Gin Tama, Vol. 4 (Gin Tama, #4) by Hideaki Sorachi

Gin Tama, Vol. 4 (Gin Tama, #4)

銀さん達が宇宙旅行へ。だが、とんだ事件が起こり宇宙船が遭難し…!? 他にも可愛いお姫様とか変態下着泥棒とか江戸一番の発明家とかハム子とか…相も変わらず万事屋の周りでは、一文にもならない出来事が目白押し!!

Details Gin Tama, Vol. 4 (Gin Tama, #4)

TitleGin Tama, Vol. 4 (Gin Tama, #4)
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Humor, Shonen, Comics, Comedy, Historical, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novels, 漫画

Reviews Gin Tama, Vol. 4 (Gin Tama, #4)

  • Aera
    This volume was a little more serious, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It allows us to see other sides of the characters that we already know and love. We're also starting to understand more of the backgrounds of the main characters, which I'm really interested in learning about. As always, I enjoyed this volume a lot. The only criticism I have is that there wasn't enough time with the Shinsengumi.Nose Picking Sightings:In this volume: Ka...
  • Laura
    There were a couple of chapters that I genuinely enjoyed in this volume. The first chapter with Kagura and the princess made a nice change from the usual flow of these stories.
  • Gavin Abdollahi
    More serious, touching addition to one of the best manga series ever.
  • Dominique
    The 4th volume of the Gintama series is a collection of one shot chapters for many individuals. It is a shame that the space trip they won was not part of the anime nor was the festival in which an assassination on the shogun stops everyone from having fun.
  • Amy
    The final story was touching...
  • Dianne Owens
    While I was reading this volume, my husband kept looking over at me giggling at the silliness that is Gin Tama. It is one of the most entertaining manga series around.
  • Chia
    can't stop laughing xD hahahahahahaha