Over the Hills and Far Away (NOLA's Own, #1) by Kelli Jean

Over the Hills and Far Away (NOLA's Own, #1)

Alternate Cover Edition: B00T22H3IEMusic is the language of the soul.In a fated moment, Kenna MacGregor discovers the one person whose music reaches deep into her being.He is the hot, dominating, larger-than-life, in-your-face lead singer of NOLA’s Junk, Phil Deveraux.Kenna is just a face in the crowd. One that Phil is destined to see, and never forget.A single kiss makes time stand still, but life waits for no one. Phil and Kenna are on two ve...

Details Over the Hills and Far Away (NOLA's Own, #1)

TitleOver the Hills and Far Away (NOLA's Own, #1)
Release DateDec 1st, 2016
GenreRomance, New Adult, Music, Contemporary

Reviews Over the Hills and Far Away (NOLA's Own, #1)

  • Jamie
    It totally baffles me that more people have not read this book or this series!!! Seriously.. if you love rock and roll epic love stories.. you are completely and totally missing out by not reading this series... This one is LIVE!!!! Such an AMAZING story... don't pass it up... so so good!!! One-click this baby now!!! http://www.amazon.com/Over-Hills-Away... This book kicked ass! 5 absolutely AMAZING STARS!! I will start out by saying that this ...
  • Beverly
    Over the Hills and Far Away spans six years and while that may seem long or daunting, it was the opposite. Kenna first lays eyes on Phil on her eighteenth birthday at a music festival. She is obviously attracted to him, but is mostly drawn to his incredible musical abilities. She loves the way his music makes her feel. As time goes on Phil and Kenna’s path continually cross, but they never connect. I am not really sure that’s the best way to ...
  • Mistress
    Oh WOW! I'm in a state of shock over this emotionally fueled read. Going into this book I had no idea that I would be completely blown away... that this wouldn't just be another good book, but something MORE . Over the Hills and Far Away is an original story that will grab you from the beginning and make it almost impossible for you to do anything other than read its pages. I devoured this story. I fell in love with all of the characters. I hat...
  • E.M. Abel
    **It's LIVE!!!!!**Over the Hills and Far Away (NOLA's Own Book 1) by Kelli JeanLink: http://amzn.com/B00T22H3IELet me preface this by saying that I beta read this book and I am friends with the author. That being said, please know that everything I am about to write is my HONEST and UNBIASED opinion about this book. I've been helping promote this book for months because I believe in it, I believe in this author and I think they both KICK FUCKING ...
  • .Lili.
    IT'S LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T22H3IE/r...Where to start... have you ever been really excited about an ARC and then thought about it and thought- shite maybe I should've passed. Anyone who knows me knows that I seldom read M/F. There's something about het books that don't really do it for me anymore so I kind of got myself in a bit of funk mode when I started this book. But you know what- in the end I was all so glad I read i...
  • Pam Godwin
    Rocker romances are hardly something new but every so often one pops up that grabs you by the lady bits and doesn't let go. This story pulses with electrifying and emotional vibrations.Immaculately written with style and visceral attention to detail, it’s a head-bangingly guilty pleasure and a romance to treasure, both for its endearing characters and memorable journey to love. It is powerful and unabashedly sensual, and finds the perfect balan...
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    4 - 4.5 ★'s WOW...what a story! Phil and Kenna have such an intense connection that I couldn't read this book fast enough and finished in one day. I just couldn't put it down. Phil is a lead singer in a rock metal band called NOLA's Junk and Kenna is their biggest fan. They finally see each other, talk for a bit and even kiss before Phil gets pulled away telling Kenna to not go anywhere. Unfortunately, the bouncer didn't get that message and ki...
  • Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer's Heart
    Ok, so I start with stating that this not a standalone! So major cliffy is in the house should you choose to proceed! With that out of the way I can get to the heart of it all. This is one of those reads that will be out of the park phenomenal for some and yet others may not even finish. Why you ask? Well this is quite an enigma. It is insta-lust, and “soul-connecting” love at first touch yet it is also over 5 years in the making to that firs...
  • Wendy ⏃: ✦Cheeky Chicks Blogger✦
    First time: 1/31/15Re-read: 1/27/17___________________________________+++ 6 "FUCK ME RUNNING" STARS!!! +++ How I feel about this book is indescribable. It’s been a while since a book has pulled me in so deep that it drowns me completely. But the crazy part is that I let it. I let it because I don’t want to ever let go. This story was a true gem. So original and beautifully written that I was left breathless at times. There were moments I had ...
  • Loz
    3.5 starsi really liked this one. it's a bit unlike any other rockstar book i have read. kenna and phil were two quite unique characters and their love story is a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs.straight up though, this won't be for everyone. it's a book if you give a chance to immerse yourself into, you'll probably be happy you did but it's also a book some just won't like and that's okay too.i saw kenna as a very different type of her...
  • ~*~Brooke's Stripped Down Reviews~*~
    4.5 Hippie Lovin' Stars! WOW, what a ride! Where do I even start?Kelli Jean takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride full of music, lust, loss, dreams, and doobies (yes, that's right...doobies!) I absolutely loved this story!!!The constant theme throughout this whole story is music, and the author's love of music flows heavily through her characters. Music is more than just sound, it penetrates our soul. It excites us, calms us, gives us ins...
  • Yiota Misiou
    "We all have our own roads to walk in this life, and every experience we go through makes us more of who we are."
  • Hayley
    This story will blow your reading experience OUT OF THE WATER !!!!!!!!I loved it from the start and once you start you wont be able to put it down.Kenna lives with her mom and nan,with her best friends Alys and Lili always at her side and complete metal heads they all follow the same love for the band NOLAS junk.On Kenna 18th birthday she is taken to a NOLAS junk concert where she lands in front row in front of the gorgeous Phillip Deveraux, when...
  • Dg
    Holly freakin hell!! what an amazing freaking book this was. I love it, hated it, love it, hated it but in the end loved it so much. The intensity of the love that Phil feels and has for Kenna is unbelievable and you can feel it when reading this book. Six fucking years these 2 people go through waiting for each other or holding off until they finally have the chance of a beautiful and deeply emotional love and I love every moment they shared. Ke...
  • Tera Chastain (Co-Creator of The Book Bistro)
    This book was unique and beautifully done...I'm still having a difficult time believing this is Kelli's debut novel...it's extremely well written and thought out ...it flows well..the characters are well rounded and NOT the least bit flat...She goes DEEP....She took something that..written by another could've went horribly wrong and made it SO SO SO right! It sucked me right into the story and took me on a wonderful journey of growth and discover...
  • Rhea
    This has been a really good read. I loved it!So you might ask... why not 5 stars? Because given the length of the novel and story line I did not see the huge cliffhanger coming my way. I was taken completely by surprise. Personally I don't think a second installment for this novel's h and H were necessary. I was ready for the HEA at about 70%, kept reading patiently and then Bam!!... it ends with a cliffhanger. Not cool. At all.
  • Samantha Dieppa
    Holy Shizz Balls on toast!!! I was gifted a copy. I am so happy to have been chosen, because this story kicked ass!!! From beginning to end I was sucked in. I didn't want it to end. Now to patiently wait for the next one...or try to wait...Kelli, awesome job Baby Girl.
  • Mollie
    Re-reading 10-8-15
  • Kate
    To be fair, I don't want readers to make snap judgments about this book. I am not quite sure how I feel about it yet. And that's actually a good thing. This book is making me think, it is making me think about the characters and the circumstances in which this book left off and a lot of other stuff I normally don't when I finish a book. The sequel is should be out in June 2015 and damn if I am already impatiently awaiting it arrival. (it is a con...
  • Breanna Eichhorn
    Led Zeppelin is Alys, Liliana's and Kenna's favorite band. Tonight they are heading to a club to see NOLA's Junk, for Kenna's 18th birthday. Kenna has a major crush on Phil Deveraux the lead singer of NOLA's Junk. Kenna's mom is really sick her heart is getting weaker everyday. During the show Phil starred at her throughout the whole concert. NOLA got a big record deal, after the concert Phil was at the bar watching Kenna he finally went over to ...
  • Melanie Douglas
    Ahhhh.. I wish I had realized this wasn't a complete story.. It doesn't end on a cliffhanger per se.. But it's DEFINITELY drama and leaves you hanging a bit.. I actually really enjoyed this book.. The whole theme kind of threw me for a bit in the beginning.. But I found myself really enjoying the read, and wanting to keep going.. I really loved all of the characters and the writing.. The first half of this book is told over a 6 year time period, ...
  • Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer*
    Wow, it's kinda hard for me to write a review for this book. I loved the story, seriously loved it, but at times, I felt like it could've been edited down some. I don't know where exactly, I'm not an editor, but it was sooooo long, and at times certain parts made me think had they been cut down more I would've liked the book more. I see though that it's getting amazing reviews, and I'm super happy about that. It seems I'm totally in the minority ...