The Memory of Butterflies by Grace Greene

The Memory of Butterflies

To keep a devastating family secret from being revealed, a young mother’s desperate lies could end up destroying everything, and everyone, she loves. The Memory of Butterflies is a poignant story of family and forgiveness—of knowing when to let go and when to hold each other close. Hannah Cooper’s daughter is leaving for college soon. The change is bittersweet. A single mother since the age of eighteen, Hannah isn’t eager to confront the ...

Details The Memory of Butterflies

TitleThe Memory of Butterflies
Release DateSep 5th, 2017
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Family

Reviews The Memory of Butterflies

  • Susan Peterson
    The Memory of Butterflies is a beautiful, heartfelt, poignant book that left me in tears at the end. I was emotionally invested in this book from the very first page. Hannah is a single mom, trying to do the best she can every day for her daughter Ellen. But Hannah, like her mother and grandmother before her, has made questionable choices, hidden the truth from the people closest to her, and closed herself off to anyone but her daughter. Now, as ...
  • Deborah Blanchard
    As I sit here unable to breathe and with tears running down my face, I hope that I can give this book the review that it deserves. This is a story about love, loss, lies and truth, but also so much more. It is about the courage to go on and spread your wings, like that of the butterfly. This is such an exquisite book and you will feel so much emotion. You will laugh and you will most definitely cry. This is one of those books that make you feel. ...
  • Christine Nolfi
    Brimming with heart-rending choices, The Memory of Butterflies celebrates the unshakeable bonds of parental devotion in an uplifting tale of love’s ability to heal the deepest wounds and silence the darkest regrets. Highly recommended.
  • Shalini
    One lie told to oneself and proven to the world again by lies, can be like a rolling stone which keeps on getting bigger and bigger till it destroys everyone in its path… That’s the basic story line… This is a story about a mother Hannah and her daughter Ellen and their life from birth till the present. There is mystery, there are secrets, there are relationships, missing babies, dead babies, and a town which allows the past to remain where...
  • Barb
    Secrets have a way of coming out--and the longer you keep them, the deeper the repercussions. As Hannah prepares to send her daughter Ellen off to college, she begins rebuilding her childhood home, opening the door to the revelation of long-buried secrets that threaten the foundation of her family life. Hannah must decide whether to sacrifice herself to protect those she loves. Grace Greene has created a world that the reader will picture vividly...
  • RoseMary Achey
    An entertaining read but not a book I would recommend to a serious reader. This novel dealt with a couple weighty topics-SIDS and an abandoned baby but the writing was somewhat improbable. I continually question how such a smart young woman would make such poor decisions. In addition, many of the book's conflicts were resolved with unrealtic ease.
  • Carol
    Powerful thought provoking and emotional story!! Many issues ran throughout the story, suchas: loss and grieving, secrets, deceit, issues, fear to love, forgiveness, lies,friendship, personal growth, transition, truth,faith and love.Hannah Cooper's life starts in Cooper’s Hollow which is located along Virginia’s beautiful and rustic Cub Creek. It is here where she makeschoices that will keep her aloof from othersuntil the point...
  • Teresa
    This book started out great and grabbed me immediately. However, it didn’t continue to keep me interested I’m sorry to say. I know I’m in the minority here with my 3 Star review.It was a very slow read for me and I had to make myself keep reading and not just flip to the end. The book starts in the present time when we meet Hannah and her teenage daughter, Ellen. They are preparing for Ellen to graduate high school and head off to college w...
  • Agnes (BeaderBubbe)
    Hannah Cooper's life has been one big lie. But we all know what happens with lies....they seem to roll into one giant ball that doesnt stop until the lie comes out into the open. Hannah has had many losses, - her parents, her grandfather, her baby and she only has her grandmother left. She refuses to go to college and leave her, so she undertakes the care of her. Especially when she becomes pregnant...thinking the 3 of them can live happily. But ...
  • Natalie
    I just do not understand the high rating on this novel!! Contrived and predictable plot about selfish, miserable people. Skip this one.
  • Booksandchinooks (Laurie)
    I was given a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley and AmazonPub for an honest review. This is a book about love and family. The main characters in the book are Gran, Hannah, and Ellen. The story spans roughly 18 years. Hannah and her daughter are preparing for Ellen's upcoming graduation and move to college. As the story unfolds we learn about secrets, mistakes, and decisions members of the family have made through the years. We follow ...
  • Vicki
    Oh my goodness was this book good! So many surprises and secrets that I couldn’t listen to it fast enough.All of the characters were well written and I liked getting to know them. The story took one twist and then another and kept surprising me. I felt a lot of different emotions while listening to this book. Some parts were sad, some were touching, and some were shocking.One of the twists in the book made it a whole lot more interesting than w...
  • C.E. Hart
    “The workmen, and anyone else who came here, should tread carefully and respectfully among my memories and my past. And not judge me.” The Memory of Butterflies is a story that leaves you breathless. One in which, upon reading the last page, makes you reluctant to leave the people, emotions, and exquisite setting you’ve sunk into. Definitely a five-star read.Grace Greene is a new-to-me author, and I’m so touched by her writing. She is a t...
  • Karen McQuestion
    This is one of those books that's quietly intriguing. It pulls you along and you think you've got the events of the story all worked out, but you don't (at least I didn't--I have no idea why I've lapsed into third person here). The ending was resolved well, but not too neatly. As an adoptive parent, I did have a slight quibble with the attitude of one of the characters, but I can admit this is probably something that wouldn't bother most other re...
  • Margie Shaw
    I received an ARC of Grace Greene's novel The Memory of Butterflies in exchange for an honest review. It's a very emotional story based on loss, sacrifice, secrets and lies, but mostly on love. It's about family, and what we do to protect those we cherish most. I think anyone who is a parent can relate to what Hannah, the main character, goes through. This story stuck with me long after I was finished reading. I just kept thinking about what I wo...
  • Farrell
    I literally could not even get through the first chapter. Single mom who had her baby at 19; that child is now going off to college. Mom owns pottery store but can somehow afford to build a giant house on her family's old property. Her 'secret past' will sure to be revealed soon and I'm confident it will be something every reader saw coming; and don't get me started on the flirty but restrained relationship with the home builder.
  • Pippa Ainsworth
    I so enjoyed this book. I know it's a good one when I go to bed early 'to read just one more chapter' and I'm still there two hours later finishing a novel, as I just could't put it down until then. The Memory of Butterflies was one of those for me. I loved it.Set in rural Virginia, we meet Hannah, her daughter Ellen and Hannah's Gran, Clara. The three are completely enmeshed in each other's lives, living in the isolated family homestead. The hou...
  • Crystal (Books Are Sanity!!!)
    The Memory of Butterflies is a unique and hauntingly beautiful story. I was slowly drawn in and the details put me straight in the Hollow along with Hannah. I could picture the house, the cabin where she did her sculpting, and the river that flowed out back. Hannah and her grandparents led a pretty secluded life out in the Hollow, I could hardly imagine living so alone and away from everyone and everything. And the secrets that are hidden, there ...
  • Laura-Lynne Smith
    This book was very satisfying. As the story progressed I found myself getting worried for Hannah & how the consequences of her decisions could come back to burn her in a horrible way. The ending was excellent and tied up the story well but left enough open for the reader to imagine how the story might continue. There were lessons of forgiveness, family loyalty, mental illness & its effects, and many others. Gran, Hannah, Ellen, Liam & Roger made ...
  • Jasmine Davis
    Not bad at all.... it begs the question... what would you have done?
  • Dixie
    Wow! This is one emotionally enveloping read! Ms. Greene drew this reader firmly into Hannah's inner whirlwind! Her surroundings and her life were described so well that I could see the landscape and feel the calmness of the Cub Creek wilderness, while at the same time vicariously experiencing the tremendous highs and lows brought about by circumstances and the choices made by Hannah, her grandparents, and others in the community.You know you've ...
  • Cheryl Steckling
    Review to follow.
  • Patricia
    A wonderful story of love, loss, transition and hope. The characters, their secrets and the storytelling all make for an emotional journey, as the reader learns about Hannah and her family.Hannah was raised by her grandparents, after her parents death. As she graduates high school (and is preparing for college) things happen that will alter her future. Her decisions lead to secrets and lies, to protect loved ones. Now, as her daughter is graduati...
  • Noreen
    What a wonderful story! The story begins as Hannah, is on the path to college. She makes a decision that will forever change her future. The author shares a story of family bonds, choices, loss and secrets. Hannah has taken on the roll of single parent and caregiver for her aging Grandmother. Her Grandmother shares a family secret and Hannah has to learn to live with what she's told. Hannah also has been living with a decision she made 15 years a...
  • Lisa
    A quick read but mostly implausible characters and dangerously independent to the point of stupidity. This educated woman who was bound for college shuns going to the doctor when she gets pregnant, believes in this whole self-sufficiency to the point that she is an outcast and makes her daughter one as well. That certain major events happened that were public knowledge but that people never found out about until actually being told? That the char...
  • Ranjini
    A beautiful, heartfelt and poignant story of a mother’s unconditional love towards her daughter. A story about family, home, discovery; and to what extent we may go to protect those we cherish most. Anyone who is a parent can relate to what Hannah, the protagonist, goes through.Hannah Cooper, a single mother to Ellen, is feeling the emptiness that is associated with Ellen taking off for college. She decides to renovate and reinstate their origi...
  • Linda
    Decisions can make or break you. Make the wrong one and all is lost. Make the right one and sometimes you can hurt the ones you love most. Sometimes things are not so cut and dry. Sometimes our decisions come back to haunt us. Sometimes things tend to work out and all can be good.This book pulled me in from the start. I felt like I was right there watching things happen. From the beginning to the end you feel so drawn to Hannah and Ellen. I laugh...
  • Sue
    Grace Greene is a new author for me and after reading The Memory of Butterflies, I have just ordered her previous books. I loved her writing style and am not sure how I missed reading her earlier. It's a book that grabs you at the beginning and quickly has you emotionally involved with the characters. It's a story about family and secrets that can destroy a family.Hannah is a single mom who has totally built her life around her daughter Ellen. As...
  • Diane
    The Memory of Butterflies by author Grace Greene is one of the best books of this year! The pages are filled with family secrets, family devotion, and the devastating fallout for all involved when certain truths becomes known. Hannah’s grandparents raised her after the deaths of her parents when she was a child. So, Hannah postpones going to college in order to care for her aging grandmother. Although Hannah is mostly isolated from friends, she...
  • Susan
    I received an ARC from Lake Union Publishing and this is the first time I have read Grace Greene. Happily, it won't be the last. Directly to the point, clear, well thought out writing. Hannah is the type of mother that most women aim to be with their children, but she has secrets buried in her past that could destroy everything. Ellen is the daughter every mother would love to call their own, but she is yearning to discover the mysteries surround...