A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan

A Secret History of Witches

An ancient and dangerous power is being handed down from mother to daughter through some of the most consequential historic events of the last two centuries.After Grandmére Ursule gives her life to save her tribe, her magic seems to die with her. Even so, her family keeps the Old Faith, practicing the spells and rites that have been handed from mother to daughter for generations. Until one day, Ursule’s young granddaughter steps into the circl...

Details A Secret History of Witches

TitleA Secret History of Witches
Release DateSep 5th, 2017
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Witches

Reviews A Secret History of Witches

  • Josie
    Set in Europe this story follows a family of witches spanning five generations and chronicles how the magic is passed down from mother to daughter and their efforts to keep their craft a secret. I really did not care for this book, it lacked any detail and intrigue. The story of each daughter just seemed like the same story repeated over again with minor alterations of detail. Girl is puzzled by secrecy of mother, receives her powers at puberty, ...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/2017/10/16/...A Secret History of Witches is one of those stories that span many generations, following a magical line of women through the ages starting from early 19th century Brittany up to the end of World War II. Told in five parts, the story first begins with the life of Nanette Orchiére, the youngest of six sisters. Descended from the Romani, her family has always been persecuted...
  • Judy
    Intriguing book covering five generations of witches from a Romani tribe of gypsies. The craft is passed from mother to daughter and the story is organized with a section of the book on each witch - Nanette, Ursule, Irene, Morwen, and Veronica. Each of the stories is similar in that the craft was passed from mother to daughter, witches are prosecuted and they fear this and hide their craft, etc. But each has a different level of power. A strong m...
  • The Library Lady
    I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed it, and yet I found it unevenly written. Though yes, I KNOW it is about witches, some of it went beyond my ability to suspend disbelief, not because of the magic, but because of the characters' actions. And I found the end to be abrupt and not terribly satisfying.
  • Juli
    A Secret History of Witches tells the tale of five generations of witches in a gypsy family. Mothers pass the gift to their daughters. They are persecuted and have to hide their powers from others. Spanning the time from the early 1800s to WW2, the book is divided into five sections, one for each of the five Orchiere family witches -- Nanette, Ursule, Irene, Morwen and Veronica.This book was at times a little too slow moving, but there is such a ...
  • Anna Henke
    I would like to thank the publisher, Orbit Books, for providing me with a digital advanced copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I was so excited to be approved as this book is SO in my wheelhouse. A historical family saga about witches? Yes, please. After having read the book, I have been hesitant to write this review because, honestly, A Secret History of Witches theoretically rang all my bells but failed to live up ...
  • Debbie
    I really enjoyed this one. The author does a great job giving each generation its own, recognizable flavor in atmosphere and behavior. Though obviously about magic, it's a lot about relationships and how familial choices often repeat themselves no matter what the time period, but with subtle changes due to advancements in each era. I liked the “message” that using the craft always has a price, which applies to all of our lives/relationships r...
  • N.N. Light
    A wonderful book I thoroughly enjoyed listening to. There were times I was so caught up in the story, I kept bumping into things. My Rating: 5+stars
  • Ash
    A Secret History of Witches is a family saga that spans over a century. It stars five generations of women - Nanette, Ursule, Irène, Morwen, and Veronica - from a Romani family, the Orchiéres, and takes us from Brittany to Cornwall to Wales to London. The women of the Orchiére family carry on the family tradition of witchcraft, passed down from mother to daughter.This book was a mixed bag for me, with some things I enjoyed and others that coul...
  • Olivier Delaye
    When I picked up A Secret History of Witches, I was hoping for a sprawling family saga a la Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour which I thoroughly enjoyed both for its beautiful prose and captivating plot. Well, hope might spring eternal but patience has a limit, and I reached mine by page 200. Not only is the story tediously repetitive with each new generation of witches basically doing the same things as the last, the characterization is also incre...
  • Mary Urban
    While a scrying stone or spell prove useful in this book, the real power the characters have is the undeniable strength of the mother-daughter bond. Set against tangible historical backdrops, A Secret History of Witches pursues this primal, nuanced, and complicated relationship that every woman lives with. And not too magick-y, for the fantasy-averse.
  • S.J. Higbee
    I really loved this engrossing saga about a family cursed with magical ability - and the extra spin put on events surrounding WW2 worked particularly well... Highly recommended for fans of family-based historical adventures with a twist of magic
  • Liz Barnsley
    A Secret History Of Witches is a beautifully written and wonderfully absorbing read following one family of practicing witches down the ages, facing prejudice, a long heritage and a struggle to maintain their old ways.It is also a fascinating character driven drama about the relationship between mother’s and daughters, sisters and family that is utterly gripping. Louisa Morgan weaves a spell around the reader as the torch is passed from generat...
  • Laurie
    Starting in Brittany in 1821, this is the history of one family of witches, the Orchieres. They are Romani, and therefore automatically suspect whenever someone wants to persecute a witch. Which is why one night Grand-mere Ursule gives her life to hide the family from a witch hunting priestI, telling them to flee across the channel to Cornwall, taking the family’s two treasures: the grimoire, and the large crystal that was dug from the mud many...
  • Pamela
    Solid writing makes this 3 stars. I really liked the synopsis, but unfortunately, the eras for each of the witches didn't really get flushed out. Ms. Morgan keeps the witch in question in the dark (so to speak) until she becomes "a woman". Then suddenly said witch knows everything! Just as you are getting to know that character, it seems, boom - you're on to the next one. I wanted to know more about each woman and felt disappointed with the mothe...
  • Evelyn Medina
    This was such a wonderful read! It was a bit of a slow start but it definitely picked up after a few chapters. It was so interesting to dive into this long line of witches and learn about the different family members and their powers. There’s so much history, romance, magic a bit of suspense and I loved every minute of this. The ONLY reason I took one star away is because whenever I found myself getting more and more involved in a certain witch...
  • Sharon Thompson
    Meh! Interesting enough to finish, but rather cyclical and predictable. The last witch story almost made me stop reading because one character was so ridiculous to introduce, but I was on an airplane, so I finished it. More continuity between the witches would have helped with depth of character.
  • Heidi
    Three and a half stars: A lengthy novel that explores the tradition of witch craft over two hundred years as it is passed from mother to daughter.It is the eighteen hundreds, witches aren’t hunted and burned at the stake like they once were, but make no mistake, being branded a witch still has devastating consequences even two hundred years past the height of the witch hunts. That is why on this particular night, the Orchiere family is on the r...
  • Vicki
    I absolutely loved this book. A beautifully crafted family saga spanning over five generations that held me spellbound until it's last page. Pure magic!
  • Veronica
    A Secret History of Witches is the story of five generations of witches and their trials and tribulations. Each witch has her own story to tell and the choices she makes in her life. I found that I enjoyed the earlier generations rather than the later ones. The background general history was fascinating but I found it a bit less believable as the stories became closer to modern times. I also found the stories were a bit uneven and more developed ...
  • Jess (Primrose)
    My only complaint... why did it have to end already? A truly escapist read that transported me from 1821 through the end of WW2. Tracing the lineage of mothers and daughters and their inherited gift was fascinating. Morgan crafts a tale that chronicles five generations of women in a family and their experiences with their magical inheritance. A grimoire and a crystal hold properties that speak to each woman. Each woman has an experience with the ...
  • Surbhi Das
    The book follows the story of 5 women from each generation, ancestors and their descendant, their love for each other and for the craft whose secret they have preserved for a very long time. Set in England, the story depicts the bond between mothers and their daughters as they struggle through changing times and some major historical occurrences, fighting their battles bravely and protecting their family, their heritage, their existence and ultim...
  • Aleta
    I had high hopes for this book. I kept reading in hopes that the story would turn riveting, unfortunately that never happened for me. Just the same old thing throughout the generations of Witches.
  • Jenn
    Really nicely written prose - though I have some issues with the progression of events (ie, rags to riches). We start off with Nanette - who is a Romani child living on the Brittany coast in the early 1800s -- her family is fleeing a witch hunter and to go across the channel to the Cornish coast where they make a new life. Only Nanette learns English & Cornish, while her (much) older sisters stick to French. Witch hunters pursue them to England.T...
  • Hannah
    This book was a gem! I really enjoyed it - it's a good blend of fantasy and historical fiction. I was initially very wary of a book that carries over 5 generations, but the characters are great - starting with Nanette who is sweet - not all of the ladies of the Orchiére line are quite so sweet, but all are such motivated and powerful characters. Though there is some magic, these witches prove to be powerful, even without it. One thing I do have ...
  • Christine
    Best book of the Year in my opinion. Beautifully written, flowed seamlessly from mother to daughter as stories of each generation unfolded. Excellent read. Historical, gripping, fantasy, desire, war. It has it all.
  • Anneke Rondonuwu
    i find it hard to place a concise feeling towards this book. i was battling my self how am i going to rate it. well, let's put it by make a few points how i like it, and where i would like to have more improvements.why i love it?1. it's a history of witches! i love everything about witches. sometimes, i'd like to see myself as witches too :D. I always wonder about their histories, their crafts, and also their struggles to survive.2. it's a a chai...
  • Tammy
    The nitty-gritty: A multi-generational saga of a family of witches, with plenty of drama, familiars, and just a touch of magic.I’ve always loved multi-generational stories, although I usually associate them with historical and literary fiction, not fantasy. But Louisa Morgan has combined all three genres into a fascinating and far-reaching tale of a family of witches, a line that has been handed down through the generations from mother to daugh...
  • Margaret
    This is a fun, inter-generational family history of witches. Each section features one of five Orchiére daughters and their story of how their magic develops, and how they find love in their lives (or not). But witches must always hide their powers from everyone else, for a woman with that kind of power is a danger to society. The novel begins in Brittany and ends in London, and moves from early 19th century all the way to WWII. It's at its stro...
  • Huck
    More like a high 3.5 stars