On A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

On A Sunbeam

An epic graphic novel about a girl who travels to the ends of the universe to find a long lost love, from acclaimed author Tillie Walden.Throughout the deepest reaches of space, a crew rebuilds beautiful and broken-down structures, painstakingly putting the past together. As Mia, the newest member, gets to know her team, the story flashes back to her pivotal year in boarding school, where she fell in love with a mysterious new student. When Mia g...

Details On A Sunbeam

TitleOn A Sunbeam
Release DateApr 21st, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Comics, Lgbt

Reviews On A Sunbeam

  • may ➹
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  • Alice Oseman
    I think this is probably now one of my favourite books ever.
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    Absolutely stunning.
  • David Schaafsma
    12/21/18: Just to say that thought I read this for a long time in web-comic format, I recommend the recently published paperback version I just got from the library. Some observations: I bet the (visual) tone of it is much darker than Walden intended. This is just something that struck me after reading the larger images online, that when the images were shrunk for the book format, they got darker, of course. But for a book with sun in the title, ...
  • E.
    Read here Preferably at 2am while curled up under blanket and contemplating existence. "I read that chapter you showed me. About how I should think of all the circuits and wires like they're roads. And that it's like one big map. Every part is unique, but they're all connected. I think I sorta get it . . ." Mia begins her adult life and gets a job in reconstruction with a small team which consist of two married women, a niece of one of them, an...
  • Leore
    3.5 stars. This graphic novel was gorgeously illustrated, with some lovely art of space that I just had to take a bunch of pictures of. I liked the f/f romance aspect of it and the way it was portrayed, but I felt I couldn’t really get attached to the characters very much and the plot wasn’t the most original. Would recommend picking this up though!
  • Calista
    From the author of Spinning which I loved. This is a story set in space in what feels like the future. Lots of imagination on display here with great new things. I love the spaceship which looks like a flying fish. I did have issue with this story. To me, the girls looked similar for the most part and I couldn't keep up who was who and what was going on. It was fairly confusing for me and I'm not entirely sure what just happened. Many things are ...
  • Miriam
    Nice art and good character development.I liked the first half, which is two stories five years apart connected by the main character. In one she is a rebellious school experiencing first love; in the other a recent graduate at her first job, restoring old buildings. In spaaaaace. In the middle the actual plot begins to emerge and I didn't find it very satisfactory in terms of any of the characters' motivations. And I am a little puzzled as to wh...
  • ellie
    if the word beautiful was a book, this would be it.
  • ⚔ Silvia ⚓
    This was so cute help
  • Dov Zeller
    Mia, a sometimes reckless young adult, struggles academically at a prestigious outer space boarding school, and graduates worrying she's come to a bit of a dead-end in her life. That changes when she is assigned work on a spaceship that rebuilds old structures all over the galaxy or universe (or multiverse?). This is where the story begins. Mia's life seems to be moving forward in a positive direction. School wasn't easy for her academically or, ...
  • Iris
  • Микола
    Цікаво, із чого складається манера оповіді у коміксі. Тіллі Вальден створює таку м'яку атмосферу засобами графіки, в тому числі й почерком у репліках, що навіть складні й гострі моменти сприймаються через ніжність.Це фантастика про космос і одноч...
  • Carlos
    I enjoyed this book a lot, the author was able to make the world the characters inhabit come alive, the graphics , the imagery all made this graphic novel stand out. The writing was simple but the story it portrayed was nuanced and once you started comprehending the backstory of each of the characters you could'nt stop cheering for them. The diversity shown and the fact that it focused on women didn't feel forced and at no point in the story it f...
  • Rod Brown
    This is a really good book. It may have been a great book if the first half hadn't been so slow and meandering. We flip back an forth between the protagonist, Mia, new member of a building restoration construction crew, and her time at boarding school five years earlier. We slowly get to know the characters in both settings, but it is also obvious that the author is withholding crucial information and the wait for the reveal starts feeling a litt...
  • Alexa
    This was an adorable webcomic where basically all the characters are queer girls/women + one nonbinary person. (The nonbinary person is misgendered at one point but it's immediately called out.)The art style and the colours were very dream-like, and most of the time it worked really well to give the comic a unique feel, but sometimes I was a little lost. Still, I loved figuring out how the two timelines in the comic are connected (and how all the...
  • musa b-n
    This was such a gorgeous and excellent book. The story is super compelling, and the characters are all really neat. There is also not a single man like anywhere, and that's neat, too. There are sad and scary parts!! But also happy parts!! I think probably all of my friends would really enjoy this book. I was really touched by its themes.
  • Lauren James
    The most beautifully drawn, imaginative graphic novel about space travel. Every page of this was just absolutely stunning, especially the fish spaceships.
  • Ignacio
    Este canto a la amistad, tierno y cálido, intercala dos historias: una de crecimiento alrededor de la relación de dos jóvenes durante su estancia en un internado edulcorado rollo Hogwarts, y la otra años más tarde cuando una de ellas entra a formar parte de un grupo de trabajadoras de la construcción. A mitad de camino entre la space opera y la fantasía, Walden entreteje y realimenta ambos relatos poniendo especial hincapié en las relacio...
  • Elizabeth A
    This young adult graphic novel has the tale unfold via two timelines, both of which hinge upon Mia. In the current timeline, Mia is on a spaceship with a crew that rebuilds broken down buildings. In the other timeline we have flashbacks of a pivotal year at boarding school. I should have loved this one. The entire universe seems to be populated by females, so there's none of that macho drama, though without Dads am not sure how we get new crops o...
  • aleks
    wow this was so wholesome my heart is fullAnd it was snowing while I was reading it I'm in love
  • Maia
    This book completely blew me away. I had already read and enjoyed other books by Tillie Walden, but this book exhibits her skills both as an artist and a writer at a completely new level. The pacing of the story, the style of the story, the plot and the emotions of the story are all braided into a completely seamless whole. Has anyone optioned the film rights for this story yet? I felt like I was hearing a soundtrack playing in my head as I read ...
  • Peacegal
    Thoughts:-I will admit to spending about the first quarter of this sci-fi graphic novel trying to figure out what was going on. Not a lot of time is spent on world-building, you just kind of have to pick things up as you go. In addition, there is a good deal of skipping around in time and I occasionally had difficulty telling the characters apart. -There is a lot of emotion in this one, and I think it would especially appeal to teenagers or peopl...
  • Scarllet ✦ Underrated Lit Warrior
    you do not understand how much the found family trope means to me. my heart is full. will i write a real review later? maybe, but i feel happy i've read this one.
  • Bryan
    "If a 20 year old lesbian from Texas decided to make a science-fiction book"That's a direct quote from the author when asked how to describe "On A Sunbeam" on a more recent podcast (Comics Alternative) promoting this book.Speaking of podcasts, this is how I discovered Tillie Walden. She just happened to always be a guest on various podcasts I subscribed to and I always enjoyed listening to her talk about her work and other things. One thing I did...
  • Vanessa (splitreads)
    This is really beautiful and incredibly imaginative. Walden can draw otherworldly ships and buildings no problem. She can draw adorable girls and women and the coloring is so *pretty*. But I seem to have issues with her storytelling (both here and in Spinning). Sometimes it's hard to tell the crew apart and we don't really get the explanations I thought we would get during the final action / climax of the story. I think in general Walden's charac...
  • Annie
    I am in love with these beautiful queer girls (and Ell) and their fish spaceships. Tillie Walden’s art is incredibly beautiful and the use of color is as thoughtful as it is gorgeous. How brilliant of her to use color to establish timelines and signal character developments and shifts in relationships! I would like to go live in the fish spaceship now. If I cannot join a lesbian space family, I will maybe just paint my house the colors of this ...
  • caravaggion
    might this be the one work that finally opens my eyes n catapults me out of my art block that has lasted for 4 years now? ye it might bihthis was so beautiful i am speechless, as usually when faced with a breathtakingly good work i am simply unable to put into words how much i enjoyed itthe artstyle is extremely beautiful and the story is unlike anything ive ever read before, its so unique and lovely, soft and beautiful, sad yet incredibly full o...
  • Acqua
    This was beautiful and... overwhelmingly quiet, the kind of quiet that haunts you.A soft f/f story in space, featuring fish spaceships, restoration of old buildings floating in space, fox ghosts, and an all-queer cast. The art style is gorgeous.But there's something about this story that made me feel so tired. Not as in, I'm tired of this kind of story, because we really need stories about queer found families (including a non-binary character) i...
  • ashley c
    Amazing art, beautiful story. My second graphic novel and I think I'm doing well in the graphic novel aspects of my reading journey. I read this at 1 am on a weeknight, enthralled by the world that Walden created by her art. It's so expressive, and the spacey, scify scenes are wonderful - full of imagination and wonder. In fact, I've shelved this away for a tattoo someday. Throughout reading this I was so glad and thankful that there are people w...