White Sand, Volume 2 (White Sand, #2) by Brandon Sanderson

White Sand, Volume 2 (White Sand, #2)

Following the loss of most of his colleagues in a violent ambush, Kenton has become Lord Mastrell of the few remaining Sand Masters, magicians who can manipulate sand to do their bidding. With the ruling council poised against him, the hot-headed Kenton must become a diplomat to have any hope of preventing the eradication of his people forever. However, there’s another complication: assassins are coming for him from all directions, and Kenton...

Details White Sand, Volume 2 (White Sand, #2)

TitleWhite Sand, Volume 2 (White Sand, #2)
Release DateFeb 21st, 2018
PublisherDynamite Entertainment
GenreFantasy, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction

Reviews White Sand, Volume 2 (White Sand, #2)

  • Petrik
    Sanderson, I consider you my favorite author of all time. But please, for the love of god never EVER do this kind of graphic novel adaptation for your work again.This won't be a full review, I don't need a full review to explain how unpolished this volume is. Bottom line is that this shouldn't have been published in this current state. First, the dialogues are poor and I mean really poorly written and awkward. Poor characterizations, stories are ...
  • Manisha
    Actual review: 2.75There are some stories meant to be written, some meant to be watched, and some meant to be read with pictures. This is definitely not one meant to be read in a graphic novel format. Not only has a story that was meant to be one novel been divided into three graphic novels, but this middle installment was underwhelming. The artwork was poor, but it was the graphic novel format that hindered the storytelling the most. I could tel...
  • Daniel
    U prvoj svesci smo imali postavku sveta, upoznavanje sa likovim i osnove price. U drugoj svesci sada dolazi do razvoja te price i nekako dolazimo do jednog od vecih problema ovog projekta: prica je prevelika da bi moglo da se smisleno prebaci u stripsku formu bez ogromnih rezova a opet imamo puno likova i ekspozicije na ustrb akcije i onoga sto stripovima daje prednost nad knjigama vizuelnom identitetu. Svaka strana je nabijena razgovorima sto je...
  • Chad
    Volume 2 focuses on Kenton trying to get the necessary votes to keep the Sand Masters guild alive. There is a lot of political intrigue as he meets with each of the council to try and sway their vote. At the same time, he has to fend off multiple assassins as a religious order has named him a blasphemer. I like what's been done with the translation from prose to comic. I'll have to see if I can track down the original novel once this is finished.
  • Thomas J. Benedict
    You break a book into three parts, and you get three incomplete stories. That’s what White Sand is.This second instalment wasn’t terrible, but it’s the middle of a story, not really a whole story by itself. Kinda hard to rate. I did enjoy this book, even though it took me super long to finish.Plus, something really bothered me. This world had a “day side” and “dark side.” People from the sunny day side have light skin, while people ...
  • Coreen (AsThePlotThickens)
    I need the novel version A-S-A-P!RTC
  • Mitticus
    3.5I got problems once again with my e-arc pdf copy , the images were not clear and a number of missing letters do a very frustrasting reading of an otherwise engaging story, more complex this time. Kenton, now as Lord Mastrell of the remaining sand masters require the votes of the Lords to keep The Diem . But everywhere he turns for help or alliances found old grudges against the sand masters, religious prejudice and asassins attacks.Maybe is ti...
  • Jeraviz
    No me convencen estas incursiones de Sanderson en el cómic. La idea es buena como siempre y se pueden apreciar los elementos clásicos del autor pero al transformarlo en novela gráfica tengo la sensación de han recortado por donde han podido para hacer la historia más directa: infodump-acción-infodump-acción.Tal vez para jóvenes que no sepan nada de Sanderson pueden comenzar en el Cosmere por aquí. Así ven cómo funciona un sistema mági...
  • C.P. Cabaniss
    While I think that this volume is an improvement over volume one, I still had issues with it. I am not sure that Sanderson translates well to this format. While the world is interesting and the characters have potential, it lacks the touch that his novels have. This was based on a draft of the novel that he wrote a long time ago, so it makes sense that it might not seem as polished as his recent stuff, but I still have a hard time with it present...
  • Matías Racedo
    2.5 StarsI like the story, I think I would have loved the book if Sanderson had published it as a regular novel, instead of being published separately as graphic novels. But sadly that is the case, so I'm not enjoying these White Sand volumes very much.To start with, it's a bit confusing, so much world building and magic to explain with so little text, most of it dialogues. And I've never been a fan of the artwork, the details most of all. But wh...
  • Roy
    An enjoyable volume 2 in the White Sand series. The story is vintage Sanderson and flows nicely. The artwork for 5/6 chapters maintains the sketch art which Im not a huge fan of. However, chapter 6 becomes more of the more standard comic book art but I was kinda surprised by the sudden change. There must be a reason for it. It is easier on the eye and could appeal to more readers. I'll definitely continue but I'd probably only reccomend this for ...
  • Jon Adams
    Well, at least it had pretty pictures... until the last chapter that is.I can't fathom why the reviews are so high for this.
  • Cori Reed
    2.5 StarsSigh. Everyone knows Brandon Sanderson is my all time favourite author, but White Sand? It's just not great. I started reading this volume in April and only just forced myself to finish it.
  • Sleeping with Ghosts
    Éste está mucho mejor que el primero. Los colores siguen siendo muy lindos, y las escenas parecen salidas de la película 300 y de Assassins Creed.
  • Taylor Ramirez
    “Kenton: So you’re a spy, then?”Damn, Kenton found that out quickly.“One of the professors: Perhaps, perhaps not. It sounds like what they need, duchess is a skilled diplomat on their side.”I think everyone in the cosmere needs one of these.“The proposal which your associate present has merit,”What an awkward sentence.“Khriss: Can they control other objects made of sand or just sand? If it’s just sand, why?”Just as curious as ...
  • Marina
    Taldain es uno de mis planetas favoritos del Cosmere. Adoro a Khriss y a Kenton y disfruté mucho la novela inedita. Pero el tebeo no me acaba de atrapar. Supongo porque el tipo de dibujo y el color no son de un estilo que me guste mucho y me tira para atrás en algunos momentos y que además ya se que pasa en la historia porque hay muy pocas diferencias con la versión en prosa. Apesar de todo es una buena historia totalmente disfrutable y altam...
  • Tina
    This instalment was even better than the first one. While that one served as an introduction to the characters and the world, things are happening in this one. Kenton is maturing in leaps and strides. He is working hard to do what he feels is right, and he has quite a lot of work ahead of himself with all the obstacles in his way.Khriss and the Darksiders are a great addition. I really enjoy seeing their prejudices and assumptions about the Daysi...
  • daisy
    I'm not really enjoying this series as much as I was hoping to tbh. : (Mostly holding on at this point to learn more about the worldbuilding and Khriss; I need to know how Khriss and the Ars Arcanum business got started.Read White Sand for Khriss.
  • Danielle
    Sanderson at it again with the great magic systems and incredible characters! I do wish the comic included more of the prose, though. I felt a little lost, and I read this in about 2 hours, which is way too fast to really get all the little details and hidden cosmere Easter eggs. I'll have to do a re-read before WS3, for sure.
  • Réka
    This story is a bit underwhelming and I think it might be an issue of format. I think this magic system is not ideal for being shown in drawing. The artists had to use weird little asterisks to show sand which felt out of place. Also the drawing style is way too crowded for me (at least the style in the first five chapters). And here I would mention the unexplained, but welcome style change in the last chapter. I feel like this story would be muc...
  • Mel Anie
    I thought that volume one was really good. Well, this was even better! RTC Finally it's a time to read this!Cannot wait to find out what Kenton is up to in this volume!
  • Annemieke / A Dance with Books
    Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the review copy in exchange for an honest review.Two years ago I was lucky enough to read the first volume of White Sand. As mentioned in that one the world building happened to rapidly and the characters could not really capture me. But it still had a lot of potential.This second volume was a small step up when it comes to the world. There was less world building as a lot of that had been done in the...
  • Elizabeth S.E
    Después de haber leído el borrador en prosa de White Sand, considero que el comic no le hace justicia para nada. Ojalá algún día consideren publicar ese libro, porque con gusto lo compraría en físico.. y estos cómics, pues no. Y no es que sean malos, es una historia de Sanderson, obvio es excelente, sino por el terribles cambio en la ilustración de este volumen. WTF en serio. Y no es que el cambio sea una representación de evolución en...
  • Mitch Johnson
    After the setup of the first book, we begin to see more action in this sequel. We see more of the typical Brandon Sanderson plot structure take shape, and go beyond just world-building and introducing charatcers.The characters are starting to take shape, and I found myself liking Kenton much more than in the first book.It looks to be gearing up for an excellent story in future issues. The downside the book is that the comic release format makes i...
  • Travis
    Another enjoyable installment in the White Sand series. I still think the art is kind of sloppy in some places. There were word bubbles mixed in with other word bubbles, sot sure if that was meant to be that way but if not you kind of missed out on some story dialogue. Also the art changed in the last chapter and it almost seemed cartoonish (if that makes sense). The magic system is still intriguing and the politics are still engaging. Interested...
  • Tye
    I feel like 3 1/2 stars works better than four, but I’m always generous with Brandon.The second of three parts, this was a good installment. I get the vibe of build up to the Sanderson Avalanche, though I feel he’ll be hard pressed to deliver given the execution here. What I really, REALLY did not like was the jarring change in animation styles with only 20 pages to go. What gives?! I suppose there’s nothing to do but wait until the final i...
  • Logan
    I liked it, but it was too short of an installment, a long wait since the first one, I find the art style distracting, and the story didn't progress much at all in this volume.As a side note, I found it rather strange that the art style was completely different in the last chapter, but kind of enjoyed the change.
  • Sean McQuay
    Reading this graphic novel is supremely aided by having read the prose version already. As it is, the graphic novel does not do a good job conveying motives or emotions beyond the most extremes.
  • Megan Bigg
    I really wish I could like this story more but I feel like its just missing so much