Monstress #9 by Marjorie M. Liu

Monstress #9

A terrible force rises from the heart of the sea, intent on consuming Maika-and the monster inside her.

Details Monstress #9

TitleMonstress #9
Release DateDec 28th, 2016
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Monstress #9

  • Mitticus
    Almost forget how oustanding is the art in the series. Almost. What a wolf teach her pups but teeth and hunger? And I didn't get before the 'relatives'. Let me say: Wow, and 'poor Maiko' (view spoiler)[ mommies issues doesn't cover all (hide spoiler)]How many monsters are in this serie anyway?And the journey continues...
  • Shannon
    Nooooo I need moooorrre.
  • Diana
    And it keeps the pace.One of the things I like a lot about this series, apart from the strong female leads, is the fact that it presents you with a collision of differents worlds/characters and everythings just fits so seamlessly... it's amazing.
  • ezra's mischief
    You didn't make me in your image. You made me into something worse.Did I matter to you? Please let that me true, no matter what I find in this place. I'd follow that possibility anywhere.
  • Akylina
    The art is gorgeous as always, but there wasn't much progress in terms of plot in this issue.
  • Amanda Comi
    The issues are definitely reading much more smoothly and much faster now that we're focused on one set of characters for most of the issue. I think the creators have hit a great pace and style and the possibility of reading this book for another 3 years sounds more like fun than like homework. There were some weak points in the first arc where I was worried.
  • MerryMeerkat
    4 StarsBuy itThe art is impeccable as always. However I found the first half of the issue confusing. The second half was better. Still worth reading but I really should be reading them in graphic Novel format.
  • Sarah
    Just when I think the art can't get any better! And holy fuck the story! But OH MY GODS the art!! AND THE STORY!AND THE ART! I love Monstress with every fiber of my being!!
  • Amanda at Nerdification Reviews
    Lately I feel like more and more people have been reading and praising Monstress and I couldn't be happier.I feel like this series is one which might bring more readers into the world of comics.The plot in this issue had me wondering if we would finally get answers in the next issue. Maika's character has really been made to wait for the answers she seeks for the bulk of this series & now that she seems to have a firm grasp on her predicament I t...
  • Tim Nowotny
    I am really looking forward to the island (and that this will not be an empty plot device).The factions move and everything seems to be around our protagonist. Everybody keeps their distance but exactly this tension makes for great storytelling.
  • Sara
    god this book is gorgeous.
  • Venus Maneater
    where Maika learns that she can be a little softer and still be a good mother.
  • Elena Pacheco Zaragoza
    Cada número se supera más
  • Gabriela
    I'm starting to think that I will not like the sirens... >.> By which I mean so say that I most certainly do not like the sirens!
  • Carolina Téllez
    "...smells more like charred ass"I love Ren's character and of course the little Kippa.
  • Natalie
    Ok even though this series confuses me a lot because there is so much going on they introduce all these fab-ass characters like MERMAIDS and shit and I'm like !!!!!!!!!! and also Kippa!!!!! i love Kippa so much. Protect Kippa.
  • Scott Whitney
    The story deepens and gets bloody, but the artwork is just as fantastic. Better than the previous installments.
  • Stephanie Cover2CoverBlog
    The endings of these comics are so nerve-wracking... I need to know what is going to happen, the endings are so good. I am still loving Maika's character and her companions are the best she could have. There is a lot still left to be uncovered in the series so I am still really enjoying it.In this issue we are still at sea but they are almost to their destination - Maika has to deal with a few issues along the way and there is a lot of scheming b...
  • Jason Lewis
    Monstress 9 arrived in the mail today and I saved it to be my last read of the year. Great way to finish the year! Monstress is gorgeous, kick-ass, introspective, and flawless. The arcanics in this one are mesmerizing. And number 10 promises intense mermaid action. I'm just gonna finish this year saying Monstress was hands down my favorite reading of 2016, except it was more like a monthly enchantment. In the words of Maika, to 2016, all we can s...
  • Peyton Banks
    With this issue Monstress has really found its stride. I think this is the first issue where the pacing was fast and satisfying, while the world-building continued to develop in a very deep way. While I have immensely enjoyed every issue in this series, this one may be the best yet. I can't wait for issue 10.
  • Jessica
    Gosh, this entire comic is worth reading just to admire how entirely cute Kippa is. I also like how, though Maika isn't necessarily likable as a person, I enjoy her as a character. The story continues to be interesting and the art continues to be beautiful. The sky is blue, what else is new?
  • Vincent Stoessel
    Absorbing story and great art makes it another great issue.
  • Monsour
    I know that wolves teach there cubs to fight, and that's natural for them. BUT men..Teaching them to fight and become a serial killer is way to hardcore
  • Carol
    Beautiful and dark! And what the hey is going on??