The How Not to Die Cookbook by Michael Greger

The How Not to Die Cookbook

From Michael Greger, M.D., FACLM, the physician behind the trusted and wildly popular website, and author of the New York Times bestselling book How Not to Die, comes a beautifully-designed, comprehensive cookbook complete with more than 120 recipes for delicious, life-saving, plant-based meals, snacks, and beverages.Dr. Michael Greger’s bestselling book, How Not to Die, presented the scientific evidence behind the only diet ...

Details The How Not to Die Cookbook

TitleThe How Not to Die Cookbook
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherFlatiron Books
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Health, Nonfiction, Food, Cooking, Vegan, Reference

Reviews The How Not to Die Cookbook

  • Nichelle Crocker
    Great whole food, plant-based recipes. Overall the preparation is straightforward and there are many recipes that don't require a huge list of ingredients. I'm not a foodie and don't enjoy cooking much and this cookbook fits my style well.Dr. Greger's humor and good-natured personality come through here as they do in everything else he touches. It's a fun read as well as a good resource.UPDATE: half a year later and I still use this cookbook at l...
  • Danielle
    My husband and I were huge fans of Dr. Greger's book so I had to pre-order his accompanying cookbook. We have made about 10 recipes from it and they have all been AWESOME! I think my favorite recipe so far has been the Curried Chickpea Wraps. We also enjoyed the Black Bean Burgers, Lentil Shephard's Pie, Sweet Potato Hash, and Moroccan Lentil Soup.The recipes are simple and delicious and each one features a full-page photo so you know how the dis...
  • Tina
    Borrowed from library & need to purchase. Such convincing info to make necessary dietary changes.
  • Alyson Fortowsky
    The cookbook companion to How Not to Die is less useful than the book itself; there are many better recipes out there that adhere well enough to a plant-based whole-foods oil-free diet to be very healthful. Forks Over Knives and Dr. John McDougall provide many excellent recipes for free on their website.Greger limits himself to only his Green Light foods, which is an admirable goal but doesn't jive with the point he makes in How Not to Die about ...
  • Libby Beyreis
    I was fascinated by "How Not To Die", but I found this companion cookbook a little disappointing. Many of the recipes looked kind of dull, and there were a fair number of recipes that I think of as "faking food" - foods that are pretending to be something else that has meat in it. (e.g. vegan Sloppy Joes, vegan burgers, vegan bolognese, etc.) I tend to prefer vegan recipes that don't try to be something that they're not, but instead embrace the p...
  • KC
    2.5. Plant based vegan recipes. Nice layout and photos but to be honest some of these recipes I'd rather die than eat. Unless someone can make them for me....
  • Jannah (Cloud Child)
    3.5Firstly. I NEED to read the actual How Not To Die book because the parts I really enjoyed were at the beginning which were very informative nutritional facts and I know more of that would be in the original.While the recipes gave me an insight into different ways I could incorporate a plant based diet into my cooking there was a lot of ingredients included which are hard to get or really expensive where Im from or on Amazon which takes it a st...
  • Claudia Turner
    Great follow-up to “How Not To Die”. It begins with a brief but thorough summary of everything in Greger’s initial book, then several recipes that I use as starting off points for my own concoctions. He teamed up with culinary expert Gene Stone and has lots of beautiful pictures (a necessity for me with cookbooks). It’s important to read his book with this and to download his FREE app Greger’s Daily Dozen. This will help you change your...
  • John Hebus
    I haven't tried making any dessert or drinks, but from the savoury recipes, this book is a winner. One piece of advice - the whole jig on onion (red and spring) is a little bit too crazy for me. I'd put in half as much, or even less. Otherwise, great cookbook - always my go to when I feel like having a blast in the kitchen.
  • Adrian Luben
    great cookbook! highly recommended!
  • Milka
    After borrowing this book from the library and marking almost every page, I decided to buy my own copy. Super easy, delicious recipes with appetizing pictures, perfect for everyday cooking.
  • Taunie Peterson
    I love this cookbook. I do not normally like to cook but these recipes are easy to make. I just finished reading the book How Not To Die. We have been eating like this for two weeks now and I feel great. I don’t miss sugar, meat or processed foods. If you are interested in becoming healthier, I highly recommend these books.
  • Janet
    Great recipes in here, even if the title should be "How Not to Die Young" or "How to Resist Disease and Die Old."
  • Brittany
    Don’t get me wrong I like Doc Greger and think he does good work, but this is another not so great plant-based/vegan cookbook. I read it online through my library and the recipes involve too many ingredients and some are not always easy to come by. I prefer simpler recipes which is why Pinterest is the best option for me. I think his information on health and how diet can improve or fix many conditions (like obviously heart disease and high cho...
  • Judyw Winkleman
    This is a great cookbook for Whole Food Plant-based eating. It is well written. It has a lot of great recipes. The only thing I wish it had were more recipes in the main-meal chapter. There are only nine recipes in this chapter. Of the nine, three are vegetable "pastas", and one is literally cauliflower with a lemon sauce. We did however find some good main dishes in other chapters (Wraps, grains).
  • Lindsay
    I have a few vegan cookbooks now, but this one stands out because of the balance between simplicity and not over relying on starches. The recipes do a great job of incorporating vegetables and nuts while (mostly) not having too many components.
  • Stacey
    Dr. Michael Greger has made a huge impact on my health through his recommendations about nutrition in the past, and I have been looking forward to his cookbook. It doesn't disappoint!
  • T.L. Cooper
    The How Not to Die Cookbook by Michael Greger with Gene Stone offers a plethora of plant-based recipes that are easy and interesting. Greger makes the recipes accessible even for those who aren't adventurous cooks. While he does include some ingredients that might be unfamiliar to some, they are relatively easy to find. In addition, The How Not to Die Cookbook includes a handy guide to tell you which items on Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen from How Not...
  • Barbara
    This is an absolutely invaluable, beautiful cookbook loaded with recipes for a plant based diet. This is a follow-up book to Dr. Greger's first book called, How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease, which explains the reasoning for changing your diet to plant-based. It is not that difficult to change your life and your health! This cookbook has many suggestions for breakfasts; snacks, dips and spread...
  • Primrosebarks
    I have a love/hate relationship with several of Robin Robertson's cookbooks, which I use on a regular basis. In collaborating with Dr. Greger, I think she did an amazing job of coming up with new flavors following Dr. Greger's guidelines, and so this is my favorite of her books to date.Some of the recipes are tired retreads (e.g., lemon hummus), but there are enough strikingly original oil-free, vegetable-focused recipes that make this my first g...
  • Karen
    The book begins with a very condensed cover of the information in How Not to Die so if you haven't read the original book, you'll still get the basics here. Throughout the recipes, there are informational boxes on various foods and why they're good for you as well as tips for buying and using recommended foods. There is also a 14 day sample menu included though this would be a bit more useful if the recipes had hyperlinks back to where the actual...
  • Andrea
    "The How Not To Die Cookbook" is even more than I expected. Not only are the recipes very well structured and diverse, Dr. Michael Greger filled the book with tips and tricks to make eating a whole-food plant-based diet even more practical. And he encourages people to try it out in their own paste, one step at a time.In the back, you can even find some sample meal plans to help incorporate more healthy food into your diet.I highly recommend this ...
  • Joyce
    It's kind of funny to mark a cookbook as completely read, but I've perused the whole book and have made several dishes from each section, so I think that's about as good as it gets with a cookbook. Perhaps it's the lack of salt but even with the spices included most of the recipes taste bland to me. The solution has been to double or even triple the amount suggested. That's helped some. I'm thinking about substitutions as well. Otherwise we've be...
  • Patricia Robertson
    The absolute best whole foods plant-based cookbook out there from one of the diet's biggest advocates and my personal hero- Dr. Michael Greger. The chocolate truffles are to die for and a massive hit even among non-vegans. I roll them in unsweetened coconut flakes instead of the crushed almonds and that tastes great as well. I don't much care for the drinks section, wish they had omitted that and added more desserts or main courses but nonetheles...
  • Thomas
    A catchy title but the reality is we will all die at some point. There are a lot of views of what is the "best diet" and this is basically aligned to a vegan approach. It has some good swap in items to replace common things you may rely on and a good set of recipes to implement the diet. I prefer a book like this that has a shorter section on the what/why and then more "implementation" especially when it comes to food...after all, I like to eat a...
  • Andee Marley
    I didn't realize there was a 'How Not to Die' book and a 'How Not to Die' Cookbook... Guess I started with the cookbook. The preface was incredibly interesting. I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit. After perusing the recipes, I decided they looked like something I could actually do. (Like the date syrup, and then put it on EVERYTHING) The fryless stir fry and the morning oatmeal also looked yummy. I guess this was like a preview, but looking for...
  • Heidi
    The recipes are quite tasty. Whole Food Plant Based cooking doesn't have to be boring or difficult to make. After looking at my library's copy, I decided to purchase the cookbook. The downside is the number of recipes that call for spice mixes or sauces in other parts of the book. It's worth preplanning before starting a recipe as you may need to have another recipe prepared to complete a dish.
  • Brooksie
    I love Dr. Greger. I love his website, I love his Year in Review videos, I love How Not to Die. I do not love the cookbook.95% of the recipes contain nutritional yeast, white miso paste, or both. Almost every recipe has a lovely photo, which is a big point in its favour, but there ain't much flavour variety happening here. I may make a few recipes from this book, but I'll most likely just use it for inspiration for my own creations.
  • Patricia
    Beautiful, useful, and creative cookbook. There are variations and practicalities that can be adapted and changed for variety. It's easy to make special meals that are healthy and that can be enjoyed without regrets. This cookbook is most useful in partnership with HOW NOT TO DIE, where the science, medicine, and logic are presented. A good way to get started is to use Dr. Greger's "Daily Dozen" app.
  • Keith
    Truly Whole Foods Many other cookbooks wander off theme if they try to tackle healthy eating, this book does not. Lots of accompanying materials to explain the how’s and why’s... I’ve only tried a couple recipes so far, but they have delivered on promises. Be aware that this cookbook is a companion to the original book!