The Unseeing by Anna Mazzola

The Unseeing

A thrilling debut based based on the real case of Sarah Gale, a seamstress and mother sentenced to hang for her alleged role in a shocking murder, bringing together the accused with an idealistic young lawyer assigned to investigate whether she is a guilty murderer or an unfortunate victim.Something is keeping Sarah Gale silent despite the risk of a death sentence. Is it guilt? Fear? Love?Sentenced to hang for her alleged role in a shocking murde...

Details The Unseeing

TitleThe Unseeing
Release DateFeb 7th, 2017
PublisherSourcebooks Landmark
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Fiction, Crime

Reviews The Unseeing

  • Debra
    4.5 stars"Remember that, while women are often very good liars, they are generally less capable of independent and complex thought. It will therefore be necessary to subject her account to rigorous scrutiny- test her on each point; push her; catch her out."This book is a work of fiction based on the real murder of Hannah Brown which became known as the "Edgeware Road murder" due to where the first body part was found. Subsequent body parts were f...
  • Mary Beth *Traveling Sister*
    4.5 stars! This is a historical crime page turner set in the Victorian time period. It is a work of fiction but based on a true murder case called The Edgeware Road Murder of 1837. It is set in London. Sarah Gale is sentenced to hang as she was convicted of aiding and a betting, James Greenacre in the murder of Hannah Brown. Sarah was his mistress and lover. During the trial Sarah has done nothing to protest her innocence and even changes her sta...
  • Linda
    Wisdom Eyes are said to see in all directions at the same time.And someone saw what happened to Hannah Brown on that fateful night. A gruesome crime was committed on Christmas Eve in 1836 in the small home of Hannah's betrothed, James Greenacre. Hannah and James were to be married the following day. Hannah would never be able to slip on the fancy red wedding gown laid out for her to wear.But a trail of uncertainty leads to both James and Sarah Ga...
  • Dem
    A gripping Murder Mystery wonderfully vivid, dark and disturbing and based on true events.image:This is one of those novels that had me reading way past my bed time and sneaking off for a half hour read when I should have been doing other things but I just couldn't put this stunning debut novel down as it is extremely well written and relates a wonderful sense of time and place.Based on actual events in 1837 Sarah Gale a Seamstress has been sente...
  • Diane S ☔
    1837, during the course of this book, the Victorian age will be ushered in, and a young woman and mother would be sentenced to hang. When body parts of a murders woman are found in various areas, a Christmas Eve murder would be uncovered. The body traced back to James Greenacre, his live in mistress, Sarah deemed culpable and sentenced to Newgate to await her execution date. But was she guilty. She refuses to say much of anything, claiming not to...
  • Meredith
    4.5 stars The Unseeing is a finely crafted neo-Victorian mystery based on real life events. It drew me in and left me wanting more! The gruesome nature of Hannah Brown’s murder created a public uproar. Condemned to death for aiding and abetting, Sarah Gale is brought to Newgate prison to spend her final days before hanging. When a petition of mercy is filed, Edmund Fleetwood is hired to investigate whether or not the court made the correct reco...
  • Book of Secrets
    3.5 Stars → Ripped from the headlines of 1837! Based on the infamous Edgware Road Murder and the trial that followed in London, THE UNSEEING blends facts and fiction to bring to life this disturbing historical mystery.Who killed Hannah Brown and why? Sarah Gale, poor seamstress and single mother of a small boy, sits in dismal Newgate Prison, waiting to hang for her part in the grizzly murder. But was Sarah unfairly convicted? Lawyer Edmund Flee...
  • Emma
    3.5 starsOverall, it was the feeling of the novel that was the most appealing. Well, as much as the dank, fetid cells of Newgate can be considered so. The sense of place is done well, supporting and enhancing the plot without overwhelming it. Even better were the quotes from contemporary sources which began each chapter and illuminated the thematic nature of the subsequent scenes. In many cases, they added another layer of meaning to the events t...
  • Susan
    This historical novel takes, as its basis, real events which took place in 1836 and 1837. It begins with the murder of Hannah Brown and the arrest, for the crime, of James Greenacre and Sarah Gale. When we first meet Sarah, she is in Newgate, charged with aiding and abetting the Edgware Road murder. Sarah has been convicted, found guilty and has been given the death penalty. Separated from her sister, Rosina, and young son, George, she has one ch...
  • Cathrine ☯️
    3.5★This immediately followed a mystery/crime novel that was much more interesting and compelling for me even though this one was based on, and included details from, an actual murder. The pacing was too slow making the almost 400 pages too long. I did not connect with the characters and even though body parts were found in various places, eventually I did not care how they came to be there or who was responsible. The historical aspects of the ...
  • Christine
    If there is one book to shout about this year, it must be The Unseeing.The Unseeing by debut author Anna Mazzola is quite simply a masterpiece in storytelling. It is based on a real life murder from 1837, that shocked Victorian Britain. This was the Edgware Road Murder of 1837. Mazzola has used dramatic license to bring this story to life.It is 1837 and Queen Victoria is ascending to the throne. The papers are full of the death of Hannah Brown, a...
  • Pat
    4 starsHistorical fiction book pertaining to the Edgeware Road Murder case. On Christmas Eve 1836, Hannah Brown was murdered and dismembered the day before her wedding. James Greenacre, Hannah Brown's fiance, and his former mistress, Sarah Gale, are arrested and accused of the murder. This novel covers the trial of Sarah Gale, her incarceration in Newgate prison during Victorian times, and a further investigation into Sarah Gale's case as she pet...
  • Karen Mace
    I received a copy of this via BookBridgr in return for a fair and honest review.This is one of those books that I happily lost sleep over as I was unable to read 'just one chapter more' before bed as I just wanted to know what was going to happen next!Set in 1837 and beautifully captures the sights and sounds of London of the time, unpleasant times that they were! Sarah Gale is the main character and we are introduced to her as she arrives at New...
  • Raven
    Despite my patchy reading of historical crime fiction, I heard Anna Mazzola talk about her debut at this year’s CrimeFest convention in Bristol, and was suitably intrigued by this fictionalisation of a true murder case from the Victorian period. The Edgeware Road Murder of 1837 which led to many a lurid story in the popular press, resulted in Sarah Gale being convicted of aiding and abetting James Greenacre in the murder of his fiancée Hannah ...
  • Bandit
    Believing is unseeing. This is a semi fictional story based on a very real crime that apparently shook up the Victorian England, the delicate bunch that they were. Actually this takes place right around the time of Victoria's ascension to the throne. England is filthy, violent and brutal for anyone who hasn't got the funds to raise above the poverty levels. A young woman stands convicted of aiding and abetting in murder when an ambitious lawyer (...
  • Jane
    ‘The Unseeing’ is fiction spun around historical fact.Hannah Brown was brutally murdered on the eve of her wedding, in 1937, and parts of her dismembered body were found in different sites around London. James Greenacre, the man she would have married, was arrested. At first he denied all knowledge of what had happened, but he would change his story. He would claim Hannah’s death had been an accident and that he had paniced and disposed of ...
  • Cleo Bannister
    Using the bare bones of a real historical crime, Anna Mazzola has filled in the gaps to present a gripping story, one that feels entirely authentic.The year is 1837 and Queen Victoria is on the throne, London is a bustling array of work while a woman’s life is dependent on class and money and being married. Meet Sarah Gale who has been sentenced to hang for being an accomplice to the murder of Hannah Brown, a woman cut down on the eve of her we...
  • Mary
    4.5*Dear Reader,This is an intriguing and deeply compelling story based on fact. Centred around the murder and mutilation of Hannah Brown at the hands of her fiancée James Greenacre,ably abetted by his former lover,Sarah Gale,we are immediately immersed in the dirty,cloying and murky surroundings of London. Sarah,refusing to fully explain the circumstances surrounding Hannah's death, proclaims her innocence and claims she has nothing to say in h...
  • Clair
    Historical fiction is not normally my genre of choice but the premise of this book, the fact that it centres about the life and conviction of a real woman, intrigued me. The Unseeing is set in Victorian Britain and opens with the imprisonment of Sarah Gale who has been sentenced to hang for covering up the murder of Hannah Brown. Hannah was the partner of James Greenacre, whom was Sarah's lover up until he asked her to leave his home to make way ...
  • Suze Lavender
    It's 1837 and Sarah Gale has been sentenced to hang. She's believed to be an accomplice in the murder of Hannah Brown. James Greenacre cut Hannah's body up and hid the pieces at different places in town. Hannah was supposed to get married to him and Sarah was the one he sent away. After covering up and hiding Hannah's body James took Sarah back. Nobody believes she was oblivious and didn't know someone was murdered in her home just hours before s...
  • Sumaiyya
    3 stars doesn't mean this book is bad! It just wasn't for me.Here's what I did not like:1. Slow character development. 2. Plot twists were the bare minimum of what I'd expect in a crime mystery. 3. Lack of engaging secondary characters. The writing was very to the point and precise, but I felt the pace should have been quicker. The accused protagonist doesn't inspire sympathy or intrigue very much, her perspective stays nearly the same throughout...
  • Albert
    The Unseeing by Anne Mazzola is a historical crime drama that pits a son against his father and a young mother against the world. This book goes under the category of books I have read this year that far exceed my expectations. If you have not heard of this book in the past, don't feel bad, I didn't either but now I have to wonder how I missed it. Intricately plotted, Mazzola tells the tale of injustice and struggle amid the turbulent 1800s in Lo...
  • Abby Slater- Fairbrother
    I have had this on my wish list for several weeks before publication. Mostly because I am a sucker for a Victorian crime mystery! This novel however is unique in the fact that the crime has already been to court and suspects found guilty, The novel is not in such a standard way a whodunit? At the beginning of the novel we meet Sarah Gale sentenced to hang for her part in a murder. A murder she by no means committed but never the less will face th...
  • Jaksen
    This was a hard book to get through for various reasons. The content was interesting enough, but the writing fell flat, and I found it hard to really 'like' or be interested in the two majors. Here goes...The story is based on the true events of the 'Edgeware Road Murder,' 1836, in which Hannah Brown is found dead, cut into pieces which have been spread around town. Hannah's fiance and lover, James Greenacre, is accused of the murder; Sarah Gale,...
  • Katherine Sunderland
    This is a brilliant book. I can not believe it is Mazzola's first novel; it is so eloquent, engaging, evocative and quite frankly, just down right excellent!I read about this book on Twitter and knew it was THE book I had to read in 2017 so I was absolutely delighted to receive an advance copy from Millie Seaward at Tinder Press - the best belated Christmas present ever!So what makes this book so brilliant?How long have you got?!It's set in 1837 ...
  • Beadyjan
    Loved this superb twisty historical drama - review to follow soon.
  • MaryannC.Book Fiend
    Based on the actual crime dubbed, The Edgeware Road Murder when a torso was found in a house under a stone on Edgeware Road back on December 28th, 1836, then later a head and a few months after two workers find a pair of legs belonging to a woman identified as Hannah Brown. The murder was eventually traced back to James Greenacre and Sarah Gale, who was accused of aiding and abetting in the crime of this gruesome murder, from here author Anna Maz...
  • Elspeth G. Perkin
    This book seemed to be haunting me from the very moment I read the mini summary and everywhere I looked, I was being told to “read this now!” but I had to admit to myself that the books that have been screaming at me to look at this year just disappointed me one time too many, so I fought all temptation and waited. I only kept the excitement at bay for so long before I would come back to another review or offer to read and this back and forth...
  • K.S. Marsden
    After the horrendous murder, and butchering of Hannah Brown; it is up to Edmund Fleetwater to discover whether the angelic Sarah Gale could really have been a part of it. But she is keeping secrets, she is keeping faith.I received a copy of The Unseeing from NetGalley.This was a nice read.It is a very well-written book, it's tone and content is very suited to the 1830's London in which it's set.As a historical book, it is very easy to read, and f...
  • Debbie
    Sarah Gale is being held for aiding and abetting to murder in 1837 of Hannah Brown. She says she is innocent, however, she didn't speak during the trial. Her companion who she was living with at the time said she knew nothing about the murder of Hannah Brown and was innocent. He was found guilty and sentenced to hang.Edmund Fleetwood is called upon to investigate further and determine whether or not Ms. Gale did know about the murder and should s...