The Killing Art (Kate McKinnon, #3) by Jonathan Santlofer

The Killing Art (Kate McKinnon, #3)

History and fiction collide with deadly consequences in the third Kate McKinnon novel—a story of bitter revenge, where the past invades the present and a decades-old secret proves fatalKate McKinnon has lived many lives, from Queens cop to Manhattan socialite, television art historian, and the woman who helped the NYPD capture the Death Artist and the Color Blind killer. But that's the past. Now, devastated by the death of her husband, Kate is ...

Details The Killing Art (Kate McKinnon, #3)

TitleThe Killing Art (Kate McKinnon, #3)
Release DateOct 31st, 2006
GenreMystery, Art, Thriller, Fiction, Crime, Mystery Thriller, Suspense

Reviews The Killing Art (Kate McKinnon, #3)

  • Πάνος Τουρλής
    Το τρίτο βιβλίο της σειράς με πρωταγωνίστρια την πρώην αστυνομικό Κέιτ Μακίνον, μετά τον Καλλιτέχνη του Θανάτου και τα Χρώματα στο σκοτάδι, είναι το καλύτερο μέχρι στιγμής. Αυτήν τη φορά η Μακίνον έχει να αντιμετωπίσει έναν παράφρονα που καταστρ...
  • Sofia Oliveira
    Este livro começou por ser uma desilusão. Andou de mala em mala durante três meses até que desisti de forçar a leitura e o coloquei de lado. Sou apologista de que nem sempre é altura para ler um livro e, apesar de me apetecer ler um policial, Jonathan Santlofer não estava a conseguir cativar a minha atenção. Isso aliado às sucessivas interrupções na leitura levaram a que me perdesse na história e lesse algumas outras pelo caminho.Com...
  • Mónica Silva
    Opinião no blog http://howtoliveathousandlives.blogsp...Este é um policial diferente, original, uma lufada de ar fresco. O autor combina o crime com a arte, a resolução de um mistério com a análise de grandes artistas. Santlofer dá grande destaque aos artistas da Escola de Nova Iorque, como Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Gorky, Philip Zander. Mesmo para quem não entende muito do mundo da arte, este livro é muito interessante e educativo.O...
  • Jyotsna
    Actual Rating: 3.5 starsFor a person who knows nothing about art (except Monalisa) this book comes as an eye opener describing the world of art. How art schools seem to just happen, how an art circle works, what is a actually and artist's style, etcetera. I learnt a lot regarding the World of Art through this book.Pros:1. The plot is intriguing2. I really don't know much about the art school in New York, but this book has made me curious about th...
  • Jesús Cardeña Morales
    Aunque creo que la protagonista tiene un imán en el culo para atraer asesinos que vayan a por ella personalmente (eso le quita mucha verosimilitud al relato), el asesino se descubre desde la primera vez que aparece (o yo soy muy listo, que no va a ser el caso...)He de decir que este libro ha superado a los dos anteriores sólo por una cosa: es que el autor ha ilustrado la historia con los cuadros que el asesino va dejando como pistas, y eso es d...
  • Linda Branham Greenwell
    Santlofer does it again, with this chilling third installment to his Death Artist series. Kate is recovering from the death of her husband Richard, re-shaping her life from the life of luxury they shared. She is working on a TV show and a book on the New York School of artists Pollack, de Kooning, Kline and Gorky. Their paintings are being slashed--in a museum, a law office, and in homes.One of her fiends has a Franz Kline that is slashed in his ...
  • Steve
    The Killing Art is one of those books that you just can't put down. It's a great murder mystery with plenty of action, twists, and turns that keep you guessing until the very end.The story follows Kate McKinnon, a former police officer who now hosts an art history show on PBS. When a painting that she donated to a museum is destroyed by an unknown attacker, she gets involved in the case. As the trend continues, several more paintings are destroye...
  • Leonardo Navarro
    Un libro para amantes del arte en New York. Es bueno leer autores no tan conocidos, y de temáticas que casi no se ven. No es un libro de acción, y ni sé dónde quedó el misterio, la intriga y los sentimientos hacia los personajes. Son personajes muy complicados en una trama más complicada aún. No imagino qué hubiese sido de éste libro sin los dibujos que se encuentran a lo largo de la lectura. Salvado únicamente por su forma de escribir:...
  • Writerlibrarian
    This was my post New York book. Kate McKinnon gets tangled in the investigation of a serial slasher of modern art. Not any modern art. New York school artists artworks are targeted. De Kooning, Pollock, etc. Set in the New York art scene, this whodunit is fun and full of wonderful clues and you discover the history of the New York school artists at the same time. Made me go and order a book on the period. Then again, I enjoy modern art. I sat in ...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    I picked this up as a galley at ALA back in 2005. I guess the author is more known as an artist. This is a mystery set in the art world, where art from the “New York School” of painters is being destroyed and also the people who own the art. The characters were interesting and I loved the unique art throughout the book. I might try reading his other two mysteries, that also feature the character of Kate.
  • Noelia
    Al principio el libro puede llegar a ser un poco tedioso, pero asomándose a la mitad comienza la acción y ahí es cuando nos adentramos a la historia. Es el primer libro que leo del genero policial y me gusto mucho. El autor supo manejar el misterio y nuestro "rajador" de sobremanera haciendo que en cada capitulo al lector se le creen mas preguntas! sin duda hay que darle una oportunidad. De fácil lectura y muy informativo sobre el mundo de Ar...
  • Mim
    This was one of my quick read, vacation type books. I liked the art world connections, and had recently seen the photograph of the 1950s artists mentioned in the book. I'll start another, maybe the first one he wrote, since I read this out of order. Not that it seemed to matter.
  • Huntress Ayin
    If you're a fan of thrillers and suspense novels, you shouldn't miss that book. The Killing Art is full of twist and turns that will eventually tickle your mind. If you wanted to be a secret agent, Kate's deciphering skills might help you out. MUST READ!
  • Salvador Daniel
    Este libro me gustó mucho en cuanto a la trama pero para ser sinceros esperaba otro final.
  • Babete
    Policial com pistas em obras de arte, original e interessante!
  • Jose
    Opinião no blog:
  • Mallory
    The artworks are the clues in the mystery and reproductions are provided for the reader!
  • Julie
    Loved the book kept me guessing right up to the end.