The Contract With God Trilogy (The Contract With God Trilogy, #1-3) by Will Eisner

The Contract With God Trilogy (The Contract With God Trilogy, #1-3)

alternate cover for ISBN 9780393061055Will Eisner (1917–2005) saw himself as "a graphic witness reporting on life, death, heartbreak, and the never-ending struggle to prevail." The publication of A Contract With God when Eisner was sixty-one proved to be a watershed moment both for him and for comic literature. It marked the birth of the modern graphic novel and the beginning of an era when serious cartoonists could be liberated from their stul...

Details The Contract With God Trilogy (The Contract With God Trilogy, #1-3)

TitleThe Contract With God Trilogy (The Contract With God Trilogy, #1-3)
Release DateDec 17th, 2005
PublisherW.W. Norton & Company
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Contract With God Trilogy (The Contract With God Trilogy, #1-3)

  • Brad
    I can't get over Eisner's really weak characterization of women. Yes, he's a great artist and storyteller, but he doesn't really present a strong woman anywhere in these three stories.
  • logankstewart
    Will Eisner is a rather significant individual in the history of the graphic novel, as well as the comic world at large. He is, after all, sometimes referred to as the Father of the Graphic Novel. In fact, the Eisner Awards (the comics' equivalent to the Oscars) are named after him. Of course, any serious fan of graphic novels has read some Will Eisner. Well, color me red and call me a strawberry, I can finally say I have.The Contract with God tr...
  • Fox
    The Contract With God is arguably the first example of a true 'graphic novel' as it was Will Eisner who first coined the phrase. He sought to tell stories through the mixture of text and visuals, but rather than the superhero or adventure stories popular at the time, he wished to delve into deeper questions. Questions of meaning, of dealing with grief and life itself. What he did with the medium was absolutely astonishing for its time, and holds...
  • Christopher
    Apparently the book that marked the "birth of the graphic novel," according to the dust jacket, The Contract with God, the first volume in the trilogy that bears its name, is a fascinating collection of morality tales set on the fictional Dropsie Avenue in the Bronx of the 1930s. It's a community of then-new Jewish immigrants to the United States, and the stories feature colorful characters whose fortunes rise and fall as they navigate the vagari...
  • Paolo del ventoso Est
    Sicuramente tre stelle è un po' ingeneroso per uno dei padri del romanzo grafico. I disegni sono bellissimi nel loro tratto abbozzato e retrò, le storielle hanno quel giusto sapore yiddish newyorkese di inizio Novecento e c'è pure una disperazione di fondo che dà spessore al tutto. Ebbene forse leggerlo in contemporanea con un altro gigante della letteratura ebrea americana, Saul Bellow, l'ha naturalmente ridimensionato; non si dovrebbe mette...
  • Devi
    Es war super, aber die 30 Seiten, die mir aufgrund eines Fehldrucks fehlen, sind echt doof.
  • Agnė
    WHAT IS IT ABOUT?Will Eisner’s “The Contract With God Trilogy: Life on Dropsie Avenue” is a collection of three stand-alone graphic novels set on Dropsie Avenue, a fictional street in the Depression-era Bronx, one of the five boroughs of New York City. The first book in this trilogy, “A Contract With God,” consists of four audacious and cynical stories of Dropsie Avenue’s residents. In addition to being extremely entertaining, these s...
  • Praxedes
    This fantastic recompilation of three stand-alone graphic novels is a must-read for anyone who likes the genre. The first volume, A Contract With God, is considered by many to be the first true modern graphic novel. Prior to this work no one had ventured into this medium exploring concepts such as drug use, philandering, and the violence that so often accompanies poverty. The artwork is also gritty and dark, a departure from works which preceded ...
  • Michael (Mai)
    This was a very interesting read. I wouldn't have picked it up if it hadn't been recommended to me by a friend. It's supposed to be the first graphic novel and all of it looks like newspaper comics. It's definitely different than anything else I've read. A lot of the story is focused on the great depression era and before. It's about how this one street, Dropsie Avenue, has changed through time and what the people that live on it have experienced...
  • Ritinha
    A masterpiece (3, actually) by the Master.
  • TK421
    History is but a sketch and a drawing away from being continuously rewritten. Bravo, Mr. Eisner, bravo!
  • Shawn
    All day the rain poured down on the Bronx without mercy.This single volume is a bind up of the three graphic novels written and illustrated by Will Eisner that are collectively referred to as the Contract with God trilogy: A Contract with God (1978), A Life Force (1988), and Dropsie Avenue (1995).A Contract with God tells four stories, each following a different set of characters, tied together by a single location: the tenement at 55 Dropsie Ave...
  • Robin Kempf
    3.5 stars. Interesting graphic novel. Each book of the trilogy is set in one location, a street in the Bronx. The first book is made up of longer, stand alone short stories. The second is a set short stories, which interweave as neighbors’ lives intersect. The third traces the history of the location from the first European settlers to the 20th Century. I thought the art seemed somewhat racist and dated, but also the fact is, I’m just not a s...
  • Lee
    Beautifully illustrated but it's hard to say that I truly enjoyed it? At its heart, it's a slice of life with all that comes with it. I did find the earlier sections stronger in their storytelling than the final ones. It is very easy to see why it's such a famous example of graphic novels though.
  • Federica
    Nel Bronx, a Dropsie Avenue, e in particolare al n. 55, passa la storia, quella dell'America del cuore del '900, della Grande Depressione, delle bande di quartiere, della povertà, dell'immigrazione... e passa l'uomo, quello deluso da un contratto con Dio, il cantante di strada che perde un'occasione, l'uomo comune che si chiede il senso della vita, e uno scarafaggio che (soprav)vive e basta.Eisner racconta in questa trilogia l'uomo, fatto di mil...
  • Tina
    I liked this book, but it was an oddly long, slow read, considering how much of it is pictures. Of course, it's also technically three books in one, which could explain it.The art is amazing and amazingly detailed, and the stories are good though rather dark and depressing -- partly b/c many of them take place during the actual Depression. I think the books get progressively better, with Dropsie Avenue being my favorite, as it follows a neighborh...
  • Rachael Hobson
    This story is not for the faint of heart. The trilogy represents the bleak underbelly of the world. Tragedy upon tragedy is thrust at the reader. This graphic novel is a reminder that life sucks. HOWEVER, there are glimmers of hope to be found if the reader knows where and how to look for it. There is success and love within the stories of despair. All the despair crescendos into a lesson that everyone must learn. Yes, life sucks. But what are yo...
  • Laughing Man
    Well, this was a page-turner alright. I never read Will Eisners own work before this one and I had high expectations. After all good comics get an Eisner Award right ? It was even better. This 3 book series was so immersive, so deep and full of flavor, my heart felt heavy reading it. The Contract With God Trilogy gave me the chance to see how America's great cities evolved in time, I bet this story is the same in every major city, how it was esta...
  • William Clemens
    Three gra[hic novels, each composed of smaller stories and each dealing with the same neighborhood in the Bronx are combined in this one volume that focuses on life in the Bronx in the 20th century.Somehow Will Eisner manages to make these incredibly sad and historical tales compelling and beautiful. Muted artwork, showing characters cleanly and neatly, or ugly and messy as befits their actions. Background scenes that pull you in to the neighborh...
  • Phrodrick
    This review is from: The Contract with God Trilogy: Life on Dropsie Avenue (A Contract With God, A Life Force, Dropsie Avenue) (Hardcover)There is a reason why the top award for American comic books is the Will Eisner Award. He was that good. His Spirit and Lady Luck comics (He would call his craft sequential art) were among the early efforts to target an adult audience and were famous for their sophistication and artistry. Eisner was also famous...
  • Robyn
    I don’t think I was the intended audience for the first graphic novel written. It should not have happened to Frimme Hersh / Because Frimme Hersh had a contract with God!, p.12. Neighborhoods have a personality don’t they? Perhaps you have neighbors who always wait too long to mow their yards, neighbors who let their dogs crap on your lawn, neighborhoods ruled by HOAs or closely monitored by that one neighbor. Will Eisner grew up in Brook...
  • Richard Gray
    There’s no denying the influence that Will Eisner had on the development of sequential art. It’s why they named one of the most prestigious awards in the comics industry after him. Indeed, Contract With God and its companion stories certainly helped popularise the term ‘graphic novel’ in the public lexicon. It’s just not an example of the master’s finest work, even if it is filled with some wonderfully realised characters.Published in...
  • Oliver
    I had never read a graphic novel before this. It’s not that I dismissed them as lesser literature or anything like that, it’s just that I never prioritized checking any out, even after hearing friends’ high praise of works such as Maus, Blankets, and this trilogy. Will Eisner is credited with giving birth to, or at least popularizing/legitimizing the graphic novel, so what better place to start than with The Contract with God Trilogy?In 197...
  • Angela Murat
    One of the best graphic novels I’ve ever read, but not one of my favourite... if that makes sense? I wouldn’t read it a second time just because it was really long and so depressing at times. But dont get me wrong, these are not negative aspects of the book.It is probably one of the longest graphic novels I have ever read and this gives it time to properly tell its story and smoothly illustrate the evolution of Dropsie Avenue neighbourhood. I...
  • Christopher Rush
    This is really famous. And now I've read it. That's about it, really. I'm a tad surprised Mr. Eisner was surprised it took so long to get A Contract with God published, considering how salty and saucy it is. I grant you it's not nearly as salty and saucy as the average commercial today for, say, children's cereal, but there's a fair amount of rough language and bareness for a "classic," though you know how old fashioned I am. It's clever and sad ...
  • eddie
    "A Contract with God & Other Tenement Stories" is the book that started it all, as they say (not entirely correctly). Four vignettes of life in the tenement at 55 Dropsie Avenue in the Bronx. Both Eisner's art and his ability to create memorable characters are outstanding. "A Life Force" is a focused meditation on one set of characters trying to make it in the hard years of the Depression. "Dropsie Avenue," the third book in the trilogy, is in my...
  • MarcoWalraven
    This book is many stories connected by a neighbourhood on a street called Dropsie avenue in the bronx. It shows how the street grows, how it changes with all the different people that arrive. I have never read a story about a street and I have to say it’s a very beautiful one, or should I say, many beautiful stories that connect. This book is worth a read for sure! Although I must say that due to the period in time this was written there are so...
  • Madalene
    The triology is much better than the first one - the first one has strong tones of misogyny, while the later two are a really interesting treatment of the age-old problem of NIMBY and resenting the new people who move into a given established neighborhood. If we knew that we sounded now like these folks do then about the judgement they extend on the newest additions to the neighborhood, would we keep it up? Would we realize that we are being pret...
  • David Meyer
    This was a collection of really powerful stories. I always expect to fly through graphic novels, but in the few that I've read, I continually find myself entranced by the detail of the art work. I really enjoyed the artistry as well as the story telling in this book. It's convinced me to next read Mendel's Daughter, which I've been ignoring on my shelf for a long time.On an unrelated note, I had just recently read a Woody Allen biography that dis...
  • Kate
    Will Eisner is a comix legend. The comic-book version of the Oscars are the Eisner Awards. It'd be hard to overstate his influence, and after reading his epic trilogy, I can definitely see why. I would also like to show this to anyone who still fails to take comix/graphic novels seriously, not only because it's a serious literary work, but also because Eisner can rip your heart out and stomp on it just as well as Steinbeck, and in even fewer page...