The Lying Woods by Ashley Elston

The Lying Woods

Owen Foster has never wanted for anything. Then his mother shows up at his elite New Orleans boarding school cradling a bombshell: his privileged life has been funded by stolen money. After using the family business, the single largest employer in his small Louisiana town, to embezzle millions and drain the employees' retirement accounts, Owen's father vanished without a trace, leaving Owen and his mother to deal with the fallout.Owen returns to ...

Details The Lying Woods

TitleThe Lying Woods
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
GenreYoung Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Lying Woods

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    I went into this book expecting a light, mysterious read, based on Elston's fierce following, but I had no clue it would be THAT good. Seriously, how have I not come across her books before now? I need to immediately scour her backlist and catch up on all her other books that I've missed thus far. When I saw the description for this one pop up on NetGalley, it was one of those moments where I hit the button based on a pretty cover and a vague, an...
  • Stacee
    This was amazing. Captivating storyline, characters who were easy to root for, and some really satisfying reveals. I can’t wait to read this one again.
  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    I love a good mystery, especially one that is shrouded in family secrecy and lies. The Lying Woods was so much fun. Great characters that were hard to resist and a storyline that flashed back and forth from present day to the past that was just as captivating and shrouded in mystery as the present day mystery. I loved how not only the stories but the characters themselves intertwined and came together. With shocking discoveries and revelations, t...
  • Jay G
    Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my youtube channel: Stars *Thank you to the publishers for the copy in exchange for my honest review* Owen Foster has everything he's ever wanted but, one day it's all taken away when he discovers that his father skipped town after stealing all of the money from the employees working for the oil company he owns. Now, Owen must face the after math of h...
  • Brittany (The Book Addict's Guide/Novelly Yours)
    Initial Impressions 9/9/18: This was an interesting read! At first it read a little more realistic fiction than mystery/thriller but the end was really packed with punches! There were some clues and the mystery along the way but it wasn't really about investigating and discovering like a lot of mystery/thrillers are, so when reveals and twists started popping up, it was a huge surprise! The ending was really interesting and I loved how it all cam...
  • Resch Reads
    4.5 STARSI immensely enjoyed this book, as my first Ashley Elston book, it blew me out of the water! Ashley truly has a craft for flawlessly combining overlapping story lines, tangled emotions, and complex characters into a cohesive story that hooks the reader and leaves you captivated and wanting more. Once I started the book, I couldn't put it down. I was hypnotized by the endless questions, when one was solved, not only would another pop up bu...
  • Niki
    I believe this officially makes Ashley Elston my favorite Young Adult Thriller writer. Possibly favorite YA author period. Not only are her mysteries twisted and surprising every time, her teenage characters are so real and it always surprises me. My number one pet peeve in YA mysteries is teenage characters who act like they’re 35 and totally capable of anything, screw adults and the police. Elston’s characters are not like that. They do the...
  • Skye
    Anything Ashley writes gets auto-added to my "must-read" list. Her books are all awesomely suspenseful YA.UPDATE 5/2/18:So I just got done reading the ARC...Go preorder it. Now. I'll wait.Man, this book was frickin fantastic.
  • Kristi Housman Confessions of a YA Reader
    I wasn't quite sure what to expect going into this book.  I requested it because it was listed as a mystery.  I feel like it was so much more though.  It wasn't a mystery in the same way as some of the books I read.  This one had such a focus on relationships, especially family.The story is told by Owen, but there are sections after Owen's that go back into the past and are told by his dad.  These start off with his dad meeting and working f...
  • Kathy Martin
    Owen Foster's life makes a U-turn when his mother comes to his elite boarding school and tells him that his father has embezzled from his company, bankrupting it, and leaving his local investors and employees broke too. His father has disappeared leaving Owen and his mother to take the blame and be the target of many of the people in town who lost their livelihoods when Owen's father disappeared. Owen has to leave his friends behind and go back h...
  • Allison Covington
    First, I’d like to thank NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.Owen Foster has everything he could possibly want: He attends a prestige boarding school, spends holidays traveling, and has a great group of friends....until one day, everything changes. His mom shows up on campus to bring him home because his dad has run off with millions of dollars betraying basically his whole home town. Since his education was fund...
  • Rebecca Allen
    I wasn't sure I was going to connect with a character with Owen's privileged background. But the privilege is stripped from him right at the start of the story and he's placed in one painful situation after another. Neighbors gawk and the paparazzi snap pictures whenever he leaves the house, whispers and stares follow him through the school halls, there's an uncomfortable distance between him and his best friend from grammar school, his only pote...
  • Teri
    After reading a couple of heavy sci-fi/fantasy books, I was in the mood for an intriguing mystery.  I'd never read anything else by this author, but rest assured, I plan on correcting that. I finished this book in less than two days (while I was supposed to be working on several other projects), but just couldn't put it down.  The dual narrative between Owen and Noah is done so well, and goes about revealing the layers of secrets at a perfect ...
  • Dianna
    I received a copy of this book for review. Opinions shared are mine. There’s so much to love about The Lying Woods. I adored the small town setting and all the gossipy drama that came with it. Just out of the town’s reach is an old pecan orchard, which is as charming as it is spooky. It’s always fun to learn something new with a book, and I definitely enjoyed the little veiled reveals found in the Trudeau journal.The main character, Owen, w...
  • Caroline Hedges
    This was an advanced proof sent to me in exchange for an honest opinion.This book was slow to start and I wasn't sure I was going to like the main character Owen. He came across as a privileged, rich boy. But then he has to move away from his fancy boarding school and back to his humbler beginnings and things to start to pick up. Who is threatening his mother? Has his dad really ran off with all the money? Is there anyone left in the town who wil...
  • Kat
    #TheLyingWoods #EdelweissThank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for the E-arc copy of this novel. First off, I am a sucker for any mystery! Ashley Elston does not disappoint in this novel. The setting of the small town full of secrets is a wonderful backdrop for this mystery to play out in. Owen is a wonderful and genuine character that we want to root for no matter what! I love that sometimes secrets surprise even our main characters. Elston d...
  • Meghan
    From beginning to end this book captivated me. We have been wanting to expand our young adult collection with adventurous captivating books and this was a great fit for that. I have read Ashley's book This is Our Story and throughout our library system, the book has been widely popular with our patrons. Owen's story about being thankful for what you have and counting all of your blessings everyday is what we cal all learn from. Also the lesson he...
  • Taylor Holt
    THE LYING WOODS has a lot of checkmarks for me. New Orleans. Boarding School. Mysterious disappearance.All that said, this book was an average read for me. I read through it pretty quickly, but I'm not sure how long it will stick with me. I appreciate the work Ashley Elston put into crafting the reveal, but I didn't feel connected enough to Owen and the rest of the characters to be pushed and pulled by the narrative.I received this book from NetG...
  • Amanda Caravello
    I have been a HUGE fan of Elston's writing and she has definitely done it again by writing this incredible novel. I'm so excited to read other people's responses to this book. I'm constantly impressed by the quality of the stories and characters that Elston brings out in the world. This book is worth the time. I loved the story and the characters, truly a captivating read.I received my ARC through a giveaway contest and would like to thank both @...
  • Anne
    The Lying Woods is classic Ashley Elston—great character depth and surprising twists and turns! All of the characters are fully fleshed out and the teens are believable. Perfect YA/upper middle grade read for fans of The Rules for Disappearing!
  • Read InAGarden
    Such a wonderful book. Elston has penned a tale of deceit, love, back-stabbing, self-reliance and truth-finding In The Lying Woods. Readers won't want to put this one down.
  • Elizabeth
    Ashley Elston is one of my favorite YA authors and the Lying Woods is an excellent example as to why. The Lying Woods is a mystery with twists and turns that keep the reader awake long into the night. Her characters are real and relatable. Owen's relationship with his mom is beautiful and poignant. His struggles with his peers are painful to read with their accurate portrayal of the cruelty of teens. This is a must read.
  • Megan
    *Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.* Wow! That was a ride. I got strong The Notebook vibes, especially towards the end. The Lying Woods stands on its own two feet though - this is a passionate story, full of mystery, nostalgia, love, jealousy, and grief. I loved the way it hops back and forth between Noah in 1999 and Owen in the present. The parallel stories of the two made the unraveli...
  • Stephanie
    Ashley Elston has seriously found her niche in these realistic mystery type books and this one right here was fantastic. More review later...but go ahead and preorder this one. It’s worth every penny and then some.
  • Judy Beetem
    The Lying Woods is one of those books that you pick up because it looks good, then can't put down because its great! The story opens on Owen as he's called to the office of his New Orleans boarding school and receives horrible news. His father, who's company was the major source of jobs and income in the small town where Owen grew up, has disappeared with millions of dollars he embezzled from the company. He's left the town with no source of inco...