P.S. from Paris by Marc Levy

P.S. from Paris

From Marc Levy, the most-read French author alive today, comes a modern-day love story between a famous actress hiding in Paris and a bestselling writer lying to himself. They knew their friendship was going to be complicated, but love—and the City of Lights—just might find a way.On the big screen, Mia plays a woman in love. But in real life, she’s an actress in need of a break from her real-life philandering husband—the megastar who play...

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TitleP.S. from Paris
Release DateSep 1st, 2017
GenreRomance, Fiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary

Reviews P.S. from Paris

  • Pouting Always
    Mia is a British actress who runs off to Paris to stay with her best friend after getting fed up of her husband's cheating. Their movie is due to come out soon, and since they're starring together Mia doesn't want to make a public scene of their separation so she changes her appearance and tries to lay low. Paul is an American author who moved to Paris after his first book was published, but since then his books have not been very popular, except...
  • Obsidian
    I honestly don't feel like reliving what I already wrote in my update besides the fact that I don't know if I would have liked this more in the original French or what. The dialogue seemed off to me and the plots (such as they were) did not seem realistic at all.The book focuses on two characters. Mia who is an English actress who I guess is famous. And Paul, who is a writer who has become a success in Korea. Yeah you read that right. I would hon...
  • Maria Clara
    Es increíble, estoy pensando qué decir de esta novela y, sencillamente, me encuentro con la famosa página en blanco. Supongo que algo de culpa la pueda tener el protagonista que, como escritor, la sufre en algún momento de la historia. O puede ser que en este caso las palabras sobren; aunque, claro, sin palabras, la página seguirá en blanco.
  • Lisa
    A delightful love story set in Paris, where everything is not quite what it seems. SUMMARYOn the big screen Mia plays a woman in love. But in real life, she’s an famous British actress in need of a break from her real-life cheating husband. She escapes from London to Paris behind a new haircut, and a waitressing job at her best friend Daisy’s, restaurant. Paul is an American author, living quietly in Paris, and doing his best to stay out of t...
  • Diana
    What a charming romantic comedy! I will admit it took me a bit to get into the writing style. (I often wonder how much is lost in translation??). However, it is a short book and I was engrossed before long. This is the kind of book that puts a smile on your face while reading. I can definitely see this as a movie that I would enjoy watching. A great, light-hearted, short summer read.
  • Miss_
    De mis libros favoritos del 2016
  • Nicole
    This book didn't do it for me. It was a Kindle First book, and I'm glad it was free. I didn't like the writing. Like, at all. Perhaps it's better in French? The point of view felt lazy, not omniscient. The dialogue wasn't believable to me, which was unfortunate since the story relied on the heavy dialogue and minimal descriptions. The characters didn't seem like real people and the whole story just felt 'meh.' There was something missing -- I jus...
  • Rebecca
    This looked like a quick read, and turned out to be a very quick read when I decided not to finish it.
  • Fatima
    Mia is a British actress who needs a break from her philandering husband and from her fame, so she travels to Paris and lives with her best friend. On the other hand, Paul is a writer whose first novel was a major hit but he just wants to runaway from fame so he ends up living in Paris. Both of them bump into each other and that's when love spreads in the air. The story is like a normal Bollywood film. Paul is a great character. Anyone who is a w...
  • Thanh Thanh
    4.5/5 Hôm bữa có một bài báo cho rằng những cuốn sách của Marc Levy và Musso chỉ được xem là ngôn tình, vì vậy không được đánh giá cao như những tiểu thuyết Pháp kinh điển khác. Mình thấy cũng đúng, chúng giống ngôn tình thật, nhưng nếu mọi cuốn ngôn tình trên thế giới đều được viết như phong cách của bác Marc, thì mình sẽ đánh giá thể loại truy...
  • Mandy
    An unashamedly romantic novel from popular French writer Marc Levy. I’ve read quite a few of his love stories and they are all without exception gentle, charming, light and heart-warming, with a very French feel to them, a bit quirky with sparkly dialogue and engaging characters. I suppose overall they don’t amount to very much but I find them really enjoyable and it’s nice on occasion to read something that is no more than it pretends to b...
  • Rachel
    Lovely ReadI loved this book. Clean, straightforward writing with an engaging voice. Loved, loved, loved the twist and the ending. There were moments i laughed out loud. This book was "marvelful." : )
  • Noémie
    4,5 c'est tendre et pimenté! J'ai passé un très bon moment !
  • Carla Palmeiro
    So, Goodreads tells me that Marc Levy is the most-read French author today and I wonder, really!? Contemporary French literature must be in a deep rut because this just won the price for the worst book I’ve read the entire year!! Fortunately, rarely do I encounter such weak writing and storytelling. This is quintessential light reading with a strong emphasis on the light part!His writing skills and storytelling did remind me of a once famous wr...
  • Gigi
    DNF.The writing is stilted and I didn't feel drawn to the characters, probably because they were all quite flat and one-dimensional.
  • Maria
    Um romance simples, mas que me agradou muito.Opinião completa: http://marcadordelivros.blogspot.com/...
  • Nicko D
    Винаги е време за любов! Още повече ако стрелите на Купидон хвърчат на фона на Айфеловата кула и Сена. Романтичната новела „Тя и той” от Марк Леви е вашият безплатен билет за едно лудо, щуро и забавно пътешествие в Париж, където две разбити сърца н...
  • Middlemist Red
    ‘Elle et Lui’ is a lovely romantic comedy that I can picture exactly as a great movie, if anybody would look into it and decide to have a new go at this Author.I had never read Marc Levy but obviously knew him by name. This is an author who sells a lot of books every year, and one of the French authors the most “profitable”. This book contains some very funny passages, misunderstandings, and dialogues with cute puns. Sure, it's not great ...
  • Furrawn
    Actress. Omelet. Writer. San Francisco. Opera. Paris. Caricaturist. Bench. Grocery list. Translator. Grocery list again. Joy. Fear. Airplane. You know the way a books is sometimes a perfect balance of what you want in a book right at that moment? I wanted a light and playful yet deep and thoughtful book. Those books are difficult to find. This book was everything I hoped and wanted it to be!
  • Ali
    Historia bonita y corta (200 paginas aprox). Los diálogos entre ellos son divertidos y peculiares. No es una historia de sentimientos profundos pero es bastante entretenida y adictiva, sobre todo por la forma en que está escrita.
  • Mi vida en hojas de papel
    una historia que me ha recordado a lo mejor de Marc Levy, con una trama original, divertida, natural e inesperada, acompañada de unos personajes inconfundibles.Reseña completa aquí: http://mividaenhojadepapel.blogspot.c...
  • Dee Arr
    Over the years, I have found that books that promise to be funny or a “comedy” seldom live up to the hype. While I am not sure why I took a chance with author Marc Levy’s “P.S. from Paris,” I have to say that it was not a disappointment. Here’s why:CHARACTERS – Mia is an actress, caught between her career and the actions of her philandering husband. Her life is one that pulls her in directions she doesn’t always want to go, and sh...
  • Nata
    E prima carte pe care o citesc de Marc Levy și contrar multor opinii pe care le-am auzit despre scrierile lui, mie mi-a plăcut destul de mult acest roman. L-am citit cap coadă făcând nouă ore de drum spre București. Umorul cred că salvează foarte mult această carte, dar e atât de potrivit cu personajele și acțiunile lor. E vorba despre Paul și Mia. El scriitor, ea actriță. Li se înscenează o întâlnire de care ei nu au habar. H...
  • Nada EL Shabrawi
    Sweet, beautiful, and funny romance.
  • Grace
    2.5 starsThis was my first time using Kindle First. The idea behind the story was intriguing, but the execution was lacking in my opinion. I'm not sure if this book was translated from French, so that might be part of the problem. But ultimately it came down to the characters, both of which I had trouble connecting with. I liked how they first met but never understood how they weren't honest to each other, their friends, or themselves.I liked the...
  • Maria Sol
    No me gustó, principalmente creo que con lo que menos pude conectar y por ello que este libro no me gustara, es con el estilo del autor, demasiado inconexo, todo pasa como muy rápido y sin demasiadas explicaciones, me faltaron muchas cosas en este libro, mucha mezcla, se lée muy rápido y todo queda sin profundizar en nada. Es una lástima porque creo que la historia esta buena, pero realmente la forma en que esta contada no es para mí, es el...
  • Lucia Ortega
    3,5/5Me ha gustado la historia pero los diálogos algunas veces me parecía forzados y los protagonistas muy serios y sosos.Es un libro ligero, rápido de leer y perfecto para desconectar :D
  • Jordan
    4,5/5Rafraîchissant. Décapant. Hyper divertissant. Voilà ce que je retiens de ce roman. J'ai eu du mal à rentrer dans l'histoire les premiers temps. Il m'a fallu une cinquantaine de page pour m'adapter aux personnages. Une fois ce cap franchi, ma lecture n'a été qu'un pur bonheur. Je me suis éclaté. Vraiment. Cela faisait bien longtemps que je n'avais pas autant ri et pris mon pied en lisant un livre. L'histoire est ultra actuelle, ultra ...
  • Maria Carmo
    What an adorable way of meeting some of our favorite characters of Marc Levy again after several years! How close one can feel to these characters, these stories that entwine themselves and lead us by the hand in a mounting thrill, until the end which, apparently, is never quite final (remember how his first book with Lauren and Arthur "If only it were true" (where Paul was Arthur's best friend) was followed, years later, by "Finding You" - the m...
  • Ellen Trautner
    I read this while on vacation, and it's definitely that kind of book. An improbable love story that will most likely be adapted into a romantic comedy starring Kristen Bell and her husband who I know is also famous but I can't remember his name.Easy read, with a mostly predictable plot but still fun. Two things annoyed me: the super famous, beautiful, rich actress sulking about her life and going on a dating website (pretending to be her friend, ...