam Victorine has come to town to open a dress shop and brings a hint of mystery with her. I loved that the focus was on Mercy in this book. She has lost her school...
  • Beth
    This is a beautiful, satisfying conclusion to the Ivy Hill series, one that I both dreaded ending yet couldn't read fast enough to see what happened to my friends. While I am very attached to Jane and loved seeing her story continue here, I was thrilled to see Mercy, who I consider to be the other main character, get so much page time here. Her story is just so lovely and endearing, and after a lot of heartache, it was good to see her happiness. ...
  • Kellyn Roth
    I'll post my official review later, but for now, this rant will have to do. :P (There will be no spoilers; I'll just rant without meaning. I realize it's not launched yet.)Now, I hate, hate, HATE those readers who are like, "I KNOW HOW THE BOOK SHOULD HAVE ENDED AND THE AUTHOR WHO SLAVED ENDLESS HOURS OVER THIS BOOK DOESN'T SO LET ME TELL YOU HOW I HATED THE ENDING."I don't want to be that person! And yet the author, to me, left such major things...
  • Jill
    I'm really not much of a series reader, but I love Julie Klassen's writing style. I have loved every minute I have spent in Ivy Hill. The characters and setting are charming. This series is the ultimate comfort reading for me. This entry wrapped everything up nicely. I would love to spend more time with these characters. I'm really sad to see them go. I would recommend this series to lovers of quiet, cozy novels and Regency era fiction. Make sure...
  • Sarita
    This is a series I would recommend to read in order, and also close together, due to certain aspects continuing from one book to the other and all the various characters involved.This was a beautiful and heartwarming conclusion to the series. I really loved that the main focus of this story was on Mercy. She found herself quite in an uneasy situation with her horribly nose-in-the-air sister-in-law coming to town. I enjoyed where her journey took ...
  • Sophia
    The third and final installment in the Tales From Ivy Hill bring things to a head for Mercy, Jane, and other residents of Ivy Hill Village. I've been with this story since the beginning and was eager to see how things wrapped up for several favorite characters. So much was going on that it got off to a sluggish start, but by the end I was flipping pages quickly to a satisfying end.The Bride of Ivy Green is the conclusion of a gently-paced ongoing...
  • Ginnie
    Too slow at time, picked up in the middle, then too much detail and too sentimental at the end. A little disappointed because I had been looking forward to this book for a year. Klassen's books don't usually drag so much.
  • Tammie
    Much has happened in idyllic Ivy Hill in recent months, and while several villagers have found new love and purpose, questions remain--and a few dearly held dreams have yet to be fulfilled. This is the last book in the Tales From Ivy Hill trilogy and I was looking forward to reading it all year. I didn't like this one quite as much as the two previous books in the trilogy. It seemed like there was less time spent on each character which was proba...
  • Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
    This was a very satisfying conclusion to the "Tales from Ivy Hill" series. I was happy to dive back into the lives of the characters. The book ended up just as I hoped it would.There is not one but two brides in this story. Jane and Mercy finally have their lives come together and find love and happiness. Both women at different points in the series faced uncertainty with their livelihood as well as personal issues. There are a few new faces that...
  • Anne
    This entire series moved at a very gentle pace, sometimes a little too gentle. But at the same time, each book was filled with many varied story threads, all woven together seamlessly. There's drama, intrigue, and excitement, but it's always very genteel and elegant, just like the era in which it is set. If I had any complaint, it would be that I would really like to have a little more insight into the individuals' thoughts and emotions. The book...
  • Lucy
    This is book three in Tales of Ivy Hill and you should read them in order so you are familiar with the characters and events. In this conclusion to my ladies of Ivy Hill I was surprised by some of the twists that didn’t turn out as expected but were done in Klassen style. I loved Joseph Kingsley and his acts of love towards Mercy. Words are easy to speak but gifts from the heart and acts of kindness speak volumes louder than the spoken word. At...
  • Susan Snodgrass
    'Mercy reminded herself that God did not promise ease and happiness in this life. But He did promise peace and joy, and she was determined to hold on to both, somehow.'I have sincerely looked forward to Julie Klassen's final of her Tales from Ivy Hill series. I certainly have thoroughly enjoyed reading each book. In fact, I have read all her books, not just this series, and have never been disappointed in one of them.Mercy Grove has lost her prec...
  • Deon
    This series should be read in order.
  • Pamela
    This is the third book of The Ivy Hill Trilogy.. Please read them in order. Ivy Hill is a hamlet, or a small village, with a few of the Ton summer homes, a coaching Inn , and other needed shops for a very small town . The book circles around several key ladies, their lives disappointments, and good times, as well as love interest, and how it treats them There is also a social group of ladies that help each other out, because they all make, thing...
  • Kav
    I am a frazzled mess of euphoric bliss and abject misery because, while this was a spectacular conclusion to the Tales of Ivy Hill series, it is also the last book! Gulp. Ever. Like in never getting to armchair travel there again. And though this delectable, multi-romanced story charmed me into a flummox of heart-palpitating delight there's a niggling pain deep down inside my heart because it's really and truly over! Forever! Did I say that alrea...
  • Anna
    I loved this third book in the Ivy Hill series. Although I suspect this may be the final book in the series, I sincerely hope that Julie Klassen will revisit Ivy Hill in the future. She has created a wonderful cast of characters that I would be happy to see again and again.I was glad I had read the last two books in succession, and wished I had read all three within a shorter amount of time. It took a little while to recall all the characters' st...
  • Elizabeth
    This was a beautiful conclusion to this beautiful series :) Jane, Mercy, Rachel, and their families and friends have a special place in my heart now along with many more of Julie Klassen's characters. This volume brought Mercy's story particularly into focus and I loved it! What a character she is. Everyone needs a Mercy in their life! I wouldn't mind a Joseph Kingsley either, to be honest. That said, I wanted more on Mercy and Joseph in this one...
  • Lynne
    This last entry in the Ivy Hill trilogy was a sweet and gently told finale to the series, wrapping up loose ends in a satisfying manner. My only regret was the introduction of several new characters without really giving them any depth, due to lack of space and time. I would have much preferred seeing them appear in the previous book and then expanded in this one. That said, Julie Klassen always writes an interesting and heartwarming tale, giving...
  • Jennifer Fluegge
    I have loved every book in this series - they do have a slower pace in general, but I have loved following the lives of the people of Ivy Hill, seeing how their stories intertwine and how the people new to town slowly make their place and become accepted by the people. I wouldn't say it's a fast read, but an enjoyable one by one of my favorite authors.
  • Jennifer
    So this one took me awhile to get back into. I’d forgotten the characters and I was quite lost. I felt like I was drawn to Mercy the most and hated everything that was happening to her. And poor Jane....Would she ever have a child...As the story progressed there was a lot of twists and turns. It did drag a little and I did wonder if all my questions would be answered. They were! And there was at least two HEA! ❤ So this one took me awhile t...
  • Kristina
    The Bride of Ivy Green by Julie Klassen takes us back to February 1821 in Ivy Hill, Wiltshire, England. Mercy Grove and her aunt, Matilda are preparing for the arrival of hew newly married brother, George and his society bride, Helena. Mercy was forced to close her school and have the lending library move to a new location in anticipation of the new occupants. She misses Alice who she wished to adopt until her biological father and hotelier, Jame...
  • Becky
    First sentence: Mercy Grove could no longer put off the painful task.If you enjoyed The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill and The Ladies of Ivy Cottage, you are definitely going to read the third book in the series, The Bride of ivy Green. The only complaint I have is that I think it should have been called the BRIDES of Ivy Hill instead.This historical romance series by Julie Klassen is set in a small English village, Ivy Hill. The series follows the romant...
  • Rachael
    At last, all the heroines of Ivy Hill finally attain their dreams, whether having old dreams rebuilt or new ones developed (sometimes in ways I didn't expect). In the first two books it felt like more was at stake, but this one provides the satisfying conclusion to the series that I've been waiting for. (But if you haven't read the first two, I can't imagine this one would be nearly so enjoyable for you, so be sure to read them first!)I have felt...
  • Amy
    Conclusion to the Tales of Ivy Green Series. This book brings a full contented wrap of the lives of three friends Jane, Rachel & Mercy. Each book has developed a little deeper and brought many characters into the mix. The entire village plays a part - and this unite clearly is written as if you could imagine any TV period drama series would play out. As expected there are diversions along the way for each of the main characters, enough to pad out...
  • Betty Strohecker
    Julie Klassen concludes her trilogy set in the fictional town of Ivy Hill, which was based on a real English village in Wiltshire in 1820-21. There are surprises for some main characters, not all happy, and a pleasant look at how life has unfolded for others. New characters were introduced in this last book, and I felt their story was rather rushed to get to a satisfactory ending. One pleasant surprise was the return of Jane's father with an inte...
  • Kelly Bridgewater
    With Julie Klassen's final book in her Tales from Ivy Hill series, The Bride of Ivy Green, the reader is taken back to the familiar roads, homes, and citizens of this little town outside London. With enduring characters and a lovely storyline, the plot enraptured my attention and kept me glued to the page. Klassen knows how to capture an audience with her attention to detail. Familiar characters from the first two books return, and readers should...
  • Misti
    In this final volume of the Tales from Ivy Hill, spinster Mercy Grove is feeling pushed out of her beloved home by her new sister-in-law. She takes a position as a governess, though that is a step down for her, but soon finds herself pursued by two men. Meanwhile, Jane Bell still struggles with her fears about marriage, and a newcomer to town attempts to hide from her past in order to make a fresh start.I’ve enjoyed this well-written inspiratio...
  • Kristine Morgan
    The Bride of Ivy Green is the delightful conclusion to Julie Klassen's Ivy Green trilogy. I enjoyed revisiting Ivy Green and catching up with lives of everyone there. With some new faces amongst the villagers, there is always something new going on. With several people of courting age who is going to be the bride? Ms. Klassen has created an enjoyable cast of characters that have grown throughout her trilogy. I would not mind seeing a fourth book....
  • Jennifer Deibel
    What a satisfying concluding to the Tales from Ivy Hill series by Klassen.It was so fun to return to Ivy Hill and reconnect with some of my favorite characters of all time. I was slightly concerened that they might grow dull during a third story of their lives, but Klassen deftly weaves an enchanting and irresistible story. Themes of identity, grace, and dreams left unrealized are threaded throughout and the characters are just as deep, rich, and...