The Devil's Wife (Devil's Kiss, #3) by Gemma James

The Devil's Wife (Devil's Kiss, #3)

No one claims marriage is easy. That is especially true for Kayla Sutton, because she’s married to a sadist who takes the meaning of the word “dominance” to new heights. But Kayla should have known. She fell for his wicked ways after he blackmailed her, stayed after he kidnapped her, went back to him after he almost destroyed them both with his unpredictable fury.Then she married him.A year has passed since Kayla agreed to love, honor, and ...

Details The Devil's Wife (Devil's Kiss, #3)

TitleThe Devil's Wife (Devil's Kiss, #3)
Release DateApr 22nd, 2016
GenreDark, Erotica, Bdsm, Romance, Adult Fiction

Reviews The Devil's Wife (Devil's Kiss, #3)

  • Natalie The Biblioholic
    By now, most of you are familiar with the fact that I'll be ranting about this book/series, not dissecting the plot. I'm going purely off emotion and I don't care. I absolutely love and respect the writing of this series because it has drawn strong feelings out of me!I pitied Kayla and I hate to pity anyone. I don't mind offering sympathy to people because life can be tragic sometimes and there are circumstances beyond our control. I can even be ...
  • Kira
    DNF @33%The first two books were so good. This doesn't have the same feel to it. It's drama for the sake of drama. Gage and Kayla are two screwed up people. Drama doesn't need to be manufactured to create issues for them. They have enough already. Kayla has become whiny. Her life sucks but it is the one she chose. Why is she a slave to her own sexual desires? Just because a guy is good in bed doesn't mean your brain stops functioning when he's in...
  • EpicRomanceReviews
    "Nothing can break you, not even me. You’re my miracle.”OBSESSIVE LOVE. DECEPTION. JEALOUSY. UNBRIDLED PASSION. SUFFOCATING CONTROL. HEARTACHE. THE CATASTROPHIC QUEST FOR FREEDOM.... These are the intertwining themes of the third deliciously twisted installment in the Devil's Kiss series by dark romance goddess Gemma James!THE DEVIL'S WIFE opens nearly a year into the marriage of Gage and his beloved wife, Kayla. They are on the threshold of ...
  • JP
    This isnt erotic, its flat out abuse and sicknessBe warned this trash shouldn't even be in the romance genre, not dark bdsm either. I have read dark but this is just abusive beyond sadistic. The fact that this author tries to pass this perversive plot as romance is lie. This was the worst story I have read. Gage does not love his wife, never did. He admits he stole her from his brother (probably for revenge), locks her in a cage for MONTHS, doesn...
  • Riz
    3.75 Stars
  • Mandy (2 Girls & their Kindles)
    The Devil's Kiss Series Bundle by Gemma James The Boxset included: The Devil's Kiss The Devil's ClaimThe Devil's Wife The Devil's Spawn Kayla will do anything to save her daughter Eve. Kayla is desperate to get her hands on the money for Eve's treatment no matter what the cost, When she steals the money from her boss, Gage Channing, she never saw the deal he would offer to keep her out of jail. He would keep paying Eve's medical bills and she was...
  • Renee
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The Devils Wife is the third book in Gemma James Devils Kiss Series.You must read the first two books enforce the Devils Wife.Kayla Sutton is married to a sadist. Gage takes the word dominance to a whole other level. She should have realized thought since he kidnapped her and forced his way into her life. When he almost destroyed both of them she still went back to him. Then she mar...
  • Naughty Mom Story Time
    This series is so damn good. Kayla has bound herself to the one man she never expected. She's made her choice. Gage, despite all his sadistic behavior, has won her heart. He's good to her daughter and for the most part, he's good to Kayla. But his control issues are as present as ever and each day, that control makes it so hard to keep that love she has for him.Being the strong woman she is, she tests those rules every chance she gets because she...
  • Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books ; A Mafia Romance
    OHMYFREAKING good googlymoogly! Five freaking fantastic "somebody please help me read slower because I don't want this story to end in this lifetime" stars!Gage is beyond perfection. Kayla is the perfect wife. The perfect submissive. Well....almost. Something isn't wired right in her head but she is perfect for this series. Kayla's insecurities and inability to stay focused and on the right path tipped the drama jar into oblivion!Gage is not with...
  • Judy Lewis
    DELICIOUSLY DARK AND SINFULLY WICKED !!!Title: The Devil's WifeSeries: The Devil's KissDesignation: Book Three of Serial, Not A Standalone, HFNAuthor: Gemma JamesMy Rating: FIVE SINFULLY WICKED STARS *******Content Warning: I would like to preface my review by saying, if you have sexual triggers and object to explicit adult content and disturbing subject matter including bondage, domination, sadism, masochism, extreme acts of punishment, nonconse...
  • Sam
    "He was the center of my solar system, the God of my gravity, the devil of my desire. The Master of my mind. He was the dean of my discipline."With each book, I fall even harder for Gage Channing and THE DEVIL'S WIFE was no exception!!!! Gemma James has quickly become one of my favourite dark romance writers with her fast paced, highly additive narrative! Her books always consume me and leave me NEEDING MORE!!!! Gage is PERFECT with a capital P!!...
  • Rough Draft Book Blog
    The Devil's Wife by Gemma JamesGage & KaylaHOLY FUCKING HELL!!5 StarsSo, this one blew my fucking mind! It's taken me this long to write this review! I thought I might fucking smash something if I had to talk about Gage to early! Gemma, girl... you really outdid yourself with this one! You have captured a total asshole alpha in all his splendor! I can hardly believe it, but this book actually made my blood pressure go up! Wow!Gage Channing is an ...
  • Rachel
    I freaking loved The Devil's Kiss...Ok, I've absolutely LOVED this entire series and Gemma James knows it. She hit me up and asked me if I wanted to look this over, make sure I didn't see any mistakes, nothing glaringly obvious...Like I'd tell her no. Huh, she knows Gage Channing is my ultimate book boyfriend. Not to mention, Gemma delivers dark, devious, twisted tales that I loved to get wrapped up in.This isn't as dark, but there's twists and d...
  • Michelle
    I am trying to sort out of if I’m just a sap or if I’m just fucked up. I had tears. Motherfuckingtears. We’ve all come to terms with our love/hate relationship with Gage. But it doesn’t seem that he’s made too many changes to himself as he entered the marriage with Kayla. But nearly a year into their marriage, the constant control and punishment is wearing on Kayla. As she becomes more and more restless, Kayla has to battle between her ...
  • Judy Miracle
    This entire series has had me on the edge of my seat and feeling any and all emotions possible. Gemma has done it again giving us another amazing read with The Devil's Wife. Its dark, twisted and one that will stick with you for the near future. Gage and Kayla have been married for a year and although she knew what she was getting into with Gage being obsessive and sadistic the spark and intensity is still in full effect between them. They both h...
  • Johnnie-Marie Howard
    This story was intense and very very jaw dropping amazing. Not my first book by this author wont be my last, I loved everything about it. She did an outstanding job with the story, how the characters interact with each other was like magic. They haven't changed from book 1 all the same no one new. Nothing about this story was soft at all, hard edges all around. My shock factor was through the roof, I couldn't get enough. My craving was there on e...
  • Becky Rendon
    What a mess! Kayla is being stifled by her choice. Freedom screams in her ears but she is held back by her reality. Fear keeps her in line but hope strangled her. Their love isn't traditional and lately it seems to be diminishing.As she's slowly being choked by all of the thoughts swirling in her head, Kayla makes a choice that will change everything.This series has me so intrigued. Most have the hero changing in a more drastic way but Gage doesn...
  • Louise
    Intense, insane, possessiveness, jealousy, demanding, Gage has yet to amaze me in his crazy ways. Kayla sorta messed up this time, but I understand why she did it. At the same time, I wish she didn't do it to the existent that she did. I don't think I could be surprised anymore by secrets of Gage's past either. I can she why Kayla has trust and jealousy issues when it comes to her husband. The best part is what happens on their honeymoon. That wa...
  • Laura- BookBistroBlog
    WOW!!! Ever want to know what it's like to be married to The Devil? This series has had me in every emotion possible. Now we are into the 1st year of being married...The happiest years...The Honeymoon year. As we prepare for the 1 year anniversary celebration, Gage and Kayla have both been keeping secrets... Secrets that hurt.... Secrets that affect both... Secrets are never good in a marriage... Gage is the Most INtense man I have ever met. Kayl...
  • Cécile Smits
    The problem being married to a sadist like Gage,is that Kayla lives her life in fear of failing him. And what kind of punishment that failure would bring. But she wouldn’t trade it for anything....If she didn’t love him so much,and he didn’t love her and her daughter as much as he did.....she would be lost. Gemma showed me what happens after the vows of forever,what a couple like this needs to make a marriage work and how to overcome obstac...
  • Rhonda Beard
    This was 100% my least favorite book of the series... Kayla drove me nuts...she either needed to believe and trust or leave... the constant battle, back and forth wishy washy crap drove me nuts the whole book! And seriously Gage needs to get rid of Kathryn doesn’t he get that she is causing so much unneeded drama!
  • Sassy Southern
    This is book 3 in the series and books 1 and 2 need to be read first.Kayla Channing has given in to Gage and married him but that doesn't mean life will be easier for her. Gage is amazing with Eve but Kayla finds she is needing to sneak around more as her life is taken away from her little by little.No matter how unhappy Kayla is she refuses to leave Gage due to his relationship with Eve. As secrets begun to be revealed Kayla is left heartbroken ...
  • Patricia
    I loved this book couldn't put it down. Kayla started volunteering at the hospital to give back in a way for all the help they gave Eve, but that was not what she told Gage for fear that he wouldn't allow it because he knew that his brother Ian worked there. When Gage told Kayla to go to his office she stopped at the bathroom first and over heard the women mention that Katherine was going back to work for Gage again, but when Kayla confronted Gag...
  • Monique
    Rating: 5+ Stars Kayla and Gage are married now and are in a 24/7 master/slave relationship. Kayla is having some trouble adjusting to Gage's new level of control, the rules, etc. She does the unthinkable and pays a serious price for it. This was another cringe worthy part of the series for me. Gemma James just keeps it coming. Gage's punishments are the absolute worst. I wanted to feel bad for Kayla, but she knew what she signed up for. Gage doe...
  • Joanna
    This a recview for the whole series. Why and How in the hell did I get sucked into Gage and Kayla's story? I spent five wasted hours reading the four books. I read the first cover to cover, then was so disgusted with Gage and Kayla's BS I skimed the last four books. Kayla is a pussy and Gage is absolutely disgusting. If you do read this, you MUST suspend reality. COMPETELY. There are plot lines that are never tied up too. But I will say something...
  • Lizette Criscitiello-Diaz
    The Devil's WifeGage freaking Channing the alpha we all love to hate torments his bride in the the Devil's wife. I literally have panic attacks reading these books, you leave us on the edge of our seat with every punishment she endures. Praying they finally find common ground in the next book. Praying that bitch Katherine gets what is coming to her. Cannot wait for the next book!!!
  • booklover
    Another brilliant, emotional, sexually frustrating, anger inducing, rolloercoaster of a ride!!This is certainly a series that you don't WANT to love, like, enjoy but, despite all that happens, you can't help it, just like Kayla can't help loving Gage, like Gage can't help but being the way he is, his over the top protective, controlling ways, when it comes to Kayla!!
  •  ♡ One Click Romance ♡
    Holy mother of all emotional rollercoaster. I'm a bit ignorant of M/s relationships, and upon further research, this author has nailed this story down. Gage, Gage, Gage the bastard just makes me hate him and love him all at once. Kayla, she's such a complex character, a strong independent woman that has to bend to the will of the man she loves because it's what she wants and she doesn't particularly like it. I'm hooked! On to the next one.
  • Tuakana Toka
    Whoa!!!I knew how I was going to feel about Kayla and her decision. But be it as it may she made a choice surely based on her emotions. Gemma James continued saga of Gage and Kayla rather dark relationship is intriguing, as it is dark. I love her writing.
  • Bonnie Jones
    The Devils WifeI'm blown away! What an awesome read and amazing story so far. I've been captivated since page 1 of book 1. You need to pic up this series and begin reading it. I'm heading over for book 4 now!!