Gin Tama, Vol. 3 (Gin Tama, #3) by Hideaki Sorachi

Gin Tama, Vol. 3 (Gin Tama, #3)

宇宙海賊「春雨」に囚われた新八と神楽を救うため、銀さん&桂が敵の本拠地に乗り込んだ! 果たして万事屋の運命は!? 他にもリストラされた男とか河童とかアイドルとか真選組とか色々登場。あ、銀さんが放火魔に!?

Details Gin Tama, Vol. 3 (Gin Tama, #3)

TitleGin Tama, Vol. 3 (Gin Tama, #3)
Release DateMay 1st, 2007
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Humor, Comedy, Shonen, Historical, Historical Fiction, Comics, Graphic Novels, Action

Reviews Gin Tama, Vol. 3 (Gin Tama, #3)

  • Aera
    This volume had some of my favourite chapters. It was hard to read this quietly in public places.We got to see Gin being a fatherly figure and looking out for Shinpachi and Kagura, which was really sweet. The version of rock, paper, scissors game they played in the park with the Shinsengumi was super entertaining, even if it ended up being something completely different than expected. Elizabeth is just... a special creature, to say the least. I r...
  • Doremili
  • Anhie Greenish
    "Good afternoon. I'm Sakata Gintoki. I hope to be the captain. My hobby is monitoring my sugar intake. My skill include being able to sleep with my eyes open"Another star because it makes me laughing madly. It was hilariously funny. I cant remember when was the last time i laugh so much just by reading a comic. Even the chapter title cant make you giggling. Here's one: "Stress is a cause of baldness. But if you work at keeping your stress low the...
  • Dianne Owens
    Another star than previous volumes because I found myself annoying other housemates with laughter and the requirement of numerous tissues to deal with certain nasal-related explosions. This series just keeps getting better. (Currently following the manga over at MangaFox.)
  • Gavin Abdollahi
    I LOVE THIS MANGA!The dialogue's HILLARIOUS, the drawings are HILLARIOUS, everything is HILLARIOUS!
  • Dylan
    Gintama is the reason for my suffering. *side eyes Gintoki*
  • Amy
    This was nice, loving Gin-chan so far! He can be quite silly but cool at the same time... And all those long titles...
  • Faye
    This manga is quite random lol. It's a comedy all in all, but then at times Sorachi gets weird and deep. I like that.