Dot Journaling by Rachel Wilkerson Miller

Dot Journaling

Organize your life, record what matters, and get stuff done!What the heck is a dot journal? It’s a planner, to-do list, and diary for every aspect of your life: work, home, relationships, hobbies, everything.Early adopter Rachel Wilkerson Miller explains how to make a dot journal work for you—whether you find the picture-perfect examples on Pinterest inspiring or, well, intimidating. You decide how simple or elaborate your journal will be, an...

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TitleDot Journaling
Release DateJul 31st, 2017
PublisherThe Experiment
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Language, Writing, Reference, Art

Reviews Dot Journaling

  • Eia
    I just recently got into bullet journaling but before I started I felt like I needed to learn more. I did go to Ryder Carroll's website and learned a lot but I felt I needed more inspiration. I didn't look further into his website, but instead I bought this book, thinking it will help. It did give me a lot of ideas. BUT as I read further, I realized, she didn't mention Ryder Carroll at all? Also, Ryder Carroll's concept is called BULLET JOURNAL-i...
  • Rebecca
    I've been doing a dot journal (bullet journal) for almost a year now, and going online for tips can be overwhelming. This book is the antidote: clean, simple, and, most importantly, finite. Although the book mostly keeps to the basic notebook-and-pen approach, it occasionally strays into the product-centric privilege so prevalent in the online community ("empty iPhone boxes are the perfect size for storing washi tape!"). Still, it's one of the be...
  • Melina Souza
    Ótimo, didático e inspirador :)
  • Pam Lemke
    Good Resource for Getting Started With Bullet Journaling I got interested in bullet journaling as a way to track habits. I initially turned to the internet and Pinterest for ideas, but found myself intimidated by others' superior design skills and calligraphy! This book reminded me that the bullet journal is meant to be an organizational tool, and that my bullet journal didn't need to be beautiful and sporting advanced calligraphy in order to be ...
  • Stella
    This book is totally Marie Kondo of journaling! The author is hands-on and really, really has tried everything she is talking about. She has written for the obsessed. (me, me!) I always used to have one notebook going where I write everything down but I realized in the past few years, I was using different media for different things I used to write down in my notebooks (Wunderlist for TO DOs, Evernote for pretty much EVERYTHING, Goodreads for Boo...
  • Chris
    Yes, you can get all of this content hither and thither online, but - I just really like having it all in a single place. The book is fairly bristling with sticky tape flags marking things I want to remember or reference.
  • Emma Sea
    the dot grid pages in the back are a nice idea, but if i'm too scared i'll screw up a blank journal, the alternative of screwing up a printed book someone else might read is in no way reassuring
  • Elizabeth A
    I am one of those people who got on the bullet journal bandwagon early, so was interested in seeing what this book had to offer. It's simply BuJo by another name. I did not learn anything new, and am actually rather disturbed that the author does not seem to credit Ryder Carroll, who created the system, at all. There are tons of people on Instagram and online with BuJo spreads if you are in search of inspiration, and if you are part of this world...
  • Airi
    I was surprised to find this title in our bookstore as I didn't really think bullet journaling is a thing in my city and I agonised whether this is a book I should spend my money on, mainly because I knew there's tonnes of similar information online, which I have been checking out mainly on YouTube. I bit the bullet (heh) and purchased it and as someone else in the review section said, the great thing about this guide is that it's finite. So once...
  • Andrew
    I have been considering journaling to help me organise information and was looking for ideas on how to proceed. This book contains much advice as well a number of examples which you can use or adapt.Overall I have found this a useful resource.
  • Rafaela Prado
    ótimo guia para começar a criar o seu diário rápidamente. Por ser bastante focado no por quê de fazer um diário em tópicos não nos deixa ansiosas focando em caligrafia ou layouts elaborados.
  • Shelli
    Trying to learn dot journaling from Instagram is like trying to learn how to swim by watching Michael Phelps at the Olympics. Fortunately, Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide: How to Start and Keep the Planner, To-Do List, and Diary That’ll Actually Help You Get Your Life Together is a no-frills how-to that won't intimidate you with over-the-top decorations and embellishments, but rather just gives you basic instructions for creating and custom...
  • Jhoanna
    A great, fast read on dot journaling (what some others call "bullet journaling") - what it is, how it works and sample layouts for you to try. I've been curious about this all-in-one format of planner, to do list and diary, but found most explanations overly complicated and confusing. Miller boils things down very simple with lots of examples. I read it in one night and will be testing out dot journaling myself this week!
  • Brenda
    My full review is on my blog...http://librarymomonbooks.bravesites.c...
  • Colona Public Library
    I started and stopped Bullet Journaling last year. I enjoyed it, but did not want to put a lot of work into it. This book gave me some ideas on how to organize and layout my pages to it was more helpful to me. This book gave me a lot of great ideas on how to set up my journal and ideas on what I should include in it. The pictures in this book of journal entries has given me the inspiration to try Bullet Journaling again. The chapters were divided...
  • Libby May
    It was helpful, the guides and examples were soooo good. Rachel's notes and funnies were good. And most of her quirks that she had to work out when she started journaling I already figured out a long time ago, so it doesn't bother me anymore. However, there were three instances of bad words, on *suggested* f bomb, and one diary entry that was recorded from a historian that was inappropriate in unnecessary. Anyway, overall, great book. I just got ...
  • Karine
    I wasn't sure at first whether it was worth getting this book or not when one can easily search through pinterest and instagram for ideas on bullet journaling. But I'm glad that I did now. It is a light read, but also very informative.Most of the book contains different ideas and layouts to try in your bullet journal. I found this useful especially for those that are just starting out or don't know what to put in their journal. The information on...
  • Kricket
    i started bullet/dot journaling in 2015 in a super casual way and have gotten more fancy/obsessive over the years. this book gave me some new ideas for spreads that will be both helpful and relatively uncomplicated, so cheers for that!
  • Meredith Mara
    4.5/5 stars :)
  • Jay
    I had never heard of “dot journaling” before seeing this book, but I’m always interested in ways to manage my time and record those things that I might need to find later on This seems like an interesting take on doing that, starting with a blank journal. The process appeared to me to be focused on the manual creation of forms, and then using them. This is not a process for efficiency – you won’t be managing your time using less time wi...
  • Elizabeth Tai
    I know everything there is about bullet journalling, but I still find Miller's layouts and tips inspiring. I pick this up from time to time to get a refresher and to be inspired all over again :D
  • cara
    "the core reasons for dot journaling: organization, self-reflection, self-improvement and getting stuff done." this book provides a really fun perspective on bullet journaling that made a lot of sense to me. the concept is very similar to bullet journaling, with the addition of a diary/journal element - which i very much enjoy. i love the idea of one notebook for my notes, my to-do's, my journaling. and i just cannot find a planner that works wit...
  • Anwen
    I'm not new to bullet journalling, but it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the gorgeous, artistic spreads on various platforms, or to disappear into a TV Tropes-level rabbit hole of reading more and more ideas of Terribly Useful Things To Include. I'm coming back to the system after a bit of a break, and decided to treat myself to this very pretty book, expecting to kick myself a little, but I've been pleasantly surprised. Yes, it's very, as my...
  • Meredith
    Bullet journaling is all over Pinterest. The amount of pins with tips and advice on how to get started is overwhelming, so it was nice to read a book that boiled everything down in one space. I've kept a journal since elementary school, so while I like the tracking aspects of bullet journaling, it isn't something I feel I need to invest a lot of time -- and wasabi tape -- into. That being said, I did get some ideas I'll incorporate in my present ...
  • Esmy
    As a newbie bullet journalist that has spent countless hours watching videos, searching spread ideas, and working on my own spreads/pages, I felt this book was a good intro to bullet journaling. I did get maybe 4 great ideas for spreads from this, but some spreads weren't photographed very well and couldn't be entirely seen. I appreciated that different writing tools were mentioned and swatched, BUT what about an actual bullet journal comparison?...
  • Marie Low
    Even before reading this book I considered myself to be a very organized person. I already have a lot of my own systems that are very functional for calendars, lists, schedules etc. But I heard this book recommended by Jenn from one of the Book Riot podcasts, and it sounded awesome. From what I can tell about her personality, she is also someone who is already very organized but she said that she herself found it was a nice way to pick up some mo...
  • Jody
    I'm oddly drawn to bullet journaling, but also feel like I'm about to get a stress-induced panic attack when looking at really beautiful journals people have made. I read this on some friends' recommendations and like how it stresses that it is perfectly ok to keep your journal simple and non-artsy. I might try it. Maybe.
  • Samantha
    This short book gave me lots of practical ideas about how to use a journal more effectively. I'm already using some of her layout ideas in my bullet journal, and I recorded several for future reference. Very helpful and encouraging!