A Whisper in Time (Whisper Falls #2) by Elizabeth Langston

A Whisper in Time (Whisper Falls #2)

I have never been useless in my life.Rescued from a life of servitude by the boy she loves, Susanna Marsh escapes across two centuries, only to be plunged into a world she's ill-prepared to face. Unable to work or go to school, Susanna finds herself dependent on others to survive. Immersed in the fun and demands of his senior year of high school, Mark Lewis longs to share his world with the girl who's captured his heart. But first he must tackle ...

Details A Whisper in Time (Whisper Falls #2)

TitleA Whisper in Time (Whisper Falls #2)
Release DateNov 18th, 2016
PublisherElizabeth Langston
GenreScience Fiction, Time Travel, Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews A Whisper in Time (Whisper Falls #2)

  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog http://surrealtalvi.wordpress.com/ Time travel series, and fish out of water fitting into a different time period, are probably my least favorite urban fantasy tropes. However, I am enjoying this series and the author does an excellent job of portraying two people with very different upbringings. As well, neither character is black or white, they experience difficulties bridging the gaps, make mistakes, and...
  • Asia
    23/06/15 I received this book and the first one in the series for free through Goodreads First Reads. Finally won a giveaway! :DAs soon as I can, I'm going to read and review them :)24/07/15 Read it and I must say that I liked the first one a little bit more than this one but still it was a good book. It was nice that the author showed the reality of their situation (that in 21st century Susanna doesn't exist so she doesn't have an ID, birth cert...
  • Erin
    Find this and other reviews at: http://flashlightcommentary.blogspot....I'm sorry folks, I tried, but I am done with the Whisper Falls series. I was willing to overlook my concerns after book one, but book two, A Whisper in Time, gives me little hope for book three so I am opting out here and now. Like book one, the narrative is remarkably lopsided. Susanna and her younger sister, Phoebe, are hugely sympathetic characters, but Langston's leading ...
  • Mary
    This was a YA book I picked up from Netgalley. First of all, I will say that it would have benefited me better to have read the first book in the series. I did feel like I was missing a big chunk of Susanna and Mark because I didn't. However, when looking at this as a stand alone book, I had some things I enjoyed. I really did enjoy Susanna as a character for the most part. I did find myself annoyed at times with her stubbornness, but otherwise s...
  • Flewts
    I re-read this book again, and still very much enjoyed it. Elizabeth Langston obviously did her research to get the historical information accurate, but the story is very readable. The topics she addresses in this second book cover relationships, of course, but also the difficulties of establishing identity when you have no records. You might think this is no longer relevant in today's society, but recently during a discussion of voter ID require...
  • Ina Austin
    I love this series....I somehow missed the first book and I am going back to read it now. I love the story of Suzanne and how she is managing to learn how to live in this century and to be able to maintain a relationship with her love and rescuer, Mark, a high school senior. Living a hundred years in the future has its advantages but it also has draw backs. Like being able to see what has happened to your friends and family. Can She go back to he...
  • Michelle Wallace
    A Whisper in TimeThe second installment of Whisper Falls continues the story of Mark and Susanna but loses some of the excitement. The modern-day setting of most of the story accounts for this. Nevertheless, a good book and series that I plan to continue reading.
  • Elena
    Prikupna zgodovinska drama. Še od Outlanderja imam zelo rada tematiko potovanja skozi čas, vendar je Outlander neprimerno boljša knjiga. Nekateri deli slonijo na zgodovinskih dejstvih in so s tega vidika zelo zanimivi, kot recimo status mladih žensk v 18. stoletju. Prijetno.
  • Janelle Hackbarth
    It's a good sequel to "Whisper Falls", and good to learn about what happened to Susana after what happened to her in "Whisper Falls". Although the story was a little drawn out and slow at times, it was still good.
  • De'anne
    Whisper in Time is the second book in Elizabeth’s series. In order to truly appreciate what takes place in this story, you will need to have read Whisper Falls, which I highly recommend you do! Right now… Really. You’ll love it. Here is my review for that masterpiece: http://dstyves.wordpress.com/2013/11/...I warn that there may be some spoilers in this review for Whisper Falls, which is why I recommend not reading this review before having...
  • Farrah
    A deep, emotional, and absolutely lovely read, A Whisper in Time was just brilliant! I loved book 1 in this series, so I had high expectations for this book. And, I'm happy to say that it didn't disappoint. I. Loved. This. Book. It was pure perfection.I just love the author's writing style. She has a way of creating a whole atmosphere that totally drew me in. It kept me totally absorbed in the world of the characters. And, I really appreciated th...
  • Tina
    3.75 Stars!An enjoyable read! The ending was a disappointment for me, but I enjoyed the entire story for the most part. Susanna is lovable as always, though a bit more frustrating now that she's in a setting where she's more freedom to express her feelings and act on her actions (for better or worse is up for you to decide). Mark is also as lovable with his sweet devotion to Susanna, but it too can be overwhelming. Mark and Susanna's relationship...
  • Kristen
    Susanna Marsh is grateful that her boyfriend, Mark Lewis, rescued her from a life of servitude, but now she must learn the ways of a world two centuries apart from her own. For comfort, she seeks out information on the past and learns there is ill in store for her sister. She can't help but to return to the past, forcing Mark to set out to save her once again.A Whisper in Time is the second book in the Whisper Falls series. Susanna and Mark first...
  • Ellen
    This series continues to suprise me with how many things it can do to Susanna and MarkSusanna has been rescued from 1796 and is now safely in 2016. But she learns that there my be trouble for those she left behind. So one thing I didn't like was the sexuality talk. I know that since its the 2010's nobodies as pure anymore and its sadly rather normal for high schoolers to engage in this stuff, I don't like to read it. Susanna is a breath of freash...
  • Justine
    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.I loved book one in this series, Whisper Falls and I was elated when the author contacted me to read and review book two. I'm so glad that I got to continue on this journey of finding out where you belong in any century. I love that our characters were faced with issues relating to the relationships whether it be with family or friends no matter which time period they live...
  • Flewts
    I've wanted to read this book for a long time because I heard such good things about it. I wasn't disappointed.Susanna is an indentured servant living in post Revolutionary North Carolina. Mark is living in current day North Carolina. A fluke in time/space allows them to meet each other, and even to step through to each other's century.Elizabeth Langston did extensive research to get her historical details accurate, and it shows in what is a very...
  • Raye
    I've really enjoyed this series, and look forward to the third. Our star-crossed lovers, Mark, a contemporary high school student, and Susanna, an indentured servant from 200 years earlier, face new challenges in this sequel as Susanna struggles to realize all the 21st century has to offer, and Mark realizes he may have bitten off more than he can chew in taking on responsibility for another person. Recommended for high schoolers and up.
  • Ann
    I didn't think the second book would be able to live up to the first, but it did. I give this a 4.5 for a slightly slow start, but once it got rolling, I loved it! Such an original, fresh story, and I adore all the new characters. I really wasn't sure how Whisper Falls would play into this second book, but it played just as wonderful a role once again! Looking forward to the next book in the series!
  • Michelle
    No lull in reading this one, and while I enjoyed the ride of the story, I was annoyed by some plot holes. I still don't understand the romance between the two main characters. I will read the final book in the trilogy, but I'm not in love with the story or characters as much after the second book.
  • WTF Are You Reading?
    This book is a great blend of fantasy and realism. There was no "living up to" the splendor of a greater predecessor here. This story is just as engrossing as the first, and takes the series in new and exciting directions.Full review to come!
  • Angie Narron
    Another beautiful book from Elizabeth Langston. Compelling characters and realistic situations in a fantasy premise. Langston has a way of making the fantasy elements completely believable and the jumps between times seamless. I can't wait to see what happens next in this series.
  • Doreen Chancellor
    3.5 stars
  • Bibliojunkies
    review coming shortly
  • Jordan
  • Jennifer
    Another great book from Langston. I couldn't put it down!
  • Sally
    3.5 of 5 stars
  • Kerry
    I'm enjoying this series quite a bit, and I'm looking forward to the third book!