The Chef and the Slow Cooker by Hugh Acheson

The Chef and the Slow Cooker

Hugh Acheson brings a chef's mind to the slow cooker, with 100 recipes showing readers how an appliance generally relegated to convenience cooking can open up many culinary doors. Hugh celebrates America's old countertop stalwart with fresh, convenient slow cooker recipes with a chef's twist, dishes like brisket with soy, orange, ginger, and star anise, or pork shoulder braised in milk with fennel and raisins. But where it gets really fun is when...

Details The Chef and the Slow Cooker

TitleThe Chef and the Slow Cooker
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherClarkson Potter Publishers
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews The Chef and the Slow Cooker

  • ❄️✨ Kat ✨❄️
    3.5The recipes in this book were just not my type, but it does give good explanations of how to make brines and broths. Also has some good images.
  • Anke
    I'm a huge fan of cook books and this is another good addition to my collection. I'm already looking forward to cooking several of these recipes.
  • Susan
    I bought this book several months ago, after reading a review and feeling excited about making homemade chicken broth in my slow cooker overnight. The recipes for broths are indeed full of flavor and I woke to the whole house smelling amazing.I just read the rest of the recipes today. Most of them sound amazing... but it seems like the reason I love my slow cooker- that I can put in the ingredients and then go to my office for 9-10 hours - well, ...
  • Raidene
    Beautifully photographed cookbook with side notes and sketches by the talented and scrumptious(sorry if that offends anyone)James Beard winner and Top Chef contestant and judge Hugh Acheson. This is definitely a meat lover's cookbook(Pot Roast with Charred Onion & Chickpea Salad, Osso Buco with Lavender-Citrus Gremolata) but there are also some intriguing veggie soup(Lentil Soup with Kale & Sour Cream)and side dish(Artichoke & Carrot Barigoule) e...
  • Bn
    If I ate meat, this book would probably have 5 stars.Being a vegetarian, there's not much to get from this book. Even the sections on vegetables that you *think* would be veg-friendly tell people to throw in a hock of ham or whatever. I was really excited for this book because I wanted some more slow cooker recipes. Unfortunately, unless you're an avid meat eater this book probably isn't for you.
  • S Vanorse
    Not anything in here that I really say to myself "I have to make that". The food photos were nice, but still if I am using a slow cooker I want to dump it all in and leave, not go through a bunch of steps, before, during and after. Then I could have my picture taken, sitting in a lawn chair reading a cookbook, drink in hand, like Acheson, only I wouldn't have the slow cooker on the lawn with a 100 foot extension cord.
  • Clwseattle
    I'm a fan of Hugh Acheson, but I was wholly unimpressed with The Chef and The Slow Cooker. It is fun to look at with interesting prologues to the recipes and a new way to look at your slow cooker, but there is little I would actually make. Actually, I found TWO. That's it: two recipes. I think Acheson found the not so sweet spot where a serious cook wouldn't use a slow cooker and the home cook wouldn't find a recipe.3 stars, C-
  • Laura
    Atcheson really takes the slow cooker to new heights here. His instructions are very clear, his prep times accurate and most ingredients easy to get. This is more dinner-party fare than weeknight food, and Atcheson’d southern influence is very apparent here.The vegetable and stock chapters really stood out for me. If you use your slow cooker a lot, there are some very good ideas here.
  • Beka
    A lot of times when chefs write for the slow cooker their recipes end up being just as much work as any other recipe, and for me the slow cooker is supposed to be easier. He is still a little too chef-y for me to get many recipes from this, but there are definitely several good ones that don't require too much work or hard-to-find ingredients.
  • Cecilia
    I expected more real life recipesIt is a good book, I liked it, I liked how simple they seem, but I expected more recipes using common ingredients like beef, and pork, chicken that are the ones that I use. But it was ok.
  • Julie
    I enjoy Hugh Acheson and this book shows his sense of humor. Liked the soups, the beans, and (who knew?) the recipes for peach butter and apple butter made in a crock pot. Will be skipping the goat and the tripe.
  • Janet
    I'm a big fan of the slow cooker and of Hugh Acheson, but these recipes didn't resonate with me so much. I guess I like my slow cooked food simpler and less chef-y. Found his continued use of the word redolent redundant. Loved the illustrations though, which Hugh himself drew.
  • Jo
    Lovely pictures but I didn't think the recipes were so unique I couldn't find them in other books I have read.
  • Stephanie
    Beautifully designed and photographed -- and better to look at than likely to use. As one other reviewer said, it's definitely more dinner party fare than weeknight cooking.
  • Jessica Pierson
    Great advice, very personal descriptions of the recipes, beautiful photography, I loved this book. Can't wait to make everything in it.
  • Christine Clark
    I've always enjoyed bad boy chef, Hugh Acheson. This is a nice cookbook but it goes beyond what I am interested in cooking. I did, however, get some good tips while reading this book.
  • Virginia
    Just the stock session makes this book worthwhile.
  • Kathy
    Most of the recipes had foods that I already don't like in them, so I just don't want to invest time and money in a recipe that has a food that I don't like in it.
  • Candice
    I saw maybe 2 or 3 recipes I would try but nothing more.
  • Denise
    A good book to give people who think the slow cooker isn't hip. However, for people who already use and love their slow cookers there aren't many ground-breaking recipes.
  • Terry
    interesting text but not one recipe I wanted to try