The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

The Undomestic Goddess

Workaholic attorney Samantha Sweeting has just done the unthinkable. She’s made a mistake so huge, it’ll wreck any chance of a partnership. Going into utter meltdown, she walks out of her London office, gets on a train, and ends up in the middle of nowhere. Asking for directions at a big, beautiful house, she’s mistaken for an interviewee and finds herself being offered a job as housekeeper. Her employers have no idea they’ve hired a lawy...

Details The Undomestic Goddess

TitleThe Undomestic Goddess
Release DateApr 25th, 2006
PublisherDial Press Trade Paperback
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews The Undomestic Goddess

  • Zoë
    Sophie Kinsella strikes again! Although most of her books deal with both the professional world and relationships, she has managed to make every story unique and immensely entertaining. Although I didn't enjoy this novel quite as much as I've Got Your Number, it still immediately sucked me in and wouldn't let me stop reading until I finished. I think if I hadn't read this right after IGYN (my favorite book by her), I would have given it a full 5/...
  • Sita
    4.25This was the first Sophie Kinsella book I ever read and it will remain my favourite. My mum actually picked this up for me, because she liked the blurb on the back. She would never read this sort of book; she is into China Meavile, Dan Simmons and Stephen King. Not the sort of stuff I read... At first, I was hesitant, but I started reading this in the car on the way home and it was addictive. I just could not stop; this book is romantic, movi...
  • Laura
    As you’d expect, the story is a sitcom come to life: a work-obsessed attorney loses her job in a dramatic way and then plunges alone into the countryside à la Jane Eyre, only to wind up being taken in as a housekeeper by some nouveau riche couple. The twist is. . . get ready. . . she doesn’t know how to cook! Or run a washing machine! You can imagine the hilarity. In fact, you have to imagine the hilarity, because there isn’t much written ...
  • Michelle
    At first, the concept was so ridiculous, I wasn't sure I would even like the book. But Sophie Kinsella skillfully made it seem plausible. The story of a stressed-out lawyer, stripped of her job and accidentally ending up in the unlikely position of a housekeeper for a nouveau riche couple at a country estate, was very entertaining. In “The Undomestic Goddess”, Kinsella obviously spent some quality time studying not only international finance,...
  • Lola
    Sophie Kinsella's wonderfully flawed heroines manage to make me feel so much better about my own flawed self & life. You think YOUR life is dramatic? Wait till you read about Samantha Sweeting's.
  • Dija
    After reading several books by Kinsella, the only major complaint I have is that the endings are extremely unsatisfying. She builds up the character development and story so, so well, only to have it all end just shy of the perfect HEA. The first thought I usually have after finishing her books is, "Wait, what? That's it?" More than in Kinsella's other novels, this factor is impossible to ignore in The Undomestic Goddess. Samantha comes a long wa...
  • Megs ♥
    This story is about a 20-something, workaholic lawyer named Samantha. Sam leaves her job after making a huge mistake that costs her firm millions of dollars. She has put her whole life into this job, trying to become partner, and now it's over. She has a major meltdown, and ends up miles from home in the middle of nowhere working as a maid to a family that doesn't know anything about her true identity. She also doesn't know anything at all about ...
  • Barbie
    This was my second book from Sophie Kinsella, and I enjoyed it. It was a fun book, but I didn't laugh loud, just smiled.The plot was unbelievable. Samantha is a very talented lawyer, but she makes a mistake, and run away.She knocks on a stranger's door for a glass of water, and next morning she wakes up like a housekeeper, because she accepted a job. Really? No way.She can't cook, can't clean... She can't even boil an egg. But she learns everythi...
  • Ferdy
    1.5 stars - SpoilersThe worst Kinsella book I've read so far, it wasn't totally awful but it was pretty bad. The story was even more far-fetched and the main character even more daft than the other Kinsella heroines combined. The heroine (Samantha) was meant to be an Oxbridge educated lawyer with years of experience in the best law firm in the country, yet somehow she read more like a grade A idiot. I don't know why authors bother giving their ma...
  • Vina
    I look along the endless line, squinting in the sunshine. I’m twenty-nine years old. I can go anywhere. Do anything. Be anyone I like. “There’s no rush,” I say at last, and reach up to kiss him again. Excellent, funny, cute, sweet, romantic, fun...another great Kinsella book!
  • Carrie
    The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella is a standalone contemporary romance that is typical of the author's style, quite humorous and a bit over the top.Samantha Sweeting is a lawyer who knows nothing other than her job. Working every day of the week for seven years trying to make partner Samantha strives for perfection.One day though just as she is about to be named a partner in the firm Samantha comes across a paper on her desk that did not ...
  • Sara
    This book is one of my favorites. It's simply hilarious. Smart, witty, and romantic.The switch from sharp lawyer to house maid is genius.In the plot there's also a hidden agenda that our heroine has to uncover and that keeps the reader on edge. This is Kinsella at her best.Funny Quote"My eye flicks to the figure quoted in bold under Weekly Salary. It’s slightly less than I charged per hour as a lawyer."
  • Xanthia
    I must confess... Sophie Kinsella replaced Sarah Dessen and Cecelia Ahern in my top authors. I love how she writes. I haven't tried the shopaholic series but I've read her three books following that series which are, Remember Me?, Can You Keep a Secret? and The Undomestic Goddess. All her characters are witty. They are also serious parts but with the way she writes and the way her characters think are very light. There's also a mixture of romance...
  • Mimsey Thompson
    I read Kinsella's "Confessions of a Shopaholic" last year and enjoyed it very much. Since then, I haven't found the time to read her sequels, but recently, I picked up "The Undomestic Goddess" from the library and started reading. Much to my surprise, I found her main characters to be quite similar; they're both smart women with flighty thoughts who are put into extraordinary circumstances and come out better than anyone could have imagined. Akin...
  • Kerry
    I don't know, I guess I'm not much of a Sophie Kinsella fan. I've read a couple of her "Shopaholic" books as well as this one, and they just annoy me. Her characters are twits. Even in this one, where the main character is an intelligent, well-educated, about-to-become-partner Lawyer . . . she's still a twit. I highly doubt I will subject myself to any further twittery and shall skip her books in the future.
  • Divine
    You know that feeling you get when you're so excited to finally eat that steaming pork bun and visualize the succulent meat and rich layered flavors you're gonna gobble up? Reading The Undomestic Goddess was just like that, except for the fact that by the time you get to half the pork bun, it's all just a soggy white lump of bread.My best friend lent a paperback of this to me thinking that I would probably love it. And I DID at first, I really lo...
  • Shannon (leaninglights)
    Actual rating 4.75What a great read. I really loved this one! No love triangles or weird romances - Nathaniel is a new book boyfriend. Loved the message in this book as well.
  • Sky
    True rating: 3.5 starsSo lately, every book I pick up feels too heavy and serious and I just want a light-hearted laugh. So Haley recommended I read this book, which is exactly what I need. Although I had a few problems with this book, I enjoyed it immensely.The undomestic Goddess follows a 29 year old Lawyer named Samantha, who from the age of 12 was so focused on her career and going to the next level, she forgot how to live. Samantha is a work...
  • Tracy
    I was looking for some fluff, something with a sense of humor. This wasn't it. The book blurb makes it sound like fun. The cutesy-cover makes it look like fun. The tone of the writing make it sound like fun. I found no fun.I listened to 75 minutes of the 6.5 hour CD version of the book; during that time I didn't find a character that I was remotely interested in, nor did I ever crack a smile (even an inward one). Seriously, if you're supposed to ...
  • DeB MaRtEnS
    Unlike Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series, Undomestic Goddess features a much less ditzy woman front and centre in this very light yet original book. Although a bit dated- written in 2006- with its Blackberry devices for texting, computers for email and cell phones for calls only, the story is filled with the typical Kinsella contentious creatures as well as those truly most admirable who either trip up our heroine Arden or offer her safe haven....
  • Muse-ic ♬
    This was the first Sophie Kinsella book I was really into! The last few weren't bad, but the protagonists drove me nuts they were so annoying! Samantha had me pulling my hair out in the beginning, but I grew to like her pretty quickly! At first I was so frustrated about the whole lie-about-everything situation, but then it became hilarious!I love the Geigers :D a stupid bunch but they're awesome and I love them!Nathaniel and his mom are amazing p...
  • TL
    3.5 Stars :0)Not a laugh-out-loud type of funny novel for me, but this was surprisingly alot of fun...There were a couple plot points that were a bit out there for me but it didn't really bother me too much. Once the story started going and I got to know these characters more, I fell in love. A couple times I would look up from the novel and be surprised I was still sitting in the living-room and not at the Geiger's Inn. The pages fly by really f...
  • Sara Williams
    Know what I hate? Snobs.Know what I hate even more? Book snobs. The ones with Anna Karenina under their arms on the streets and a quote by Oscar Wilde on their yearbook who know Shakespeare's sonnets by heart. Not that there's anything wrong with any of those, but there is when a snob firmly believes there's nothing to look for in literature nowadays. Or when a snob believes a genre is deemed more worthy than the other.I decided to start my revie...
  • Colleen
    I'm being generous with my stars. I would really give this book more like 2 1/2 stars. I find the storyline hard to believe. I don't see a "high powered" lawyer taking a housekeeping job. One minute the character is a powerful well known lawyer, in the best law firm in the country, used to having control over others and the next she is curtseying to her new employers, cooking, cleaning and being dismissed after being given her new chores. It was ...
  • Tania
    This is my third novel by Sophie Kinsella, and they are great for beach reads. Even though this was far-fetched and over the top it still had me giggling. So far my favorite is My Not So Perfect Life, and I think I'll try Can You Keep a Secret? when I next need to escape from real life.
  • Zoha
    “My life has changed, and I'm changing with it.” Samantha Sweeting is a workaholic. She is one hell of an attorney. She works all the time. She never makes mistakes. She came from the family of attorneys and all of them are terrific except her brother who died from nervous breakdown. When was the last time she had a break ?? Since before grade 7. What is her 'one true wish' ??To become partner at Carter Spink( Law firm).How does she manages h...
  • Tatiana
    I think "Undomestic Goddess" is my favorite of all Sophie Kinsella's books I've read so far. Although totally predictable, this book was a pleasure to read. The main reason I enjoyed this book so much is probably because I can totally relate to Samantha. She is a lawyer and workaholic. She thinks that she will be happy after reaching the next step on the career ladder and all her hard work and sacrifices will pay off. Only while working so hard t...
  • Nicole
    I honestly couldn't finish the audiobook. Couldn't care less about the characters and their story. I think this book is worse than Confessions of a Shopaholic. At least the latter managed to be funny sometimes. In all cases, the audiobook is NOT recommended. The narrator's voice doesn't fit at all the main character, Samantha. She sounds too old. My readings by Sophie Kinsella are becoming more and more disappointing with each book. Still, I have...
  • Norah Una Sumner
    This was so fun!I really loved this book,it was funny yet serious,it was positive yet kind of sad because of what Sam had to go through.The characters are really good-Sam is so charming and Nat...uh.The supporting characters are so funny,I love Sam's best friend,haha.Love how she (view spoiler)[lied about Sam's birthday just so Sam can have a proper party. (hide spoiler)].The story is very interesting and captivating.I just couldn't wait to find ...
  • Belinda
    4,25 stars - English paperback - I have dyslexia - Thanks Judith for the read. Your a great friend. 4,25 stars - English paperback - I have dyslexia - Thanks Judith for the read. Your a great friend. 🌹🌹🌹