North by Brontë Aurell


Why are Scandinavians constantly topping the happiness table? How do you get more Scandi-style in your life? Just how do you use lagom? Whether you want your apartment to look like it belongs in Copenhagen, to workout like a Norwegian or to make cinnamon buns like a Swede, this is the ultimate insider’s guide to the countries of the north. Full of inspiration and ideas, how-tos and recipes to help you experience the very best of Scandinavian de...

Details North

Release DateSep 7th, 2017
PublisherAurum Press
GenreNonfiction, Travel, European Literature, Scandinavian Literature, Cultural, Denmark

Reviews North

  • Sheri
    An informative miscellany of the essentials of Scandinavian culture. The book starts with a definition of Scandinavia(n) vs. Nordic, and then explores Scandinavian life further through sections on style, at the table, life outside, family life, culture, and celebrations. The trendy topics of hygge and lagom are covered as well as unique entries including the top ten Vikings, how to wear a Norwegian jumper, and how to slice cheese. I especially ap...
  • Ryan
    This book was a lot of fun. It is a tongue in cheek look at the lives of Scandinavians. It starts of telling you who is and who is not Scandinavians, when and why to call whom what. Then how to look like a Norwegian, look like to came from Copenhagen. Its stereotypes that are used to get a laugh, but also show what things are like in the north.
  • Jillyn
    I really enjoy reading cultural books. I'd like to think that they help to make the world feel just a little bit smaller, and a little more connected. Surprisingly enough, I don't think I've ever read a book on Scandinavia. This is weird, because I have a strong love of Norway. Also, because growing up around the American Northern Midwest, you grow up with some familiar Scandinavian words and customs. (I'm looking at you, Minnesota and Wisconsin!...
  • Gaby F.
    An Insider View of the Heart and Soul of Scandinavia:This book brings up a lot of good memories for me. In my twenties I travelled with a friend to Norway and spent about three weeks travelling from Hytte to Hytte, having a wonderful time along the rugged coast between Kristiansand and Bergen. At that time we had a taste of the brown cheese Bronte describes in her book. We ate it on crisp bread. Had we known it goes well with waffles, we surely w...
  • Marzie
    I received the galley of Nørth from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.It's no secret among my friends that I am enamored of Scandinavia and the Nordic Union. From my obsession with Danish TV shows (Borgen, Forbrydelsen, Bron/Broen, etc), to the frequency of my trips to Norway, to my traveling all over at high latitudes in the coldest part of the year to see the Northern Lights (Iceland at -44 F wind chill, why sure!) it's clear I have ...
  • Annie
    First published on my blog: Nonstop Reader.Every year for the last several years there have been studies and polls which sample people from many countries in the world. The questions range from general (how happy you are) to specific things about health, general well being, satisfaction, wages, living, safety etc.Every year the statistics have been compiled, the Scandinavian countries (or more generally speaking, northern Europe) have ranked high...
  • Nicole
    Nørth: How to Live Scandinavian by Brontë Aurell is a fun introduction to Scandinavia.  This book is filled with recipes, instructions and playful sideways satirical jabs at each of the three Scandinavian countries. From the OCD "it has to be white, all white," to the absolute gaucheness of taking a knife to a beautiful Danish cheese, use a slicer is proper and easier, to the proper way to smörgåsbord and how to drink aquavit, this book cove...
  • Imen Benyoub
    I had a wonderful time reading this book, and I am happy with all the beautiful things I discovered..I recommend this to all lovers of skandinavia who wish to be introduced to the way of life and culture in a fun way, plus the illustrations are gorgeous..❤ I had a wonderful time reading this book, and I am happy with all the beautiful things I discovered..I recommend this to all lovers of skandinavia who wish to be introduced to the way of li...
  • Victoria Peipert
    Love pictures. Fun information. Interesting details. Overall, a lighthearted book that's more informal and has a very colloquial style so it was hard to take seriously but still a fun quick read.
  • Christy Lau
    A quick and conversational read, North succinctly describes Scandinavian cultures, social norms and stereotypes. Though subtitled 'How to Live Scandinavian', North dives beyond being a simplistic, superficial guide to sleek wooden furniture and forest cabins. Informative with a humorous flair, North presents a motley selection of windows into various details of the Scandinavian life. Paired with charming snapshots of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, h...
  • Eve beinguniquebooks
    I have a huge love for Sweden/Scandinavia as a whole because of the huge differences between their culture and our typical British culture. In North, I learnt there's actually a lot of differences between Norway and Sweden too in particular one shocking fact to me was that working in a coffee shop in Sweden pays £17 an hour! There's Danish, Swedish and Norwegian cheat sheets on how to be more like them from language to style on you and in your h...
  • Camila
    *This book was given to me by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review – all opinions are my own.*I really enjoyed this book. I've been obsessed with all things Danish lately and asked to read this advanced copy because it sounded interesting, about life in Scandinavia. The book delivered so much more than I thought. It was written brilliantly and with just enough tongue-in-cheek to make it an enjoyable but enlightening ...
  • Jennifer
    So worth a read. So many books in this genre but this one delved a bit deeper and was a little cheekier than most. Good to read if you want to sort out the Swedish from the Norwegian from the Finns.
  • Erika
    This book spoke to my soul, and I ate it up. My mom's side of the family is full-blooded Norwegian, and a lot of the traditions in the book are familiar to me. I grew up eating krumkake, lefse, and Swedish meatballs and rice porridge at Christmas, with creepy tomte figures looking on. I have always been enamored with all things fair isle, and hygge is my spirit animal. While there are a lot of tongue-in-cheek overgeneralizations in the book, it k...
  • Staci
    3.5 starsThis is a fun, tongue-in-cheek book that actually has a lot of good information about cultural life in Scandinavia (which is NOT one country). The author does a good job of detailing where Norwegians, Swedes and Danes differ and where things are similar between countries. She also spreads the coverage around pretty well as regards to what she's covering so it's not just how to make your home seem more hygge. Both hygge and lagom are ment...
  • Susie
    I read North: How to Live Scandinavian (think hygge, wool sweaters, candles, and tea) wrapped up in my own blanket with a cup of scalding tea; which is the perfect environment for taking in this sort of book. Very cute, and a wonderful book to take up in between longer reads/if you're in need of a bit of a lighter read. I especially enjoyed the passages on Nordic mythology, and Scandinavian holiday customs. North makes me want to replenish my can...
  • Rhonda Lomazow
    Lovely guide to Scandinavian life.Aurell Bronte shares with us the traditions the quirks the cozey concept of hyggie trips to Ikea & a lot of other traditions quirks of Scandinavian life.I found myself reading passages out loud to my husband.There are beautiful pictures.A really delightful read would make a great gift to anyone curious about Scandinavia.Thanks tonNetgalley&Quarto books for an advance readers copy for honest review.Now I'm Off to ...
  • Vintage274
    Among the plethora of titles about Scandinavia and happy, healthy, cozy lifestyles, this one stands. Besides the gorgeous photos and clear explanations of what makes each Scandinavian country different from the others, the author writes with a sly sense of humor. Want to know how to tell Danes and Swedes and Norwegians by their dress, their food, their lifestyle choices? Half-humorous, but also highly enlightening. A gem of a read.
  • Leyla Johnson
    I really enjoy this book, written in a easy style that makes you want to keep reading. The region that fall under the guise of Scandinavia is dissected for us and many myths broken - all in a fun way that make you want to read more and more, and to visit to see for yourself. I could not put it down very modern, very now and such fun
  • Rebecca
    Perfect read for a blizzard staycation day. My maternal side has last names such as Paulsen and Gustafson, so this book is right up my alley. Loved the pictures, recipes, and the writing. I really enjoyed the chapter about idioms, I may start using a few of these. Overall a lovely book to become immersed in as you drink your coffee, burn candles, and unwind.
  • Julee
    What a wonderful book! It’s slightly tongue in cheek, but a great portrait of a culture. The pictures are gorgeous and the discussions are poignant. I am looking for some “real life” insights into my Norwegian heritage, and this certainly gave me a splinter of reality.
  • Hattie
    A really good, all-round insight into Scandinavian life. Humorous, but engaging and informative.
  • Raven
    A great read! Loved❤A lot of information, some recipes and humour. Covers the BIG three nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Highly recommend.
  • Tima
    Numerous studies point to the general happiness of the Scandinavian people. So what exactly makes these northern European people so unique and content? The author has taken from her personal experiences and from research and has written an entertaining book that covers a lot of aspects, such as style, food, family, culture, and holidays. Full of colorful photographs and tons of information make this a fun and entertaining way to learn more about ...
  • Jake M.
    This book is great for what it is: A whimsical look at the daily and yearly cultural practices of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Everything from national holidays, to clothing and social etiquette are discussed with a good dose of honesty and humor. The composition is a half text, half photo layout that is neatly organized by theme. The glaring omission of Iceland and Finland deprives the book of some additional texture and nuance. Overall, this is ...
  • Justin Britton
    5 stars because even though Brontë is born a Swede, you don’t really see much bias from her at all during the book as the entire time she speaks of Norway, Sweden and little Denmark. It’s a very interesting and entertaining book, the humour that she writes with makes you not want to put the book down at all. As a photographer, I also love the imagery that was chosen for this. Definitely making some of the Scandinavian food items that were me...
  • Rose
    I have tried twice now to read through North: How to Live Scandinavian. Based upon other peoples reviews, I would assume my difficulty in getting interested in the information is the lack of images on my Kindle Edition. Let me suggest an actual paper version. Maybe I can run across one in my local library. Full Disclosure: I was allowed to read a copy of this book for free as a member of NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review. The opinions ...
  • Safiya
    Awesome!I laughed more than I should! It focused mainly on the three countries : Danemark, Sweden and Norway.I think it can be a great tourist's guide for those with a reading mania.It has recipes as well, I only understood by the end that the author herself owns a Scandi cuisine restaurant somewhere...In any case, I guess that provided I have time and of course money, visiting Scandinavia is on my destinations list!P. S: and the pictures are so ...
  • JFN
    Even though I gave this book only two stars, I actually enjoyed it and found it useful and fun for the insights. It’s a good comfort read for an upstate New York weekend by the fire, which is exactly how I read this book. But two stars by Goodreads definition is that I found it to be “okay.” It was “good okay.” Not a triumph of writing or anything, a teeny bit sloppy and repetitive. But enjoyable nonetheless.
  • Kristine
    North by Bronte Aurell is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early September.Humor and jibes towards those who live in individual Scandinavian countries - very 'the grass is greener' and 'this is how the gentleman rides.' Elder Minnesotans from different Norweigan and Swedish backgrounds would get a giant kick out of this book and its seemingly serious exterior.