Fractured Earth (The Actuator, #1) by James Wymore

Fractured Earth (The Actuator, #1)

On a secret military base tucked in a remote desert mountain, a dangerous machine lies hidden from the American public. Known as “The Actuator”, this machine is capable of transforming entire communities into alternate realities. In theory, these often terrifying realities are reversible. The scientists in charge of this machine employ operatives called Machine Monks, who attune their minds to manifest single ideas from the realms of fantasy ...

Details Fractured Earth (The Actuator, #1)

TitleFractured Earth (The Actuator, #1)
GenreFantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Apocalyptic

Reviews Fractured Earth (The Actuator, #1)

  • Montzalee Wittmann
    Fractured Earth (The Actuator #1) by James Wymore and Aiden James is book one in the series. This sci-fi/fantasy book has lots of crazy stuff happening due to a machine that changes the world or parts of the world's communities into new realities, some quite terrifying.
  • Katy
    Book Info: Genre: Science Fantasy AdventureReading Level: Adult Recommended for: Fans of Science-fantasy adventureTrigger Warnings: killing, murder, violenceMy Thoughts: Wow, this book could not be any more different from the last book I read, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Mixing science fiction with multiple fantasy tropes, this was a really fun, fast, and furious book. When the action went from a fantasy world to a space opera world t...
  • Marjolein
    3.5 stars Read all my reviews on As I'm sure a lot of my bookish friends will agree with me: we have all thought at least at some point 'what if the world was more like the one in a certain book'. Well, the Actuator makes exactly that happen. The so-called Machine Monks feed the machine with their favourite genre-ideas and the Actuator makes it happen. For some reason this is highly secretive military invention...
  • Mara Valderran
    I have so many thoughts about this book. There's everything from pirates to aliens to orcs and beyond in it, which is absolutely brilliant. Each actuation brought with it a new adventure, filled with twists and turns that are unexpected and well played out. I have to say that one of the best things about this book is the characters and how realistically they react to their realities being changed to dramatically. Stepping into vampire territory i...
  • Dana
    The Actuator By Aiden James and James Wymore What would you do it all of a sudden you were reading this review and the the computer disappeared right under your hands and an old time typewriter appeared .. your Nike sneakers were replaced by webbed feet, your car turned into a horse drawn carriage or your house turned into a castle with vampires all around you? And you have NO IDEA what just happened. Where are your loved ones? WHAT happened to y...
  • Samantha Woods
    I loved this book! I have never read James Wymore's books before but I have read Aiden James books before and loved those also... It's definitely an interesting concept of being able to literally change the world with a machine and turn it into to whatever your fantasy is... It also shows you, how I think people would really act, if given the power to rule over an area or people. The survivors in this book definitely go on a journey and find out ...
  • Nathan Yocum
    James Wymore and Aiden James have found the proverbial "lightning in a bottle." The Actuator is a playground of genre fiction; a smorgasbord for book lovers of all sorts.Red has a problem. The Actuator, a machine that readjusts reality to mimic the minds of genre obsessed monks, has malfunctioned. What was once a controlled experiment is now a world-wide phenomenon. The entire surface of the planet has been divided up into territories of literary...
  • Roberta R. (Offbeat YA)
    Rated 3.5 really.Excerpt from my review - originally published at Offbeat YA. Pros: Creative premise. Breathless adventure, though there's a time for reflection as well. Constant change of scenery.Cons: Essentially a "male" book, though at least a female character plays a somewhat bigger role. Would have benefited from a little character backstory, or better, interaction, before chaos ensued. Some convenient occurrences. A handful of (harmless) t...
  • Steven
    This title was exciting! The idea of all these different realms being created by this machine was wicked and the situations each place threw these characters into were full of action, adventure, and horrors. I am looking forward to reading book two now.
  • A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
    *Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.Red McLauren is a Key Hunter and when he’s told to escort a group of Machine Monks out to survey some rocks when The Actuator is getting ready to fire up an event he’s uneasy. Something feels off and when the event happens and everything goes haywire he ends up being a leader even if he doesn’t feel like one. Someone has sabotaged the dampeners and the entire world h...
  • Samantha Woods ( LSK Sweetheart Reviews )
    I loved this book! I have never read James Wymore's books before but I have read Aiden James books before and loved those also... It's definitely an interesting concept of being able to literally change the world with a machine and turn it into to whatever your fantasy is... It also shows you, how I think people would really act, if given the power to rule over an area or people. The survivors in this book definitely go on a journey and find out ...
  • Craig Nybo (Author of Allied Zombies for Peace)
    If you asked me what genre this book fits in, I would have to say, "every genre." Wymore has figured out a way to write a novel that delves in horror, science fiction, western, steam punk, and fantasy all under one cover. Do you want to find out how he did it? Read The Actuator: Fractured Earth.Wymore's sense of humor comes into play as he moves a set of likable characters through a variety of sub-worlds. Although this novel focuses on one centra...
  • Nick Johnson
    Move over, dystopia, there's a new chaos for our future and it is fiction. Stranger than fiction... Where the world is being toyed with by creating alternate realities on earth built off the fictional genre obsessions of some highly trained monks. The story is spectacular. Our heroes have to adapt to different genres to save the world, and learn how fragile relationships can be in the mission to reshape the world in our ideal image. Sound confusi...
  • Ann
    This is science fiction/fantasy at its best. A machine that creates alternate worlds. A small band of humans survive the initial mayhem and work together to return the world to normal. This book covers all genres of literature including romance, mystery, space travel, mythological creatures and more.
  • Debora
    Very interesting read covering all sorts of genres. Vampires. Cowboys. Dragons. At first I thought they are just trying too hard. Then I got into the book. I really enjoyed reading it and can't wait to read the next one to see how they un-fracture the earth. Well worth the read!
  • Tim Coleman
    Very enjoyableI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. it started off quick and kept me moving with it through the end.The characters are likable and quickly brought to life. The storyline is also believable and and something different.
  • Yvonne
    I really enjoyed this book. It is so much different than anything I have ever read. Very interesting concept. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
  • Rob
    The premise sounded good, but it just got to be too heavy. Supposedly the Actuator created all these new fantastic realms across the face of the world, but you only visit a few. The action was somewhat haphazard and the characterization odd. They talk about all these different Machine Monks, but you never get a really good sense of what each faction is, stands for, or is trying to accomplish. I may or may not get the 2nd volume - the jury is stil...
  • Travis
    Very interesting. I like the concept, even if it seems a bit farfetched, but I guess that's what makes it interesting.
  • Ralph
    In a remote desert there is a secret, closely guarded machine that has the ability to change reality. In the past, those charged with the testing and operation of the machine have focused its effects into a contained test area, gauging the results of the tests on animals, machines, buildings and people. And then, one day, something goes wrong, and the whole world is changed. Such is the premise of "The Actuator: Fractured Earth," first book in wh...
  • Janis Hill
    I would like to thank Curiosity Quills Press for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an open and honest review.Talk about an amazing concept! And one I boggle at as it made me think ‘why has no one else written about such a theme before?’ as it was amazing. As I’m pretty sure there are quite a few of us who have our own little fantasy and imaginary worlds we wish could be made true (or actuaded) even if for a day or so for us to roam fr...
  • Sarah-Jayne Briggs
    (I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review).(This review may contain spoilers).I read the Borderlands anthology a while back and I found the world to be a really interesting one. It was good to have the opportunity to see how everything all began with the Actuator going wrong and the whole world getting divided into Zones.I would have liked some more details about the different teams involved in the Actuator creation. I wasn't ...
  • Jaffa Kintigh
    This series opener spoofs the many sub-genres of fantasy and sci-fi with cliche while not letting itself in on the joke. It takes itself too seriously to embrace its comic absurdity, and not seriously enough when it comes to establishing ground rules for its own world. Riding the line between the two options, ultimately doesn't work--however fun the ride may be.Despite toying with sci-fi and speculative fiction, this novel is purely fantasy with ...
  • Carl Hackman
    The Actuator; a machine that can transform the world around you into your favorite genre. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Horror; an amazing concept. Machine Monks are the people whose imagination the machine draws upon to create these alternate realities.Dampers contain the alternate reality within a one mile radius in the desolate desert, keeping the world safe. But someone has other ideas and sabotages the dampers. When the Actuator is ac...
  • Sarah
    The Actuator, at its heart, is about what would happen if we could literally fashion the whole world after human fantasies. A machine called "The Actuator" is used by specially trained Machine Monks to imbue controlled areas with anything they can imagine, including magic, monsters, and advanced technology, with the ultimate goal of making the world into a kind of utopia. The only problem is everyone has their own interpretation of what would mak...
  • Leticia
    Hidden in a remote desert mountain, in a secret military base- there is a dangerous machine. One that the American public and the world do not know about.To the employee’s, aptly named the Machine Monks, the Actuator is the perfect machine to live out their greatest fantasies. Seeing as the purpose of the Actuator is the capability to transform entire communities into alternate realities. The Machine Monks realities that is.Using sparsely inhab...
  • Julie Carter
    What a fun book! I bought this book quite a while ago while I was loading up on books by Aiden James. It got lost in the shuffle on my Kindle, and it was brought to mind by a conversation about the second book in the series. I am sorry that I did not read this sooner, as I absolutely enjoyed it from start to finish! Just think about all of the worlds that you visit when you read various books. Then imagine a machine that can make those worlds hap...
  • Christy
    parts of it were fun. I am mainly annoyed because i didn't know it was the first in a series and it ended with a cliffhanger. And while id like the resolution because the characters were interesting I don't think i can read another. there's too much dead air in there.
  • Dawn
    Grrr... Talk about a cliffhanger! I could not put this book down and I will be tapping my toes with my arms crossed until the next one come out James Wymore!!!!!!
  • Rob
    This was a wow book. Completely unexpected and hooks you right away!