Extreme Measures (Mitch Rapp, #11) by Vince Flynn

Extreme Measures (Mitch Rapp, #11)

The latest pulse-pounding thriller by #1 "New York Times" bestselling phenomenon Vince Flynn explodes onto the scene with a deadly and charismatic hero fans will cheer for all the way to the last riveting page.Vince Flynn's thrillers, featuring counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp, have dominated the imagination of readers everywhere. Time and again, Flynn has captured the secretive world of the fearless men and women, who, bound by duty, risk t...

Details Extreme Measures (Mitch Rapp, #11)

TitleExtreme Measures (Mitch Rapp, #11)
Release DateOct 21st, 2008
PublisherAtria Books
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery

Reviews Extreme Measures (Mitch Rapp, #11)

  • Richard
    7/10Mitch Rapp takes on terrorism and another evil monstrosity. Politicians. Yuck, they’re just the worst. Terrorist aren’t that cracking either. Who will win the day? This wasn’t a normal Mitch Rapp outing in that the action took a back seat for the majority of the novel and placed more focus on the battle that he and the CIA have on convincing the politicians that there methods shouldn’t be questioned as they get results and that people...
  • Rodger
    This one is a page turner. It is hard to put down. A third terrorist cell is on its way to the US. Can Rapp and Nash intercept them or will the senate judiciary committee chairman have her way and toss our heroes in the clink, for using extreme measures? This may help explain the somber look on Obama's face when he exited his first briefing with the president. He needs our prayer because while the book is fiction, the issues are not.
  • G.H. Eckel
    This novel is a thinly veiled argument for the necessity of torturing prisoners, which made the book difficult for me to read. I think I'd probably sit on the opposite side of the aisle from Vince Flynn. So, reading about something repugnant, like torture, was torturous reading. Yet I continued. Here's why.Flynn's writing style is rich and fluid. His characters are generally well drawn. So, I admired the book for its writing. And he does an inter...
  • Ed Armstrong
    I just finished this book by Vince Flynn. It's only the second of his books I've read, both being "Mitch Rapp" stories. I enjoyed this one and I'm sure for those who have read many of Flynns books starring Mitch Rapp, this one follows along a similar pattern. I guess what I enjoyed most (and I don't usually enjoy "preaching" in stories) is the obvious opinion of our current national attitudes towards the "War on Terror." The current administratio...
  • Tim
    Another disappointing novel from this used to be good author. I was a Mitch Rapp fan, but this latest rendition reeks. The first half of this story should have been edited out. Then, there would be no need for the torture, mayhem, death and Extreme Measures of crap. 1 of 10 stars.
  • Sam
    Fox News fan fiction. We are treated to several long speeches from characters explaining the virtues of "enhanced interrogation" and a short story about a schoolyard fight as an analog for the justified use of violence. Throughout the book, women are constantly screwing everything up with their dumb womanly ideas and the men have to come in and save the day by punching some stuff. At one point Rapp even says something like "your mom doesn't under...
  • Kathy
    I quite enjoy Flynn's books featuring Mitch Rapp. He's the literary equivalent to Jack Bauer - he does the dirty work that no one wants to acknowledge but it's to protect us all.While Rapp is a prominent character in this book, the focus is on Mike Nash. Nash also does secret stuff for the CIA but he's trying to balance his job with raising a young family. His wife doesn't quite know or understand what he does which makes it even more challenging...
  • Jim
    In a world full of dime-a-dozen thriller writers who specialize in cardboard characters, cheesy dialogue, over-the-top action and plot choices that are beyond ridiculous, Vince Flynn reminds me once again that it's entirely possible to write (or read) a thriller without turning off one's brain first. There are no shoot-outs here where the hero kills 50 people with five bullets while dodging 100 rounds aimed at him. There are no stupid villains wh...
  • karl
    I enjoy Flynn's CIA/terrorist novels. The 400+ pages flew by in less than 2 days. This is his latest book, and I was happy to see my friend England still is the Secretary of Defense in this book (he paid to be in the last one!). The hero continues to be Mitch Rapp, who works in a clandestine group inside the CIA. Liberal politicians and bureaucrats concerned about human rights and dignity are out to hinder/stop the clandestine group from doing it...
  • Paul Pessolano
    Vince Flynn just keeps getting better with every book he writes. His character, Mitch Rapp, continues to make the reader want a man like him in our covert operations.Mitch again breaks all the rules, and you know you love him for it. He is attempting to get vital information from high ranking members of the Taliban. They have been apprehended by the United States and are being held on a United States Air Force Base. Mitch and his partner, Mike Na...
  • Anthony
    Vince Flynn’s Extreme Measures, his latest addition to a prolific collection of Spy Thriller novels, is not a bad read, but it is not his best. Based on the five Flynn novels I have read to date I have arrived upon a working hypothesis for choosing the best books from his collection. Take a look at the author photo on the back of the dust jacket. If the photo shows an unassuming guy you’d imagine having over for a barbeque with his wife and k...
  • Toni Osborne
    Mitch Rapp, book 9Having read all of his novels, there is no doubt Vince Flynn is one of my favourite authors. This latest thriller features Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash fighting one more battle against terrorism.This is a very addictive series that captures the secretive world of the fearless men and women risking their lives in covert operations hidden from the scrutiny of their political leaders. This story starts with the CIA detecting and interc...
  • Donna
    Current events thriller Mitch Rapp is a continuing character in the Vince Flynn series. I am currently librarian in a prison and this is a very popular series with the male inmate population so I thought I would try one. Except for the language which is sad to say prevalent these days in movies and lots of best sellers and is to be expected with CIA, FBI, Congress and terrorists, this is a page-turner - top notch entertainment. Lead characters su...
  • Mark Sturgell
    Vince Flynn obviously seeks to prove a point with Extreme Measures, the latest entry in his thoroughly enjoyable Mitch Rapp series. This is my least favorite in the series, by far. This book explores the politics of violence related to terrorism and our country's response to terrorism, yet relies more on personal angst and interpersonal dialogue of the characters and less on action than his previous Rapp stories. Certainly, we have mixed emotions...
  • Jon
    Three and a half stars. Less action than previous installments. Introduces new character, Mike Nash. Spends too much time on Mike's domestic issues, always my least favorite part of a Flynn novel. Rapp spends most of the book under investigation. Heats up at the end to segue into next book .
  • Clay
    I have this theory that Vince Flynn novels are basically romance novels for men. Now, hear me out. Your typical blouse ripper is the epitome of vicarious experience, guilty pleasure reading. Many ladies (and some guys) get a thrill from reading the exploits of their stoic yet vulnerable heroine pursuing the tall, dark and handsome tough guy who wears his bad-boy nature on his sleeve but has a hidden romantic streak just waiting to be unleashed. I...
  • ElaineY
    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK, NOVEMBER 28, 2015Narrator: George GuidallThis installment kept me up till 3am and as soon as it ended, I went straight to the next book, Pursuit of Honor, which picks up where Extreme Measures leaves off.There were times when I felt like I was following an 80s primetime soap called 'CIA' but that's not a complaint, just something I noted as it wasn't all just terrorists or Rapp falling for another stupid cow. This time Flynn ...
  • Criticalmick
    Extremely Silly"Team America: World Police" had more realistic baddies than this Mitch Rapp whack-a-thon. (Team America is a movie from the creators of South Park. It is acted by puppets.)Though slightly more entertaining than picking my nose while stuck in traffic, Extreme Measures can't really be called a novel. It's polemic, pushing the idea that the CIA should be allowed to do anything it wants, wherever it wants because America's enemies are...
  • William
    ebookFlynn again chooses a plot that tends to bring home the problems that we have with our current military conflict. I don't see this ending soon. This is a different conflict that is not going to end with an armistice or surrender. i.e. Under Democratic leadership, we dropped a whole lot of explosives on the peoples of Indo China. But to my knowledge, the victims have never brought revenge to the USA.My main thoughts while reading this is abou...
  • Rob Smith, Jr.
    I really don't know why I don't give this a solid 5 stars. It is just tremendous. The plot is very involved yet succinctly written. I read this over two weeks while flying from state to state, finishing large projects, plus driving around and finishing other projects and getting day to day stuff done. A chaotic two weeks. Yet, I could pick up this book and not be lost. The problem came as I closed in on the ending and couldn't put it down.It is t...
  • Corey
    Even though Extreme Measures focuses on Mitch Rapp's War on Terror like in the previous installments, this one focuses more on the Political aspects minus Rapp being in the field beating up the bad guys.Mitch Rapp joins forces with friend, colleague, and new-comer to the series Mike Nash, an Ex-Marine and elite operative. The CIA has captured 2 terrorist cells, but a third is believed to still be at large, run by a sadistic mastermind known as Ka...
  • Alan Marston
    Vince Flynn does it again, or, rather, his creation, Mitch Rapp does. Flynn always manages to create credible terrorists, whose twisted sense of revenge, heroism and martyrdom, leads them into ever more complicated attempts to damage the US or the Great Satan that they term that country. As usual there are politicians and others, some of them members of the military, who wish to curtail Rapp's activities. In this novel they e3ven bring him before...
  • Jeffrey
    Entirely predictable Vince Flynn novel which involves a terrorist raid on America and the efforts of Rapp to make the stupid politicians understand that extreme measures to stop terrorists were necessary to save human life. As an action novel, the book was decent not great but fast moving. As a thriller this is clearly not one of FLynn's gestHowever, FLynn's efforts to show how stupid politicians are that do not understand what the efforts of our...
  • Benjamin Thomas
    Say what you want about these Mitch Rapp books but you can always count on them to be page turners. No it's not going to win any serious literary prizes but I don't read them expecting that. This one has less anti-terrorist action than most of Vince Flynn's books and more political discussion, especially about the controversial topic of "enhanced interrogation techniques". It's funny to watch reviewers line up on one side of that political debate...
  • KarenC
    Mitch Rapp to the rescue again. I was about to say a "one-man army," but this time he has some significant help from his friend Mike Nash, family man.I liked this book the least of all by this author that I've read. It had more propaganda supporting torture, or as Mitch & Dick Cheney would put it, "enhanced interrogation methods," or "extreme measures," to pry information from suspected terrorists than Flynn's previous works. In the fictional wor...
  • Jerome
    I must remember that the mark of the politico-military potboiler is a lurid depiction of the U.S. capitol on the dust jacket, generally dominated by other, enormous, capitals conveying the author's name. Predictable.The characters were shallow,the story disjointed. Lots of boring dialouges about the government's incompetence. Mitch Rapp is having problems with politicians on Capitol Hill...AGAIN, he's torturing terrorists...AGAIN, the bad guys ha...
  • Karalee
    This is the ninth book in the Mitch Rapp series. Although the subject matter (America's war on terror) remains the same, the focus of the book is a little different than past Rapp installments. This book is a little more focused on the political side of the story rather than the hard-core action and suspense from earlier books, although it does contain some of both and has a really explosive ending. At first, I kept thinking "when will the action...
  • Naddy
    After reading American Assassin my expectations were really high It took me a while to understand or rather figure out what exactly it is extreme in this book. The plot of EXTREME MEASURES is Mitch and Mike Nash collaborating to extract information from two terrorist leaders. Mitch and Mike fear there is a third cell trying to wreak havoc on American soil. Their goal is to stop the cell before it can reach the designated target, but in the mid wa...
  • Kenny Bellew
    This is book 11 in this series, and, frankly, the story line seems like a regurgitation of several parts of previous books in the series. This would be a great book, if it was book 3 or 4, but its the same old story about interdepartmental conflicts, the average person not understanding what it takes to fight terrorism, and a ticking-bomb-like scenario. Again, it's a fine read...unless you've read the previous 10 books in the series (IMHO).
  • Melissa
    Review to come...